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Scott A Strobel

Manunya Nuth, Hancheng Guan, Yuhong Xiao, John L Kulp, Michael H Parker, Eric D Strobel, Stuart N Isaacs, Richard W Scott, Allen B Reitz, Robert P Ricciardi
The smallpox virus (variola) remains a bioterrorism threat since a majority of the human population has never been vaccinated. In the event of an outbreak, at least two drugs against different targets of variola are critical to circumvent potential viral mutants that acquire resistance. Vaccinia virus (VACV) is the model virus used in the laboratory for studying smallpox. The VACV processivity factor D4 is an ideal therapeutic target since it is both essential and specific for poxvirus replication. Recently, we identified a tripeptide (Gly-Phe-Ile) motif at the C-terminus of D4 that is conserved among poxviruses and is necessary for maintaining protein function...
December 19, 2018: Antiviral Research
Chad D Torgerson, David A Hiller, Shira Stav, Scott A Strobel
Riboswitches contain structured aptamer domains that, upon ligand binding, facilitate helical switching in their downstream expression platforms to alter gene expression. To fully dissect how riboswitches function requires a better understanding of the energetic landscape for helical switching. Here, we report a sequencing-based high-throughput assay for monitoring in vitro transcription termination and use it to simultaneously characterize the functional effects of all 522 single point mutants of a glycine riboswitch type-1 singlet...
December 2018: RNA
Scott A Strobel, Kimberly Allen, Christopher Roberts, Desmond Jimenez, Herbert B Scher, Tina Jeoh
Microencapsulation of plant-beneficial bacteria, such as pink pigmented facultative methylotrophs (PPFM), may greatly extend the shelf life of these Gram-negative microorganisms and facilitate their application to crops for sustainable agriculture. A species of PPFM designated Methylobacterium radiotolerans was microencapsulated in cross-linked alginate microcapsules (CLAMs) prepared by an innovative and industrially scalable process that achieves polymer cross-linking during spray-drying. PPFM survived the spray-drying microencapsulation process with no significant loss in viable population, and the initial population of PPFM in CLAMs exceeded 1010 CFU/g powder...
June 1, 2018: Industrial Biotechnology
Evan S Dellon, Chris A Liacouras, Javier Molina-Infante, Glenn T Furuta, Jonathan M Spergel, Noam Zevit, Stuart J Spechler, Stephen E Attwood, Alex Straumann, Seema S Aceves, Jeffrey A Alexander, Dan Atkins, Nicoleta C Arva, Carine Blanchard, Peter A Bonis, Wendy M Book, Kelley E Capocelli, Mirna Chehade, Edaire Cheng, Margaret H Collins, Carla M Davis, Jorge A Dias, Carlo Di Lorenzo, Ranjan Dohil, Christophe Dupont, Gary W Falk, Cristina T Ferreira, Adam Fox, Nirmala P Gonsalves, Sandeep K Gupta, David A Katzka, Yoshikazu Kinoshita, Calies Menard-Katcher, Ellyn Kodroff, David C Metz, Stephan Miehlke, Amanda B Muir, Vincent A Mukkada, Simon Murch, Samuel Nurko, Yoshikazu Ohtsuka, Rok Orel, Alexandra Papadopoulou, Kathryn A Peterson, Hamish Philpott, Philip E Putnam, Joel E Richter, Rachel Rosen, Marc E Rothenberg, Alain Schoepfer, Melissa M Scott, Neil Shah, Javed Sheikh, Rhonda F Souza, Mary J Strobel, Nicholas J Talley, Michael F Vaezi, Yvan Vandenplas, Mario C Vieira, Marjorie M Walker, Joshua B Wechsler, Barry K Wershil, Ting Wen, Guang-Yu Yang, Ikuo Hirano, Albert J Bredenoord
BACKGROUND & AIMS: Over the last decade, clinical experiences and research studies raised concerns regarding use of proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) as part of the diagnostic strategy for eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE). We aimed to clarify the use of PPIs in the evaluation and treatment of children and adults with suspected EoE to develop updated international consensus criteria for EoE diagnosis. METHODS: A consensus conference was convened to address the issue of PPI use for esophageal eosinophilia using a process consistent with standards described in the Appraisal of Guidelines for Research and Evaluation II...
