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Patient charting

Mehraboon S Irani, Mazen Toushan, Liyun Zhang, Pippa M Simpson, Matthew S Karafin
BACKGROUND: Partial normal saline replacement during plasma exchange procedures is a common practice to reduce procedure costs but may increase the risk of adverse events, such as hypotension and citrate reactions. The goal of this study was to compare adverse event rates for the patients that used albumin or albumin/saline as replacement. STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS: A retrospective chart review was done of plasma exchange procedures that used all albumin or 80% albumin to 20% normal saline (80/20) as replacement...
March 19, 2019: Journal of Clinical Apheresis
Ann Marie Szymanski, Hugo Clifford, Tova Ronis
BACKGROUND: Fever of unknown origin (FUO) continues to challenge clinicians to determine an etiology and the need for treatment. This study explored the most common etiologies, characteristics, and average cost of hospitalization for FUO in a pediatric population at an urban, tertiary care hospital in Washington, DC. METHODS: Records from patients admitted to Children's National Health System between September 2008 and April 2014 with an admission ICD-9 code for fever (780...
March 19, 2019: World Journal of Pediatrics: WJP
Tuncay Sahutoglu, Bahar Artim Esen, Murat Aksoy, Mehmet Kurtoglu, Arzu Poyanli, Ahmet Gul
Arterial aneurysms are rare manifestations of Behçet Disease (BD) with high morbidity and mortality. This study aimed to investigate the clinical course of BD patients with abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAA). We retrospectively searched charts of BD patients, followed up between 1988 and 2011, to identify those with AAA with at least 6-month clinical and radiological follow-up data. Chart review revealed 12 patients (11 males) with AAA amongst 1224 patients; follow-up data from 11 patients were available. The most common symptoms were lower back and abdominal pain...
March 19, 2019: Rheumatology International
Michael Hermanussen, Aman B Pulungan, Christiane Scheffler, Rebekka Mumm, Alan D Rogol, Raluca Pop, James M Swanson, Edmund Sonuga-Barke, Anna Reimann, Anna Siniarska-Wolanska, Martin Musalek, Barry Bogin, Jesper L Boldsen, P G Vincent Tassenaar, Detlef Groth, Yuk-Chien Liu, Christof Meigen, Björn Quanjer, Kristina Thompson, Başak Koca Özer, Ewa Bryl, Paula Mamrot, Tomasz Hanć, Slawomir Koziel, Jani Söderhäll, Aleksandra Gomula, Sudip Datta Banik, Mathieu Roelants, Gudrun Veldre, Leslie Sue Lieberman, Lynnette Leidy Sievert
Thirty-one scientists met at Aschauhof, Germany to discuss the role of beliefs and self-perception on body size. In view of apparent growth stimulatory effects of dominance within the social group that is observed in social mammals, they discussed various aspects of competitive growth strategies and growth adjustments. Presentations included new data from Indonesia, a cohort-based prospective study from Merida, Yucatan, and evidence from recent meta-analyses and patterns of growth in the socially deprived. The effects of stress experienced during pregnancy and adverse childhood events were discussed, as well as obesity in school children, with emphasis on problems when using z-scores in extremely obese children...
March 2019: Pediatric Endocrinology Reviews: PER
Edda Vesteinsdottir, Kristjan Orri Helgason, Kristinn Orn Sverrisson, Olafur Gudlaugsson, Sigurbergur Karason
BACKGROUND: Infections are a frequent complication of cardiac surgery. The intraoperative use of transesophageal echocardiography (TEE) may be an underrecognized risk factor for post-operative infections. The aim of this study was to investigate infection rates and outcomes after cardiac surgery in a nationwide cohort, especially in relation to periods where surface damaged TEE probes were used. METHODS: This was a retrospective, observational study at Landspitali University Hospital...
March 19, 2019: Acta Anaesthesiologica Scandinavica
Nicolas-Xavier Bonne, Michaël Risoud, Michael Hoa, Pierre-Emmanuel Lemesre, Rabih Aboukais, Emilie Le Rhun, Frédérique Dubrulle, Marc Baroncini, Jean-Paul Lejeune, Christophe Vincent
BACKGROUND: Hearing response following an osteodural decompression of the internal auditory canal (IAC) is controversial. OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the course of auditory brainstem responses (ABRs) and the early hearing response during the first year following IAC decompression for small to medium-sized vestibular schwannomas occurring in neurofibromatosis type 2 (NF2). METHODS: Retrospective chart review of middle fossa craniotomy for IAC osteodural decompression in NF2-related vestibular schwannomas...
