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B Weiss-Brummer, R Guba, A Haid, R J Schweyen
Genetic and biochemical studies have been performed with 110 mutants which are defective in cytochrome a·a3 and map in the regions on mit DNA previously designated OXI1 and OXI2. With 88 mutations allocated to OXI1 fine structure mapping was achieved by the analysis of rho (-) deletions. The order of six groups of mutational sites (A 1, A2, B 1, B2, C 1, C2) thus determined was confirmed by oxi i x oxi j recombination analysis.Analysis of mitochondrially translated polypeptides of oxil mutants by SDS-polyacrylamide electrophoresis reveals three classes of mutant patterns: i) similar to wild-tpye (19 mutants); ii) lacking SU II of cytochrome c oxidase (53 mutants); iii) lacking this subunit and exhibiting a single new polypeptide of lower Mr (16 mutants)...
December 1979: Current Genetics
A Kruszewska, B Szcześniak, M Claisse
Recombinational analysis of oxil mutants was performed using a and a mutant strains with the same mitochondrial and nuclear backgrounds, derived from strain 777-3A.In spite of minor inconsistencies the overall map of oxi1 mutations can be constructed on the basis of wild-type recombinant frequencies in the two-point oxi1 (-) (-) x oxi1 (-) crosses. The frequencies of wild-type recombinants varied in a wide range from 0.003% to 16%, reaching the maximal values expected for unlinked mitochondria) markers. No distinct clusters of mutants were observed...
July 1980: Current Genetics
D L Miller, N C Martin
We have studied the organization and expression of a group of tRNA genes located on a 2,700 base pair portion of the yeast mitochondrial genome between the genetic markers cap (chloramphenicol resistance) and oxil (cytochrome oxidase subunit II). This region is spanned by mitochondrial DNA inserts of two recombinant plasmids, pYm162 and pYm267, which have been extensively mapped and sequenced. This tRNA group is composed of six tRNA genes, coding for tRNA AAR (Lys) , tRNA AGR (Arg) , tRNA GGN (Gly) , tRNA GAY (Asp) , tRNA AGY (Ser) , and tRNA CGN (Arg) ...
November 1981: Current Genetics
F Michel
By completing and correcting the sequence of a 1.8 kb DNA segment downstream of the oxi2 gene of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, a long, potentially coding sequence ("RF2") has been identified. The sequence is rather closely related to the RF1 open reading frame, downstream of the oxil gene, and, further, to the major family of intronic open reading frames. The RF2 open reading frame is not continuous, however, for it is interrupted by two GC clusters, both of which ultimately result in a -1 frameshift. Comparison with RF1 reveals a third insertion...
May 1984: Current Genetics
Akhil Srivastava, Robin A Ohm, Lindsay Oxiles, Fred Brooks, Christopher B Lawrence, Igor V Grigoriev, Yangrae Cho
Alternaria brassicicola is a successful saprophyte and necrotrophic plant pathogen with a broad host range within the family Brassicaceae. It produces secondary metabolites that marginally affect virulence. Cell wall-degrading enzymes (CDWE) have been considered important for pathogenesis but none of them individually have been identified as significant virulence factors in A. brassicicola. In this study, knockout mutants of a gene, AbVf19, were created and produced considerably smaller lesions than the wild type on inoculated host plants...
April 2012: Molecular Plant-microbe Interactions: MPMI
A R Angotzi, J Hirano, S Vallerga, M B A Djamgoz
The possible role of nitric oxide (NO) as a novel light adaptive neuromodulator of cone plasticity (photomechanical movements) in retinae of two contrasting species of fish (freshwater carp and marine bream) and an example of an amphibian (Xenopus laevis) was studied pharmacologically by cytomorphometric measurements. Application of a NO donor [S-nitroso-N-acetyl-d, l-penicillamine] (500-700 microM) to dark-adapted retinae induced contraction of cones with an efficiency (CE) relative to full light adaptation of around 54% in all three species...
March 2002: Nitric Oxide: Biology and Chemistry
I Zlatanov, E Maltzeva, N Borovok, V Spassov
1. The effect of different concentrations of insulin (INS) and glucagon (GLU) on the rotational mobility of a membrane-incorporated spin probe 2,2-6,6-tetramethyl-4-capriloyl piperidine-1-oxil (C7) was investigated by electron spin resonance (ESR) technique. 2. Two strong adenylate cyclase effectors guanosine 5'-triphosphate (GTP) and guanylyl 5'-imidodiphosphate [Gpp(NH)p], as well as an antioxidant 4-methyl-2,6-ditretbutilphenol (AO) and a nonprotein hormone prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) were used as reference effectors...