October 2018: Gastroenterology
Andrew John Knappenberger, Caroline Wetherington Reiss, Scott A Strobel
Two classes of riboswitches related to the ykkC guanidine-I riboswitch bind phosphoribosyl pyrophosphate (PRPP) and guanosine tetraphosphate (ppGpp). Here we report the co-crystal structure of the PRPP aptamer and its ligand. We also report the structure of the G96A point mutant that prefers ppGpp over PRPP with a dramatic 40,000-fold switch in specificity. The ends of the aptamer form a helix that is not present in the guanidine aptamer and is involved in the expression platform. In the mutant, the base of ppGpp replaces G96 in three-dimensional space...
June 7, 2018: ELife
Girish Hiremath, Ellyn Kodroff, Mary J Strobel, Melissa Scott, Wendy Book, Cathy Reidy, Shay Kyle, Denise Mack, Kathleen Sable, Pablo Abonia, Jonathan Spergel, Sandeep K Gupta, T Glenn Furuta, Marc E Rothenberg, Evan S Dellon
INTRODUCTION: Eosinophilic gastrointestinal disorders (EGIDs) are a rare but emerging healthcare problem. Patient advocacy groups (PAGs) have an important role in representing the EGID community, and serve as valuable research partners. By leveraging the partnership between medical researchers and PAGs, we examined the unmet needs and barriers to care perceived by individuals affected by EGIDs. Next, we examined if these varied between adult EGID patients and adult caregivers of children with EGID...
October 2018: Clinics and Research in Hepatology and Gastroenterology
Katherine D Launer-Felty, Scott A Strobel
Cyclic dinucleotides are second messenger molecules produced by both prokaryotes and eukaryotes in response to external stimuli. In bacteria, these molecules bind to RNA riboswitches and several protein receptors ultimately leading to phenotypic changes such as biofilm formation, ion transport and secretion of virulence factors. Some cyclic dinucleotide analogs bind differentially to biological receptors and can therefore be used to better understand cyclic dinucleotide mechanisms in vitro and in vivo. However, production of some of these analogs involves lengthy, multistep syntheses...
April 6, 2018: Nucleic Acids Research
Thorsten Hummel, Agnieszka Mos-Hummel, Anna Merkulova, Markus Ströbele, Arun Krishnamurthy, Scott Kroeker, Hans-Jürgen Meyer
Ag2 [W6 I14 ] and A2- x [W6 I14 ] compounds with A = Na, Li were prepared from binary tungsten iodides (W3 I12 ) and corresponding metal iodides. Their crystal structures are analyzed on the basis of X-ray diffraction data. 7 Li and 23 Na solid-state NMR measurements reveal that Li+ and Na+ ions are distributed over two sites in the respective structures. These results shed some new light on A x [M6 I14 ] with A = alkali and M = Mo, W compounds being reported with x = 1 and 2, which exhibit photophysical properties...
March 5, 2018: Inorganic Chemistry
Johannes B Herrmann, Marcel Muenstermann, Lea Strobel, Alexandra Schubert-Unkmeir, Trent M Woodruff, Scott D Gray-Owen, Andreas Klos, Kay O Johswich
Sepsis caused by Neisseria meningitidis (meningococcus) is a rapidly progressing, life-threatening disease. Because its initial symptoms are rather unspecific, medical attention is often sought too late, i.e., when the systemic inflammatory response is already unleashed. This in turn limits the success of antibiotic treatment. The complement system is generally accepted as the most important innate immune determinant against invasive meningococcal disease since it protects the host through the bactericidal membrane attack complex...
