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S. Rim Kim

Man Su Kim, Ha-Rim Kim, Haebom Kim, Soo-Keun Choi, Chang-Hwan Kim, Jae-Kwan Hwang, Seung-Hwan Park
Xanthorrhizol (XTZ), isolated from Curcuma xanthorrhiza, has potent antifungal and antibacterial activity. It shows very strong activity against Gram-positive bacteria, such as Streptococcus mutans and Staphylococcus aureus, but is generally not active against Gram-negative bacteria. In this study, we explored the possibility of using a combination strategy for expanding the antimicrobial spectrum of XTZ against Gram-negative bacteria. To take advantage of XTZ being a food-grade material, 10 food-grade or generally recognized as safe (GRAS) antimicrobial compounds with low toxicities were selected for combination therapy...
February 22, 2019: Journal of Microbiology / the Microbiological Society of Korea
Han Sang Lee, Jangsup Moon, Hye-Rim Shin, Seon Jae Ahn, Tae-Joon Kim, Jin-Sun Jun, Soon-Tae Lee, Keun-Hwa Jung, Kyung-Il Park, Ki-Young Jung, Manho Kim, Sang Kun Lee, Kon Chu
Background: Bed-ridden state, dysphagia, altered mental state, or respiratory muscle weakness are common in neurologic patients and increase the risk of pneumonia. The major causes of pneumonia in neurologic patients may differ from those in the general population, resulting in a different pathogen distribution. We investigated the trends of pathogen distribution in culture-positive pneumonia in hospitalized neurologic patients and the related antibiotic resistance in those with hospital-acquired pneumonia (HAP)...
2019: Antimicrobial Resistance and Infection Control
Sung Hyun Kim, Myoung-Ok Kim, Ki-Rim Kim
Background: Human hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is a common liver tumor and the main cause of cancer-related death. Tyrosine kinase inhibitors, such as imatinib and GNF5 which were developed to treat chronic myelogenous leukemia, regulate the progression of various cancers. The aim of this study was to confirm the anti-tumor activity of tyrosine kinase inhibitors through regulation of S-phase kinase-associated protein 2 (Skp2), an important oncogenic factor in various cancer cells, in human hepatocarcinoma SK-HEP1 cells...
December 2018: Journal of Cancer Prevention
Se Pyeong Im, Jaesung Kim, Jung Seok Lee, Si Won Kim, Jae Wook Jung, Jassy Mary S Lazarte, Jin Hong Chun, Young Rim Kim, Jong Pyo Suh, Kim D Thompson, Tae Sung Jung
The variable lymphocyte receptor B (VLRB) of jawless vertebrates has a similar function to the antibodies produced by jawed vertebrates, and has been considered as an alternative source to mammalian antibodies for use in biological research. We developed a modified yeast display vector system (pYD8) to display recombinant hagfish VLRB proteins on the extracellular surface of yeast for the isolation of antigen-specific VLRBs. After observing an up-regulation in the VLRB response in hagfish immunized with hemagglutinin 1 of avian influenza virus H9N2 subtype (H9N2-HA1), the antigen-specific VLRBs decorated on the yeast's surface were selected by quantitative library screening through magnetic-activated cell sorting (MACS) and fluorescent-activated cell sorting (FACS)...
January 3, 2019: Journal of Immunological Methods
Se Pyeong Im, Jaesung Kim, Jung Seok Lee, Si Won Kim, Jae Wook Jung, Jassy Mary S Lazarte, Jong Yong Kim, Young Rim Kim, Jeong Ho Lee, Roger S M Chong, Tae Sung Jung
The variable lymphocyte receptor (VLR) B of jawless vertebrates functions as a secreted Ab of jawed vertebrates and has emerged as an alternative Ab with a single polypeptide chain. After observing an upregulated VLRB response in hagfish immunized with avian influenza virus (AIV) subtype H9N2, we screened AIV H9N2-specific VLRB using a mammalian expression system. To improve the binding avidity of the Ag-specific VLRB to the Ag, we enabled multimerization of the VLRB by conjugating it with C-terminal domain of human C4b-binding protein...
