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Halimatou Diop, Kaylin Beiter, Tarik Gheit, Aissatou Sow, Aboubacry Dramé, Sandrine McKay-Chopin, Massimo Tommasino, Cheikh Saad Bouh Boye, Bakary Sylla, Coumba Touré Kane
OBJECTIVES: Several studies have documented the HPV genotypes in the Senegalese general population. The objective was to explore the HPV genotype distribution in Senegalese FSWs in order to assess the potential relevance of currently-available vaccines. METHODS: Vaginal swabs samples collected as part of the National Integrated Biological and Behavioral Survey in 14 regions throughout the country were randomly selected for HPV testing using bead-based multiplex genotyping (TS-MPG)...
February 13, 2019: Papillomavirus Research
Sarah Skinner, Mor Diaw, Maïmouna Ndour Mbaye, Philippe Joly, Céline Renoux, Céline Masson, Charlotte Cuerq, Philomène Lopez, Malick Ndour, Demba Diedhiou, Djiby Sow, Saliou Diop, Abdoulaye Samb, Vincent Pialoux, Philippe Connes
Fasting glucose (FG) and glycated hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) perform sub-optimally in people of African origin, especially in individuals with sickle-cell trait (SCT). The purpose of this study was to compare the relationships between HbA1c, FG, and fructosamine in individuals from Senegal with and without SCT. HbA1c, FG, and fructosamine were measured in 203 adults from Senegal (100 control: 45 with type 2 diabetes (T2D); 103 SCT: 51 with T2D). Significant, positive correlations were observed between HbA1c and FG, fructosamine and FG, and fructosamine and HbA1c in both groups...
2019: PloS One
Patrizia Colangeli, Ercole Del Negro, Umberto Molini, Sara Malizia, Massimo Scacchia
To support African veterinary laboratory services, the Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale dell'Abruzzo e del Molise puts in place an operational system called "SILAB for Africa" (SILABFA); this is a web application used by a laboratory information management system to support laboratory diagnostic activities and to meet the needs of various African countries. SILABFA was designed to collect and manage all necessary information on samples, tests, and test results. The system involves the entry of sample data on arrival, the tracking of samples through the various sections of the laboratory, and the collection of test results...
February 15, 2019: Telemedicine Journal and E-health: the Official Journal of the American Telemedicine Association
Roxanne J Kovacs, Mylene Lagarde, John Cairns
Despite its importance in health care, empirical evidence on patient trust is limited. This is likely because, as with many complex concepts, trust is difficult to measure. This study measured patient trust in health care providers in a sample of 667 patients in Senegal. Two instruments were used to measure patient trust in providers: a survey questionnaire and an incentivised behavioural economic experiment-a "trust game." The results show that the two measures are significantly, but weakly, associated...
February 14, 2019: Health Economics
Averi Chakrabarti, Karen A Grépin, Stéphane Helleringer
BACKGROUND: Countries deliver vaccines either through routine health services or supplementary immunization activities (SIAs), usually community-based or door-to-door immunization campaigns. While SIAs have been successful at increasing coverage of vaccines in low- and middle-income countries, they may disrupt the delivery of routine health services. We examine the impact of SIAs on routine vaccine coverage in five low-income countries. METHODS: Data on the number and timing of SIAs conducted in various countries was compiled by WHO and obtained through UNICEF...
2019: PloS One
Théophile T Azomahou, Racky Baldé, Abdoulaye Diagne, Pape Yona Mané, Ibrahima Sory Kaba
This study endeavors to answer two questions: which category of excise taxes is more appropriate for Senegal and Nigeria and which consequences an increase of the tobacco taxes would have on the price, the demand and the tax revenues in each one of the two countries? To answer these questions, we adopt a double approach: first, a theoretical model of taxation with variety; and second, a simulation model to answer the second question. The results of the theoretical model indicate that, in the context of excise taxation, the number of products variety-or that of cigarette brands-directly affects both the degree of market concentration and the marginal effects of specific and ad valorem excise taxes on the price of tobacco...
2019: PloS One
Alioune Gaye, Eryu Wang, Nikos Vasilakis, Hilda Guzman, Diawo Diallo, Cheikh Talla, Yamar Ba, Ibrahima Dia, Scott C Weaver, Mawlouth Diallo
Dengue fever (DEN) is the most common arboviral disease in the world and dengue virus (DENV) causes 390 million annual infections around the world, of which 240 million are inapparent and 96 million are symptomatic. During the past decade a changing epidemiological pattern has been observed in Africa, with DEN outbreaks reported in all regions. In Senegal, all DENV serotypes have been reported. These important changes in the epidemiological profile of DEN are occurring in a context where there is no qualified vaccine against DEN...