January 23, 2018: MBio
Tim H Scott-Taylor, Stefan-Claudiu Axinia, Stephan Strobel
BACKGROUND: Peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) proliferate inconsistently, rendering current lymphoproliferation assays unreliable in diagnosis. OBJECTIVE: To investigate the utility and nature of proliferation responses in allergy by comparison of the standard lymphoproliferation with a new dendritic cell (DC) stimulated assay. METHODS: Monocyte-derived DCs were pulsed with allergens and incubated with autologous T cells for 7 days...
September 2017: Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology
Caroline W Reiss, Scott A Strobel
The guanidine-II riboswitch, also known as mini-ykkC , is a conserved mRNA element with more than 800 examples in bacteria. It consists of two stem-loops capped by identical, conserved tetraloops that are separated by a linker region of variable length and sequence. Like the guanidine-I riboswitch, it controls the expression of guanidine carboxylases and SugE-like genes. The guanidine-II riboswitch specifically binds free guanidinium cations and functions as a translationally controlled on-switch. Here we report the structure of a P2 stem-loop from the Pseudomonas aeruginosa guanidine-II riboswitch aptamer bound to guanidine at 1...
September 2017: RNA
Tetyana Berbasova, Sunitha Nallur, Taylor Sells, Kathryn D Smith, Patricia B Gordon, Susan Lori Tausta, Scott A Strobel
The fluoride export protein (FEX) in yeast and other fungi provides tolerance to fluoride (F-), an environmentally ubiquitous anion. FEX efficiently eliminates intracellular fluoride that otherwise would accumulate at toxic concentrations. The FEX homolog in bacteria, Fluc, is a 'double-barreled' channel formed by dimerization of two identical or similar subunits. FEX in yeast and other eukaryotes is a monomer resulting from covalent fusion of the two subunits. As a result, both potential fluoride pores are created from different parts of the same protein...
2017: PloS One
Michelle L Hutchings, Cambria J Alpha-Cobb, David A Hiller, Julien Berro, Scott A Strobel
Antagonistic microorganisms produce antimicrobials to inhibit the growth of competitors. Although water-soluble antimicrobials are limited to proximal interactions via aqueous diffusion, volatile antimicrobials are able to act at a distance and diffuse through heterogeneous environments. Here, we identify the mechanism of action of Muscodor albus , an endophytic fungus known for its volatile antimicrobial activity toward a wide range of human and plant pathogens and its potential use in mycofumigation. Proposed uses of the Muscodor species include protecting crops, produce, and building materials from undesired fungal or bacterial growth...
May 5, 2017: Journal of Biological Chemistry
Caroline W Reiss, Yong Xiong, Scott A Strobel
The guanidine-I riboswitch is a conserved RNA element with approximately 2,000 known examples across four phyla of bacteria. It exists upstream of nitrogen metabolism and multidrug resistance transporter genes and alters expression through the specific recognition of a free guanidinium cation. Here we report the structure of a guanidine riboswitch aptamer from Sulfobacillus acidophilus at 2.7 Å resolution. Helices P1, P1a, P1b, and P2 form a coaxial stack that acts as a scaffold for ligand binding. A previously unidentified P3 helix docks into P1a to form the guanidinium binding pocket, which is completely enclosed...
