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Sibao Wang

Cong Xu, Xiaoning Song, Jia Guo, Sibao Chen, Jie Gao, Jing Jiang, Fengyun Gao, Yuxin Li, Mang Wang
The present work deals with a challenge in the synthesis of aryltrifluoromethyliodanes (ArICF3 X) and develops a direct route to PhICF3 Cl via a simple ligand-exchange reaction of PhI(OCOCF3 )2 , Me3 SiCF3 , and NaCl for the first time. The I-Cl bond length in PhICF3 Cl supports its iodonium character, which enables an enhanced CF3 -transfer capability in electrophilic S-, O-, N-, and C-trifluoromethylations as well as in catalyst-free trifluoromethylation-cyclizations of arylisonitriles.
July 6, 2018: Organic Letters
Zhanmin Liu, Chenhui Yao, Cuiyun Yang, Yanming Wang, Sibao Wan, Junyi Huang
Listeria monocytogenes is an important foodborne pathogen, and it can cause severe diseases. Rapid detection of L. monocytogenes is crucial to control this pathogen. A simple and robust strategy based on the cascade of PCR and G-quadruplex DNAzyme catalyzed reaction was used to detect L. monocytogenes. In the presence of hemin and the aptamer formed during PCR, the catalytic horseradish peroxidase-mimicking G-quadruplex DNAzymes allow the colorimetric responses of target DNA from L. monocytogenes. This assay can detect genomic DNA of L...
July 15, 2018: Analytical Biochemistry
Shuang Qu, Sibao Wang
Entomopathogenic fungi can invade wide range of insect hosts in the natural world and have been used as environmentally friendly alternatives to chemical insecticides for pest control. Studies of host-pathogen interactions provide valuable insights into the coevolutionay arms race between fungal pathogens and their hosts. Entomopathogenic fungi have evolved a series of sophisticated strategies to counter insect immune defenses. In response to fungal infection, insect hosts rely on behavior avoidance, physical barrier and innate immune defenses in the fight against invading pathogens...
June 2018: Developmental and Comparative Immunology
Sibao Wang, André L A Dos-Santos, Wei Huang, Kun Connie Liu, Mohammad Ali Oshaghi, Ge Wei, Peter Agre, Marcelo Jacobs-Lorena
The huge burden of malaria in developing countries urgently demands the development of novel approaches to fight this deadly disease. Although engineered symbiotic bacteria have been shown to render mosquitoes resistant to the parasite, the challenge remains to effectively introduce such bacteria into mosquito populations. We describe a Serratia bacterium strain (AS1) isolated from Anopheles ovaries that stably colonizes the mosquito midgut, female ovaries, and male accessory glands and spreads rapidly throughout mosquito populations...
September 29, 2017: Science
Naibin Duan, Yang Bai, Honghe Sun, Nan Wang, Yumin Ma, Mingjun Li, Xin Wang, Chen Jiao, Noah Legall, Linyong Mao, Sibao Wan, Kun Wang, Tianming He, Shouqian Feng, Zongying Zhang, Zhiquan Mao, Xiang Shen, Xiaoliu Chen, Yuanmao Jiang, Shujing Wu, Chengmiao Yin, Shunfeng Ge, Long Yang, Shenghui Jiang, Haifeng Xu, Jingxuan Liu, Deyun Wang, Changzhi Qu, Yicheng Wang, Weifang Zuo, Li Xiang, Chang Liu, Daoyuan Zhang, Yuan Gao, Yimin Xu, Kenong Xu, Thomas Chao, Gennaro Fazio, Huairui Shu, Gan-Yuan Zhong, Lailiang Cheng, Zhangjun Fei, Xuesen Chen
Human selection has reshaped crop genomes. Here we report an apple genome variation map generated through genome sequencing of 117 diverse accessions. A comprehensive model of apple speciation and domestication along the Silk Road is proposed based on evidence from diverse genomic analyses. Cultivated apples likely originate from Malus sieversii in Kazakhstan, followed by intensive introgressions from M. sylvestris. M. sieversii in Xinjiang of China turns out to be an "ancient" isolated ecotype not directly contributing to apple domestication...
August 15, 2017: Nature Communications
Yiling Lai, Huan Chen, Ge Wei, Guandong Wang, Fang Li, Sibao Wang
The use of entomopathogenic fungi to control mosquitoes is a promising tool for reducing vector-borne disease transmission. To better understand infection stratagems of insect pathogenic fungi, we analyzed the global gene expression profiling of Beauveria bassiana at 36, 60, 84 and 108 h after topical infection of Anopheles stephensi adult mosquitoes using RNA sequencing (RNA-Seq). A total of 5,354 differentially expressed genes (DEGs) are identified over the course of fungal infection. When the fungus grows on the mosquito cuticle, up-regulated DEGs include adhesion-related genes involved in cuticle attachment, Pth11-like GPCRs hypothesized to be involved in host recognition, and extracellular enzymes involved in the degradation and penetration of the mosquito cuticle...
