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Aged 80 and older health conditions

Monique A M Gignac, Peter M Smith, Selahadin Ibrahim, Vicki Kristman, Dorcas E Beaton, Cameron A Mustard
ABSTRACTWe know little about the retirement plans of adults with chronic diseases. This research recruited Canadian workers 50-67 years of age from a national panel of 80,000 individuals (arthritis, n = 631; diabetes, n = 286; both arthritis and diabetes, n = 111; no chronic disabling conditions, n = 538). A cross-sectional survey asked participants about their expected age of retirement, future work plans, whether they were retiring sooner than planned, and bridged retirement. Chi-square analyses, analyses of variance, and regression analyses examined expectations and factors associated with them...
February 11, 2019: Canadian Journal on Aging, la Revue Canadienne du Vieillissement
Catherine Sherrington, Nicola J Fairhall, Geraldine K Wallbank, Anne Tiedemann, Zoe A Michaleff, Kirsten Howard, Lindy Clemson, Sally Hopewell, Sarah E Lamb
BACKGROUND: At least one-third of community-dwelling people over 65 years of age fall each year. Exercises that target balance, gait and muscle strength have been found to prevent falls in these people. An up-to-date synthesis of the evidence is important given the major long-term consequences associated with falls and fall-related injuries OBJECTIVES: To assess the effects (benefits and harms) of exercise interventions for preventing falls in older people living in the community. SEARCH METHODS: We searched CENTRAL, MEDLINE, Embase, three other databases and two trial registers up to 2 May 2018, together with reference checking and contact with study authors to identify additional studies...
January 31, 2019: Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
Christoph Buck, Anne Loyen, Ronja Foraita, Jelle Van Cauwenberg, Marieke De Craemer, Ciaran Mac Donncha, Jean-Michel Oppert, Johannes Brug, Nanna Lien, Greet Cardon, Iris Pigeot, Sebastien Chastin
BACKGROUND: Decreasing sedentary behaviour (SB) has emerged as a public health priority since prolonged sitting increases the risk of non-communicable diseases. Mostly, the independent association of factors with SB has been investigated, although lifestyle behaviours are conditioned by interdependent factors. Within the DEDIPAC Knowledge Hub, a system of sedentary behaviours (SOS)-framework was created to take interdependency among multiple factors into account. The SOS framework is based on a system approach and was developed by combining evidence synthesis and expert consensus...
2019: PloS One
A M L Pedersen, M Darwish, J Nicholson, M I Edwards, A K Gupta, D Belstrøm
OBJECTIVES: To examine the relationship between the medium term use (>1 year) of a toothpaste containing natural enzymes and proteins (Zendium™) upon gingival index, plaque index and bleeding index compared to medium term use of toothpastes without antimicrobial/antiinflammatory ingredients. METHODS: A total of 305 participants eligible for inclusion were grouped according to their toothpaste use and matched with regard to gender and age (18-30, 31-55 and 56+ years of age)...
January 2019: Journal of Dentistry
Amanda J Timmer, Carolyn A Unsworth, Matthew Browne
PURPOSE: To examine the efficacy of an occupational therapy activity pacing intervention with deconditioned older adults in rehabilitation. METHOD: Randomised, single-blind controlled trial of deconditioned older adults admitted for rehabilitation following treatment of an acute medical condition, allocated to intervention [n = 51, males = 14, mean age = 80(8)] or control [n = 49, males = 12, mean age = 81(7)] group. The intervention group received individual and group activity pacing education with practice and application of techniques to daily activities and the home environment, while the control group received a typical occupational therapy program, which included brief activity pacing education...
January 17, 2019: Disability and Rehabilitation
Renuka Tipirneni, Mary C Politi, Jeffrey T Kullgren, Edith C Kieffer, Susan D Goold, Aaron M Scherer
Importance: Navigating health insurance and health care choices requires considerable health insurance literacy. Although recommended preventive services are exempt from out-of-pocket costs under the Affordable Care Act, many people may remain unaware of this provision and its effect on their required payment. Little is known about the association between individuals' health insurance literacy and their use of preventive or nonpreventive health care services. Objective: To assess the association between health insurance literacy and self-reported avoidance of health care services owing to cost...
November 2, 2018: JAMA network open
Jon Brännström, Hugo Lövheim, Yngve Gustafson, Peter Nordström
Importance: Treatment with antidepressants has been associated with hip fracture. This association could restrict the treatment options, especially in older patients. Objective: To investigate the association between antidepressant drug treatment and hip fracture starting 1 year before the initiation of treatment. Design, Setting, and Participants: In this nationwide cohort study, 204 072 individuals in the Prescribed Drugs Register of Sweden's National Board of Health and Welfare aged 65 years or older who had a prescription of antidepressants filled between July 1, 2006, and December 31, 2011, were matched by birth year and sex to 1 control participant who was not prescribed antidepressants (for a total of 408 144 people in the register)...
