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Still’s disease

Kenyu Hayashi, Yu Hasegawa, Yushin Takemoto, Cheng Cao, Hiroto Takeya, Yoshihiro Komohara, Akitake Mukasa, Shokei Kim-Mitsuyama
Systemic organ dysfunction is one of the important issues for the patients with Alzheimer's disease (AD) and their caregivers. Recent evidences suggest that periodontitis is a possible risk factor for progression of AD and lipopolysaccharide derived from Porphyromonas gingivalis (Pg-LPS) which is a major periodontopathic bacteria induces cognitive impairment in mice. However, the precise relationships between the brain exposure of Pg-LPS and systemic organ dysfunction in AD patients are still undetermined. In this study, we investigated whether brain exposure of Pg-LPS induced systemic organ dysfunction in a model of AD mouse...
February 17, 2019: Experimental Gerontology
Nobuko Makino, Yosikazu Nakamura, Mayumi Yashiro, Koki Kosami, Yuri Matsubara, Ryusuke Ae, Yasuko Aoyama, Hiroshi Yanagawa
BACKGROUND: Approximately 50 years have passed since Kawasaki disease (KD) was first reported. The Kawasaki disease nationwide survey began in 1970. Although more than 360,000 patients have already been reported in Japan, the cause is still unknown. In Japan, the number of patients and incidence rate of KD has continued to increase. It is necessary to exam the trend of the occurrence of patients in the surveillance of KD. METHODS: The nationwide survey of patient incidence in 2015 and 2016 was conducted in 2017, as the 24th nationwide survey of KD...
February 20, 2019: Pediatrics International: Official Journal of the Japan Pediatric Society
Samuel M Goldman, Kenneth Marek, Ruth Ottman, Cheryl Meng, Kathleen Comyns, Piu Chan, Jinghong Ma, Connie Marras, J William Langston, G Webster Ross, Caroline M Tanner
During the 1990s we estimated the genetic contribution to Parkinson's disease risk in a large population-based twin registry. Because many unaffected twins were still alive, prior concordance estimates were based on incomplete information. 95% of twins are now deceased. Here we update concordance and heritability through 2015 using National Death Index data. In total, we identified 30 concordant and 193 discordant pairs. Probandwise concordance was 0.20 in monozygotic and 0.13 in dizygotic pairs. Heritability was 0...
February 20, 2019: Annals of Neurology
Shintaro Sagami, Taku Kobayashi, Nao Kikkawa, Satoko Umeda, Masaru Nakano, Takahiko Toyonaga, Shinji Okabayashi, Ryo Ozaki, Toshifumi Hibi
BACKGROUND/AIMS: The small bowel is affected in more than half of patients with Crohn's disease (CD) at the time of diagnosis, and small bowel involvement has a negative impact on the long-term outcome. Many patients reportedly have active lesions in the small intestine even in patients in clinical remission. This study was performed to compare findings of magnetic resonance enterography (MRE) and ileocolonoscopy. METHODS: A single-center retrospective study was conducted in 50 patients (60 imaging series) with CD, for whom MRE was additionally performed during the bowel preparation for subsequent ileocolonoscopy...
2019: PloS One
Arnolfo Petruzziello, Rocco Sabatino, Giovanna Loquercio, Annunziata Guzzo, Lucia Di Capua, Francesco Labonia, Anna Cozzolino, Rosa Azzaro, Gerardo Botti
INTRODUCTION: It has been greatly described that different hepatitis C virus (HCV) genotypes are strictly correlated to various evolution, prognosis and response to therapy during the chronic liver disease. Aim of this study was to outline the changes in the epidemiology of Hepatitis C genotypes in Southern Italy regions from 2006 to 2014. MATERIAL/METHODS: Prevalence of HCV genotypes was analyzed in 535 HCV-RNA positive patients with chronic Hepatitis C infection, selected during the period 2012-2014, and compared with our previous data, referred to periods 2006-2008 and 2009-2011...
2019: PloS One
Khondoker A Mottaleb, Pawan K Singh, Kai Sonder, Gideon Kruseman, Olaf Erenstein
The emergence of wheat-blast in Bangladesh in the 2015-16 wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) crop threatens the food security of South Asia. A potential spread of the disease from Bangladesh to India could have devastating impacts on India's overall food security as wheat is its second most important staple food crop. West Bengal state in eastern India shares a 2,217 km-long border with Bangladesh and has a similar agro-ecology, enhancing the prospects of the disease entering India via West Bengal. The present study explores the possibility of a 'wheat holiday' policy in the nine border districts of West Bengal...
2019: PloS One
Xing Gao, Ke Xu, Guilian Yang, Chunwei Shi, Haibin Huang, Jianzhong Wang, Wentao Yang, Jing Liu, Qiong Liu, Yuanhuan Kang, Yanlong Jiang, Chunfeng Wang
AIMS: Genotype VII Newcastle disease (ND) is one of the most epidemic and serious infectious diseases in the poultry industry. A novel vaccine targeting VII NDV is still in requirement. METHODS AND RESULTS: In this study, we constructed recombinant regulate delayed lysis Salmonella strains expressing either fusion protein (F) alone under eukaryotic CMV promoter or together with chicken IL-18 (chIL-18) as a molecular adjuvant under prokaryotic Ptrc promoter, named pYL1 and pYL23, respectively...