January 3, 2017: Structure
A Melander, J Olsson, G Lindberg, A Salzman, T Howard, P Stang, E Lydick, A Emslie-Smith, D I R Boyle, J M M Evans, T M Macdonald, J Bain, F Sullivan, C Juhl, N Pørksen, J Sturis, M Hollingdal, S Pincus, J Veldhuis, A Dejgaard, O Schmitz, J S Kristensen, K B Frandsen, Th Bayer, P Müller, B E Dunning, S Paladini, C Gutierrez, R Deacon, M Valentin, G Grunberger, W M Weston, R Patwardhan, E B Rappaport, L A Sargeant, N J Wareham, K T Khaw, Björn Zethelius, Hans Lithell, C Nicholas Hales, Christian Berne, H-M Lakka, L Oksanen, T-P Tuomainen, K Kontula, J T Salonen, J M Dekker, P de Boks, F de Vegt, C D A Stehouwer, G Nijpels, L M Bouter, R J Heine, G Bruno, P Cavallo-Perin, G Bargero, N D'Errico, M Borra, G Macchia, G Pagano, R W Newton, D A Ruta, J P New, C Wallace, M A Roxburgh, R J Young, N J A Vaughan, P Elliott, G Brennan, M Devers, R MacAlpine, D Steinke, D H Lawson, B Decallonne, K Casteels, C Gysemans, R Bouillon, C Mathieu, Thomas Linn, Christine Strate, Kerstin Schneider, D P 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den Ouweland, H H P J Lemkes, A J Maassen, S Nakano, M Fukuda, K Maejima, N Imaizumi, M Kitazawa, M Nishizawa, T Kigoshi, K Uchida, J Y Le Gall, V David, S Baltrusch, T Richter, G da Silva Xavier, M Dickens, V D Belin, I C Green, C J Burns, P E Squires, S L Howell, S J Persaud, N Ban, Y Yamada, Y Someya, Y Ihara, K Tsuda, Y Seino, O Alcazar, B Tyrberg, C Carlsson, A Andersson, E Mukai, H Ishida, S Fujimoto, M Kajikawa, J Fujita, Y Tsuura, F Malaisse-Lagae, S Picton, J Tamarit-Rodriguez, A Mukala-Nsengu-Tshibangu, S Fernández, E Giné, H Ortsäter, P Liss, K E O Åkerman, P Bergsten, S Hu, S Wang, E S Roos, J S Gounarides, M J Shapiro, C J de Souza, K K Papas, M Nishimura, M M Kadiata, K Louchami, H Jijakli, A S Rajan, S Kuang, D Iyer, I D Waddell, B R Holloway, H Ishihara, H Wang, C B Wollheim, G Ayvaz, D Mercan, J Rasschaert, M-H Giroix, O Scruel, B Portha, C Broca, J Fernandez-Alvarez, M Manteghetti, R Gross, Y Sauvaire, P Petit, G Ribes, N H McClenaghan, A J Ball, P R Flatt, I Rustenbeck, C Dickel, M Winkler, T Grimmsmann, U Meyer, I Gross, P D Barnes, R E O'Brien, Y H A Abdel-Wahab, M N Hashmi, A N Giesberts, S J White, E J Cooper, A L Hudson, R M Eglen, M P Dillon, S L F Chan, N G Morgan, A Parini, C Gotfredsen, S Ullrich, J Su, M Rösier, J Hescheler, R Greger, R Wardt, A Arredouani, P Gailly, J C Henquin, P Gilon, W N Macfarlane, K Docherty, F C Jonkers, C Schöfl, J Börger, A von Zur Mühlen, G Brabant, E Grapengiesser, T E Harris, A M J Buchan, P M Jones, E T A S Jaikaran, G Marcon, P H St George-Hyslop, P E Fraser, A Clark, P Lebrun, M-H Antoine, Q-A Nguyen, Patrik Rorsman, C Wasmeier, P Antinozzi, P Maechler, E Schwartz, C Wollheim, H M Roderigo, K Matsumoto, K Ebihara, H Yamamoto, H Tabuchi, K Fukunaga, M Yasunami, H Ohkubo, E Miyamoto, P A Horn, M J García-Barrado, C Sancho, M Martín, J Moratinos, J Westerlund, J M Lin, R Brown, A Björklund, V Grill, P Detimary, Y Guiot, J Rahier, A Elmi, J Sehlin, A C Hauge-Evans, M Cybal, J Druzyńska, J Wierzchowska, P