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Il-Hyun Kim, Joon-Kee Yoon, Su Jin Lee, Eugene Jeong, Young-Sil An
Radioactive iodine (RAI) therapy is widely used as an adjunctive treatment in patients with differentiated thyroid cancer. Although I has high avidity in the functioning thyroid, and in differentiated thyroid cancer lesions, physiological and nonspecific uptake of I in healthy or benign tissue may contribute to false-positive findings on an I scan. Here, we present an interesting image of RAI uptake in the eye region post-RAI treatment, which has been identified as tear contamination in the artificial eye.
February 8, 2019: Clinical Nuclear Medicine
Panagiota Spyridonos, Georgios Gaitanis, Aristidis Likas, Ioannis D Bassukas
BACKGROUND: Actinic keratosis (AK) is a common premalignant skin lesion that can potentially progress to squamous cell carcinoma. Appropriate long-term management of AK requires close patient monitoring in addition to therapeutic interventions. Computer-aided diagnostic systems based on clinical photography might evolve in the future into valuable adjuncts to AK patient management. The present study proposes a late fusion approach of color-texture features (shallow features) and deep features extracted from pre-trained convolutional neural networks (CNN) to boost AK detection accuracy on clinical photographs...
February 14, 2019: Skin Research and Technology
Graham C Wong, Michelle Welsford, Craig Ainsworth, Wael Abuzeid, Christopher B Fordyce, Jennifer Greene, Thao Huynh, Laurie Lambert, Michel Le May, Sohrab Lutchmedial, Shamir R Mehta, Madhu Natarajan, Colleen M Norris, Christopher B Overgaard, Michele Perry Arnesen, Ata Quraishi, Jean François Tanguay, Mouheiddin Traboulsi, Sean van Diepen, Robert Welsh, David A Wood, Warren J Cantor
Rapid reperfusion of the infarct-related artery is the cornerstone of therapy for the management of acute ST-elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI). Canada's geography presents unique challenges for timely delivery of reperfusion therapy for STEMI patients. The Canadian Cardiovascular Society/Canadian Association of Interventional Cardiology STEMI guideline was developed to provide advice regarding the optimal acute management of STEMI patients irrespective of where they are initially identified: in the field, at a non-percutaneous coronary intervention-capable centre or at a percutaneous coronary intervention-capable centre...
February 2019: Canadian Journal of Cardiology
Jennifer L Quon, Lily H Kim, Robert M Lober, Maryam Maleki, Gary K Steinberg, Kristen W Yeom
OBJECTIVEMoyamoya disease is a dynamic cerebrovascular condition that often requires vascular surveillance. Arterial spin labeling (ASL) is an MR perfusion method that is increasingly used for stroke and other various neurovascular pathologies. Unlike perfusion-weighted MRI, ASL uses endogenous water molecules for signal and therefore obviates gadolinium use; and provides direct, not relative, quantitative cerebral blood flow (CBF) measures. Presently, the potential role of ASL for evaluating postoperative pediatric moyamoya patients is relatively unexplored...
February 8, 2019: Journal of Neurosurgery. Pediatrics
Gennadiy A Katsevman, Ryan C Turner, Ogaga Urhie, Joseph L Voelker, Sanjay Bhatia
OBJECTIVEIt is commonly reported that achieving gross-total resection of contrast-enhancing areas in patients with glioblastoma (GBM) improves overall survival. Efforts to achieve an improved resection have included the use of both imaging and pharmacological adjuvants. The authors sought to investigate the role of sodium fluorescein in improving the rates of gross-total resection of GBM and to assess whether patients undergoing resection with fluorescein have improved survival compared to patients undergoing resection without fluorescein...
February 8, 2019: Journal of Neurosurgery
Nicholas A Turner, Batu K Sharma-Kuinkel, Stacey A Maskarinec, Emily M Eichenberger, Pratik P Shah, Manuela Carugati, Thomas L Holland, Vance G Fowler
Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is one of the most successful modern pathogens. The same organism that lives as a commensal and is transmitted in both health-care and community settings is also a leading cause of bacteraemia, endocarditis, skin and soft tissue infections, bone and joint infections and hospital-acquired infections. Genetically diverse, the epidemiology of MRSA is primarily characterized by the serial emergence of epidemic strains. Although its incidence has recently declined in some regions, MRSA still poses a formidable clinical threat, with persistently high morbidity and mortality...
February 8, 2019: Nature Reviews. Microbiology
Min Dong, Liang-Nan Zeng, Qinge Zhang, Gabor S Ungvari, Chee H Ng, Helen F K Chiu, Tian-Mei Si, Kang Sim, Ajit Avasthi, Sandeep Grover, Mian-Yoon Chong, Kok-Yoon Chee, Shigenobu Kanba, Min-Soo Lee, Shu-Yu Yang, Pichet Udomratn, Roy A Kallivayalil, Andi J Tanra, Margarita M Maramis, Winston W Shen, Norman Sartorius, Rathi Mahendran, Chay-Hoon Tan, Naotaka Shinfuku, Yu-Tao Xiang
AIM: Depressive disorders are common in old age. Antipsychotics (APs) are often used as an adjunctive treatment with antidepressants (ADs) in this population but its patterns of use in Asia are not known. This study explored the rate of combination of APs and ADs in older adult psychiatric patients in Asia. METHODS: This is a secondary analysis of the database of a multicentre study which recorded participants' basic demographical and clinical data in standardised format in 10 Asian countries and territories...
