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Xiang-dong Fu

Jing Hu, Chen Gao, Chaoliang Wei, Yuanchao Xue, Changwei Shao, Yajing Hao, Lan-Tao Gou, Yu Zhou, Jianlin Zhang, Shuxun Ren, Ju Chen, Yibin Wang, Xiang-Dong Fu
Heart performance relies on highly coordinated excitation-contraction (EC) coupling, and defects in this critical process may be exacerbated by additional genetic defects and/or environmental insults to cause eventual heart failure. Here we report a regulatory pathway consisting of the RNA binding protein RBFox2, a stress-induced microRNA miR-34a, and the essential EC coupler JPH2. In this pathway, initial cardiac defects diminish RBFox2 expression, which induces transcriptional repression of miR-34a, and elevated miR-34a targets Jph2 to impair EC coupling, which further manifests heart dysfunction, leading to progressive heart failure...
March 13, 2019: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Long Wang, Chuan-Miao Zhou, Yan-Xia Mai, Ling-Zi Li, Jian Gao, Guang-Dong Shang, Heng Lian, Lin Han, Tian-Qi Zhang, Hong-Bo Tang, Hang Ren, Fu-Xiang Wang, Lian-Yu Wu, Xiao-Li Liu, Chang-Sheng Wang, Er-Wang Chen, Xue-Ning Zhang, Chang Liu, Jia-Wei Wang
Heteroblasty refers to a phenomenon that a plant produces morphologically or functionally different lateral organs in an age-dependent manner. In the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana , the production of trichomes (epidermal leaf hairs) on the abaxial (lower) side of leaves is a heteroblastic mark for the juvenile-to-adult transition. Here, we show that the heteroblastic development of abaxial trichomes is regulated by a spatiotemporally regulated complex comprising the leaf abaxial fate determinant ( KAN1 ) and the developmental timer (miR172-targeted AP2-like proteins)...
March 6, 2019: EMBO Journal
Wen-Sen Chen, Fu Qiao, Yue Yang, Xiao-Dong Gao, Zhan-Jie Li, Yong-Xiang Zhang, Wei-Hong Zhang, Qiang Fu, Yun Liu
Healthcare associated infection (HAI) control and prevention is the important component of medical safety. Healthcare workers (HCWs) are the core forces for implementing good HAI control and prevention. Several cases of outbreaks occurred in outpatient and emergency department (OED) strengthened the importance of infection control and prevention. Recently, the "Regulation for prevention and control of HAI in outpatient and emergency department in healthcare facilities" was released by National health Commission of the People's Republic of China on May 10, 2018 and was going to implement on Nov 1, 2018...
January 2019: Annals of Translational Medicine
Qiu-Xia Han, Dong Zhang, Ya-Li Zhao, Liang Liu, Jing Li, Fu Zhang, Fu-Xin Luan, Jia-Yu Duan, Zhang-Suo Liu, Guang-Yan Cai, Xiang-Mei Chen, Han-Yu Zhu
BACKGROUND: Accurate estimation of the glomerular filtration rate (GFR) and staging of chronic kidney disease (CKD) are important. Currently, there is no research on the differences in several estimated GFR equations for staging CKD in a large sample of centenarians. Thus, this study aimed to investigate the differences in CKD staging with the most commonly used equations and to analyze sources of discrepancy. METHODS: A total of 966 centenarians were enrolled in this study from June 2014 to December 2016 in Hainan province, China...
February 6, 2019: Chinese Medical Journal
Xiang Li, Ze-Sheng Zhang, Xiao-Han Zhang, Sheng-Nan Yang, Dong Liu, Cui-Ru Diao, Hao Wang, Fu-Ping Zheng
Anthocyanins have been shown to exhibit antitumor activity in several cancers in vitro and in vivo. Oxaliplatin is widely used as an anti-cancer drug. However, a large proportion of patients receiving platinum-based anti-cancer drug treatments will relapse because of metastasis and drug resistance. The aim of this study is to discover an effective anthocyanin that possesses the combinational anti-metastatic effects of oxaliplatin. Our results showed that cyanidin, one of the main constituents of anthocyanins, widely found in black rice, black bean, Hawthorn and other foods, could reverse drug resistance and enhance the effects of oxaliplatin on hepatic cellular cancer (HCC)...