Krippeit-Drews, G Drews, C Krämer, L Jornot, M Düfer, M Nöda, S Yamashita, N Takahashi, Y Tsubamoto, H Kasai, G W G Sharp, N Lembert, H C Joos, H P T Ammon, M A Wahl, E K Ainscow, C Zhao, M E Fabregat, J Fernández-Álvarez, C Franco, M Novelli, J Fernàndez-Alvarez, P Masiello, A Lajoix, P Beffy, S Roux, T Chardès, M Roye, A D Lajoix, H Reggio, S Peraldi-Roux, R Henningsson, A Salehi, I Lundquist, P Stickings, S Mistry, H Ratcliff, S M Morris, J M Cunningham, M Ekelund, N V Ermakova, R H Paulssen, J Florholmen, M Carmellini, F Mosca, G Patané, D Longo, S Squatrito, L Clement, C Magnan, M Vincent, L Penicaud, F Assimacopoulos-Jeannet, R Vigneri, S E D Rolfsen, S Gregersen, K Hermansen, B Blondeau, I Rojas, A Novials, E Femández-Usac, P Cristóbal, C E Higham, L Lawrie, K I J Sherman, N Birch, P Tito, C V Robinson, E J P de Koning, J S Verbeek, C Esapa, B Laube, D S Powell, H Maksoud, S B P Chargé, D R Matthews, I M Stratton, S Karlsson, U Myrsén-Axcrona, B Östlund, F Sundler, G Bertrand, R Puech, J Bockaert, S Persson-Sjögren, I-B Täljedal, M H Mooney, F P M O'Harte, E Simonsson, Samy M Abdel-Halim, Suad Efendić, Bo Ahrén, K Yanagida, T Arima, T Yada, J C Egéa, C Hirtz, D Deville de Périère, C Meoni, L Falqui, C Arcelloni, R Paroni, F Folli, R Barry, N C Turner, M Tadayyon, J R Arch, F Sutti, L Perego, S Baglioni, A Otte, C Socci, H S Raffaele, E Stumpf, Y Aalto, T Otonkoski, S Knuutila, L C Andersson, C Berra, R Furlan, A Coppelli, C Tellini, C Bordignon, D G Rouiller, C A Lister, G B T Moore, V Piercy, M Newman, H Chapman, S A Smith, E Anastasi, A Bulotta, C Tiberti, E Ponte, R Liddi, D Taruscio, M Falchi, C Annerén, M Welsh, C Bernard, C Ilic, V Guilbert, J Palgi, G S Korbutt, G R Rayat, R V Rajotte, T J Kieffer, Ella Karlsson, Stellan Sandler, S Boujendar, M-A Huotari, P J Miettinen, J Keski-Oja, E Breda, G Pacini, T Vilsbøll, M-B Toft-Nielsen, B Dinesen, E P M Corssmit, E Qvigstad, I L Mostad, K Bjerve, C W Ann, M Kume, M Hiramatsu, J 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Jolly, R Amin, I Godsland, R Horvoka, V Anyaoku, N Lawrence, N Krasova, L Sergienko, G Mingrone, L Plat, E O Balasse, T Zykova, T Jenssen, A Strelkova, S Zykova, E Tipisova, F Féry, A N Wijenaike, P W Watt, R T Jung, C Bolton-Smith, M J Rennie, B Ludvik, Th Aigmueller, W Waldhaeusl, P Courtois, F Bource, E Guenat, J Philippe, E Jéquier, L Tappy, Santosa Benny, Dietrich Grönemeyer, Sitke Aygen, Nicole Scholz, Martin Busch, I Tauveron, C Rochon, C Dejax, P Benoit, P Capitan, G Bayle, J Prugnaud, A Fabricio, C Champredon, P Thieblot, J Grizard, M F Nielsen, B Nyholm, V Chandramouli, W C Schumann, B R Landau, R A Rizza, A Mitrakou, C Meyer, A Tolias, D Platanisiotis, L Vlachos, J Gerich, A Wajngot, F Sprangers, W T Jellema, C E Lopuhaä, J J van Lieshout, J S van der Zee, G Mithieux, M Croset, C Zitoun, J M Hurot, F Rajas, S Montano, R Willem, I Verbruggen, G Grue-Sørensen, F Björkling, N D Watson, S P Burns, H C Murphy, R A Iles, R D Cohen, K Rooney, V Swan, J Phuyal, J Millar, J Bryson, G 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Shelestova, M