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Sael Casas-Grajales, Diana Alvarez-Suarez, Erika Ramos-Tovar, Laura Dayana Buendía-Montaño, Karina Reyes-Gordillo, Javier Camacho, Víctor Tsutsumi, M Raj Lakshman, Pablo Muriel
Liver cirrhosis is associated with increased morbidity and mortality with important health and social consequences; however, an effective treatment has not been found yet. Previous reports have shown some beneficial effects of stevioside (SVT) in different diseases, but the ability of SVT to inhibit liver cirrhosis has not been reported. Therefore, we studied the potential of this diterpenoid to inhibit liver cirrhosis induced by thioacetamide, a model that shares many similarities with the human disease, and investigated the possible underlying molecular mechanism using in vivo and in vitro approaches...
December 18, 2018: Basic & Clinical Pharmacology & Toxicology
Xuemei Liu, Xianglan Jin, Baoxin Chen, Xiaohan Liu, Xiao Liang, Xiaolei Fang, Hongyun Wu, Xiaoyu Fu, Hong Zheng, Xiao Ding, Na Duan, Yunling Zhang
Background: Kudiezi injection is a traditional Chinese medicine for acute cerebral infarction, but the exact mechanisms are poorly understood. Objective: To investigate the mechanisms of Kudiezi injection on the inflammatory response in the treatment of acute cerebral infarction. Methods: This was a prospective study of patients with acute cerebral infarction within 48 h of onset and treated between July 2012 and July 2016 at three hospitals in China...
2018: Disease Markers
Hossein Sendi, Ivy Mead, Meimei Wan, Marjan Mehrab-Mohseni, Kenneth Koch, Anthony Atala, Herbert L Bonkovsky, Colin E Bishop
To investigate the role of miR-122 in the development and regression of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) in vitro, we used multicellular 3D human liver organoids developed in our laboratory. These organoids consist of primary human hepatocytes, Kupffer cells, quiescent stellate cells and liver sinusoidal endothelial cells. They remain viable and functional for 4 weeks expressing typical markers of liver function such as synthesis of albumin, urea, and alpha-1 p450 drug metabolism. Before mixing, hepatic cells were transduced with lentivirus to inhibit miR122 expression (ABM, CA)...
2018: PloS One
Mahshid Sattari, Maryam Hassanzad, Seyed Hamid Jamaldini, Alireza Najafi, Mahdieh Imani, Mohammadreza Mohammadhassani, Mandana Hasanzad
BACKGROUND: Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) represents the most important cause of sudden cardiac death. Interaction between genetic and environmental factors, individual susceptibility of the development of CAD is one of the MMP2 genes. Genetic variants' dysfunction of the MMP2 gene associated with the risk of CAD. The aim of the present study is to assess possible association between risk of Coronary Artery Disease and MMP2-1306C/T polymorphism. METHODS: This case-control study contains a total number of 344 subjects, including 215 patients with CAD and 129 of controls...
September 2017: Pathophysiology: the Official Journal of the International Society for Pathophysiology
Agata Karowicz-Bilińska, Urszula Kowalska-Koprek, Dorota Estemberg, Anita Sikora-Szubert
OBJECTIVES: A proper implantation of trophoblastic cells and an appropriate metalloproteinases activity is required to cause disintegration of basal membranes of cells. The activity of tissue matrix metaloproteinases can be inhibited by their matrix inhibitors - TIMP-s. Survivin is a member of inhibitor of apoptosis proteins family (IAP), that suppresses caspase activation, influences VEGF expression and promotes proliferative action of endothelial cells. MATERIAL AND METHODS: The aim of the study was to assess concentrations of two independent anti-apoptotic factors...
2017: Ginekologia Polska
Maryam Farrokhnia, Karim Mahnam
Zoanthamine-type alkaloids display a wide spectrum of biological effects. This study aimed to examine the inhibitory effects of norzoanthamine and its ten homologues of zoanthamine class on human fibroblast collagenase by modeling a three-dimensional structure of the ligands at collagenase using energy minimization, docking, molecular dynamics simulation and MM-PB/GBSA binding free energy calculations. The results showed that zoanthamide, zooxathellamine and enol-iminium form of norzoanthamine, with lower binding free energies than other compounds, are potent inhibitors of collagenase...
2017: Iranian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research: IJPR
Jin Kwon Chung, Shin Ae Park, Hee Sun Hwang, Kwang Sung Kim, Yang Je Cho, Yong Sung You, Young Sik Kim, Ju Woong Jang, Sung Jin Lee
AIM: To evaluate the effect of exogenous recombinant human bone morphogenic protein-7 (rhBMP-7) on transforming growth factor-β (TGF-β)-induced epithelial mesenchymal cell transition (EMT) and assessed its antifibrotic effect via topical application. METHODS: The cytotoxic effect of rhBMP-7 was evaluated and the EMT of human corneal epithelial cells (HECEs) was induced by TGF-β. HECEs were then cultured in the presence of rhBMP-7 and/or hyaluronic acid (HA). EMT markers, fibronectin, E-cadherin, α-smooth muscle actin (α-SMA), and matrix metaloproteinase-9 (MMP-9), were evaluated...
