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Neural Lace

Shaoze Cui, Dujuan Wang, Yanzhang Wang, Pay-Wen Yu, Yaochu Jin
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE: In healthcare systems, the cost of unplanned readmission accounts for a large proportion of total hospital payment. Hospital-specific readmission rate becomes a critical issue around the world. Quantification and early identification of unplanned readmission risks will improve the quality of care during hospitalization and reduce the occurrence of readmission. In clinical practice, medical workers generally use LACE score method to evaluate patient readmission risks, but this method usually performs poorly...
November 2018: Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine
Sergio D IƱiguez, Antonio Aubry, Lace M Riggs, Jason B Alipio, Roseanna M Zanca, Francisco J Flores-Ramirez, Mirella A Hernandez, Steven J Nieto, David Musheyev, Peter A Serrano
Social stress, including bullying during adolescence, is a risk factor for common psychopathologies such as depression. To investigate the neural mechanisms associated with juvenile social stress-induced mood-related endophenotypes, we examined the behavioral, morphological, and biochemical effects of the social defeat stress model of depression on hippocampal dendritic spines within the CA1 stratum radiatum. Adolescent (postnatal day 35) male C57BL/6 mice were subjected to defeat episodes for 10 consecutive days...
December 2016: Neurobiology of Stress
Qian Li, Stephen D Liberles
Sensory cues that predict reward or punishment are fundamental drivers of animal behavior. For example, attractive odors of palatable food or a potential mate predict reward, while aversive odors of pathogen-laced food or a predator predict punishment. Aversive and attractive odors can be detected by intermingled sensory neurons that express highly related olfactory receptors and display similar central projections. These findings raise basic questions of how innate odor valence is extracted from olfactory circuits, how such circuits are developmentally endowed and modulated by state, and how innate and learned odor responses are related...
February 2, 2015: Current Biology: CB
Z B Baldauf
The chemoanatomical organization of the visual sector of the cat's thalamic reticular nucleus (TRN)-that is at the dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus (dLGN) and at the pulvinar nucleus (Pul)-was investigated with two novel cytoarchitectonic markers. The Wisteria floribunda agglutinin (WFA) binding reaction visualized the extracellular perineuronal net (PN) and the SMI 32 immunoreaction stained intracellular neurofilaments. Two distinct layers of the TRN could be detected, particularly by WFA- but also by SMI 32-staining...
February 3, 2010: Neuroscience
Lace A Svec, Keith J Lookingland, Juli Wade
Female songbirds display preferences for certain song characteristics, but the neural and hormonal mechanisms mediating these preferences are not fully clear. The present study sought to further explore the role of estradiol, as well as assess potential roles of dopaminergic systems, on behavioral responses to song. Adult female zebra finches were treated with estradiol and exposed to tutored or untutored song or silence. Behavior was quantified and neurochemistry of the nucleus accumbens and striatum was examined with high performance liquid chromatography...
October 19, 2009: Physiology & Behavior
G Lace, G M Savva, G Forster, R de Silva, C Brayne, F E Matthews, J J Barclay, L Dakin, P G Ince, S B Wharton
Deposits of abnormally phosphorylated tau protein are found in numerous neurodegenerative disorders; the 'tauopathies', which include Alzheimer's and Pick's diseases, but tau pathology is also found in the ageing brain. Variation in tau pathology in brain ageing and its relationship to development of tauopathies and cognitive impairment remains unclear. We aimed to determine the extent and pattern of spread of tau pathology in the hippocampus, a susceptible region important in dementia and milder states of memory impairment, using hippocampal samples from the elderly population-based Medical Research Council Cognitive Function and Ageing Study neuropathology cohort...
May 2009: Brain
Lace A Svec, Juli Wade
Female zebra finches display a preference for songs of males raised with tutors compared to those from males without tutors. To determine how this behavioral preference may be mediated by auditory perception sites, the social behavior network, and the dopamine reward system, and whether responses of these regions are affected by estradiol, females were treated with hormone or blank implants. An auditory choice test was conducted followed by exposure to tutored or untutored song or silence to examine induction of the immediate early gene, ZENK...
May 16, 2009: Behavioural Brain Research
Bernard M Churchill, Daniel A De Ugarte, James B Atkinson
PURPOSE: Antegrade continence enemas (ACE) are an efficacious therapeutic option for patients with fecal incontinence. The authors review their institution's experience with a variation of the Monti-Malone ACE procedure using the left colon as a source of an intestinal conduit and enema reservoir. METHODS: From 2000 to 2002, 18 patients with fecal incontinence or intractable constipation underwent left-colon ACE (LACE) procedure. Concomitant Mitrofanoff appendicovesicostomy was performed in 15 patients and bladder augmentation in 9...
December 2003: Journal of Pediatric Surgery
M Pokorski, H Gromysz
We investigated the hypothesis that the motor trigeminal nucleus, consisting of expiratory motoneurons, might be influential in termination of inspiration. We addressed the issue by comparing the effects on neural respiration of a reversible, unilateral, pharmacologic blockade of the motor trigeminal nucleus (5M), the medial parabrachial nucleus (PB), and of other nearby structures that are neutral for respiration in anesthetized, vagotomized, paralyzed, and ventilated cats. The blockade was achieved by microinjections of 2% xylocaine, laced with Pontamine Sky Blue to identify sites of injections, from the tip of a penetrating microelectrode...
1997: Acta Neurobiologiae Experimentalis
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