Ramazashvili, M Hod, J Cederberg, A Leunda Casi, S Pampfer, R De Hertogh, L Hinck, S Aly, J Bertie, R M Botta, M P Imbergamo, M G Impiccichè, B Todaro, D Greco, P Ekbom, P Clausen, U Feldt-Rasmussen, B Feldt-Rasmussen, L Mølsted Pedersen, K Nørgaard, A Svenningsen, L Nielsen, M Zmudzińska, I Ziętek, Y Min, M A Crawford, F Bozzoni, C Corubolo, E Borrello, N Di Biase, S Spagnolo, G Hawthorne, D Sen, A Bagust, W Maier, C J Currie, S Sailesh, V Patel, D Hayes, B Cockrill, W Gatling, S Budd, M A Mullee, A W Savill, M G Smithers, R R Davies, A Sandford, L Stutz, S Vadstrup, V Simonsen, L Musaeus, B Molsing, B Lyholm, B C Turner, E Jenkins, O J Hejlesen, S Andreassen, R Hovorka, D A Cavan, A Klinge, K W Strauss, R Guthrie, M Testa, R Zimmerman, M Sandberg, H Steinfatt, R Hardenberg, M Gottsmann, A König, S Schmauß, F X Hierl, C M Renders, G D Valk, J Th M van Eijk, G van der Wal, G Jermendy, T Hídvégi, U A Müller, J Junghänel, S Köhler, C Köhler, M Schumann, G Use, H W de Valk, 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Bacha, E Aboud, L André, R Lamarca, E Janeczko-Sosnowska, Z Lewandowski, D Janeczko, J Kopczyñski, T Nakagami, O Tomonaga, T Babazono, Y Iwamoto, K Nakanishi, M Higa, E Kosugi, L D Elving, A Szadkowska, M W Mirecka, E Czerniawska, L Weekers, S Hadjadj, R Belloum, Y Gallois, B Bouhanick, M Marre, W Saucha, B Skwarna, M Zychma, E Żukowska-Szczechowska, M J Zychma, E Zukowska-Szczechowska, J Nazim, H Dziatkowiak, M Sanak, G Cieślik, M Nannipieri, G C Viberti, S De Cosmo, G Piras, E Errannini, Y Uchigata, J Miura, T Okada, J-S Gong, J Zhang, M Tanaka, Y Wamoto, L Zucaro, S Bacci, G Miscio, M Thomas, G P Piras, P Cavallo Perin, M Mauer, I Barzon, E Bortoloso, A Saller, G Crepaldi, Z A Latif, P K Christensen, S V Larsen, S Olsen, G Bombonato, D Sacerdoti, M Chiesura-Corona, A Marangon, S Rudberg, L Rasmussen, H-J Bangstad, R Ösrterby, G I Sivous, E P Kasatkina, L M Demurov, V V Nosikov, A K Kotova, T L Kuraeva, I I Mishina, N M Gorashko, V V Nosicov, V A Petercova, G Berrut, F Alhenc-Gelas, 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A Passaro, A Vanini, F Calzoni, K D'Elia, M Carantoni, G Zuliani, R Fellin, A Solini, G Chwatko, E Bald, A-S Dramais, P E Wallemacq, B Vandeleene, M V Ciaria, M Ariano, R Strom, J Gibney, U Weiss, B Turner, P O'Gorman, G Watts, J Powrie, M Crook, K Shaw, M Cummings
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
August 1999: Diabetologia
Karen M Ruff, Ayesha Muhammad, Phillip J McCown, Ronald R Breaker, Scott A Strobel
The glycine riboswitch often occurs in a tandem architecture, with two ligand-binding domains (aptamers) followed by a single expression platform. Based on previous observations, we hypothesized that "singlet" versions of the glycine riboswitch, which contain only one aptamer domain, are able to bind glycine if appropriate structural contacts are maintained. An initial alignment of 17 putative singlet riboswitches indicated that the single consensus aptamer domain is flanked by a conserved peripheral stem-loop structure...
