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Respiratory failure the 4

Christopher P Michetti, Samir M Fakhry, Karen Brasel, Niels D Martin, Erik J Teicher, Anna Newcomb
Background: Surgical critical care is crucial to the care of trauma and surgical patients. This study was designed to provide a contemporary assessment of patient types, injuries, and conditions in intensive care units (ICU) caring for trauma patients. Methods: This was a multicenter prevalence study of the American Association for the Surgery of Trauma; data were collected on all patients present in participating centers' trauma ICU (TICU) on November 2, 2017 and April 10, 2018...
2019: Trauma Surgery & Acute Care Open
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Severe acute respiratory infections (SARI) remain one of the leading causes of mortality around the world in all age groups. There is large global variation in epidemiology, clinical management and outcomes, including mortality. We performed a short period observational data collection in critical care units distributed globally during regional peak SARI seasons from 1 January 2016 until 31 August 2017, using standardised data collection tools. Data were collected for 1 week on all admitted patients who met the inclusion criteria for SARI, with follow-up to hospital discharge...
2019: BMJ Global Health
Jean-Pierre Frat, Jean-Damien Ricard, Jean-Pierre Quenot, Nicolas Pichon, Alexandre Demoule, Jean-Marie Forel, Jean-Paul Mira, Rémi Coudroy, Guillaume Berquier, Benoit Voisin, Gwenhaël Colin, Bertrand Pons, Pierre Eric Danin, Jérome Devaquet, Gwenael Prat, Raphaël Clere-Jehl, Franck Petitpas, Emmanuel Vivier, Keyvan Razazi, Mai-Anh Nay, Vincent Souday, Jean Dellamonica, Laurent Argaud, Stephan Ehrmann, Aude Gibelin, Christophe Girault, Pascal Andreu, Philippe Vignon, Laurence Dangers, Stéphanie Ragot, Arnaud W Thille
BACKGROUND: Non-invasive ventilation has never been compared with high-flow oxygen to determine whether it reduces the risk of severe hypoxaemia during intubation. We aimed to determine if preoxygenation with non-invasive ventilation was more efficient than high-flow oxygen in reducing the risk of severe hypoxaemia during intubation. METHODS: The FLORALI-2 multicentre, open-label trial was done in 28 intensive care units in France. Adult patients undergoing tracheal intubation for acute hypoxaemic respiratory failure (a partial pressure of arterial oxygen [PaO2 ] to fraction of inspired oxygen [FiO2 ] ratio of ≤300 mm Hg) were randomly assigned (1:1; block size, four participants) to non-invasive ventilation or high-flow oxygen during preoxygenation, with stratification by PaO2 /FiO2 ratio (≤200 mm Hg vs >200 mm Hg)...
March 14, 2019: Lancet Respiratory Medicine
J Gorham, L Ameye, M Paesmans, T Berghmans, J-P Sculier, A-P Meert
INTRODUCTION: It has been demonstrated in unselected populations of cancer patients that prognosis in intensive care is essentially dependent on the extent of the acute physiological disturbance caused by the complication precipitating the admission. By contrast, the prognosis after hospital discharge remains dependent on the characteristics of the underlying neoplasm. The aim of our study was to confirm whether this general finding was the case in a specific population of lung cancer patients, since there are no data on this patient group in the literature...
March 18, 2019: Revue des Maladies Respiratoires
Sun Hye Shin, Hyun Lee, Hyung Koo Kang, Joo Hyun Park
Few data are available regarding treatment outcomes in lung cancer patients with metastasis who initiated mechanical ventilation in the emergency department (ED). We aimed to evaluate 28-day mortality in lung cancer patients with metastasis who initiated mechanical ventilation in the ED. Patients with solid malignancy who initiated mechanical ventilation in the ED of a tertiary hospital were retrospectively identified and stratified into four groups according to the presence of lung cancer and metastasis. Among 212 included patients, the mortality rates by the 28th hospital day were as follows: 44...
March 20, 2019: Scientific Reports
Ying Chen, Chih-Hsueh Lin, Mei-Jy Jeng
BACKGROUND: Severe meconium aspiration syndrome (MAS) may cause intractable respiratory failure in neonates. Targeting the renin-angiotensin system may be an effective way to treat such pulmonary dysfunction. Captopril has the potential to mitigate the severity of lung injury by inhibiting angiotensin-converting enzyme. METHODS: Twelve newborn piglets were intratracheally (IT) instilled with human meconium to induce severe MAS and were randomly treated with IT administration of captopril (0...