March 19, 2019: Neurosurgery
Melissa Henry, Fabienne Fuehrmann, Michael Hier, Anthony Zeitouni, Karen Kost, Keith Richardson, Alex Mlynarek, Martin Black, Christina MacDonald, Gabrielle Chartier, Xun Zhang, Zeev Rosberger, Saul Frenkiel
BACKGROUND: This study aimed at examining predictors of clinical anxiety and depressive symptoms in patients with head and neck cancer (HNC) at 3, 6, and 12 months post-diagnosis, with a particular interest in contextual and historical factors. METHODS: Prospective longitudinal study of 219 consecutive patients newly diagnosed with a first occurrence of primary HNC, including psychometric measures, Structured Clinical Interview for DSM-IV Diagnoses (SCID), and medical chart reviews...
March 19, 2019: Head & Neck
Igor Wilderman, Rachel Berkovich, Christopher Meaney, Omer Kleiner, Vsevolod Perelman
OBJECTIVES: Meniscal tears caused by acute trauma or degenerative fraying affect a wide array of individuals. An effective, long-lasting treatment has widely been sought after. Intra-articular corticosteroid injections have been among the methods of controlling pain for more than 60 years. However, such injections tend to produce short-lasting results, with profound effects lasting an average of up to 4 weeks. The purpose of this study was to determine the average duration and magnitude of pain relief after meniscal-targeted injections...
March 18, 2019: Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine: Official Journal of the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine
Dean Falk
Recent allegations that pediatrician Hans Asperger legitimized Nazi policies, including forced sterilization and child euthanasia, are refuted with newly translated and chronologically-ordered information that takes into account Hitler's deceptive 'halt' to the T4 euthanasia program in 1941. It is highly unlikely that Asperger was aware of the T4 program when he referred Herta Schreiber to Am Spiegelgrund or when he mentioned that institution 4 months later on the medical chart of another (unrelated) girl, Elisabeth Schreiber...
March 18, 2019: Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders
Henrik C Bäcker, J Turner Vosseller, Lorin Benneker, Markus Noger, Fabian Krause, Sven Hoppe, Moritz C Deml
PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to investigate the type and severity of spinal injury in airborne sports, as well as patients demographics in this unique set of athletes. Paragliding is one of the most popular airborne sports in Switzerland, which thought to be no less dangerous with a high potential for spinal injury. Few studies on spinal column injuries have been performed in these high-risk athletes with only inconsistent findings. METHODS: Patient charts were analyzed for all airborne sports injuries affecting the spine from 2010 to 2017 at a level-1 trauma center in Switzerland...
March 18, 2019: European Spine Journal
A Midhat Elmaci, M İrfan Dönmez
Data regarding spontaneous resolution of mild hydronephrosis consist of different etiologies, and hence, it is heterogeneous. The aim of this study is to evaluate spontaneous resolution rates and the time to complete resolution of antenatally detected isolated hydronephrosis in patients with renal pelvis antero-posterior diameter (RPAPD) ≤ 20 mm. Retrospective chart review of patients who were admitted to our pediatric nephrology clinic for the evaluation of antenatal hydronephrosis between 2011 and 2017 was conducted...
March 19, 2019: European Journal of Pediatrics
Seher Sirin, Figen Abaci, Adin Selcuk, Oykum Bilge Findik, Abdullah Yildirim
OBJECTIVE: This prospective study investigated changes in psychosocial status following otoplasty. METHODS: All patients who participated in the study filled a sociodemographic form that included age, gender, educational status and job preoperatively. Body Image Scale (BIS), Social Appearance Anxiety Scale (SAAS) and Rosenberg Self-Esteem scale (RSES) were completed prior to surgery and 6 months postoperatively. RESULTS: A total of 20 patients completed psychometric measures of body image, social appearance anxiety, and self-esteem...
March 18, 2019: European Archives of Oto-rhino-laryngology
Juyoung Yoo, Sung Soo Ahn, Seung Min Jung, Jason Jungsik Song, Yong-Beom Park, Sang-Won Lee
Nasal biopsy is the essential method for differentiating and diagnosing granulomatosis with polyangiitis (GPA) in patients with chronic rhinosinusitis. Nevertheless, in the real clinical settings, there are several cases unable for nasal biopsy. Hence, in this study, we investigated initial clinical manifestations and laboratory factors which could be helpful for diagnosing GPA in cases unable for nasal biopsy performance. We retrospectively reviewed the medical records of 45 patients with GPA. Twenty-five patients exhibited chronic rhinosinusitis, among which 16 patients underwent nasal biopsy...