February 7, 2019: Psychogeriatrics: the Official Journal of the Japanese Psychogeriatric Society
Alessandro Sciahbasi, Alessandro Sarandrea, Stefano Rigattieri, Roberto Patrizi, Maria Cera, Cristian Di Russo, Luigi Zezza, Silvio Fedele, Giuseppe Ferraiuolo
BACKGROUND: Different tools and devices are effective to reduce operator radiation exposure at thorax level during percutaneous coronary procedures, but the operator radiation dose received at pelvic region still remains high. Our aim was to evaluate the efficacy of under-the-table adjunctive shields to reduce operator radiation exposure during percutaneous coronary procedures Methods and Results: The EXTRA-RAD study (Extended Protective Shield Under Table to Reduce Operator Radiation Dose in Percutaneous Coronary Procedures) is a prospective, single-center, randomized study...
February 2019: Circulation. Cardiovascular Interventions
Kazuo Shimamura, Toru Kuratani, Keiwa Kin, Takayuki Shijo, Kenta Masada, Yoshiki Sawa
OBJECTIVES: The objective of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of embolic protection filter device in stroke prevention during hybrid endovascular arch repair in patients with significant aortic atheroma. METHODS: Twenty-two patients (20 men, mean age 79.0 years, mean logistic EuroSCORE 23.9%) with aortic arch/proximal descending aortic diseases and significant aortic atheroma (atheroma grade ≥ II) who were deemed unfit for conventional open surgery underwent endovascular aortic arch repair with protection of the supra-arch vessels using a balloon catheter and filter devices...
January 31, 2019: Interactive Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery
Jianru Yi, Li Mei, Xue Li, Wei Zheng, Yu Li, Zhihe Zhao
OBJECTIVES: The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of continuous parathyroid hormone (cPTH) and intermittent parathyroid hormone (iPTH) on bone formation and bone resorption in midpalatal suture during maxillary expansion. METHODS: Forty-eight male SD rats were randomly divided into four groups (n = 12 each), including the control, the expansion (E), the E + cPTH, and the E + iPTH. A thermosensitive controlled-release hydrogel was synthesized for cPTH administration...
January 25, 2019: Archives of Oral Biology
Luis Fernández, Cynthia Ellman, Patricia Jackson
INTRODUCTION: Negative pressure wound therapy with instillation and dwell time (NPWTi-d) cleanses wounds with cyclic delivery, dwell, and removal of topical solutions to solubilize infectious materials and wound debris. OBJECTIVE: In this 2-patient case study, the authors report their experiences using NPWTi-d on 2 critically ill patients requiring management of large, complex wounds. MATERIALS AND METHODS: In both cases, normal saline was instilled with 10- to 20-minute dwell times, followed by 2 hours of negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) at -125 mm Hg...
January 2019: Wounds: a Compendium of Clinical Research and Practice
Torsten Liem
Background: Cases of pertussis, or whooping cough, have increased in recent years despite widespread vaccination and adequate antibiotic treatments. Osteopathic physicians may want to consider using osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT) as an adjunctive treatment modality for pertussis; however, suitable OMT techniques are not specified in the research literature. Objective: To search the historical osteopathic literature to identify OMT techniques that were used in the management of pertussis in the pre-antibiotic era...
February 1, 2019: Journal of the American Osteopathic Association
Younhyun Jung, Jinman Kim, Lei Bi, Ashnil Kumar, David Dagan Feng, Michael Fulham
PURPOSE: Our aim was to develop an interactive 3D direct volume rendering (DVR) visualization solution to interpret and analyze complex, serial multi-modality imaging datasets from positron emission tomography-computed tomography (PET-CT). METHODS: Our approach uses: (i) a serial transfer function (TF) optimization to automatically depict particular regions of interest (ROIs) over serial datasets with consistent anatomical structures; (ii) integration of a serial segmentation algorithm to interactively identify and track ROIs on PET; and (iii) parallel graphics processing unit (GPU) implementation for interactive visualization...
January 19, 2019: International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery
Marta Aparecida Alberton Nuernberg, Daniela Maria Janjacomo Miessi, Camila Ayumi Ivanaga, Mariane Bocalon Olivo, Edilson Ervolino, Valdir Gouveia Garcia, Mark Wainwright, Letícia Helena Theodoro
BACKGROUND: The study aimed to evaluate the effect of antimicrobial photodynamic therapy (aPDT) as adjunctive therapy to scaling and root planing in experimental periodontitis in rats, with or without systemic involvement, by means of histometric analysis of the furcation region. METHODS: Systematic search was done using PubMed/MEDLINE, SCOPUS, EMBASE and ProQuest databases. Quantitative analysis of alveolar bone loss, with subcategories for the experimental periods studied, was performed...