October 17, 2018: Journal of Immunology: Official Journal of the American Association of Immunologists
Rekha Pal, Ning Wei, Nan Song, Shaoyu Wu, Rim S Kim, Ying Wang, Patrick G Gavin, Peter C Lucas, Ashok Srinivasan, Carmen J Allegra, Samuel A Jacobs, Soonmyung Paik, John C Schmitz, Katherine L Pogue-Geile
Molecular subtypes of colorectal tumors are associated with prognosis and prediction for treatment benefit from chemotherapy. The purpose of this study was two-fold: 1) to determine the association of colorectal (CRC) molecular subtypes with response to targeted therapies in pre-clinical models and 2) to identify treatments for CRC stem-like subtype because these tumors are associated with a very poor patient prognosis. Eleven CRC cell lines were classified into molecular subtypes and tested for their response to pan-ERBB, MEK, and ERK inhibitors as single agents and in combination...
2018: PloS One
C H Suh, H S Kim, S C Jung, C G Choi, S J Kim
BACKGROUND: Accurate diagnosis of tumefactive demyelinating lesions is clinically important to avoid unnecessary invasive biopsy or inappropriate treatment. PURPOSE: We aimed to evaluate conventional and advanced MR imaging findings of tumefactive demyelinating lesions and determine the diagnostic performance of MR imaging for differentiating tumefactive demyelinating lesions from primary brain tumor. DATA SOURCES: A systematic search of Ovid MEDLINE and EMBASE up to December 6, 2017, was conducted...
September 2018: AJNR. American Journal of Neuroradiology
Ni-Huiping Son, Debapriya Basu, Dmitri Samovski, Terri A Pietka, Vivek S Peche, Florian Willecke, Xiang Fang, Shui-Qing Yu, Diego Scerbo, Hye Rim Chang, Fei Sun, Svetlana Bagdasarov, Konstantinos Drosatos, Steve T Yeh, Adam E Mullick, Kooresh I Shoghi, Namrata Gumaste, KyeongJin Kim, Lesley-Ann Huggins, Tenzin Lhakhang, Nada A Abumrad, Ira J Goldberg
Movement of circulating fatty acids (FAs) to parenchymal cells requires their transfer across the endothelial cell (EC) barrier. The multiligand receptor cluster of differentiation 36 (CD36) facilitates tissue FA uptake and is expressed in ECs and parenchymal cells such as myocytes and adipocytes. Whether tissue uptake of FAs is dependent on EC or parenchymal cell CD36, or both, is unknown. Using a cell-specific deletion approach, we show that EC, but not parenchymal cell, CD36 deletion increased fasting plasma FAs and postprandial triglycerides...
October 1, 2018: Journal of Clinical Investigation
Ji Eun Lee, Seong Hyun Kim, Sunyoung Lee, Seo-Youn Choi, Jeong Ah Hwang, Sook-Young Woo
OBJECTIVE: To determine the value of contrast-enhanced and diffusion-weighted (DW) MRI for differentiating metastatic mucinous colorectal adenocarcinomas from simple cysts of the liver. METHODS: 29 patients with 47 metastatic mucinous colorectal adenocarcinomas and/or 19 simple cysts of the liver who underwent contrast-enhanced and DW MRI were included in this retrospective study. Two radiologists assessed the MRI findings by consensus. Qualitative and quantitative analyses were conducted...
November 2018: British Journal of Radiology
Jaesung Kim, Se Pyeong Im, Jung Seok Lee, Jassy Mary S Lazarte, Si Won Kim, Jae Wook Jung, Jong Yong Kim, Young Rim Kim, Sangmin Lee, Gwang Joong Kim, Hyun Suk Jung, Kyun Oh Lee, Alexandra Adams, Kim D Thompson, Tae Sung Jung
In hagfish and lampreys, two representative jawless vertebrates, the humoral immunity is directly mediated by variable lymphocyte receptors B (VLRBs). Both monomeric VLRBs are structurally and functionally similar, but their C-terminal tails differ: lamprey VLRB has a Cys-rich tail that forms disulfide-linked pentamers of dimers, contributing to its multivalency, whereas hagfish VLRB has a superhydrophobic tail of unknown structure. Here, we reveal that VLRBs obtained from hagfish plasma have a globular-shaped multimerized form (approximately 0...
