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Mata Analysis

Cory R Schaffhausen, Marilyn J Bruin, Warren T McKinney, Jon J Snyder, Arthur J Matas, Bertram L Kasiske, Ajay K Israni
Little is known about how patients make the critical decision of choosing a transplant center. In the US, acceptance criteria, waiting times and mortality vary significantly by geography and center. We sought to understand patients' experiences and perspectives when selecting transplant centers. We included 82 kidney transplant patients in 20 semi-structured interviews, 9 focus groups with local candidates, and 3 focus groups with national recipients. Sites included 2 local transplant centers in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and national recipients from across the US...
March 12, 2019: Clinical Transplantation
Qin Gao, Xiaogang Su, Michael H Annabi, Brielle R Schreiter, Thomas Prince, Andrew Ackerman, Sara Morgas, Valerie Mata, Heinric Williams, Wen-Yee Lee
BACKGROUND: Prostate cancer (PCa) screening using serum prostate-specific antigen (PSA) testing has caused unnecessary biopsies and overdiagnosis owing to its low accuracy and reliability. Therefore, there is an increased interest in identifying better PCa biomarkers. Studies showed that trained dogs can discriminate patients with PCa from unaffected men by sniffing urine. We hypothesized that urinary volatile organic compounds (VOCs) may be the source of that odor and could be used to develop urinary VOC PCa diagnosis models...
February 16, 2019: Clinical Genitourinary Cancer
Marcos Ucha, David Roura-Martínez, Ana Contreras, Sheyla Pinto-Rivero, Javier Orihuel, Emilio Ambrosio, Alejandro Higuera-Matas
The orbitofrontal cortex (OFC) is a key brain region for decision-making, action control and impulsivity. Quite notably, previous research has identified a double dissociation regarding the role of this cortical territory in impulsive choice. While medial orbitofrontal lesions increase preference for a large but delayed reward, lateral orbitofrontal lesions have the opposite effect. However, there are no data regarding this anatomical dissociation in impulsive action. The neurochemical basis of impulsivity is still being elucidated, however, in recent years a role for the endocannabinoids and the related glutamatergic and GABAergic neurotransmitter systems has been suggested...
2019: Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience
Lucie Kolesnikova, Iker León, Elena R Alonso, Santiago Mata, Jose Luis Alonso
In the course of the investigation of the rotational spectrum of prebiotic hydantoic acid by Fourier transform microwave spectroscopy coupled with a laser ablation source in a supersonic expansion, rotational signatures of two cyclic molecules - hydantoin and 2,5-oxazolidinedione - have been unexpectedly observed along with the four most stable conformers of hydantoic acid. Interestingly, two of them presented folded geometric arrangements that might act as precursors in the cyclization reactions assisted by laser ablation...
February 26, 2019: Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters
William S Oetting, David P Schladt, Casey R Dorr, Baolin Wu, Weihua Guan, Rory P Remmel, David Iklé, Roslyn B Mannon, Arthur J Matas, Ajay K Israni, Pamala A Jacobson
BACKGROUND: Identifying kidney allograft recipients who are predisposed to acute rejection (AR) could allow for optimization of clinical treatment to avoid rejection and prolong graft survival. It has been hypothesized that part of this predisposition is caused by the inheritance of specific genetic variants. There are many publications reporting a statistically significant association between a genetic variant, usually in the form of a single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP), and AR. However, there are additional publications reporting a lack of this association when a different cohort of recipients is analyzed for the same SNP...
February 11, 2019: Transplantation
Mata Charokopou, Rebecca Harvey, Kunal Srivastava, Christian Brandt, Simon Borghs
OBJECTIVE: To estimate the relative efficacy, safety and tolerability of adjunctive brivaracetam and other antiepileptic drugs (AEDs) using a Bayesian network meta-analysis (NMA) approach. METHODS: A systematic literature review (SLR) identified randomized controlled trials of AEDs treating focal (partial-onset) seizures for ≥8 weeks and assessed them for inclusion in the NMA. Bayesian random-effects NMA was performed for several outcomes. All interventions within the licensed dose range were included in the network of evidence...
February 25, 2019: Current Medical Research and Opinion
Beatriz Silva-Ramírez, Cyntia A Saenz-Saenz, Leonardo A Bracho-Vela, Katia Peñuelas-Urquides, Viviana Mata-Tijerina, Brenda L Escobedo-Guajardo, Nelly R González-Ríos, Ofelia Vázquez-Monsiváis, Mario Bermúdez de León
BACKGROUND AND AIMS: The impact of host genetic variation in susceptibility of tuberculosis is well documented. The vitamin D receptor gene (VDR) is a transacting transcription factor which mediates innate immune response by enhancing the expression of several antimicrobial peptides, including cathelicidin. An association between VDR polymorphisms with tuberculosis (TB) has been investigated in different ethnic groups; however there are contradictions and inconsistencies in the results...