January 23, 2019: Food & Function
Yunfei Liu, Fangyuan Liu, Ling Wang, Jia-Ling Fu, Zhong-Wen Luo, Qian Nie, Xiao-Dong Gong, Jia-Wen Xiang, Yuan Xiao, David Wan-Cheng Li
It is now well established that protein sumoylation acts as an important regulator mechanism modulating functions over three thousand proteins. In the vision system, protein conjugation with SUMO peptides can regulate differentiation of multiple ocular tissues. Such regulation is often explored through analysis of biochemical and physiological changes with various cell lines in vitro. We have recently analyzed the expression levels of both mRNAs and proteins for seven de-sumoylation enzymes (SENPs) in five major ocular cell lines...
January 12, 2019: Current Molecular Medicine
Jia-Wen Xiang, Lan Zhang, Xiangcheng Tang, Yuan Xiao, Yunfei Liu, Ling Wang, Fangyuan Liu, Xiao-Dong Gong, Jia-Ling Fu, Lan Yang, Zhongwen Luo, David Wan-Cheng Li
Protein Sumoylation is one of the most important and prevalent posttranscriptional modification. Increasing evidence have shown that the SENPs (sentrin/SUMO-specific proteases) are critical for steady-state levels of SUMO modification of target proteins, and protein de-sumoylation modulates a great diversity of biological processes including transcription, development, differentiation, neuroprotection, as well as pathogenesis. In the vertebrate eye, we and others have previously shown that sumoylation participated in the differentiation of major ocular tissues including retina and lens...
January 12, 2019: Current Molecular Medicine
Sheng-Zhuo Huang, Fan-Dong Kong, Gao Chen, Xiang-Hai Cai, Li-Man Zhou, Qing-Yun Ma, Qi Wang, Wen-Li Mei, Hao-Fu Dai, You-Xing Zhao
Twelve undescribed compounds including six phenanthrene derivatives (parviphenanthrines A-F), two stilbene derivatives (parvistilbines A-B), three esters (parviesters A-C), and one sesquiterpenoid (parvidiol A) were isolated from the roots of Stemona parviflora, together with twenty-two known ones. The structures of the undescribed compounds were elucidated based on the analyses of their spectroscopic data. The absolute configuration of parviphenanthrine A was determined by the quantum ECD calculations. Parviphenanthrines A and E, stemanthrene A, stilbostenin E, 4-hydroxy-benzenepropanol-α-benzoate, and (E)-4-hydroxycinnamic acid methyl ester showed nematocidal activity against Meloidogyne incognita with IC50 values of 14...
January 8, 2019: Phytochemistry
Qiu-Xiang Du, Na Li, Li-Hong Dang, Ta-Na Dong, Han-Lin Lu, Fu-Xia Shi, Qian-Qian Jin, Cao Jie, Jun-Hong Sun
Although many time-dependent parameters involved in wound healing have been exhaustively investigated, establishing an objective and reliable means for estimating wound age remains a challenge. In this study, 78 Sprague-Dawley rats were divided randomly into a control group and contusion groups at 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36, 40, 44, and 48 h post-injury (n = 6 per group). The expression of 35 wound healing-related genes was explored in contused skeletal muscle by real-time polymerase chain reaction...
January 11, 2019: International Journal of Legal Medicine
Ya-Nan Ma, Dong-Bei Xu, Ling Li, Fei Zhang, Xue-Qing Fu, Qian Shen, Xue-Ying Lyu, Zhang-Kuanyu Wu, Qi-Fang Pan, Pu Shi, Xiao-Long Hao, Ting-Xiang Yan, Ming-Hui Chen, Pin Liu, Qian He, Li-Hui Xie, Yi-Jun Zhong, Yue-Li Tang, Jing-Ya Zhao, Li-Da Zhang, Xiao-Fen Sun, Ke-Xuan Tang
Artemisia annua produces the valuable medicinal component, artemisinin, which is a sesquiterpene lactone widely used in malaria treatment. AaORA, a homolog of CrORCA3, which is involved in activating terpenoid indole alkaloid biosynthesis in Catharanthus roseus , is a jasmonate (JA)-responsive and trichome-specific APETALA2/ETHYLENE-RESPONSE FACTOR that plays a pivotal role in artemisinin biosynthesis. However, the JA signaling mechanism underlying AaORA-mediated artemisinin biosynthesis remains enigmatic. Here, we report that AaORA forms a transcriptional activator complex with AaTCP14 (TEOSINTE BRANCHED 1/CYCLOIDEA/PROLIFERATING CELL FACTOR 14), which is also predominantly expressed in trichomes...