February 2019: PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases
Sid Ahmed Dahdi, Asma Ben Abdelaziz, Tarek Baroumi, Ousmane Ba, Mohamadou Diagana, Lebchir Dada, Ahmed Ben Abdelaziz
BACKGROUND: As part of the preparatory work for the elaboration of a strategic plan for the development of scientific research in Mauritania, an overview of national biomedical research was recommended by the supervisory authorities. AIM: Describe the bibliometric profile of biomedical scientific publications in Mauritania, indexed in Medline database, over the past 25 years. METHODS: A bibliometric study was carried out on Medline Database covering the period from 1 January 1992 to 31 December 2016...
October 2018: La Tunisie Médicale
Michael White, Olubukola Idoko, Samba Sow, Aldiouma Diallo, Beate Kampmann, Ray Borrow, Caroline Trotter
BACKGROUND: A meningococcal group A conjugate vaccine, PsA-TT (also known as MenAfriVac), was developed with the support of the Meningitis Vaccine Project. Around 280 million individuals aged 1-29 years have been immunised across the African meningitis belt. We analysed the kinetics of vaccine-induced antibody response and assessed the possible implications for duration of protection. METHODS: We obtained data from two longitudinal studies done in The Gambia, Mali, and Senegal of antibody responses in 193 children aged 12-23 months and 604 participants aged 2-29 years following MenAfriVac vaccination...
February 8, 2019: Lancet Infectious Diseases
Hye-Kyung Oh, Sunjoo Kang, Sung-Hyun Cho, Yeong-Ju Ju, Daouda Faye
BACKGROUND: Maternal undernutrition is a leading cause of maternal mortality. Furthermore, health statuses and habits of mothers influence health statuses of newborns as well as healthy habits and mortality of children. The Senegal government is aware of the severity of these issues and has devised a national policy goal of reducing maternal, infant, and adolescent mortality rates by the end of 2018. This study aimed to identify nutritional knowledge, attitudes, and practices of lactating women in Senegal, and determine factors related to nutritional practices to obtain basic data for developing a maternal and child nutrition project...
2019: PloS One
Jill Peterson, Aurélie Brunie, Salif Ndeye, Elisabeth Diatta, John Stanback, Dawn Chin-Quee
Background: Given the role that continued use of family planning (FP) by current users plays in increasing contraceptive prevalence rates (CPR), this research aims to measure method-specific continuation rates for fixed-site and community-based program interventions and to document reasons for discontinuation.  Methods: This research compared discontinuation rates for clients initiating family planning through two types of strategies-services provided at existing health centers that provided regular, ongoing services, and "one-off" outreach services in communities...
December 3, 2018: Gates open research
Abdoul-Magib Cissé, Gabrièle Laborde-Balen, Khady Kébé-Fall, Aboubacry Dramé, Halimatou Diop, Karim Diop, FatouNiasse-Traoré, Mohamed Coulibaly, Ndeye-Ngone Have, Nicole Vidal, Safiatou Thiam, Abdoulaye S Wade, Martine Peeters, Bernard Taverne, Philippe Msellati, Coumba Touré-Kane
BACKGROUND: In Senegal in 2015, an estimated 4800 children were living with HIV, with 1200 receiving ARV treatment, of whom half had follow-up care in decentralized sites outside Dakar. However, until now no studies have determined the efficacy of pediatric treatment in decentralized settings, even though the emergence of viral resistance, particularly among children in Africa, is a well-known phenomenon. This study aimed to assess the virological status of HIV-infected children in all decentralized facilities to help improve access to quality care...
February 5, 2019: BMC Pediatrics
Ndeye Khota Fall-Niang, Bissoume Sambe-Ba, Abdoulaye Seck, Saidou Nourou Deme, Abdoul Aziz Wane, Raymond Bercion, Rianatou Alambedji-Bada, Amy Gassama-Sow
The incidence of the Salmonella contamination of poultry products in Senegal is unknown. Salmonella contamination and antimicrobial drug resistance profiles in chicken carcasses were investigated. Between July 2012 and July 2013, three types of chicken carcasses (broilers, laying hens, and premises chickens) obtained from retailers in the markets of Dakar and its suburbs were tested for Salmonella contamination. Salmonella strains were isolated from 300 chicken carcasses according to International Organization for Standardization ISO 6579 (2002) guidelines...
February 1, 2019: Foodborne Pathogens and Disease
Ngianga-Bakwin Kandala, Bettina Shell-Duncan
BACKGROUND: Over the last several decades, global efforts to end female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C) have intensified through combined efforts of international and non-governmental organizations, governments, and religious and civil society groups. One question asked by donors, program implementers and observers alike is whether there is any evidence that FGM/C is declining. In the last two decades, reliable data have been generated in numerous countries through major household surveys, including repeat cross-sectional surveys...
