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J Wadhwani, Bellido P Correa, Huete H Chicote
Femoroacetabular impingement (FAI) is a common cause of hip joint dysfunction and pain in adults aged between 30-60 years. The main objective of the study is to evaluate the short term clinical outcome of hip arthroscopy in patients diagnosed with FAI. A total of 105 patients were studied. This minimal invasive technique has shown to be highly effective in comparison to open surgery in young patients.
September 2018: Journal of Orthopaedics
Will K Reeves, Mark S Breidenbaugh, Earl E Thomas, Meaghan N Glowacki
Thule Air Base in western Greenland had a previously uncharacterized mosquito pest problem. Swarms of bloodfeeding mosquitoes have been reported from June to late August, but the species were unknown. We conducted a base-wide mosquito vector survey from June to July 2012. One species of mosquito, Aedes impiger, was collected and > 3,000 were processed for polymerase chain reaction-based virus surveillance. Active mosquito breeding sites were located throughout the base and surrounding valley. Two pools of mosquitoes from Thule Air Base tested positive for an Orthobunyavirus; however, DNA sequencing of the viral amplicons was not complete enough to fully identify the agent...
December 2013: Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association
J Y Lazennec, B Rogen, N Moral, H Guerin-Survillel, G Saillant
UNLABELLED: Improvement in pre and post-operative imaging has modified the diagnosis of lumbar radicular compression. CT scanning and MRI led to the advent of bodysection anatomy which allows an optimal analysis of the relation between container and content, in regard to the lumbar radicular canal. However, myelography remains an important method of analysis of dynamic obstructions.The authors report the retrospective analysis of 102 cases of failures in surgery for lumbar radicular release frequently difficulties in diagnosis are due to a lack of precision in anatomic and radiological interpretation of the clinical situation...
May 1996: European Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery & Traumatology: Orthopédie Traumatologie
Miro Miljko, Maki Grle, Slobodan Kozul, Mladen Kolobarić, Ivana Djak
The principal purpose of this prospective study was to examine intercondylar notch size and the value of inner angle of lateral femoral condyle as the risk factors for noncontact anterior cruciate ligament ACL injury and than to correlate them to the physical values of the athletes such as body mass index (BMI), hight, wight, etc. There are indentified two type of risk factors, external include shoes-surface interaction, type of playing surface, weather conditions and internal include anatomic, neuromuscular, biomechanical and hormonal factors that may predispose female athlets to noncontact injury of ACL...
March 2012: Collegium Antropologicum
E V Paniukova, S G Medvedev
Eleven mosquito species of the communis species group (genus Ochlerotatus, family Culicidae) were found in the Novgorod Province as a result of nine-year investigations (1996-2004). Ochlerotatus impiger, O. nigrinus, and O. sticticus are recorded in the Novgorod Province for the first time.
May 2007: Parazitologiia
F Langlais, J-M Frieh, J-E Gédouin, F Gouin, C Hulet, P Abadie, J-C Lambotte, R Lannou, F Marin, D Richter, H Sadri, V Than Trong, C Vielpeau
Anterior hip pain in young adult (20 to 50) has two main causes: secondary osteo-arthritis on development dysplasia of the hip, and femoro-acetabular impigement (FAI). This symposium had two parts: the first one analyses long-term results of non-prosthetic surgery (283 osteotomies and shelfs at 15 years FU). The second part concerned the different syndromes with acute anterior hip pain, especially due to FAI and to labral tears.In hip dysplasia, 56 shelf operations, 100 proximal femoral varus osteotomies associated or not with a shelf arthroplasty,and 127 Chiari osteotomies were examined with 10 years minimum follow-up...
June 2006: Revue de Chirurgie Orthopédique et Réparatrice de L'appareil Moteur
Christine Dahl, Lewis T Nielsen, Erik Petersson
Culicid larvae were collected in snow-melt pools during the first half of June from 1975-1977 and 1995-1996 in the Abisko Valley, Torne Lapmark, northern Sweden. Twelve species were collected from 102 pools and 81 localities with 7,914 specimens (elevations from 300 to 650 m a.s.l.). Fourteen species are now known from the area. Ten types of larval habitats were classified and ten species were statistically analyzed on pooled values over all years for abundance, coexistence, and diversity. The greatest abundance of individuals had pools with Carex spp...
