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Saba Samad Memon, Kunal Thakkar, Virendra Patil, Swati Jadhav, Anurag R Lila, Gwendolyn Fernandes, Tushar R Bandgar, Nalini S Shah
Background Primary pigmented nodular adrenocortical disease (PPNAD) is a rare cause of Cushing's syndrome (CS) in childhood. We describe a case series of patients presenting at our centre along with a review of the literature. Methods A retrospective analysis of six index cases and one family were done for demographic features, hormonal profile, imaging findings, genetic mutation status, histopathologic findings and follow-up details. Diagnosis was based on biochemistry and confirmed with histopathology and or genetic mutation...
March 15, 2019: Journal of Pediatric Endocrinology & Metabolism: JPEM
Mansour Miran, Mohammad Mehdi Feizabadi, Hossein Kazemian, Jalil Kardan-Yamchi, Hamid Reza Monsef-Esfahani, Samad Nejad Ebrahimi
Background and Objectives: Essential oils are used for controlling and preventing human diseases and the application of those can often be quite safe and effective with no side effect. The essential oils have been found to have antiparasitic, antifungal, antiviral, antioxidant and especially antibacterial activity including antibacterial activity against tuberculosis. In this study the chemical composition and anti-TB activity of essential oil extracted from Levisticum officinale has been evaluated...
December 2018: Iranian Journal of Microbiology
Marcus Paulo Raele, Lucas Ramos De Pretto, Wagner de Rossi, Nilson Dias Vieira, Ricardo Elgul Samad
We designed a real time, single-laser focus tracking system using low coherence properties of the machining femtosecond laser itself in order to monitor and correct the sample position relative to the focal plane. Using a Michelson Interferometer, the system collects data arising from part of the beam backscattered at the ablation spot. The data is analyzed by a custom software for position correction (employing an XYZ automated translation stage). With the focus tracking enabled we were able to etch channels with a stable cross-section profile on a bovine tooth with relief amplitude tens of times greater than the Rayleigh length of the system, keeping the sample inside the confocal parameter during most of the processing time...
March 12, 2019: Scientific Reports
Marijn Thijssen, Philippe Lemey, Samad Amini-Bavil-Olyaee, Simon Dellicour, Seyed Moayed Alavian, Frank Tacke, Chris Verslype, Frederik Nevens, Mahmoud Reza Pourkarim
People from low-to-middle income countries have been migrating to western Europe on a large scale in recent years. Data indicate that the number of first-time asylum applications by non-EU members increased from 290 000 in 2011 to more than 1·3 million in 2015. During the peak period of migration, The Global Health Sector Strategy on Viral Hepatitis was adopted by WHO. Viral hepatitis, and particularly hepatitis B virus (HBV), is an important disease because of its high prevalence and associated mortality...
April 2019: Lancet. Gastroenterology & Hepatology
Joel P Giblett, Omar Abdul-Samad, Leonard M Shapiro, Bushra S Rana, Patrick A Calvert
Patent foramen ovale (PFO) is a common abnormality affecting between 20% and 34% of the adult population. For most people it is a benign finding; however, in some the PFO can open widely, enabling a paradoxical embolus to transit from the venous to arterial circulation, which is associated with stroke and systemic embolisation. Percutaneous closure of PFO in patients with cryptogenic stroke has been undertaken for a number of years, and a number of purpose-specific septal occluders have been marketed. Recent randomised controlled trials have demonstrated that closure of PFO in patients with cryptogenic stroke is associated with reduced rates of recurrent stroke...
February 2019: Interventional cardiology
Muhammad Akram, Binish Khan, Muhammad Imran, Iftikhar Ahmad, Humayun Ajaz, Muhammad Tahir, Faiz Rabbani, Imdad Kaleem, Muhammad Nadeem Akhtar, Naveed Ahmad, Noor Samad Shah
Lead (Pb) is a toxic heavy metal causing serious health risks to humans and animals. In the present study, cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) shells powder was used as adsorbent for the treatment of synthetic Pb-contaminated water. The batch scale biosorption capacity of cotton shells powder was evaluated to study the effects of Pb concentrations, adsorbent doses and contact time at constant pH (6) and temperature (25 °C). Results revealed that sorption of Pb increased (q = 0.09-9.60 mg/g) with increasing Pb concentration (1-15 mg/L) and contact time (15-90 min) while decreasing adsorbent dose (1-0...