January 30, 2019: International Journal for Equity in Health
My Vt Phan, Sarwa Darwish Murad, Annemiek A van der Eijk, Herold J Metselaar, Hermien Hartog, Femme Harinck, Corine H GeurtsvanKessel, Richard Molenkamp, Matthew Cotten, Marion Pg Koopmans
In November 2018, yellow fever was diagnosed in a Dutch traveller returning from a bicycle tour in the Gambia-Senegal region. A complete genome sequence of yellow fever virus (YFV) from the case was generated and clustered phylogenetically with YFV from the Gambia and Senegal, ruling out importation into the Netherlands from recent outbreaks in Brazil or Angola. We emphasise the need for increased public awareness of YFV vaccination before travelling to endemic countries.
January 2019: Euro Surveillance: Bulletin Européen sur les Maladies Transmissibles, European Communicable Disease Bulletin
Erin G Wessling, Vicky M Oelze, Henk Eshuis, Jill D Pruetz, Hjalmar S Kühl
OBJECTIVES: Food scarcity is proposed to be a limitation to chimpanzees at the limits of their range; however, such a constraint has never been investigated in this context. We investigated patterns of δ13 C and δ15 N variation along a latitudinal gradient at the northwestern West African chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes verus) range limit with the expectation that isotope ratios of chimpanzees at the range limit will indicate different dietary strategies or higher physiological constraints than chimpanzees further from the edge...
January 29, 2019: American Journal of Physical Anthropology
Aldiouma Diallo, Ousmane M Diop, Doudou Diop, Mbayame Nd Niang, Jonathan D Sugimoto, Justin R Ortiz, El Hadji Abdourahmane Faye, Bou Diarra, Deborah Goudiaby, Kristen D C Lewis, Shannon L Emery, Sahar Z Zangeneh, Kathryn E Lafond, Cheikh Sokhna, M Elizabeth Halloran, Marc-Alain Widdowson, Kathleen M Neuzil, John C Victor
Background: Population effects of influenza vaccination of children have not been extensively studied, especially in tropical developing countries. In rural Senegal, we assessed the total (primary objective) and indirect effectiveness of inactivated influenza vaccine, trivalent (IIV3). Methods: In this double-blind, cluster-randomized trial, villages were randomly allocated (1:1) for high-coverage vaccination of children aged 6 months through 10 years with 2008-09 northern hemisphere IIV3 or inactivated polio vaccine (IPV)...
January 28, 2019: Clinical Infectious Diseases: An Official Publication of the Infectious Diseases Society of America
Antoine Le Quéré, Djamel Gully, Albin Teulet, Elisabeth Navarro, Daniel Gargani, Joël Fardoux, Stéphane Cruveiller, Marc Neyra, Eric Giraud, Tatiana Krasova Wade
Here, we report the complete genome sequence of Bradyrhizobium sp. strain ORS3257, which forms efficient symbioses with cowpea, peanut, or groundnut. These genomic data will be useful to identify genes associated with symbiotic performance and host compatibility on several legumes, including Aeschynomene species, with which a Nod-independent type III secretion system (T3SS)-dependent symbiosis can be established.
January 2019: Microbiology resource announcements
Tabitha D van Immerzeel, Maty D Camara, Indou Deme Ly, Rosemarijn J de Jong
BACKGROUND: Treatment of acute malnutrition in infants under 6 months is a relevant topic regarding the global problem of maternal and child malnutrition. While treatment for older age groups has shifted more towards an outpatient, community based approach, young infants are mostly treated in hospital. This study aims to describe barriers and facilitators for outpatient and inpatient treatment of malnourished infants under 6 months in Senegal. METHODS: This qualitative descriptive study uses in-depth interviews with health workers and focus group discussions with mothers of malnourished infants, conducted from June to September 2015 in two case clinics...
January 25, 2019: BMC Health Services Research
Bocarsabaly Baldé, Fambayengom Sow, Kamarel Ba, Werner Ekau, Patrice Brehmer, Justin Kantoussan, Massal Fall, Malick Diouf
We examined growth rates and reproductive characteristics of Sardinella aurita off Senegal and other coastal areas over a 20 year period (1995-2014) to determine how they relate to variations in environmental characteristics of coastal waters. Based on fish length-frequency data and a coastal upwelling index, we found that S. aurita recruitment tends to occur during the periods of most intensive upwelling (March-April off Senegal). Peak reproduction corresponds to periods of low sea-surface temperature (in February or March)...
January 22, 2019: Journal of Fish Biology
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