November 2018: Science Advances
Yunfei Liu, Lan Zhang, Xiangcheng Tang, Fangyuan Liu, Jia-Ling Fu, Xiao-Dong Gong, Ling Wang, Qian Nie, Jia-Wen Xiang, Yuan Xiao, Yizhi Liu, David Wan-Cheng Li
Accumulated evidence have well established that protein sumoylation plays multiple roles in various cellular processes. In the vertebrate eye, we and others have demonstrated that sumoylation displays indispensable roles in regulating eye development. Various ocular cell lines including human embryonic cell line (FHL124), the SV40-large T-transformed human lens epithelial cell line (HLE), the SV40-large T-transformed mouse lens epithelial cell line (αTN4-1), the rabbit lens epithelial cell line (N/N1003A) and the human retina pigment epithelial cell line (ARPE-19) have been extensively used for studying various cellular functions and disease processes including sumoylation functions, and mechanisms for cataract and age-related macular degeneration (AMD)...
January 7, 2019: Current Molecular Medicine
He-Ping Fu, Shuai Yuan, Du-Hu Man, Xiang-Xian Chai, Su-Wen Yang, Dar-Han Bao, Xiao-Dong Wu
The Transbaikal zokor ( Myospalax psilurus ) is a dominant rodent distributed in the meadow steppe of Inner Mongolia in northern China. Due to long history of evolution in subterranean environment, the zokor has an adaptive behavior: sealing burrow entrances. When a burrow is damaged, exposed entrances appear, and within a relatively short time, the zokor would be active in sealing the entrances to reduce risks to its survival. In general, it is thought that zokors avoid light and wind, which is consistent with their behavior of sealing burrow entrances...
December 2018: Ecology and Evolution
Xin-Xin Guo, Xiao-Huan Zou, Chong Wang, Xiang-Ping Yao, Hui-Zhen Su, Lu-Lu Lai, Hai-Ting Chen, Jing-Hui Lai, Yao-Bin Liu, Dong-Ping Chen, Yu-Chun Deng, Pan Lin, Hua-Song Lin, Bing-Cong Hong, Qing-Yang Yao, Xue-Jiao Chen, Dan-Qin Huang, Hong-Xia Fu, Ji-Dong Peng, Yan-Fang Niu, Yu-Ying Zhao, Xiao-Qun Zhu, Xiao-Pei Lu, Hai-Liang Lin, Yong-Kun Li, Chang-Yun Liu, Gen-Bin Huang, Ning Wang, Wan-Jin Chen
Primary familial brain calcification (PFBC) is a rare neurodegenerative disorder with four causative genes (SLC20A2, PDGFRB, PDGFB and XPR1) that have been identified. Here, we aim to describe the mutational spectrum of four causative genes in a series of 226 unrelated Chinese PFBC patients. Mutations in four causative genes were detected in 16.8% (38/226) of PFBC patients. SLC20A2 mutations accounted for 14.2% (32/226) of all patients. Mutations in the other three genes were relatively rare, accounting for 0...
January 4, 2019: Human Mutation
Yao Chen, Wen-Liang Fu, Xiang-Dong Gan, Wei-Wei Xing, Wen-Rong Xia, Min-Ji Zou, Qing Liu, Yuan-Yuan Wang, Chao Zhang, Dong-Gang Xu
Macrophage migration plays an essential role in immune system and is also involved in many pathological situations. However, the regulatory mechanism of macrophage migration remains to be elucidated due to its diverse responses to various stimuli. SAK-HV, a multifunctional protein possessing thrombolytic and lipid-lowering activity, can selectively induce the macrophage proliferation. Here, we reported SAK-HV significantly triggered RAW264.7 cells migration through its functional domain of SAK-mutant by activating both c-jun N-terminal kinases (JNK) and nuclear factor-κB (NF-κB) pathways...
2018: International Journal of Biological Sciences
Ling-Xiang Yu, Bo-Lun Zhang, Yuan Yang, Meng-Chao Wang, Guang-Lin Lei, Yuan Gao, Hu Liu, Chao-Hui Xiao, Jia-Jia Xu, Hao Qin, Xiao-Ya Xu, Zi-Shuo Chen, Da-Dong Zhang, Fu-Gen Li, Shao-Geng Zhang, Rong Liu
Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is one of the most common malignant tumors worldwide, and current treatments exhibit limited efficacy against advanced HCC. The majority of cancer-related deaths are caused by metastasis from the primary tumor, which indicates the importance of identifying clinical biomarkers for predicting metastasis and indicating prognosis. Patient-derived cells (PDCs) may be effective models for biomarker identification. In the present study, a wound healing assay was used to obtain 10 fast-migrated and 10 slow-migrated PDC cultures from 36 HCC samples...