January 2, 2019: JAMA Psychiatry
Digsu N Koye, Dianna J Magliano, Christopher M Reid, Meda E Pavkov, Steven J Chadban, Stephen P McDonald, Kevan R Polkinghorne, Sarah White, Christine Paul, Jonathan E Shaw
RATIONALE & OBJECTIVE: The number of people with diabetes and end-stage kidney disease (ESKD) is increasing worldwide, but it is unknown whether this indicates an increasing risk for ESKD in people with diabetes. We examined temporal trends in the incidence of ESKD within the Australian population with diabetes from 2002 to 2013. STUDY DESIGN: Follow-up study using a national health care services registry. SETTING & PARTICIPANTS: Registrants with type 1 or type 2 diabetes in Australia's National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS)...
December 14, 2018: American Journal of Kidney Diseases: the Official Journal of the National Kidney Foundation
M de Almeida Roediger, M de Fátima Nunes Marucci, D A Quintiliano Scarpelli Dourado, C de Oliveira, J Licio Ferreira Santos, Y A de Oliveira Duarte
INTRODUCTION: Aging related alterations in body composition are associated with higher all-cause mortality risk. OBJECTIVE: To examine the associations between 10-year mortality risk with both BMI and body composition, as well as to establish whether these relationships are modified by age and gender, using data from community-dwelling older Brazilian adults. METHODS: We used data from two waves i.e., 2000 and 2010 of the SABE (Health, Well-being, and Aging) study conducted in São Paulo, Brazil, involving a probabilistic sample of community-dwelling older adults aged 60 years and older...
2019: Journal of Nutrition, Health & Aging
Kristine Yaffe, Sandy J Lwi, Tina D Hoang, Feng Xia, Deborah E Barnes, Shira Maguen, Carrie B Peltz
OBJECTIVE: To determine whether diagnoses of traumatic brain injury (TBI), posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and depression, alone or in combination, increase dementia risk among older female veterans. METHODS: This cohort study included data from 109,140 female veterans ≥55 years of age receiving care from Veterans Health Administration medical centers in the United States between October 2004 and September 2015 with at least 1 follow-up visit. TBI, PTSD, depression, and medical conditions at study baseline and incident dementia were determined according to ICD-9-CM codes...
December 12, 2018: Neurology
Ana Marcella Rivas, Eneko Larumbe-Zabala, Subhanudh Thavaraputta, Edna Juarez, Avinash Adiga, Joaquin Lado-Abeal
OBJECTIVE: Our institution, a safety net, university, tertiary hospital located in West Texas has a high number of hospital admissions for complicated thyrotoxicosis. We hypothesized that unfavorable socioeconomic conditions result in increased risk of poor outcomes in hyperthyroid patients, and upshot rates of hospitalization for thyrotoxicosis in West Texas. The primary aim of our study was to identify factors associated with admission for complicated thyrotoxicosis in patients living in the Panhandle and Llano Estacado of Texas...
December 7, 2018: Thyroid: Official Journal of the American Thyroid Association
Ingrid Guerra Azevedo, Saionara Maria Aires da Câmara, Catherine McLean Pirkle, Álvaro Campos Cavalcanti Maciel, Elizabel de Souza Ramalho Viana
OBJECTIVE: Previous studies show that multiparity and a number of chronic conditions are correlated among women. Also, low respiratory muscle strength has been associated to adverse health outcomes such as chronic lung disease and early mortality. This study aimed to investigate associations between the number of lifetime pregnancies and maximal inspiratory/expiratory pressures. METHODS: In a cross-sectional study, 204 women ages 41-80 years-old, from the rural community of Santa Cruz, Brazil, provided data regarding demographics, socioeconomic characteristics, health behaviors, and number of lifetime pregnancies (≤3, 4-6 or ≥7)...
2018: PloS One
Ching-Ju Chiu, Hsiang-Min Huang, Tsung-Hsueh Lu, Ying-Wei Wang
BACKGROUND: Characteristics associated with acceptance of dataset linkages and health data linkage data quality were analyzed. METHODS: Participants from the 2011 Taiwan Longitudinal Study on Aging were asked to link their epidemiological data with concurrent and future medical claim datasets. Characteristics associated with acceptance of data linkage, data consistency, under-reporting, and over-reporting of disease conditions were identified. RESULTS: Among the 3727 respondents, 3601 (96...