August 2017: Science China. Life Sciences
Ge Wei, Yiling Lai, Guandong Wang, Huan Chen, Fang Li, Sibao Wang
The insect gut microbiota plays crucial roles in modulating the interactions between the host and intestinal pathogens. Unlike viruses, bacteria, and parasites, which need to be ingested to cause disease, entomopathogenic fungi infect insects through the cuticle and proliferate in the hemolymph. However, interactions between the gut microbiota and entomopathogenic fungi are unknown. Here we show that the pathogenic fungus Beauveria bassiana interacts with the gut microbiota to accelerate mosquito death. After topical fungal infection, mosquitoes with gut microbiota die significantly faster than mosquitoes without microbiota...
June 6, 2017: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Jingjing Chen, Yiling Lai, Lili Wang, Suzhen Zhai, Gen Zou, Zhihua Zhou, Chunlai Cui, Sibao Wang
Beauveria bassiana is an environmentally friendly alternative to chemical insecticides against various agricultural insect pests and vectors of human diseases. However, its application has been limited due to slow kill and sensitivity to abiotic stresses. Understanding of the molecular pathogenesis and physiological characteristics would facilitate improvement of the fungal performance. Loss-of-function mutagenesis is the most powerful tool to characterize gene functions, but it is hampered by the low rate of homologous recombination and the limited availability of selectable markers...
April 3, 2017: Scientific Reports
Lin Wang, Zhanmin Liu, Xueying Xia, Cuiyun Yang, Junyi Huang, Sibao Wan
Cucumber green mottle mosaic virus (CGMMV)causes a severe mosaic symptom of watermelon and cucumber, and can be transmitted via infected cucumber seeds, leaves and soil. It remains a challenge to detect this virus to prevent its introduction and infection and spread in fields. For this purpose, a simple and sensitive label-free colorimetric detection method for CGMMV has been developed with unmodified gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) as colorimetric probes. The method is based on the finding that the presence of RT-PCR target products of CGMMV and species-specific probes results in color change of AuNPs from red to blue after NaCl induction...
May 2017: Journal of Virological Methods
Qing Zhang, Xijun Sun, Kaiyan Feng, ShaoPeng Wang, Yu-Hang Zhang, SiBao Wang, Lin Lu, Yu-Dong Cai
BACKGROUND: As one of essential post-translational modifications (PTMs), the citrullination or deimination on an arginine residue would change the molecular weight and electrostatic charge of its side-chain. And it has been found that the citrullination in protein sequences was catalyzed by a type of Ca2+-dependent enzyme family called peptidylarginine deiminase (PAD), which include five isotypes: PAD1, 2, 3, 4/5, and 6. Citrullinated proteins participate in many biological processes, e...
2017: Combinatorial Chemistry & High Throughput Screening
Chengshu Wang, Sibao Wang
Entomopathogenic fungi play a pivotal role in the regulation of insect populations in nature, and representative species have been developed as promising environmentally friendly mycoinsecticides. Recent advances in the genome biology of insect pathogenic fungi have revealed genomic features associated with fungal adaptation to insect hosts and different host ranges, as well as the evolutionary relationships between insect and noninsect pathogens. By using species in the Beauveria and Metarhizium genera as models, molecular biology studies have revealed the genes that function in fungus-insect interactions and thereby contribute to fungal virulence...
January 31, 2017: Annual Review of Entomology
Jie Chen, Sibao Wan, Huaihua Liu, Shuli Fan, Yujuan Zhang, Wei Wang, Minxuan Xia, Rui Yuan, Fenni Deng, Fafu Shen
[This corrects the article on p. 1227 in vol. 6, PMID: 26779246.].
2016: Frontiers in Plant Science
Jie Chen, Sibao Wan, Huaihua Liu, Shuli Fan, Yujuan Zhang, Wei Wang, Minxuan Xia, Rui Yuan, Fenni Deng, Fafu Shen
Soil salinity is a major environmental stress limiting plant growth and productivity. We have reported previously the isolation of an Apocynum venetum DEAD-box helicase 1 (AvDH1) that is expressed in response to salt exposure. Here, we report that the overexpression of AvDH1 driven by a constitutive cauliflower mosaic virus-35S promoter in cotton plants confers salinity tolerance. Southern and Northern blotting analyses showed that the AvDH1 gene was integrated into the cotton genome and expressed. In this study, the growth of transgenic cotton expressing AvDH1 was evaluated under saline conditions in a growth chamber and in a saline field trial...
