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Dexketoprofen trometamol

L Cigerim, V Kaplan
BACKGROUND: Postoperative pain is one of the most common complications. The aim of this study is to evaluate the analgesic efficacies of dexketoprofen trometamol and two different dosages of dexketoprofen trometamol + thiocolchicoside combination in the impacted third molar tooth operation. MATERIAL AND METHODS: This randomized, double-blind study included 75 patients who did not have any disease. Patients were assigned to 3 groups. Group 1 received 25 mg dexketoprofen trometamol + 4 mg thiocholchicoside, Group 2 received 25 mg dexketoprofen trometamol +8 mg thiocholchicoside, and Group 3 received 25 mg dexketoprofen trometamol...
December 20, 2018: Medicina Oral, Patología Oral y Cirugía Bucal
Merve Kılıc, Berrin Ayaz Tuylu
Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are drugs with analgesic, antipyretic, and anti-inflammatory effects. This study uses in vitro methods to investigate the potential and unknown genotoxic effects of dexketoprofen trometamol, an active substance in painkillers, on healthy human lymphocytes. In this study, a cytokinesis-block micronucleus cytome assay is used to investigate potential clastogenic, aneugenic activity and to identify chromosome breakages caused by the active drug substance dexketoprofen trometamol; a comet assay is performed to identify the genotoxic damage resulting from DNA single-strand breaks; a real-time reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction panel system is used to evaluate the potential negative effects on the expression of the genes responsible for DNA damage assessment...
July 27, 2018: Drug and Chemical Toxicology
Caliskan E, Sener M, Kipri M, Yilmaz I, Aribogan A
Background and Objective: Septoplasty operations are associated with moderate to severe postoperative pain which has unfavourable effects on patient's recovery and postoperative outcome. The aim of this study was to compare effects of intravenous paracetamol and dexketoprofen on postoperative analgesia, tramadol consumption and side effects after septoplasty. Methods: In total 72 patients (aged 18-65 years) who had undergone an elective septoplasty from August 2013 to January 2015 in Baskent University Faculty of Medicine, in the Department of Anesthesiology and Reanimation Clinics were included in this study...
May 2018: Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences Quarterly
Magdi Hanna, Jee Y Moon
OBJECTIVE: Dexketoprofen trometamol is a modified non-selective COX inhibitor with a rapid onset of action that is available as both oral and parenteral formulations. The aim of this narrative review was to assess the efficacy and tolerability/safety of dexketoprofen trometamol in acute pain states using the best available published scientific evidence (randomized controlled clinical trials and systematic reviews/meta-analyses). METHODS: Literature retrieval was performed via Medline, Embase and the Cochrane Library (from inception up to March 2017) using combinations of the terms "randomized controlled trials", "dexketoprofen", "celecoxib", "etoricoxib", "parecoxib" and "acute pain"...
April 24, 2018: Current Medical Research and Opinion
Umut Demetoglu, Hakan Ocak, Suheyb Bilge
Oroantral communication (OAC) is the opening between the maxillary sinus and oral cavity. It may cause oroantral fistula or maxillary sinusitis if left untreated. The surgical closure of the OAC within 48 hours was recommended to avoid the complications like sinus infections. The aim of this study is to evaluate the treatment of OACs with plasma-rich fibrin (PRF) which is safe and easy to implement in the OACs.This study was conducted with the patients, who required the treatment of the OAC, which was developed after the posterior maxillary tooth extraction in the Dental and Maxillofacial Department of the Faculty of Dentistry in Adnan Menderes University...
June 2018: Journal of Craniofacial Surgery
Arturo Sánchez-Pérez, Jesús Muñoz-Peñalver, María José Moya-Villaescusa, Carmen Sánchez-Matás
The fear of postoperative pain is often mentioned by patients as one of the factors that is most frequently associated with dental implants. To reduce this factor, a single oral dose of 25 mg dexketoprofen trometamol (DKT) or placebo was administered 15 minutes before implant surgery. One hundred patients who required single-implant treatments were randomly assigned to 1 of 2 blinded groups. The patients in the test group were given 25 mg DKT (DKT group), and those in the control group were given 500 mg vitamin C as a placebo (PLACEBO group)...
April 2018: Journal of Oral Implantology
Gulen Melike Demirbolat, Levent Altintas, Sukran Yilmaz, Ismail Tuncer Degim
Nanoparticulate systems have been receiving a significant attention especially for the treatment of cancer but one of the main hurdles is to produce these developed and high-tech nanosystems in large quantities. Anticancer drug formulations are generally designed for parenteral administrations but oral administration is still the most convenient route. In this study, orally applicable nano-sized chitosan nanoparticles (NPs) were successfully prepared using Nano Spray Dryer. It is possible to produce these NPs in large quantities by simply increasing the processing time using the machine without changing any parameter...