February 28, 2019: International Journal of Phytoremediation
Ebrahim Bohlul, Fatemeh Hasanlou, Amir Hossein Taromchi, Samad Nadri
AIMS: we investigated the ability of Lactococcus lactis, a species generally regarded as safe, to express of Tumor Necrosis Factor-Related Apoptosis-Inducing Ligand (TRAIL) protein. Expressed protein was either cell wall anchored or secreted and it was assessed whether this could induce apoptosis in human colon adenocarcinoma cell lines SW480 and HCT116. METHODS AND RESULTS: Constructs were designed to produce either secreted or cell wall anchored forms of human TRAIL cloned into pNZ7021 expression vector...
February 28, 2019: Journal of Applied Microbiology
Faizule Hassan, Shuisong Ni, Taylor L Becker, Christine M Kinstedt, Jana L Abdul-Samad, Luis A Actis, Michael A Kennedy
Antibiotic-resistant bacteria are an increasing and serious health concern worldwide, and multidrug-resistant pathogens are increasingly emerging among patients across the United States. Researchers are exploring sources of traditional medicines, including mushrooms, to find new antibiotic compounds. In this study, the antibiotic activities of 75 mushrooms collected in the area surrounding Oxford, Ohio (USA), were assayed for antibiotic activity against 6 bacterial strains (Pseudomonas aeruginosa reference strains PAO1 and PA14, P...
2019: International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms
Hamid Reza Mozaffari, Roohollah Sharifi, Asad Vaisi Raygani, Masoud Sadeghi, Samad Nikray, Rozita Naseri
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate salivary factors in type 2 diabetes melliuts patients. METHODS: The case-control study was conducted from June to November 2016 at Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences, Kermanshah, Iran, and comprised patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus and healthy controls matched in terms of age and gender. Unstimulated saliva samples were collected in the morning after an overnight fast of 8-12 hours. The samples were centrifuged at 1500 rpm for 5 minutes, and every isolated transparent liquid was immediately frozen at a temperature of -45ºC in a tube...
February 2019: JPMA. the Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association
Motahare Boozari, Samad Nejad Ebrahimi, Saba Soltani, Zahra Tayarani-Najaran, Seyed Ahmad Emami, Javad Asili, Mehrdad Iranshahi
A new prenylated flavonostilbene, namely, alopecurone P together with three known compounds sophoraflavanone G, 2-(4-hydroxyphenyl)-2,3-dihydrobenzo[b]furan-3,4,6-triol and alopecurone J were characterized from the roots of Sophora pachycarpa. The absolute configuration of alopecurones J and P were characterized by comparison of experimental electronic circular dichroism (ECD) spectroscopy and simulated data using time-dependent density functional theory (TDDFT) for possible stereoisomers. The cytotoxic properties of isolated compounds have also been evaluated on two breast cancer cell lines (MCF-7 and MDA-MB-231) and normal cell line (NIH/3T3) using AlamarBlue®, flowcytometry and western blot assays...
February 6, 2019: Bioorganic Chemistry
Hossein Namdar, Leyla Imani, Samad Ghaffari, Naser Aslanabadi, Najmeh Reshadati, Zhila Samani, Ghiti Davarmoin, Naser Moayyednia, Yalda Nazer, Shahla Sarhangzadeh, Ahmad Separham
Background: The early identification of patients with acute inferior ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) with high risk features is particularly important. Acute inferior STEMI may be associated with ST-segment depression in the left precordial leads (V4-V6). This study assessed prognostic value of ST-segment depression in these left precordial leads during the admission of patients with acute inferior STEMI treated with primary percutaneous coronary intervention. Methods: This retrospective study enrolled 1,374 patients with acute inferior STEMI who underwent primary percutaneous coronary angioplasty between March 2011 and June 2014...
December 2018: Interventional Medicine & Applied Science
Hyojin Ko, Kasinan Suthiwanich, Héloïse Mary, Somayeh Zanganeh, Shu-Kai Hu, Samad Ahadian, Yunzhi Peter Yang, Goro Choi, Kirsten Fetah, Yuting Niu, Jeremy Mao, Ali Khademhosseini
Physicochemical and biological gradients are desirable features for hydrogels to enhance their relevance to biological environments for three-dimensional (3D) cell culture. Therefore, simple and efficient techniques to generate chemical, physical and biological gradients within hydrogels are highly desirable. This work demonstrates a technique to generate biomolecular and mechanical gradients in photocrosslinkable hydrogels by stacking and crosslinking prehydrogel solution in a layer by layer manner. Partial crosslinking of the hydrogel allows mixing of prehydrogel solution with the previous hydrogel layer, which makes a smooth gradient profile, rather than discrete layers...
February 20, 2019: Biofabrication
Jacob Witten, Tahoura Samad, Katharina Ribbeck
Binding of small molecules to mucus membranes in the body has an important role in human health, as it can affect the diffusivity and activity of any molecule that acts in a mucosal environment. The binding of drugs, and of toxins and signaling molecules from mucosal pathogens, is of particular clinical interest. Despite the importance of mucus-small molecule binding, there is a lack of data revealing the precise chemical features of small molecules that lead to mucus binding. We developed a novel equilibrium dialysis assay to measure the binding of libraries of small molecules to mucin and other mucus components, substantially increasing the throughput of small molecule binding measurements...