March 11, 2019: Journal of the Chinese Medical Association: JCMA
Ali Yurtseven, Caner Turan, Eren Erseven, Eylem Ulas Saz
OBJECTIVE: We aimed to compare the heated humidified high-flow nasal cannula (HHHFNC) flow rate of 1-L·kg·min-1 (1 L) with 2-L·kg·min -1 (2 L) in patients with severe bronchiolitis presenting to the pediatric emergency department. STUDY DESIGN: We performed a study in which all patients were allocated to receive these two flow rates. The primary outcome was admitted as treatment failure, which was defined as a clinical escalation in respiratory status...
March 18, 2019: Pediatric Pulmonology
Erxiang Gao, Chi Zhang, Jianping Wang
Objective: Our objective is to explore the effects of budesonide combined with noninvasive ventilation on procalcitonin (PCT), soluble myeloid cell triggering receptor-1 (sTREM-1), thoracic and lung compliance, humoral immune function, and quality of life in patients with acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (AECOPD) complicated with type II respiratory failure. Methods: There were 82 patients with AECOPD complicated with type II respiratory failure admitted into our hospital between March, 2016-September, 2017...
2019: Open Medicine (Warsaw, Poland)
Mina Alvandipour, Farzad Mokhtari-Esbuie, Afshin Gholipour Baradari, Abolfazl Firouzian, Mehdi Rezaie
PURPOSE: Despite the use of different surgical methods, surgical site infection is still an important cause of mortality and morbidity in patients and imposes a considerable cost on the healthcare system. Administration of supplemental oxygen during surgery has been reported to reduce surgical site infection (SSI); however, that result is still controversial. This study was performed to evaluate the effect of hyperoxygenation during colorectal surgery on the incidence of wound infection...
February 2019: Annals of Coloproctology
Hsing-Lin LinMD, Yih-Wen Tarng, Tung-Ho WuMD, Fong-Dee Huang, Wen-Yen Huang, Yi-Pin ChouMD
BACKGROUND: Serious blunt chest trauma usually induces hemothorax, pneumothorax, and rib fracture. Early video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS) to evacuate retained hemothorax is one commonly used treatment. In this study, a new strategy was implemented to combine VATS with fractured rib fixation simultaneously. METHODS: This prospective observational study was performed from January 2013 to April 2018. All patients were aged 18 years or older and had blunt chest trauma with displaced fractures in more than three ribs...
March 13, 2019: International Journal of Surgery
Kyohei Miyamoto, Naoaki Shibata, Atsuhiro Ogawa, Tsuyoshi Nakashima, Seiya Kato
OBJECTIVE: The quick sequential organ failure assessment (qSOFA) score is calculated from three variables measured at the scene of trauma-systolic blood pressure, respiratory rate and consciousness. This study aimed to evaluate the discriminative ability of the prehospital qSOFA score for in-hospital mortality in patients with trauma. METHODS: This retrospective multicenter study used data from 42,722 patients with trauma included in a Japanese nationwide trauma registry...
March 8, 2019: American Journal of Emergency Medicine
Chien-Ju Lin, Yu-Chen Chang, Meng-Ting Tsou, Hsin-Lung Chan, Ying-Ju Chen, Lee-Ching Hwang
BACKGROUND: Pneumonia is a leading cause of hospitalization and death worldwide. However, studies focusing on risk factors of community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) in the home health care (HHC) population remain scarce. AIMS: This study aimed to evaluate risk factors associated with hospitalization for CAP among HHC patients in Taiwan. METHODS: This retrospective cross-sectional study extracted data from patients' electronic medical records between 1 January 2017 and 31 December 2017...
March 14, 2019: Aging Clinical and Experimental Research
Giacomo Grasselli, Vittorio Scaravilli, Daniela Tubiolo, Riccarda Russo, Francesco Crimella, Francesca Bichi, Letizia Corinna Morlacchi, Eleonora Scotti, Lorenzo Patrini, Luciano Gattinoni, Antonio Pesenti, Davide Chiumello
WHAT WE ALREADY KNOW ABOUT THIS TOPIC: Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation is used in severe acute respiratory distress syndrome; whereas the long-term complications among survivors of acute respiratory distress syndrome treated without extracorporeal membrane oxygenation are well described, the status of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation survivors is poorly understood WHAT THIS ARTICLE TELLS US THAT IS NEW: In a single-center cohort of acute respiratory distress syndrome survivors, management with (vs...