May 2018: Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Vicente Esparza-Villalpando, Amaury Pozos-Guillén, David Masuoka-Ito, César Gaitán-Fonseca, Daniel Chavarría-Bolaños
Post-Market Research Clinical evidence supports the use of dexketoprofen trometamol (DEX) to manage acute postoperative pain. However, controversies surround the impact of the use of this drug in preoperative analgesic protocols. The aim of the present meta-analysis was to evaluate the effectiveness of the preoperative administration of DEX under postoperative pain conditions. Electronic and manual searches were conducted through diverse electronic databases. A systematic review and meta-analysis to evaluate the analgesic efficacy of the preoperative administration of DEX was performed including Randomized Clinical Trials (RCTs) published between 2002 and 2017...
March 2018: Drug Development Research
Behcet Al, Mehmet Mustafa Sunar, Suat Zengin, Mustafa Sabak, Mustafa Bogan, Basri Can, Seval Kul, M Murat Oktay, Sevki Hakan Eren
OBJECTIVE: In this study, we aimed to compare the analgesic efficacy of intravenous dexketoprofen trometamol, fentanyl, and paracetamol in patients presenting to the emergency department with renal colic. MATERIALS AND METHOD: Data obtained from the emergency departments of Gaziantep University's Hospital for Research and Practice along with two other state hospitals in Gaziantep, Turkey between January 2016 and January 2017 was used for this study. A total of three hundred patients (n=300), who presented to the ER with complaints most common to renal colic whose diagnoses were subsequently confirmed with Computerized Tomography were included in the study...
April 2018: American Journal of Emergency Medicine
José Vicente Bagán, J Sebastián López Arranz, Eduardo Valencia, Joseba Santamaría, Isabel Eguidazu, Manuel Horas, Mónica Forns, Antonio Zapata, Remei Artigas, David Mauleón
A total of 125 outpatients with moderate to severe pain after surgical removal of one impacted third molar were randomly assigned to receive dexketoprofen trometamol 12.5 or 25 mg or dipyrone 575 mg. For first-dose assessments, patients rated their pain intensity and its relief at regular intervals. From 60 min post dose to the end of the 6-h observation period, both doses of dexketoprofen trometamol had higher pain relief scores than dipyrone: Between 3 and 6 h the differences were statistically significant...
December 1998: Journal of Clinical Pharmacology
Manel J Barbanoj, Ignasi Gich, Remei Artigas, Digna Tost, Cristina Moros, Rosa M Antonijoan, M Luisa García, David Mauleón
The pharmacokinetics of dexketoprofen trometamol were evaluated in two studies using healthy volunteers. In the first study, the relative bioavailability of a single oral capsule of dexketoprofen free acid 25 mg or dexketoprofen trometamol 25 mg (given as 37 mg of the trometamol salt) was compared to ketoprofen 50 mg in 18 healthy volunteers. In the second study, the pharmacokinetics and tolerability of oral dexketoprofen trometamol in tablet form were evaluated after either a single 25 mg dose (24 volunteers) or a repeated dose of 25 mg twice daily for 7 days (12 volunteers)...
December 1998: Journal of Clinical Pharmacology
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December 1998: Journal of Clinical Pharmacology
Francisco Javier López-Muñoz, Rosa Ventura, M Irene Díaz, Alonso Fernández-Guasti, Digna Tost, Francesc Cabré, David Mauleón
We investigated the antinociceptive properties of dexketoprofen trometamol (S(+)-ketoprofen tromethamine salt; SKP), a new analgesic, antiinflammatory drug, using the pain-induced functional impairment model in the rat (PIFIR), an animal model of arthritic pain. SKP was compared with racemic ketoprofen tromethamine salt (rac-KP), R(-)-ketoprofen tromethamine salt (RKP), ketorolac (KET), and morphine (MOR). We also assessed the effects of flurbiprofen (rac-FB) and its enantiomers (SFB and RFB) in the same model...