2017: International Journal of Ophthalmology
Sudeep Tanwar, Paul M Trembling, Brian J Hogan, Ankur Srivastava, Julie Parkes, Scott Harris, Paul Grant, Eleni Nastouli, Mathias Ocker, Klaus Wehr, Christoph Herold, Daniel Neureiter, Detlef Schuppan, William M Rosenberg
AIM: The utility of noninvasive serum markers to longitudinally monitor liver fibrosis is not established. METHODS: A total of 70 patients with chronic hepatitis C who had previously failed antiviral therapy were randomized to receive pegylated interferon with or without silymarin for 24 months. Enhanced Liver Fibrosis (ELF) tests (hyularonic acid, terminal peptide of procollagen III, tissue inhibitor of matrix metaloproteinase-1) were performed on patient sera obtained before, during and at the end of the study (0, 12, 24 months) and liver histology obtained before and at the end of the study...
March 2017: European Journal of Gastroenterology & Hepatology
Marco Aurélio Dos Santos-Silva, Eduardo Tavares Lima Trajano, Fernanda Seabra Schanuel, Andréa Monte-Alto-Costa
In vivo studies have shown that the combination of infrared radiation (IR) and visible light (VIS) is responsible for the activation of metaloproteinases, causing matrix degradation and damage to healthy skin. However, the role of heat originating from the VIS spectrum on wound healing remains poorly understood. Our objective was to investigate the macroscopic, microscopic and biochemical effects of heat induced by visible light on cutaneous wound healing in mice. Male mice were anesthetized, subjected to a cutaneous excisional wound and divided into two groups ( n = 10/group) exposed to 23℃ or 43℃ in a thermal chamber for 30 min every other day, for 13 days...
February 2017: Experimental Biology and Medicine
Błażej Michalski, Przemysław Trzciński, Karolina Kupczyńska, Dawid Miśkowiec, Łukasz Pęczek, Barbara Nawrot, Piotr Lipiec, Jarosław D Kasprzak
BACKGROUND: The aim of the study was to assess the correlation of the selected biomarkers and collagen turn-over indices with advanced echocardiographic parameters among patients with preserved and reduced ejection fraction (EF). METHODS: We included 62 patients with the symptomatic heart failure. The patients were divided in to two groups according to the evaluated ejection fraction (EF - Simpson method): heart failure with reduced ejection fraction (HFrEF) group - 30 patients with low EF - 35-50% (16 male, mean age 54...
2017: Cardiology Journal
Pavel Osmancik, Anna Louckova
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
2017: Kardiologia Polska
Korkiat Theerakitthanakul, Jeerasak Khrueathong, Jirasak Kruatong, Potchanapond Graidist, Pritsana Raungrut, Kanita Kayasut, Surasak Sangkhathat
Wilms tumor (WT) is an embryonal tumor occurring in developing kidney tissue. WT cells showing invasive cancer characteristics, also retain renal stem cell behaviours. In-vitro culture of WT is hampered by limited replicative potential. This study aimed to establish a longterm culture of WT cells to enable the study of molecular events to attempt to explain its cellular senescence. METHODS: Primary cell cultures from fresh WT tumor specimen were established. Of 5 cultures tried, only 1 could be propagated for more than 7 passages...
2016: Journal of Cancer
S Khanizadeh, M Ravanshad, S Y Hosseini, P Davoodian, A N Zadeh, F Sabahi, J Sarvari, Z Khanlari, M Hasani-Azad
The various roles of hepatitis C virus (HCV) NS3 protein in viral pathogenesis are emphasized, especially in the progression of fibrosis and tumors. The levels of miR-122 have been widely accepted as a critical factor in viral pathogenesis and disease progression. However, the possible correlation between miR-122 levels and fibrosis state has been less investigated. Therefore, in this study, plasmids expressing protease competent and protease mutated non-structural proteins 3 (NS3) were transfected into LX-2 cell line...
2016: Acta Virologica
Ki-Bae Hong, Yooheon Park, Jae Hwan Kim, Jin Man Kim, Hyung Joo Suh
The aim of our study was to evaluate the potential benefits of an oral supplement containing porcine placenta extract (PPE) on skin parameters related to cutaneous physiology and aging. PPEs were administered orally to hairless mice for 12 wk. The effects of oral PPE administration on skin water-holding capacity and Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL) were similar to those of oral collagen (HYCPU2) administered as a positive control. Magnified photographs and replica images showed a reduction in UVB-induced wrinkle formation after collagen and PPE treatments...