December 3, 2018: BMC Health Services Research
Fang Yang, Junan Zhang, Jianping Wang
BACKGROUND: Loneliness is a public health concern with serious health consequences in older adults. Despite a large body of research on the correlates of loneliness, little is known about the age group differences in the correlates. Given that the older adult population is heterogeneous, this study aims to examine the correlates of loneliness in older adults in Shanghai, and to explore how the correlates vary across different age groups. METHODS: We used the Shanghai Urban Neighborhood Survey (SUNS) which was conducted in 2016 and 2017...
December 4, 2018: BMC Geriatrics
Andreas D Meid, Andreas Groll, Dirk Heider, Sarah Mächler, Jürgen-Bernhard Adler, Christian Günster, Hans-Helmut König, Walter E Haefeli
OBJECTIVES: To develop and internally validate prediction models for medication-related risks arising from overuse, misuse, and underuse that utilize clinical context information and are suitable for routine risk assessment in claims data (i.e., medication-based models predicting the risk for hospital admission apparent in routine claims data or MEDI-RADAR). METHODS: Based on nationwide claims from health-insured persons in Germany between 2010 and 2012, we drew a random sample of people aged ≥65 years (N = 22,500 randomly allocated to training set, N = 7500 to validation set)...
December 2018: Value in Health: the Journal of the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research
Mijanur Rahman, Jimmy T Efird, Julie E Byles
BACKGROUND: Women live longer than men and have an increased need for long-term care. The objective of this study was to identify patterns of aged care use among older Australian women and to examine how these patterns were associated with their demographic and health-related characteristics. METHODS: The sample consisted of 8768 women from the 1921-1926 birth cohort of the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women's Health (ALSWH), who had survived to age 75-80 years...
November 19, 2018: Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics
Jason A Bennie, Duck-Chul Lee, Asaduzzaman Khan, Glen H Wiesner, Adrian E Bauman, Emmanuel Stamatakis, Stuart J H Biddle
INTRODUCTION: Although muscle-strengthening exercise has multiple independent health benefits, little is known about muscle-strengthening exercise participation and associations with adverse health conditions among U.S. adults. METHODS: In 2017, data were analyzed from the U.S. 2015 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System. During telephone surveys, respondents reported how many times during the past week they engaged in muscle-strengthening exercise. Weighted weekly muscle-strengthening exercise frequencies were calculated for the total sample and across sociodemographic and lifestyle characteristics...
December 2018: American Journal of Preventive Medicine
Lina Ma, Guiming Sha, Yaxin Zhang, Yun Li
Purpose: Frailty is associated with adverse health outcomes. Its biological markers are essential to enhance diagnostic ease and would contribute to surveillance of the condition. Considering the involvement of pro-inflammatory and nutritional states in frailty, we aimed to investigate whether inflammatory mediators and adipokines are associated with frailty and their relationship with physical function. Patients and methods: We recruited 130 older adults (90 nonfrail participants and 40 frail participants, mean age: 72...
2018: Clinical Interventions in Aging
Carla M C Nascimento, Marisa S Zazzetta, Grace A O Gomes, Fabiana S Orlandi, Karina Gramani-Say, Fernando A Vasilceac, Aline C M Gratão, Sofia C I Pavarini, Marcia R Cominetti
BACKGROUND: The complex physiology underpinning the frailty syndrome is responsible for the absence of robust biomarkers that can be used for screening, diagnostic and/or prognostic purposes and has made clinical implementation difficult. Considering socially vulnerable populations, who have poor health status and increased morbidity and mortality, this scenario is even more complex. However, to the best of our knowledge, there are no studies available to investigate frailty biomarkers in socially vulnerable populations...
November 6, 2018: BMC Geriatrics
Yoshiaki Tamura, Joji Ishikawa, Yoshinori Fujiwara, Masashi Tanaka, Nobuo Kanazawa, Yuko Chiba, Ai Iizuka, Sho Kaito, Jun Tanaka, Masamitsu Sugie, Takashi Nishimura, Akiko Kanemaru, Keigo Shimoji, Hirohiko Hirano, Ko Furuta, Akihiko Kitamura, Satoshi Seino, Shoji Shinkai, Kazumasa Harada, Shunei Kyo, Hideki Ito, Atsushi Araki
BACKGROUND: Although frailty and cognitive impairment are critical risk factors for disability and mortality in the general population of older inhabitants, the prevalence and incidence of these factors in individuals treated in the specialty outpatient clinics are unknown. METHODS: We recently established a frailty clinic for comprehensive assessments of conditions such as frailty, sarcopenia, and cognition, and planned 3-year prospective observational study to identify the risk factors for progression of these aging-related statuses...
November 6, 2018: BMC Geriatrics
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