January 15, 2019: Photodiagnosis and Photodynamic Therapy
Juliana Hotta, Gustavo Pompermeier Garlet, Tania Mary Cestari, Jozely Francisca Mello Lima, Vinícius Carvalho Porto, Vanessa Migliorini Urban, Karin Hermana Neppelenbroek
STATEMENT OF PROBLEM: Antifungal agents incorporated into interim denture resilient liners have been suggested as an adjunct treatment for denture stomatitis (DS). However, before applying this protocol to humans, biocompatibility analysis of such drugs in animal models is required. PURPOSE: The purpose of this animal study was to evaluate the in vivo biocompatibility of an interim resilient liner modified with minimum inhibitory concentrations (MICs) of antifungal drugs for Candida albicans biofilm...
January 2019: Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry
Robyn M Engel, Marvin L Thomas Iii, Ron E Banks
Regional anesthesia is a commonly used adjunct to orofacial dental and surgical procedures in companion animals andhumans. However, appropriate techniques for anesthetizing branches of the mandibular and maxillary nerves have not beendescribed for rhesus monkeys. Skulls of 3 adult rhesus monkeys were examined to identify relevant foramina, establish appropriate landmarks for injection, and estimate injection angles and depth. Cadaver heads of 7 adult rhesus monkeys (4 male,3 female) were then injected with thiazine dye to demonstrate correct placement of solution to immerse specific branches of the mandibular and maxillary nerves...
January 10, 2019: Journal of the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science: JAALAS
Hasan Ghajavand, Mansour Kargarpour Kamakoli, Sharareh Khanipour, Shahin Pourazar Dizaji, Morteza Masoumi, Fatemeh Rahimi Jamnani, Abolfazl Fateh, Seyed Davar Siadat, Farzam Vaziri
In the regions that Bedaquiline is introduced into regimen, analysis of the MIC and screening for pre-existing resistant mutations could be crucial. The high prevalence of isolates with high BDQ MICs without prior exposure to BDQ was worrisome. It was also concluded that efflux pumps play pivotal role in intrinsic BDQ resistance; therefore, the potential of verapamil as an adjunctive therapy to combat BDQ resistance should be investigated.
January 2, 2019: Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy
Patrick Vizeli, Henriette E Meyer Zu Schwabedissen, Matthias E Liechti
Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA; ecstasy) is used recreationally and has been investigated as an adjunct to psychotherapy. Most acute effects of MDMA can be attributed to activation of the serotonin (5-hydroxytryptamine [5-HT]) system. Genetic variants, such as single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and polymorphic regions in 5-HT system genes, may contribute to interindividual differences in the acute effects of MDMA. We characterized the effects of common genetic variants within selected genes that encode the 5-HT system (TPH1 [tryptophan 5-hydroxylase 1] rs1800532 and rs1799913, TPH2 [tryptophan 5-hydroxylase 2] rs7305115, HTR1A [5-HT1A receptor] rs6295, HTR1B [5-HT1B receptor] rs6296, HTR2A [5-HT2A receptor] rs6313, and SLC6A4 [serotonin transporter] 5-HTTLPR and rs25531) on the physiological and subjective response to 125 mg MDMA compared with placebo in 124 healthy subjects...
December 27, 2018: ACS Chemical Neuroscience
Hui Wang, Monja Willershäuser, Angelos Karlas, Dimitris Gorpas, Josefine Reber, Vasilis Ntziachristos, Stefanie Maurer, Tobias Fromme, Yongguo Li, Martin Klingenspor
OBJECTIVES: Brown adipose tissue (BAT) dissipates nutritional energy as heat through uncoupling protein 1 (UCP1). The discovery of functional BAT in healthy adult humans has promoted the search for pharmacological interventions to recruit and activate brown fat as a treatment of obesity and diabetes type II. These efforts require in vivo models to compare the efficacy of novel compounds in a relevant physiological context. METHODS: We generated a knock-in mouse line expressing firefly luciferase and near-infrared red florescent protein (iRFP713) driven by the regulatory elements of the endogenous Ucp1 gene...
November 28, 2018: Molecular Metabolism
Xiaoping Ren, Anne E Roessler, Thomas L Lynch, Lauren Haar, Faryal Mallick, Yong Liu, Michael Tranter, Michelle Ren, Wen Rui Xie, Guo-Chang Fan, Jun-Ming Zhang, Evangelia Kranias, Ahmad Anjak, Sheryl E Koch, Min Jiang, Sarat Dass, Albert Cohen, Jack Rubinstein, Neal L Weintraub, W Keith Jones
Timely reperfusion is still the most effective approach to limit infarct size in man. Despite advances in care and reduction in door-to-balloon times, nearly 25% of pa-tients develop heart failure post-MI, with its attendant morbidity and mortality. We pre-viously showed that cardioprotection results from a skin incision through the umbilicus in a murine model of myocardial infarction. In this study, we show that an electrical stimulus (ES) or topical capsaicin applied to the skin in the same region induces signif-icantly reduced infarct size in a murine model...
December 21, 2018: American Journal of Physiology. Heart and Circulatory Physiology
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