February 20, 2019: Journal of Applied Microbiology
Rosa Leonôra Salerno Soares
Approximately 80% of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) patients report that their symptoms are triggered after ingesting one or specific food groups. Gluten, wheat and related proteins (e.g., amylase-trypsin inhibitors, and fermentable oligo-di-mono-saccharides and polyols (FODMAPs) are the most relevant IBS symptom triggers, although the true 'culprit(s)' is/are still not well established. The concept of causal relationship between gluten intake and the occurrence of symptoms in the absence of celiac disease and wheat allergy was termed non-celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS)...
October 2018: Arquivos de Gastroenterologia
Jessica L Dempsey, Andrew Johns, Ashley E Rosko, Hillard M Lazarus
Multiple myeloma is a disease predominately affecting older adults. Pivotal to treating older adults is understanding their physiologic differences compared to younger subjects and how the complexity of therapies has an impact upon this patient population. Areas covered: Herein, the authors address the efficacy of chemotherapy regimens, decision-making for older adults, chemotherapy-associated toxicity and the approach to management. This review focuses on the complex treatment of older multiple myeloma patients and management of treatment-related adverse events...
February 20, 2019: Expert Opinion on Pharmacotherapy
Song Chen, Su-Ting Chen, Yan Sun, Zheng Xu, Ying Wang, Si-Yuan Yao, Wen-Bing Yao, Xiang-Dong Gao
Our understanding of the mechanisms underlying process in Alzheimer's disease (AD) is far from completion and new therapeutic targets are urgently needed. Recently, the link between dementia and diabetes mellitus (DM) prompted us to search for new therapeutic strategies from glucose metabolism regulators for neurodegeneration. Previous studies have indicated that fibroblast growth factor 21 (FGF21), an attractive and potential therapeutic treatment for DM, may exert diverse effects in the central nervous system...
February 1, 2019: Redox Biology
Diomira Luongo, Roberta Bonavita, Stefano Rossi, Vera Rotondi Aufiero, Nicoletta Rosaria Feliciello, Francesco Maurano, Gaetano Iaquinto, Giuseppe Mazzarella, Mauro Rossi
Enzymatic transamidation of wheat gliadin by microbial transglutaminase inhibits IFN-γ secretion by intestinal T cell lines from celiac disease (CD) patients. Here, we analysed its effects on intestinal biopsies from CD patients and studied the underlying mechanisms in HLA-DQ8 transgenic (tg) mice, a model of T-cell mediated gluten sensitivity. In vitro challenge with a soluble form of transamidated gliadin (spf) upregulated IL-10 transcript levels in human biopsy samples. Furthermore, the ratio of IL-10/IFN-γ transcripts was significantly increased following treatment with spf...
February 18, 2019: Cytokine
Fang Wang, Chao Yang, Jianyan Long, Xinju Zhao, Wen Tang, Dongliang Zhang, Kunhao Bai, Zaiming Su, Bixia Gao, Hong Chu, Jinwei Wang, Xiaoyu Sun, Song Wang, Li Zuo, Yue Wang, Feng Yu, Haibo Wang, Luxia Zhang, Ming-Hui Zhao
Chronic kidney disease (CKD) has received increased attention as a leading public health problem worldwide. Globally surveillance systems for kidney disease are still lacking, especially in developing countries like China, which constitutes an obstacle to develop effective preventive strategies. China Kidney Disease Network (CK-NET) was initiated in 2014 and further developed in accordance with the national strategy of prompting Big Data application in China. One major output of CK-NET is to generate an Annual Data Report (ADR) providing resourceful information regarding kidney disease in China...
March 2019: Kidney International
Yue Leng, Erik S Musiek, Kun Hu, Francesco P Cappuccio, Kristine Yaffe
Dysfunction in 24-h circadian rhythms is a common occurrence in ageing adults; however, circadian rhythm disruptions are more severe in people with age-related neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer's disease and related dementias, and Parkinson's disease. Manifestations of circadian rhythm disruptions differ according to the type and severity of neurodegenerative disease and, for some patients, occur before the onset of typical clinical symptoms of neurodegeneration. Evidence from preliminary studies suggest that circadian rhythm disruptions, in addition to being a symptom of neurodegeneration, might also be a potential risk factor for developing Alzheimer's disease and related dementias, and Parkinson's disease, although large, longitudinal studies are needed to confirm this relationship...