June 2004: Journal of Vector Ecology: Journal of the Society for Vector Ecology
E V Kunkova, V G Fedorova
Mosquitoes of 26 species of the family Culicidae were found in the Novgorod Province. During the researches in 1996-2001, five new species for the region were found: Aedes annulipes, Ae. impiger, Ae. riparius riparius, Ae. rossicus and Culex torrentium.
March 2003: Parazitologiia
H Wu, Q Xu, W Zhou
The diagnosis of Hoffa disease (syndrome of impigement of the infrapatellar fat pad) was established in 20 patients with anterior knee pain by clinical physical examination, magnetic resonance imaging and arthroscopic findings. Arthroscopic partial or total resections of the infrapatellar fat pad were performed after arthroscopic examination. According to the Larson's rating score for knee function, 18 cases had a satisfactory result at an average follow-up of 36 months. The results of follow-up also suggested there was no significant difference between the partial and total resections of the fat pad...
October 1995: Zhonghua Wai Ke za Zhi [Chinese Journal of Surgery]
P M Denke, J E Lloyd, J L Littlefield
During the summer of 1984, mosquito sampling with CDC miniature light traps and standard mosquito dippers was used to investigate the elevational distribution of different species of mosquitoes. Of 27 species found in significant numbers in the study area in southeastern Wyoming, 8 were found primarily in the lower elevations (2,134 and 2,591 m). Nine additional species were found in both the middle and lower elevations (2,134-3,048 m), whereas 8 occurred only in the middle areas (2,592-3,048 m). A single species (Aedes punctor) was found in both the middle and upper elevations (2,439-3,292 m), and yet another species (Aedes impiger) was found primarily in the upper (alpine) area, from 3,049, to 3,292 m...
March 1996: Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association
T Bégué, T Judet, E de Thomasson, P Rouvreau, C de Cheveigné, C Garreau de Loubresse, G Boury
Goals for treatment of comminutive fractures of the distal radius include restoration of the articular profile of the proximal part of the joint, while axial loading forces must be avoided as much as possible to prevent secondary displacement. The choice of an internal fixation protected by an external wrist distractor-fixator, with early activo-passive mobilisation, seems to achieve the goal. Twelve patients with a comminuted fracture of the distal radius, including axial articular impigment displacement were reviewed for this study...
1995: Annales de Chirurgie de la Main et du Membre Supérieur
N A Tamarina, K V Aleksandrova
The biology of Aedes impiger Walk. from the polar region of the European part of the USSR has been studied and literary data have been summarized. Its biological peculiarities such as rapid and simultaneous development of larvae and pupae, a short period of seasonal activity, long daily activity, the presence of autogeny and long obligate diapause provide a distinct localization of the active period of the life cycle within a season. A. impiger develops quicker than other spring species of mosquitoes, emerges the first and can serve as phenoindicator for specification of developmental periods and mass emergence of bloodsucking mosquitoes...
November 1984: Parazitologiia
M S Blackmore, L T Nielsen
Univoltine Aedes mosquito larvae infected by Romanomermis sp. were found at 2 localities in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. Aedes nevadensis, Ae. impiger, Ae. pullatus and Ae. punctor were the predominant host species. Only Ae. nevadensis was common to all sites. Rates of parasitism ranged from 55 to 93% and differed significantly between localities. Significant annual variation in the rate of parasitism occurred within populations, but neither infection rate nor mean parasite load differed among host species...
June 1990: Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association
A A Sharkov, A S Lutta
According to its orographic characteristics and climate the Murmansk region represents a special landscape area of the Atlantic-Arctic zone with its peculiar zoogeographic characters. This specificity is clearly seen in the distribution of 19 species of bloodsucking mosquitoes over the above territory. Abundant and widely encountered are only two species, Aedes punctor and Ae. communis. 9 species, Culiseta alaskaensis, C. bergrothi, Aedes pullatus, Ae. excrucians, Ae. pionips, Ae. hexodontus, Ae. impiger, Ae...
July 1977: Parazitologiia
N P Mezenev
This paper presents data on the specific composition, number, hatching sites, seasonal and daily activity of mosquitoes attacking man and reindeer and the influence of weather factors on the attacking activity of mosquitoes in Central Siberia. 23 species of 3 genera are reported from Central Siberia as follows: Anopheles maculipennis, Culiseta alaskaensis, Aedes beklemishevi, A. cantans, A. caspius dorsalis, A. cataphylla, A. communis, A. cyprius, A. diantaeus, A. excrucians, A. fitchii, A. flavescens, A. hexodontus, A...
November 1976: Parazitologiia
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