January 2019: Indian Journal of Tuberculosis
Susan Kelly-Weeder, Danny G Willis, Laura Mata Lopez, Brianna Sacco, Barbara E Wolfe
BACKGROUND: Loss of control (LOC) over eating is a cardinal feature of the DSM-5 definition of binge eating (BE). While this behavior is frequently reported in college-age women, there is limited research on descriptions of loss of control from first-person accounts from individuals reporting LOC associated with BE. OBJECTIVE: The objective of this study was to investigate descriptions of LOC associated with BE episodes in college-age women who reported recent BE behavior...
February 22, 2019: Journal of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association
Adela Zumaquero, Elsa Martínez-Ferri, Antonio J Matas, Bianca Reeksting, Nicholas A Olivier, Fernando Pliego-Alfaro, Araceli Barceló, Nöelani van den Berg, Clara Pliego
Rosellinia necatrix is the causal agent of avocado white root rot (WRR). Control of this soil-borne disease is difficult, and the use of tolerant rootstocks may present an effective method to lessen its impact. To date, no studies on the molecular mechanisms regulating the avocado plant response towards this pathogen have been undertaken. To shed light on the mechanisms underpinning disease susceptibility and tolerance, molecular analysis of the gene's response in two avocado rootstocks with a contrasting disease reaction was assessed...
2019: PloS One
Saúl Jijón-Moreno, Beatriz Eugenia Baca, Diana Carolina Castro-Fernández, Alberto Ramírez-Mata
Azospirillum brasilense is one of the most studied species of diverse agronomic plants worldwide. The benefits conferred to plants inoculated with Azospirillum have been primarily attributed to its capacity to fix atmospheric nitrogen and synthesize phytohormones, especially indole-3-acetic acid (IAA). The principal pathway for IAA synthesis involves the intermediate metabolite indole pyruvic acid. Successful colonization of plants by Azospirillum species is fundamental to the ability of these bacteria to promote the beneficial effects observed in plants...
2019: PloS One
Oscar K Serrano, David M Vock, Jon J Snyder, Srinath Chinnakotla, Raja Kandaswamy, Timothy L Pruett, Arthur J Matas, Erik B Finger
Single-center studies have demonstrated regional organ procurement collaboration to reduce travel redundancy and improve procurement efficiency. We studied deceased donor kidney, liver, and pancreas transplants performed in the U.S. between 2002 and 2014 using the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients (SRTR). We compared graft failure (GF), death-censored graft failure (DCGF), and patient death (PD) between organs procured by surgeons from the recipient's center (transplant procurement team; TPT) versus surgeons from a different center (NTPT)...
February 12, 2019: American Journal of Transplantation
Cédric Rossi, Pauline Gravelle, Emilie Decaup, Julie Bordenave, Mary Poupot, Marie Tosolini, Don-Marc Franchini, Camille Laurent, Renaud Morin, Jean-Michel Lagarde, Loïc Ysebaert, Laetitia Ligat, Christine Jean, Ariel Savina, Christian Klein, Alba Matas Céspedes, Patricia Perez-Galan, Jean-Jacques Fournié, Christine Bezombes
Follicular lymphoma (FL) is a common non Hodgkin's lymphoma subtype in which immune escape mechanisms are implicated in resistance to chemo-immunotherapy. Although molecular studies point to qualitative and quantitative deregulation of immune checkpoints, in depth cellular analysis of FL immune escape is lacking. Here, by functional assays and in silico analyses we show that a subset of FL patients displays a 'high' immune escape phenotype. These FL cases are characterized by abundant infiltration of PD1+ CD16+ TCRVγ9Vδ2 γδ T lymphocytes...
2019: Oncoimmunology
Carlo Alberto Artusi, Alok K Dwivedi, Alberto Romagnolo, Gian Pal, Marcelo Kauffman, Ignacio Mata, Dhiren Patel, Joaquin A Vizcarra, Andrew Duker, Luca Marsili, Binith Cheeran, Daniel Woo, Maria Fiorella Contarino, Leonard Verhagen, Leonardo Lopiano, Alberto J Espay, Alfonso Fasano, Aristide Merola
Importance: Comparative outcomes among different monogenic forms of Parkinson disease after subthalamic nucleus deep brain stimulation (STN DBS) remain unclear. Objective: To compare clinical outcomes in patients with the most common monogenic forms of Parkinson disease treated with STN DBS. Design, Setting, and Participants: Systematic review and meta-analysis in which a PubMed search of interventional and noninterventional studies of Parkinson disease with LRRK2, GBA, or PRKN gene mutations published between January 1, 1990, and May 1, 2018, was conducted...
February 1, 2019: JAMA network open
María Sanchez-Milla, Laura Muñoz-Moreno, Javier Sánchez-Nieves, Marek Maly, Rafael Gómez, Maria J Carmena, F Javier de la Mata
The interaction of neuropeptides, vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP) or growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH), with a cationic carbosilane dendrimer forms dendriplexes with antitumoral behavior in advanced prostate cancer cells PC3. At the concentrations used for dendriplexes formation, the free peptides were protumoral and prometastatic in Advanced Prostate Cancer, whilst dendrimer only showed low cytotoxicity, but did not avoid the metastatic behavior of PC3 cells. However, these nanoplexes favoured also cell adhesion and avoided cell migration...