March 18, 2019: Rheumatology International
Wing Ho Man, Marlies A van Houten, Marieke E Mérelle, Arine M Vlieger, Mei Ling J N Chu, Nicolaas J G Jansen, Elisabeth A M Sanders, Debby Bogaert
BACKGROUND: Lower respiratory tract infections (LRTIs) are a leading cause of childhood morbidity and mortality. Potentially pathogenic organisms are present in the respiratory tract in both symptomatic and asymptomatic children, but their presence does not necessarily indicate disease. We aimed to assess the concordance between upper and lower respiratory tract microbiota during LRTIs and the use of nasopharyngeal microbiota to discriminate LRTIs from health. METHODS: First, we did a prospective study of children aged between 4 weeks and 5 years who were admitted to the paediatric intensive care unit (PICU) at Wilhelmina Children's Hospital (Utrecht, Netherlands) for a WHO-defined LRTI requiring mechanical ventilation...
March 15, 2019: Lancet Respiratory Medicine
Albert J Chong, Helene B Fevrier, Lisa J Herrinton
BACKGROUND: Pediatric laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair is not widely accepted. STUDY DESIGN: Children 0-14 years who underwent inguinal hernia repair during 2010-2016 at Kaiser Permanente Northern California were classified into five groups: (1) open unilateral repair without contralateral exploration; (2) open unilateral repair with contralateral laparoscopic exploration ("open+explore"); (3) open bilateral repair; (4) laparoscopic unilateral repair; and (5) laparoscopic bilateral repair...
February 27, 2019: Journal of Pediatric Surgery
Colten D Dougherty, Yun-Yi Hung, Miranda L Ritterman Weintraub, Sandeep Patel, Christy M King
There are multiple antirheumatic drug modalities available to patients with symptomatic rheumatoid arthritis (RA) that function to suppress the overactive immune system, but the inflammatory and immune suppression may contribute to postoperative complications. The purpose of this study was to determine if antirheumatic medications increased the risk of both soft tissue and osseous postoperative complications in patients with RA who underwent foot and ankle surgery. We reviewed patients with RA, aged 18years and older, who underwent either an elective or a nonelective foot or ankle surgery involving an osseous procedure between 2009 and 2014...
March 16, 2019: Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery: Official Publication of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons
Veronica Richards, Elizabeth Tremblay
BACKGROUND: Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is responsible for many hospital-associated infections. Both MRSA-colonized and MRSA-infected patients must be isolated on contact precautions per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines. This study evaluates the current practice for removing MRSA-colonized patients from contact precautions and proposes a new protocol to decrease inconsistencies with screening methodologies. METHODS: This was a retrospective chart review of MRSA screening swabs collected at an academic medical center between January 1, 2010 and December 31, 2017...
March 16, 2019: American Journal of Infection Control
Ishaq Ibrahim, Paul T Appleton, John J Wixted, Joseph P DeAngelis, Edward K Rodriguez
INTRODUCTION: Implant cut-out remains a common cause of cephalomedullary nail (CMN) failure and patient morbidity following surgical treatment of intertrochanteric femur fractures. Recent studies have suggested an increased rate of CMN cut-out with helical blades as opposed to lag screws. We compared rates of overall cut-out between helical blades and lag screws and used bivariate and multivariate analysis to determine the role of proximal fixation method among other variables on risk for cut-out...
February 20, 2019: Injury
Juliette Boudier, Guillaume Oldrini, Philippe Henrot, Julia Salleron, Anne Lesur
INTRODUCTION: The systematic second opinion review in cancer centers after breast cancer detection is currently under development. The purposes were the evaluation of review's consequences, in particularly of the axillary staging and the evolution of the delays. METHODS: A retrospective study was conducted on patients who consulted a clinician at Cancer Center of Lorraine in Nancy from January 1st, 2016 to December 31th, 2016. We analyzed from their medical charts: the outside exams, the initial therapeutic plan, the second opinion review, the additional exams, the multidisciplinary consultation conclusions, the first treatment, the multidisciplinary consultation after surgery...
March 15, 2019: Bulletin du Cancer
John C Dunn, Robin Goddard, Michael D Eckhoff, Brian R Waterman, Leon J Nesti, Kelly G Kilcoyne
HYPOTHESIS: The objective of this study was to compare the subjective and objective midterm functional clinical outcomes of subcutaneous anterior transposition (SAT) vs. in situ decompression (SD) of the ulnar nerve for the treatment of cubital tunnel syndrome. METHODS: The US Military Health System was queried to identify all cases of ulnar neuroplasty (Current Procedural Terminology code 64718) between 2006 and 2010. Patient charts were reviewed to identify cases of isolated SAT and SD, and demographic and surgical variables were collected...
April 2019: Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery
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