2015: Korean Journal for Food Science of Animal Resources
Agata Karowicz-Bilińska, Urszula Kowalska-Koprek, Dorota Estemberg, Anita Sikora-Szubert
INTRODUCTION: To achieve physiological pregnancy development proper implantation and placental development is needed to establish good exchange between mother and fetus. Metaloproteinases of extracellular matrix are responsible of its degradation, their action is decreased by metaloproteinases inhibitors - TIMPs. OBJECTIVES: Assessment of the concentrations soluble extracellular matrix metaloproteinases inhibitors TIMP-2 and TIMP-4 in blood of pregnant healthy women in III-rd trimester and in umbilical cord blood separately from arteries and umbilical cord vein...
October 2015: Ginekologia Polska
Yasmin M Attia, Hanan S El-Abhar, Mahmoud M Al Marzabani, Samia A Shouman
BACKGROUND: Tamoxifen is the standard endocrine therapy for ER+ breast cancer; however, many women still relapse after long-term therapy. 3-Bromopyruvate, a glycolytic inhibitor, has shown high selective anti-tumor activity in vitro, and in vivo. The aim of this study was to evaluate the possible augmentation of the effect of tamoxifen via reprograming cancer cell metabolism using 3-bromopyruvate. METHODS: An in vitro screening of antitumor activity as well as the apoptotic, anti-metastatic, and anti-angiogenic potentials of the combination therapy were carried out using different techniques on breast cancer cell lines MCF7and T47D...
2015: BMC Cancer
Tomasz M Rywik, Jadwiga Janas, Anna Klisiewicz, Przemysław Leszek, Małgorzata Sobieszczańska-Małek, Paweł Kurjata, Piotr Rozentryt, Jerzy Korewicki, Grażyna Jerzak-Wodzyńska, Tomasz Zieliński
INTRODUCTION: The assessment of prognosis is crucial for the clinical management of patients with heart failure (HF). OBJECTIVES: The aim of the study was to evaluate the usefulness of novel biomarkers for the assessment of prognosis in patients with HF, compared with a detailed assessment based on routine laboratory tests. PATIENTS AND METHODS: The study included 179 patients with HF. In all patients, routine laboratory tests were performed and selected biomarkers were measured (N-terminal pro-B-type natriuretic peptide, high-sensitivity C-reactive protein, growth hormone, myeloperoxidase, metaloproteinase 9, procollagen type III, soluble toll like receptor 2, insulin growth factor, and neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocain)...
2015: Polskie Archiwum Medycyny Wewnętrznej
João Pedro Ferreira, Mário Santos, José Carlos Oliveira, Irene Marques, Paulo Bettencourt, Henrique Carvalho
Background: Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) are a family of enzymes important for the resorption of extracellular matrices, control of vascular remodeling and repair. Increased activity of MMP2 has been demonstrated in heart failure, and in acutely decompensated heart failure (ADHF) a decrease in circulating MMPs has been demonstrated along with successful treatment. Objective: Our aim was to test the influence of spironolactone in MMP2 levels. Methods: Secondary analysis of a prospective, interventional study including 100 patients with ADHF...
January 23, 2015: Arquivos Brasileiros de Cardiologia
Andrea Aparecida De Aro, Flávia Da Ré Guerra, Marcelo Augusto Marretto Esquisatto, Wilson Romero Nakagaki, Laurecir Gomes, Edson Rosa Pimentel
Dystrophin-deficient muscles have repeated cycles of necrosis and regeneration, being susceptible to injury induced by muscle contractions. Some studies have demonstrated that tendons are also affected in mdx mice, based especially on the changes in biomechanical properties arising from the respective linked muscles. However, most studies have focused only on alterations in the myotendinous junction. Thus, the purpose of this work was to study biochemical and morphological alterations in the Achilles tendons of 60-day-old mdx mice...
January 2015: Microscopy Research and Technique
Kosmas Tsakiridis, Paul Zarogoulidis, Giorgos Vretzkakis, Dimitris Mikroulis, Andreas Mpakas, Georgios Kesisis, Stamatis Arikas, Alexandros Kolettas, Giorgios Moschos, Nikolaos Katsikogiannis, Nikolaos Machairiotis, Theodora Tsiouda, Stavros Siminelakis, Thomas Beleveslis, Konstantinos Zarogoulidis
BACKGROUND: The establishment of Extracorporeal Circulation (EC) significantly contributed to improvement of cardiac surgery, but this is accompanied by harmful side-effects. The most important of them is systemic inflammatory response syndrome. Many efforts have been undertaken to minimize this problem but unfortunately without satisfied solution to date. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Lornoxicam is a non steroid anti-inflammatory drug which temporally inhibits the cycloxygenase...
March 2014: Journal of Thoracic Disease
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