December 1998: Journal of Clinical Pharmacology
Juan Beltrán, Emilio Martín-Mola, Manuel Figueroa, Josep Granados, Raimon Sanmartí, Remei Artigas, Ferran Torres, Mònica Forns, David Mauleón
Dexketoprofen, the active enantiomer of the racemic compound ketoprofen, is a new nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drug (NSAID) of the arylpropionate family. The efficacy and safety of dexketoprofen trometamol were compared with the equivalent enantiomeric dose of ketoprofen in a multicenter, randomized, double-blind 3-week trial of adult outpatients with pain due to osteoarthritis of the knee. After a washout period of 7-15 days, patients were randomly assigned to receive either dexketoprofen trometamol 25 mg tid (N = 89) or ketoprofen 50 mg tid (N = 94)...
December 1998: Journal of Clinical Pharmacology
John McEwen, Massimo De Luca, Alessandro Casini, Ignasi Gich, Manel J Barbanoj, Digna Tost, Remei Artigas, David Mauleón
This randomized three-way, crossover pharmacokinetic study was performed to determine whether food or an antacid alters the bioavailability of dexketoprofen trometamol. A total of 24 healthy volunteers received three single 25 mg doses of dexketoprofen trometamol administered either in fasting condition, after an antacid (Maalox(®) ), or after a high-fat breakfast. Each volunteer received the three treatments in a randomized order, with a 7-day washout period between treatments. Blood samples were taken at regular intervals up to 24 h after dose...
December 1998: Journal of Clinical Pharmacology
Mark McGurk, Paul Robinson, Vairavapillai Rajayogeswaran, Massimo De Luca, Alessandro Casini, Remei Artigas, Genís Muñoz, David Mauleón
The efficacy and tolerability of single doses of dexketoprofen trometamol12.5 mg, 25 mg, and 50 mg and ketoprofen 50 mg were compared in this double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study of 210 patients with moderate to severe pain after removal of one mandibular impacted third molar tooth. Pain intensity and pain relief were monitored for 6 h after administration of medication using visual analogue and verbal rating scales. All four active treatments were significantly more effective than placebo (P < 0...
December 1998: Journal of Clinical Pharmacology
Ana Dora Bonillo Martínez, Inés Carmen Rodríguez Galán, María Victoria Margarit Bellver
This pre-formulation study assays the capacity of the polyesteramide PADAS, poly (L-alanine-dodecanediol-L-alanine-sebacic), as an insoluble tablet excipient matrix for prolonged drug release. The flow properties of PADAS were suitable for tableting, and the compressibility of tablets containing exclusively PADAS was evaluated by ESEM observation of the microstructure. The tablets were resistant to crushing and non-friable and they did not undergo disintegration (typical features of an inert matrix). Tablets containing 33...
November 2017: AAPS PharmSciTech
Sertac Guler, Ilyas Ertok, Nurdan Yilmaz Sahin, Hayri Ramadan, Yavuz Katirci
Dexketoprofen trometamol (DT), a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug, is a highly water-soluble salt and active enantiomer of rac-ketoprofen. Its parenteral form is commonly used for acute pain management in emergency departments of our country. Side effects such as diarrhea, indigestion, nausea, stomach pain, and vomiting may be seen after the use of DT. Anaphylactic shock (AS) secondary to infusion of DT is very rare and, to our knowledge, it is the first case report describing this side effect. This case report was presented to emphasize that AS may be seen after the use of DT...
September 2016: Turkish Journal of Emergency Medicine
İlknur Keskioğlu, Meltem Aktay İnal, Onur Özlü
OBJECTIVES: A comparison was made of effects of preincisional intravenous (IV) dexketoprofen trometamol and acetaminophen on postoperative pain, analgesic requirement, hemodynamic parameters, postoperative tramadol consumption, and patient satisfaction in patients undergoing elective septorhinoplasty. METHODS: Sixty patients scheduled for elective septorhinoplasty under general anesthesia were divided into 3 groups. Groups were similar with respect to gender, mean age, body weight, mean duration of surgery and anesthesia (p>0...
July 2016: Aǧrı: Ağrı (Algoloji) Derneği'nin Yayın Organıdır, the Journal of the Turkish Society of Algology
O A Shavlovskaya
Lower back pain (LBP) remains an important problem due to its high prevalence. LBP is the fifth in frequency among reasons for seeking treatment, and one of the most common among the chronic pain syndromes. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are considered to be the «gold standard» in relieving back pain. In treatment of acute musculoskeletal pain syndromes, special attention is drawn to drugs characterized by high analgesic activity and a short half-life. Among the drugs in this group, dexketoprofen (a derivative of propionic acid), a water-soluble salt of the dextrorotatory enantiomer of ketoprofen, deserves special attention...
2016: Zhurnal Nevrologii i Psikhiatrii Imeni S.S. Korsakova
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