February 19, 2019: Biomacromolecules
Akram Hosseini, Samad Zare, Zahra Borzouei, Firouz Ghaderi Pakdel
Background: Cyclophosphamide (CP) is one of the most invasive chemotherapeutic agents, which used commonly despite of its wide spectrum toxicity. Clinical evidence showed toxic side effects of CP in multiple organ systems. Objective: The objective of the present study was to evaluate the effects of American ginseng on CP-induced testicular toxicity in rats. Materials and Methods: Adult male Wistar rats (220±30 gr) were randomly divided into four groups (n=7 in each)...
November 2018: International Journal of Reproductive Biomedicine (Yazd, Iran)
Rouzbeh R Ghafouri, Mostafa Araj-Khodaei, Somaiyeh T Targhi, Mojtaba Varshochi, Zahra Parsian, Reza Yarani, Samad E J Golzari
Introduction: Abu Bakr Mohammad Ibn Zakariya Al-Razi (865-925 CE), who was known as "Rhazes" in the west, was a famous scientist of medieval ages. He has more than 200 books and treatises. His masterpiece on medicine " Kitab Al-Hawi Fi Al-Tibb " contains around 900 case reports. Some of the diseases which seem to be recently reported have been stated previously, but not well described. Considering symptoms of the patient described at that time, differential diagnosis will be discussed...
2019: International Journal of Preventive Medicine
Parviz Farzadinia, Gholamhossein Mohebbi, Afshar Bargahi, Samad Akbarzadeh, Iraj Nabipour, Mohammadreza Abdi, Zeynab Hasanpour, Zahra Alipour, Adel Daneshi
Burn injury is one of the most destructive events in the world. The Pergularia tomentosa L. is a medicinal plant that traditionally, applies for treatment of burning, in Bushehr province, Iran. Various bioactive compounds such as steroid glycosides, tannins, various vitamins, saponins, cardenolides and anthraquinones were identified into extract of the plant, which can be effective in burn wound healing. Twenty-one rats weighting every one 200±5 grams were divided equally into three groups. The second-degree burning induced on all groups...
January 2019: Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Samad Esmaeilzadeh, Esther Hartman, Reza Farzizadeh, Liane B Azevedo, Hassan-Ali Kalantari, Inga Dziembowska, Alicja Kostencka, Mohammad Narimani, Akbar Abravesh
The present study aimed to explore the association between physical fitness (PF) and cognitive performance in a sample of 19-24 year old males. Two hundred and eleven young males (20.2±1.5 years) participated in the study. Cognitive functioning tasks including information processing speed and inhibitory control were measured in addition to PF and motor fitness components such as aerobic fitness, static strength, explosive strength, agility and speed. Regression analysis showed that after adjustment for potential confounders (e...
December 2018: Biology of Sport
Javier Valero-Elizondo, Rohan Khera, Anshul Saxena, Gowtham R Grandhi, Salim S Virani, Javed Butler, Zainab Samad, Nihar R Desai, Harlan M Krumholz, Khurram Nasir
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
February 19, 2019: Journal of the American College of Cardiology
Samad Khabbazi Oskouei, Stefano Mancini, Mark M Wilde
In this paper, we prove a quantum union bound that is relevant when performing a sequence of binary-outcome quantum measurements on a quantum state. The quantum union bound proved here involves a tunable parameter that can be optimized, and this tunable parameter plays a similar role to a parameter involved in the Hayashi-Nagaoka inequality (Hayashi & Nagaoka 2003 IEEE Trans. Inf. Theory 49 , 1753-1768. (doi:10.1109/TIT.2003.813556)), used often in quantum information theory when analysing the error probability of a square-root measurement...
January 2019: Proceedings. Mathematical, Physical, and Engineering Sciences
Devy Zisman, Aaida Samad, Stacy P Ardoin, Peter Chira, Patience White, Idit Lavi, Emily von Scheven, Erica F Lawson, Melinda Hing, Elizabeth D Mellins
OBJECTIVE: To assess the attitudes and common practices of adult rheumatologists in the United States regarding health care transition (HCT) for young adults with rheumatic diseases. METHODS: An anonymous online survey was sent to U.S. adult rheumatologist members of the American College of Rheumatology to collect demographic data and information on attitudes and common practices regarding the transition process. RESULTS: Of 4,064 contacted rheumatologists, 203 (5%) completed the survey...
February 11, 2019: Arthritis Care & Research
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