April 2019: Anesthesiology
Julia Simonassi, Juan P Bonora Sanso
INTRODUCTION: Extubation failure (EF) is associated with a higher risk for pneumonia, hospital stay, and mortality. OBJECTIVE: To determine the prevalence of EF and identify the associated factors in our population. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Observational and retrospective design. All patients aged 1 month old to 18 years old who required mechanical ventilation for more than 12 hours and underwent at least one scheduled extubation during their stay in the 2012-2016 period were included...
April 1, 2019: Archivos Argentinos de Pediatría
Julia A Heneghan, Steven L Shein
OBJECTIVE: Describe clinical outcomes and risk factors for ICU readmissions in a cohort of children who underwent tracheostomy placement after cardiac arrest. METHODS: A retrospective, multicenter cohort analysis of children <18 years old admitted to a Virtual Pediatric Systems, LLC-participating PICU from January 2009 to December 2016 and underwent tracheostomy after cardiac arrest. RESULTS: Among 394 index admissions, the median age was 16...
March 13, 2019: Hospital Pediatrics
Tri Wangrangsimakul, Rachel C Greer, Chulapong Chanta, Supalert Nedsuwan, Stuart D Blacksell, Nicholas P J Day, Daniel H Paris
BACKGROUND: Scrub typhus, caused by Orientia tsutsugamushi, is a major cause of acute febrile illness in children in the rural tropics. METHODS: We recruited 60 febrile pediatric patients with a positive scrub typhus rapid diagnostic test result and 40 healthy controls from Chiang Rai Province in northern Thailand. Diagnosis was confirmed by the detection of (1) O. tsutsugamushi-specific DNA in blood or eschar samples with a polymerase chain reaction assay, (2) a fourfold rise in immunoglobulin M (IgM) titer to ≥1:3200 in paired plasma samples with an indirect immunofluorescence assay (IFA), or (3) a single IgM titer of ≥1:3200 in an acute plasma sample with an IFA...
March 13, 2019: Journal of the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society
Hee Sung Lee, Hyoung Soo Kim, Sun Hee Lee, Song Am Lee, Jae Joon Hwang, Jae Bum Park, Yo Han Kim, Hyoung Ju Moon, Woo Surng Lee
Background: Prediction of survival and weaning probability in VA ECMO (veno-arterial extracorporeal membrane oxygenation) patients could be of great benefit for real-time decision making on VA ECMO initiation in critical ill patients. We investigated whether the SAPS II score would be a real-time determinant for VA ECMO initiation and could be a predictor of survival and weaning probability in patients on VA ECMO. Methods: Between January 1, 2010 and December 31, 2014, VA ECMO was carried out on 135 adult patients suffering from primary cardiogenic shock...
January 2019: Journal of Thoracic Disease
Foteini Malli, Stelios Boutlas, Nick Lioufas, Konstantinos I Gourgoulianis
Background and Objectives: Despite its' proven benefits, oxygen therapy may be complicated with potential adverse events such as hypoxemia or hyperoxia-driven hypercapnia. Automated oxygen delivery systems may aid in avoiding these complications. The scope of the present study is to test the efficacy and safety of a new automated oxygen delivery device. Methods: This study included 23 patients with acute respiratory failure (ARF) hospitalized in the Respiratory Medicine Department of the University Hospital of Larissa...
2019: Canadian Respiratory Journal: Journal of the Canadian Thoracic Society
Bounxou Keohavong, Manithong Vonglokham, Bounfeng Phoummalaysith, Viengsakhone Louangpradith, Souphalak Inthaphatha, Tetsuyoshi Kariya, Yu Mon Saw, Eiko Yamamoto, Nobuyuki Hamajima
Background: The irrational use of antibiotics has been identified as a major problem in healthcare, and it can lead to antimicrobial resistance, treatment failure, and increased healthcare costs. Although many studies worldwide have focused on the irrational use of drugs, reports on prescription practice in Lao PDR remained limited. This study aimed to examine the patterns of antibiotic prescription for under-fives with common cold or upper respiratory tract infection (URTI) at pediatric outpatient divisions...
2019: Tropical Medicine and Health
Xiao-Yan Gai, Shi-Ning Bo, Ning Shen, Qing-Tao Zhou, An-Yue Yin, Wei Lu
BACKGROUND: Ciprofloxacin is usually used in the treatment of lower respiratory tract infections (LRTIs). Recent studies abroad have shown ciprofloxacin is inadequately dosed and might lead to worse outcomes. The aim of this study was to perform pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic analyses of ciprofloxacin in elderly Chinese patients with severe LRTIs caused by Gram-negative bacteria. METHODS: From September 2012 to June 2014, as many as 33 patients were empirically administered beta-lactam and ciprofloxacin combination therapy...
March 20, 2019: Chinese Medical Journal
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