July 17, 2018: Scientific Reports
Kevin J Frankowski, Chen Wang, Samarjit Patnaik, Frank J Schoenen, Noel Southall, Dandan Li, Yaroslav Teper, Wei Sun, Irawati Kandela, Deqing Hu, Christopher Dextras, Zachary Knotts, Yansong Bian, John Norton, Steve Titus, Marzena A Lewandowska, Yiping Wen, Katherine I Farley, Lesley Mathews Griner, Jamey Sultan, Zhaojing Meng, Ming Zhou, Tomas Vilimas, Astin S Powers, Serguei Kozlov, Kunio Nagashima, Humair S Quadri, Min Fang, Charles Long, Ojus Khanolkar, Warren Chen, Jinsol Kang, Helen Huang, Eric Chow, Esthermanya Goldberg, Coral Feldman, Romi Xi, Hye Rim Kim, Gary Sahagian, Susan J Baserga, Andrew Mazar, Marc Ferrer, Wei Zheng, Ali Shilatifard, Jeffrey Aubé, Udo Rudloff, Juan Jose Marugan, Sui Huang
Metastasis remains a leading cause of cancer mortality due to the lack of specific inhibitors against this complex process. To identify compounds selectively targeting the metastatic state, we used the perinucleolar compartment (PNC), a complex nuclear structure associated with metastatic behaviors of cancer cells, as a phenotypic marker for a high-content screen of over 140,000 structurally diverse compounds. Metarrestin, obtained through optimization of a screening hit, disassembles PNCs in multiple cancer cell lines, inhibits invasion in vitro, suppresses metastatic development in three mouse models of human cancer, and extends survival of mice in a metastatic pancreatic cancer xenograft model with no organ toxicity or discernable adverse effects...
May 16, 2018: Science Translational Medicine
Chul Hwan Park, Hyemoon Chung, Yoonjung Kim, Jong-Youn Kim, Pil-Ki Min, Kyung-A Lee, Young Won Yoon, Tae Hoon Kim, Byoung Kwon Lee, Bum-Kee Hong, Se-Joong Rim, Hyuck Moon Kwon, Eui-Young Choi
Although, cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (CMR) is a gold standard for risk stratification of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), is limited in some situations. We sought to evaluate the predictive power of quantitative electrocardiography in assessing hypertrophy pattern and fibrosis in HCM. Eighty-eight patients with HCM were studied. Voltage of R-S-T waves, number of fragmented QRS (fQRS) complexes, and T wave morphology were measured by 12-lead electrocardiography. Sixteen segmental thickness, late gadolinium enhancement (LGE), native T1, extracellular volume fraction (ECV), and T2, left ventricular (LV) mass and %LGE were measured by CMR...
October 2018: International Journal of Cardiovascular Imaging
Hye-Rim Kim, Dongsup Lee, Yong-Bin Eom
Stenotrophomonas maltophilia is a multi-drug resistant opportunistic pathogen that causes nosocomial infections in immunocompromised patients. This pathogen is difficult to treat owing to its intrinsic multidrug resistance and ability to form antimicrobial-tolerant biofilms. In the present study, we aimed to assess the potential use of celastrol as a novel anti-biofilm and/or anti-virulence agent against S. maltophilia . Results showed that celastrol at its sub-inhibitory doses decreased biofilm formation and disrupt the established biofilms produced by S...
2018: International Journal of Medical Sciences
Jung Seok Lee, Jaesung Kim, Se Pyeong Im, Si Won Kim, Jassy Mary S Lazarte, Jae Wook Jung, Tae Won Gong, Young Rim Kim, Jeong Ho Lee, Hyoung Jun Kim, Tae Sung Jung
Variable lymphocyte receptors B (VLRBs) are non-immunoglobulin components of the humoral immune system in jawless vertebrates including hagfish (Eptatretus burgeri) and lamprey (Petromyzon marinus). Hagfish VLRBs consist of leucine rich repeat (LRR) modules with a superhydrophobic C-terminal tail, the latter of which leads to extremely low expression levels in recombinant protein technology. Here, we present an artificially oligomerized VLRB (arVLRB) that conjugates via the C4bp oligomerization domain derived from human C4b-binding protein (hC4bp) rather than the superhydrophobic tail...