January 22, 2019: Biomacromolecules
Sandra Pérez-Torras, Aida Mata-Ventosa, Britt Drögemöller, Maja Tarailo-Graovac, Judith Meijer, Rutger Meinsma, Arno G van Cruchten, Wim Kulik, Albert Viel-Oliva, Axel Bidon-Chanal, Colin J Ross, Wyeth W Wassermann, Clara D M van Karnebeek, Marçal Pastor-Anglada, André B P van Kuilenburg
Pyrimidine nucleotides are essential for a vast number of cellular processes and dysregulation of pyrimidine metabolism has been associated with a variety of clinical abnormalities. Inborn errors of pyrimidine metabolism affecting enzymes in the pyrimidine de novo and degradation pathway have been identified but no patients have been described with a deficiency in proteins affecting the cellular import of ribonucleosides. In this manuscript, we report the elucidation of the genetic basis of the observed uridine-cytidineuria in a patient presenting with fever, hepatosplenomegaly, persistent lactate acidosis, severely disturbed liver enzymes and ultimately multi-organ failure...
January 15, 2019: Biochimica et Biophysica Acta. Molecular Basis of Disease
Mary Geitona, Eugena Stamuli, Stylianos Giannakodimos, Vasileios K Kimiskidis, Vasileios Kountouris, Mata Charokopou, Petros Christou
BACKGROUND AND AIMS: Epilepsy is the most common serious neurological disorder worldwide. Approximately 40% of patients with focal epileptic seizures remain uncontrolled with antiepileptic drug (AED) monotherapy or polytherapy. Lacosamide has been recently approved by the European Medicines Agency as monotherapy for the treatment of focal seizures. The aim of this study was to estimate the cost-effectiveness of lacosamide compared with zonisamide as first-line treatment of focal epilepsy in patients with epilepsy aged ≥16 years to inform clinical decision-making in Greece...
January 17, 2019: Journal of Medical Economics
Sebastian S Horn, Rui Mata, Thorsten Pachur
Value-based decisions often involve comparisons between benefits and costs that must be retrieved from memory. To investigate the development of value-based decisions, 9- to 10-year olds (N = 30), 11- to 12-year olds (N = 30), and young adults (N = 30) first learned to associate gain and loss magnitudes with symbols. In a subsequent decision task, participants rapidly evaluated objects that consisted of combinations of these symbols. All age groups achieved high decision performance and were sensitive to gain-loss magnitudes, suggesting that required core cognitive abilities are developed early...
January 15, 2019: Child Development
Mata Shweta, Rajput Shivshankar, Galib, D B Vaghela
BACKGROUND: Laghu Sutashekhara Rasa (LSR) is a herbo mineral formulation containing Shuddha Gairika (Fe2 O3 ) and Shunthi (Zingiber officinale Roxb.) with the levigation of Nagawalli Swarasa (fresh juice of Piper betel Linn.) prepared as per the reference of Rasatarangini Parishistha. This is an important formulation in Ayurveda therapeutics, but its shelf life is not evaluated till date. The Govt. of India Gazette specifies the shelf life of various Ayurvedic medicines. However, there is a need to revalidate the shelf life of individual formulations by following parameters prevalent in respective scenario...
January 9, 2019: Journal of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine
Elainne Christine de Souza Gomes, Millena Carla da Silva Mesquitta, Leandro Batista Wanderley, Fábio Lopes de Melo, Ricardo José de Paula Souza E Guimarães, Constança Simões Barbosa
Background & objectives: : Schistosomiasis is a rural endemic disease that has been expanding to urban and coastal areas in the state of Pernambuco, Brazil. The aim of this study was to characterize the distribution of breeding sites of the causative vector, Biomphalaria straminea in an endemic municipality for schistosomiasis and to present the predictive models for occurrences and dispersal of this vector snail to new areas. Methods: : A malacological survey was conducted during January to December 2015 in the municipality of São Lourenço da Mata, Pernambuco, Brazil to identify the breeding sites of Biomphalaria...
July 2018: Journal of Vector Borne Diseases
Luis M López-González, Antonio J Sánchez-Oliver, Fernando Mata, Pablo Jodra, Jose Antonio, Raúl Domínguez
Caffeine used as a supplement has been shown to improve physical and cognitive performance in several sport modalities due to its effects on the central nervous system. This review assesses the direct effects of caffeine supplementation on performance in combat sports. Using the PRISMA (Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis) guidelines, relevant studies were identified through the Medline, Scopus and SPORTDiscus databases. Of 1053 search results, only 9 articles fulfilled the inclusion criteria...
December 29, 2018: Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition
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