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Ceruloplasmin AND BIPOLAR

Brian Dean, Andrew Tsatsanis, Linh Q Lam, Elizabeth Scarr, James A Duce
OBJECTIVES: The objective of this study was to determine whether a breakdown in proteins regulating cortical iron homeostasis could be involved in the pathophysiology of mood disorders. METHODS: Levels of select proteins responsible for cortical iron transport were quantitated by Western blotting of Brodmann's (BA) areas 6 and 10 from patients with major depressive disorder (n = 13), bipolar disorder (n = 12) and age/sex matched controls (n = 13). RESULTS: We found the inactive form of ceruloplasmin was lower in BA 6 from males compared to females...
December 4, 2018: World Journal of Biological Psychiatry
Michael Maes, Andre F Carvalho
Here, we review a novel concept namely the compensatory immune-regulatory reflex system (CIRS) as applied to the pathophysiology of major depressive disorder (MDD) and bipolar disorder (BD). There is evidence that a substantial subset of individuals with MDD and BD exhibit an activation of the immune-inflammatory response system (IRS), as indicated by an increased production of macrophagic M1 and T helper (Th)-1 pro-inflammatory cytokines, interleukin (IL)-6 trans-signaling, positive acute phase proteins (APPs), and complement factors...
December 2018: Molecular Neurobiology
Mg Carta, G Mura, O Sorbello, G Farina, L Demelia
INTRODUCTION: Wilson's disease is an inherited disorder caused by a gene located on chromosome 13, which involved copper transportation across cell membranes. The disease can cause a reduced incorporation of copper into ceruloplasmin resulting in accumulation of this metal in the liver, central nervous system, kidneys and other organs. The objective is to define the frequencies of psychiatric disorders in WD, the amount of impairment of Quality of Life [QoL] in patients with WD and the relevance of the psychiatric disorders in the QoL of people suffering by WD...
2012: Clinical Practice and Epidemiology in Mental Health: CP & EMH
Donald Everett Schmechel
Persons heterozygous for Z, S and rare alpha-1-antitrypsin (AAT, SERPIN1A) polymorphisms (ca. 9% of population) are often considered 'silent' carriers with increased vulnerability to environmentally modulated liver and lung disease. They may have significantly more anxiety and bipolar spectrum disorders, nutritional compromise, and white matter disease [Schmechel DE, Browndyke J, Ghio A. Strategies for the dissection of genetic-environmental interactions in neurodegenerative disorders. Neurotoxicology 2006;27:637-57]...
September 2007: Neurotoxicology
Paul Hahn, Tzvete Dentchev, Ying Qian, Tracey Rouault, Z Leah Harris, Joshua L Dunaief
PURPOSE: CNS iron accumulation is associated with several neurodegenerative diseases, including age-related macular degeneration. Intracellular overload of free iron is prevented, in part, by the iron export protein, ferroportin, and the iron storage protein, ferritin. The purpose of this study was to assess retinal localization and regulation of ferroportin and ferritin. METHODS: Normal murine retinas were analyzed by immunohistochemistry to localize ferroportin, cytosolic ferritin, and mitochondrial ferritin, with double-labeling using cell-specific markers to identify cell types...
August 26, 2004: Molecular Vision
S H Fatemi, J L Kroll, J M Stary
Reelin is a secreted extracellular matrix protein approximately 410 kDa mol. wt that is reduced in brains of patients with schizophrenia, autism, bipolar disorder and major depression. Recent reports also indicate its near absence in sera of some patients with an autosomal recessive form of lissencephaly. Moreover, Reelin is involved not only in normal cortical lamination of the brain during mammalian embryogenesis but is also implicated in cell signaling systems subserving cognition in adult brain. Here, we show that blood levels of Reelin and its isoforms are altered in three psychiatric disorders, namely, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and major depression...
October 29, 2001: Neuroreport
R Keller, R Torta, M Lagget, S Crasto, B Bergamasco
We describe a case of Wilson's disease with late psychiatric onset. Major depressive disorder was the first clinical manifestation at the age of 38 years. After pharmacotherapy with antidepressive agents, a manic episode was observed. Extrapyramidal hand tremor and micrography were the first neurological signs. Emotional lability occurred during worsening of extrapyramidal signs. Diagnosis was based on urinary and serum copper levels, ceruloplasmin serum level, Kayser-Fleischer ring, and liver biopsy that detected cirrhosis...
February 1999: Italian Journal of Neurological Sciences
V Lange
In the distribution of their serum groups the totality of 48 patients with paranoid psychoses of late onset is characterized by failure of the well-known markers of manic-depressive or schizophrenic illness. However, when differentiated psychopathologically, the haptoglobin (Hp) type 2-2 as a risk factor of cyclothymic psychoses is found to be significantly overrepresented in the patient group with a cyclic axis syndrome. On the other hand, an excess of Hp 1-1 can be observed and statistically confirmed in comparison with the population level among the patients offering a schizophrenic axis syndrome or resting unclassified...
1981: Psychiatria Clinica
E Bock, B Weeke, O J Rafaelsen
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
December 1971: Journal of Psychiatric Research
V Lange
The haptoglobin serum group 2-2 has a preponderance in affective psychoses (p less than 0.0005). This genetic marker trait is extended on unipolar depressions (p less than 0.005) and cycloid psychoses (p less than 0.0005). In addition, it must be assumed that the serum levels of albumin (p less than 0.0001), ceruloplasmin (p less than 0.0001) and haptoglobin (p less than 0.0001) are increased in affective disorders. Besides, the transferrin serum values are decreased in cycloid psychoses (p less than 0.001)...
March 1990: Fortschritte der Neurologie-Psychiatrie
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