July 2018: Molecular Immunology
Y E Chon, K S Jung, M-J Kim, J-Y Choi, C An, J Y Park, S H Ahn, B K Kim, S U Kim, H Park, S K Hwang, K S Rim, K-H Han, D Y Kim
BACKGROUND: A proportion of chronic hepatitis B (CHB) patients are diagnosed with advanced hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) despite regular surveillance. AIMS: To determine predictors for HCC detection failure in CHB patients who underwent regular surveillance. METHODS: CHB patients with well-preserved liver function, who underwent ultrasonography and alpha-foetoprotein (AFP) analysis every 6 months, were enrolled. Cox regression analysis was used to identify predictors for detection failure, defined as HCC initially diagnosed at Barcelona Clinic Liver Cancer (BCLC) stage B or C...
April 2018: Alimentary Pharmacology & Therapeutics
Ju Yeong Kim, Tai-Soon Yong, Han-Jong Rim, Jong-Yil Chai, Duk-Young Min, Keeseon S Eom, Woon-Mok Sohn, Jae Hoon Lim, Dongil Choi, Sithat Insisiengmay, Bounlay Phommasack, Bounnaloth Insisiengmay
Opisthorchis viverrini is a group 1 carcinogen that causes cholangiocarcinoma (CCA). Although opisthorchiasis is known to be severely endemic to several areas along the Mekong River in Lao PDR, the CCA status of residents of this region is still under investigation. In this study, we analyzed the results of abdominal ultrasonography (US) performed on 6113 residents in 9 provinces (Vientiane Municipality, Savannakhet, Phongsaly, Khammouane, Saravane, Champasak, Vientiane, Xieng Khuouang, and Luang Prabang provinces) of Lao PDR from 2007 to 2011...
June 2018: Acta Tropica
Ashok Kumar, Sanjay K S Patel, Bharat Mardan, Raviteja Pagolu, Rowina Lestari, Seong-Hoon Jeong, Taedoo Kim, Jung Rim Haw, Sang-Yong Kim, In-Won Kim, Jung-Kul Lee
In this study, the immobilization of xylanase using a protein-inorganic hybrid nanoflower system was assessed to improve the enzyme properties. The synthesis of hybrid xylanase nanoflowers was very effective at 4°C for 72 h, using 0.25 mg/ml protein, and efficient immobilization of xylanase was observed, with a maximum encapsulation yield and relative activity of 78.5% and 148%, respectively. Immobilized xylanase showed high residual activity at broad pH and temperature ranges. Using birchwood xylan as a substrate, the V max and K m values of xylanase nanoflowers were 1...
April 28, 2018: Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology
Keum Won Kim, Cherie M Kuzmiak, Young Joong Kim, Jae Young Seo, Hae Kyoung Jung, Mu-Sik Lee
PURPOSE: This study aimed to compare the diagnostic values of a combination of diffusion-weighted imaging and T2-weighted imaging (DWI-T2WI) with dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (DCE-MRI), and to evaluate the correlation of DWI with the histologic grade in breast cancer. MATERIALS AND METHODS: This study evaluated a total of 169 breast lesions from 136 patients who underwent both DCE-MRI and DWI (b value, 1000s/mm2 ). Morphologic and kinetic analyses for DCE-MRI were classified according to the Breast Imaging-Reporting and Data System...
May 2018: Academic Radiology
Sung Jin Kim, Jinwoo Byun, Taewoo Jeon, Hyeong Min Jin, Hye Rim Hong, Sang Ouk Kim
Owing to unique potential for high color purity luminance based on low-cost solution processes, organic/inorganic hybrid perovskite light-emitting diodes (PeLEDs) are attracting a great deal of research attention. For high performance PeLEDs, optimum control of the perovskite film morphology is a critical parameter. Here, we introduce a reliable and well-controllable PeLED crystallization process based on beam-damage-free near-infrared laser (λ = 808 nm) irradiation. Morphology of the CH3 NH3 PbBr3 films can be precisely controlled by laser irradiation condition parameters: power density and beam scan rate...
January 24, 2018: ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
S Rim Kim, Nan Song, Greg Yothers, Patrick G Gavin, Carmen J Allegra, Soonmyung Paik, Katherine L Pogue-Geile
BACKGROUND: We tested the association of colon tumour sidedness with prognosis and with molecular subtypes recently shown to be predictive of oxaliplatin benefit in stage III colon cancer. METHODS: NSABP/NRG C-07 trial (N=1603) was used to determine association of tumour sidedness with molecular subtypes and recurrence-free survival (RFS) and overall survival (OS). RESULTS: Sidedness was associated with molecular subtypes except stem-like/CMS4 subtype...
March 6, 2018: British Journal of Cancer
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