March 2019: Lancet Neurology
Marta García-Clemente, Ana Isabel Enríquez-Rodríguez, Marta Iscar-Urrutia, Beatriz Escobar-Mallada, Miguel Arias-Guillén, Francisco Julián López-González, Claudia Madrid-Carbajal, Liliana Pérez-Martínez, Teresa Gonzalez-Budiño
OBJECTIVE: The aim of our study was to determine the tomographic findings and prevalence of bronchiectasis in our population of patients with severe asthma, and to identify factors associated with the presence of bronchiectasis in these patients. MATERIALS AND METHODS: We retrospectively collected data from the medical histories of patients referred to the asthma unit of our hospital, with a diagnosis of severe asthma between 2015 and 2017. Patients with ABPA, cystic fibrosis, immunodeficiency or systemic disease were excluded...
February 20, 2019: Journal of Asthma: Official Journal of the Association for the Care of Asthma
Yang Zhang, Junbiao Ying, Jiajun Hong, Fengcheng Li, Tingting Fu, Fengyuan Yang, Guoxun Zheng, Xiaojun Yao, Yan Lou, Yun Qing Qiu, Weiwei Xue, Feng Zhu
Histone deacetylase 6 (HDAC6) plays a key role in a variety of neurological disorders, which makes it attractive drug target for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson disease and memory/learning impairment. The selectivity of HDAC6 inhibitors (sHDAC6Is) are widely considered to be susceptible to their sizes of Cap group and their physicochemical properties of linker or zinc-binding group, which makes the discovery of new sHDAC6Is extremely difficult. With the discovery of the distinct selectivity between Trichostatin A (TSA) enantiomers, the chirality residing in the connective units between TSA's Cap and linker shows a great impact on its selectivity...
February 20, 2019: ACS Chemical Neuroscience
Naomi Dhollander, Aline De Vleminck, Luc Deliens, Simon Van Belle, Koen Pardon
OBJECTIVES: Palliative care is still often involved late in the disease trajectory. Recently, some studies have explored the barriers to early integration of PC in the hospital setting. Because palliative care home care (PHC) is organised differently compared with PC in a hospital setting, the identification of barriers to the early integration of PHC is needed. METHODS: Six focus groups were held with PHC teams in Flanders, Belgium. Discussions were transcribed verbatim and analysed using constant comparative analysis...
February 19, 2019: European Journal of Cancer Care
Pavel Trakhtman, Irina Kumukova, Nikolay Starostin, Daria Borsakova, Dmitry Balashov, Anastasia Ignatova, Leilya Kadaeva, Galina Novichkova, Alexander Rumiantcev
BACKGROUND: Transmission of pathogens through blood transfusion is still of great concern to clinicians, patients and blood providers. Pathogen reduction technologies (PRT) have been successfully applied for the treatment of labile blood components, such as plasma, platelets and whole blood (WB), which are now used in routine in many countries. We report the clinical evaluation of suspension of red blood cells (RBC-S) derived from the WB treated with riboflavin and UV light (RF+UV). STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS: Seventy paediatric patients (0·3-17·1 years old) suffering from different malignant disorders were recruited and assigned to two groups: the control group (C) received transfusions of γ-irradiated RBC-S...
February 19, 2019: Vox Sanguinis
Jun Shao, Xubin Pan, Xiaowen Yin, Guangming Fan, Chengye Tan, Yong Yao, Yu Xin, Chao Sun
Long noncoding RNAs have been reported to play important roles in the pathogenesis of diabetic retinopathy (DR), which has been considered as the most common disease leading to vision loss. However, it is still unclear whether KCNQ1 overlapping transcript 1 (KCNQ1OT1) could affect DR. In this study, regarding quantitative reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction assay, KCNQ1OT1 level was upregulated while microRNA-1470 (miR-1470) was decreased in DR patients and human retinal endothelial cells. High KCNQ1OT1 expression was correlated with DR stage and low visual function...
February 19, 2019: Journal of Cellular Physiology
Mahtab Samimi
Merkel cell carcinoma (MCC) is an aggressive skin cancer. Until 2017, patients with advanced disease were typically treated with conventional chemotherapies, with a median response duration of 3 months. Increased evidence of the role of the immune system in controlling this cancer has paved the way for immune-based therapies, with programmed cell death protein 1 (PD-1)/programmed cell death protein ligand 1 (PD-L1) inhibitors at the frontline. Avelumab, an anti-PD-L1 antibody, was the first-ever drug approved in advanced MCC after showing meaningful efficacy in a second-line setting...
February 19, 2019: American Journal of Clinical Dermatology
Fabinshy Thangarajah, Christian Eichler, Julia Fromme, Wolfram Malter, Julia Caroline Radosa, Sebastian Ludwig, Julian Puppe, Stefan Paepke, Matthias Warm
BACKGROUND: Estimating distant recurrence risk in women with estrogen receptor-positive, human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2)-negative early breast cancer is still challenging. EndoPredict® is a gene expression-based test predicting the likelihood of recurrent disease. We analyzed the difference in oncological decision making with and without the knowledge of gene expression tests. PATIENTS AND METHODS: This is a retrospective analysis including patients diagnosed with hormone-receptor positive, Her2 negative breast cancer between 2011 and 2015 at the Municipal Breast Cancer Centre Cologne, Germany...
February 19, 2019: Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics
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