July 1993: International Journal of Biochemistry
R E Berlani, S G Bonitz, G Coruzzi, M Nobrega, A Tzagoloff
A cytoplasmic "petite" (rho-) clone of Saccharomyces cerevisiae has been isolated and found through DNA sequencing to contain the genes for cysteine, histidine, leucine, glutamine, lysine, arginine, and glycine tRNAs. This clone, designated DS502, has a tandemly repeated 3.5 kb segment of the wild type genome from 0.7 to 5.6 units. All the tRNA genes are transcribed from the same strand of DNA in the direction cap to oxil. The mitochondrial DNA segment of DS502 fills a sequence gap that existed between the histidine and lysine tRNAs...
November 11, 1980: Nucleic Acids Research
C Palleschi, S Francisci, M M Bianchi, L Frontali
In Saccharomyces cerevisiae most mitochondrial tRNA genes are clustered in a 9 kbp region between the cap and oxil genes. Polygenic transcripts of this region have been previously identified. A transcriptional initiation site at a TTATAAGTA box, located upstream from the tRNAcys gene, has now been detected by S1 mapping experiments and by the capping of primary transcripts. Results are consistent with the hypothesis that this box represents the initiation site for transcription of a cluster of tRNA genes, while the adjacent tRNA2thr is cotranscribed with the 21S rRNA...
October 11, 1984: Nucleic Acids Research
M Lahav, N Sofer, J M Brandes, E Paldi, D Barzilai
In contrast to most mammals, human parturition is not preceded by a rise in the estradiol : progesterone ratio in peripheral plasma. Thus tissue concentrations of progesterone, estradiol-17 beta, and cyclic adenosine monophosphate (AMP) were measured in placentas obtained after spontaneous vaginal delivery (SVD, N = 11), after oxytocin-induced labor (OXIL, N = 5), and at elective cesarean section (ECS, N = 8). Both progesterone and estradiol were higher in placentas obtained from SVD compared with those from ECS (progesterone: 2...
November 1980: Obstetrics and Gynecology
B Weiss-Brummer, H Sakai, F Kaudewitz
The first case of a +1 "extrageneic" frameshift suppressor (MF1), mapping in the yeast mitochondrial 15S rRNA gene is reported. The suppressor was identified by genetic analyses in a leaky mitochondrial oxil frameshift mutant and the respective wild-type strain 777-3A of the yeast S. cerevisiae. This is in accordance with the finding that all mitochondrial frameshift mutants isolated from this strain tend to be leaky to a variable degree. MF1 does not suppress known nonsense mutations created by a direct basepair exchange in strain 777-3A...
1987: Current Genetics
R Bordonné, G Dirheimer, R P Martin
Expression of 5 yeast mitochondrial tRNA genes (Ala, Ile, Tyr, Asn and Metm), localized upstream from the oxil gene has been analyzed by in vitro capping using guanylyltransferase, northern hybridization and S1 nuclease mapping in the wild type and a rho-strain. The 5 tRNA sequences belong to the same transcriptional unit which is initiated 133 bp upstream from the tRNA(Ala) gene at a promoter sequence TTATAAGTA. Furthermore, a truncated tRNA(Tyr) transcript, 2 nucleotides shorter than mature tRNA(Tyr) has been found, only in the rho-strain...
September 25, 1987: Nucleic Acids Research
M P Grigor'eva, E N Stepanova, L V Konovalova
To determine the blood folacin a fluorometric method is proposed. This includes the following stage-wise operations: liberation of combined forms of folacin under the effect of enzymes contained in the blood investigated; quantification of tyrosine to make a correction for changed fluorescence intensity of this amino acid during oxilation of the solution; measurement of the fluorescence of the substances present in the solution before and after their oxidation with potassium permanganate and calculation of the folacin content...
January 1975: Voprosy Pitaniia
D N Ostrovskiĭ, V G Bulgakova, I G Zhukova, A S Kaprel'iants, E G Rozantsev
Effect of cyclopeptide antibiotic gramicidin S on some enzymes and physical state of isolated Micrococcus lysodeikticus membranes is studied. Malate and lactate dehydrogenases were monotonously inhibited under the increase of gramicidin S concentration, while the activity of NADH-dehydrogenase firstly decreased and then reversed to the initial level under further increase of gramicidin S concentration. The oxygen uptake under oxidation of NADH and malate with membranes almost completely inhibited by the antibiotic, while the activity of ascorbate-TMPD-oxidase activity slightly inhibited by the same concentration of gramicidin...
January 1976: Biokhimii︠a︡
R Burmucic, H Schreithofer
In 105 normal spontaneous deliveries the effect of inhalation analgesia with Methoxyfluran (Penthrane) was studied. Penthrane was administered intermittently with the Penthrane oxilator (Rod inhalator of Abbott). The initial concentration was 0.25 volume%. The maximal concentration was 0.35 volume% of Penthrane. Fetal monitoring records were obtained in all deliveries. In 49 cases (46.7%) intra- and post-partum microblood studies were obtained. In 85 women (81.0%) the result of the analgesia was good. Nausea occurred in 21 women (20%)...
February 1976: Geburtshilfe und Frauenheilkunde
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