2015: Frontiers in Plant Science
Fei Yuan, Yu-Hang Zhang, Sibao Wan, ShaoPeng Wang, Xiang-Yin Kong
Pancreatic cancer (PC) is a highly malignant tumor derived from pancreas tissue and is one of the leading causes of death from cancer. Its molecular mechanism has been partially revealed by validating its oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes; however, the available data remain insufficient for medical workers to design effective treatments. Large-scale identification of PC-related genes can promote studies on PC. In this study, we propose a computational method for mining new candidate PC-related genes. A large network was constructed using protein-protein interaction information, and a shortest path approach was applied to mine new candidate genes based on validated PC-related genes...
2015: BioMed Research International
Duoquan Wang, Shengguo Li, Zhibin Cheng, Ning Xiao, Chris Cotter, Jimee Hwang, Xishang Li, Shouqin Yin, Jiazhi Wang, Liang Bai, Zhi Zheng, Sibao Wang
Malaria importation and local vector susceptibility to imported Plasmodium vivax infection are a continuing risk along the China-Myanmar border. Malaria transmission has been prevented in 3 border villages in Tengchong County, Yunnan Province, China, by use of active fever surveillance, integrated vector control measures, and intensified surveillance and response.
October 2015: Emerging Infectious Diseases
Sibao Li, Yufeng Liu, Yumei Wang, Peihong Qi, Diao Wang
OBJECTIVE: To detect the concentration of serum hepcidin and the mRNA expression level of ferroportin1 (FPN1) in the placenta membrane from full term pregnant women with different degree of iron deficiency, and explore their roles for iron transport in placental. METHODS: The concentration of HGB, serum iron (SI) and serum ferritin (SF) of mothers and infants were detected in 55 full term pregnant women and neonates. The expression level of FPN1 mRNA in placental was detected by the RT-PCR technique...
April 2015: Zhonghua Xue Ye Xue za Zhi, Zhonghua Xueyexue Zazhi
Joel Vega-Rodríguez, Anil K Ghosh, Stefan M Kanzok, Rhoel R Dinglasan, Sibao Wang, Nicholas J Bongio, Dario E Kalume, Kazutoyo Miura, Carole A Long, Akhilesh Pandey, Marcelo Jacobs-Lorena
Plasmodium ookinete invasion of the mosquito midgut is a crucial step of the parasite life cycle but little is known about the molecular mechanisms involved. Previously, a phage display peptide library screen identified SM1, a peptide that binds to the mosquito midgut epithelium and inhibits ookinete invasion. SM1 was characterized as a mimotope of an ookinete surface enolase and SM1 presumably competes with enolase, the presumed ligand, for binding to a putative midgut receptor. Here we identify a mosquito midgut receptor that binds both SM1 and ookinete surface enolase, termed "enolase-binding protein" (EBP)...
January 28, 2014: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Yanling Li, Xiaojing Du, Chunfang Zhang, Sibao Wang
The benefits of physical activity are well known, but little is known about the views of elderly Chinese people regarding physical activity, and what factors affect this. This qualitative study aims to explore the experiences and perceptions of the elderly community regarding physical activity and to gain a better understanding of these. A qualitative study of 12 elderly Chinese people was undertaken using the Colaizzi phenomenological approach and using semi-structured interviews to gather data. Three key themes emerged relating to current physical activity status, beliefs about physical activity and factors influencing physical activity...
July 2013: British Journal of Community Nursing
Sibao Wang, Marcelo Jacobs-Lorena
Malaria remains one of the most devastating diseases worldwide, causing over 1 million deaths every year. The most vulnerable stages of Plasmodium development in the vector mosquito occur in the midgut lumen, making the midgut a prime target for intervention. Mosquito transgenesis and paratransgenesis are two novel strategies that aim at rendering the vector incapable of sustaining Plasmodium development. Mosquito transgenesis involves direct genetic engineering of the mosquito itself for delivery of anti-Plasmodium effector molecules...
March 2013: Trends in Biotechnology
Sibao Wang, Anil K Ghosh, Nicholas Bongio, Kevin A Stebbings, David J Lampe, Marcelo Jacobs-Lorena
The most vulnerable stages of Plasmodium development occur in the lumen of the mosquito midgut, a compartment shared with symbiotic bacteria. Here, we describe a strategy that uses symbiotic bacteria to deliver antimalaria effector molecules to the midgut lumen, thus rendering host mosquitoes refractory to malaria infection. The Escherichia coli hemolysin A secretion system was used to promote the secretion of a variety of anti-Plasmodium effector proteins by Pantoea agglomerans, a common mosquito symbiotic bacterium...
July 31, 2012: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
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