October 29, 2018: Oncology Reports
Yansong Fu, Rui Yan, Dongli Liu, Shanwen Jiang, Lin Cui, Xiaowei Guo, Xiangjing Wang, Ji Zhang, Wensheng Xiang
A novel Gram-stain-negative, aerobic, rod-shaped plant growth promoting bacterium, NEAU-SY24T , was isolated from soil in Diaoshuihu, Heilongjiang, China. The isolate grew at temperatures 10-40 °C (optimum, 30 °C), pH 5-8 (optimum, pH 6) and in the presence of up to 1 % (w/v) NaCl, although NaCl was not required for growth. Phylogenetic analysis based on the 16S rRNA gene sequence indicated that strain NEAU-SY24T belonged to the genus Trinickia and was closely related to Trinickia dabaoshanensis NRRL B-59553T (99...
December 4, 2018: International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology
Xue-Wu Guo, Yu Zhang, Lu-Lu Li, Xiang-Yu Guan, Jian Guo, De-Guang Wu, Ye-Fu Chen, Dong-Guang Xiao
Background: The biological production of 2,3-butanediol from xylose-rich raw materials from Klebsiella pneumoniae is a low-cost process. RpoD , an encoding gene of the sigma factor, is the key element in global transcription machinery engineering and has been successfully used to improve the fermentation with Escherichia coli . However, whether it can regulate the tolerance in K. pneumoniae remains unclear. Results: In this study, the kpC mutant strain was constructed by altering the expression quantity and genotype of the rpoD gene, and this exhibited high xylose tolerance and 2,3-butanediol production...
2018: Biotechnology for Biofuels
Zhi Huang, Fu-Xiang Jiang, Jian Li, Dan Jiang, Ti-Gang Xiao, Ju-Hua Zeng
BACKGROUND: Anemia is one of the most common diseases of childhood and is a health problem globally, particularly in developing counties and in children less than 2 years of age. Anemia during childhood has short- and long-term effects on health. However, few studies have investigated the prevalence of anemia among children in Huaihua. Therefore, this study analyzed the prevalence and risk factors of anemia among children 6 to 23 months of age in Huaihua. METHODS: This cross-sectional study was conducted at a maternal and child health care hospital in Huaihua, from September to November 2017...
November 19, 2018: BMC Public Health
Hui Xia, Chun Liu, Cheng-Chung Li, Maobin Fu, Shingo Takahashi, Kang-Quan Hu, Koichi Aizawa, Suganuma Hiroyuki, Guojun Wu, Liping Zhao, Xiang-Dong Wang
Both incidence and death rate due to liver cancer have increased in the United States. Higher consumption of lycopene-rich tomato and tomato products is associated with a decreased risk of cancers. β-Carotene-15, 15'-oxygenase (BCO1), and β-carotene-9', 10'-oxygenase (BCO2) cleave lycopene to produce bioactive apo-lycopenoids. Although BCO1/BCO2 polymorphisms affect human and animal lycopene levels, whether dietary tomato consumption can inhibit high-fat diet (HFD)-promoted hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) development and affect gut microbiota in the absence of BCO1/BCO2 is unclear...
November 16, 2018: Cancer Prevention Research
Chong-Jian Lu, Xiao-Ying Fan, Yue-Feng Guo, Zhen-Chao Cheng, Ji Dong, Jin-Zi Chen, Lian-Yan Li, Mei-Wen Wang, Ze-Kai Wu, Fei Wang, Xiang-Jun Tong, Ling-Fei Luo, Fu-Chou Tang, Zuo-Yan Zhu, Bo Zhang
Pancreatic endocrine islets are vital for glucose homeostasis. However, the islet developmental trajectory and its regulatory network are not well understood. To define the features of these specification and differentiation processes, we isolated individual islet cells from TgBAC(neurod1:EGFP) transgenic zebrafish and analyzed islet developmental dynamics across four different embryonic stages using a single-cell RNA-seq strategy. We identified proliferative endocrine progenitors, which could be further categorized by different cell cycle phases with the G1/S sub-population displaying a distinct differentiation potential...
November 8, 2018: Journal of Molecular Cell Biology
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