November 2016: RNA
Jose Guedes de Sena Filho, Maureen B Quin, Daniel J Spakowicz, Jeffrey J Shaw, Kaury Kucera, Brian Dunican, Scott A Strobel, Claudia Schmidt-Dannert
Fungi have highly active secondary metabolic pathways which enable them to produce a wealth of sesquiterpenoids that are bioactive. One example is Δ6-protoilludene, the precursor to the cytotoxic illudins, which are pharmaceutically relevant as anticancer therapeutics. To date, this valuable sesquiterpene has only been identified in members of the fungal division Basidiomycota. To explore the untapped potential of fungi belonging to the division Ascomycota in producing Δ6-protoilludene, we isolated a fungal endophyte Diaporthe sp...
August 2016: Fungal Biology
Vilada Chansamouth, Syvilay Thammasack, Rattanaphone Phetsouvanh, Valy Keoluangkot, Catrin E Moore, Stuart D Blacksell, Josee Castonguay-Vanier, Audrey Dubot-Pérès, Jarasporn Tangkhabuanbutra, Narongchai Tongyoo, Phooksavanh Souphaphonh, Onanong Sengvilaipaseuth, Manivanh Vongsouvath, Koukeo Phommasone, Davanh Sengdethka, Amphayvanh Seurbsanith, Scott B Craig, Laura Hermann, Michel Strobel, Paul N Newton
INTRODUCTION: Laos has the highest maternal mortality ratio in mainland Southeast Asia and a high incidence of infectious diseases. Globally, malaria has been the pathogen most intensively investigated in relation to impact on pregnancy, but there has been relatively little research on the aetiology and impact of other diseases. We therefore aimed to determine the causes and impact of fever in pregnant women admitted to two central hospitals in Vientiane City, Lao PDR (Laos). MATERIALS AND METHODS: This hospital-based prospective study was conducted in Mahosot Hospital and the Mother and Child Hospital, Vientiane, between 2006 and 2010, with the aim to recruit 250 consenting pregnant women admitted with tympanic temperature ≥37...
April 2016: PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases
Robert E Meehan, Chad D Torgerson, Barbara L Gaffney, Roger A Jones, Scott A Strobel
The ability of bacteria to sense environmental cues and adapt is essential for their survival. The use of second-messenger signaling molecules to translate these cues into a physiological response is a common mechanism employed by bacteria. The second messenger 3'-5'-cyclic diadenosine monophosphate (c-di-AMP) has been linked to a diverse set of biological processes involved in maintaining cell viability and homeostasis, as well as pathogenicity. A complex network of both protein and RNA receptors inside the cell activates specific pathways and mediates phenotypic outputs in response to c-di-AMP...
February 16, 2016: Biochemistry
Eric V Patridge, Alicia Darnell, Kaury Kucera, Gillian M Phillips, Heidi R Bokesch, Kirk R Gustafson, Daniel J Spakowicz, Linda Zhou, William M Hungerford, Mark Plummer, Denton Hoyer, Alexandra Narváez-Trujillo, Andrew J Phillips, Scott A Strobel
Natural products remain an important source of new therapeutics for emerging drug-resistant pathogens like Candida albicans, which particularly affects immunocompromised patients. A bioactive 3-decalinoyltetramic acid, pyrrolocin A, was isolated from extracts of a novel Amazonian fungal endophyte, E6927E, of the Diaporthales family. The structure of the natural product was solved using NMR and CD spectroscopy and it is structurally related to the fungal setins, equisetin and phomasetin, which are well-characterized tetramic acid antibiotics specific for Gram-positive organisms...
October 2015: Natural Product Communications
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