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2013: Kidney International Supplements
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2013: Kidney International Supplements
Ruff Joseph Macale Cajanding
COVID-19 has emerged as one of the most devastating and clinically significant infectious diseases of the last decade. It has reached global pandemic status at an unprecedented pace and has placed significant demands on health care systems worldwide. Although COVID-19 primarily affects the lungs, epidemiologic reports have shown that the disease affects other vital organs of the body, including the heart, vasculature, kidneys, brain, and the hematopoietic system. Of importance is the emerging awareness of the effects of COVID-19 on the cardiovascular system...
April 15, 2021: AACN Advanced Critical Care
Jessica R Santos-Parker, Maxwell Yoshida, Alexander K Hallway, Michael J Englesbe, Kenneth J Woodside, Ryan A Howard
BACKGROUND: Larger opioid prescriptions are associated with increased consumption without improvements in pain, and the majority of opioids prescribed go unused. We examined postoperative opioid prescription and use in patients undergoing vascular access surgery, where preoperative opioid exposure is common. METHODS: A retrospective analysis was conducted in adult CKD patients who underwent outpatient vascular access surgery. Patients were surveyed by telephone >2 weeks after surgery to assess pain level and opioid and non-opioid medication use...
April 6, 2021: Journal of Surgical Research
Xiaoyang Zhou, Pingping Dong, Jianneng Pan, Hua Wang, Zhaojun Xu, Bixin Chen
PURPOSE: This network meta-analysis aims to compare the efficacy and safety of various renal replacement therapy (RRT) modalities in critically ill patients with acute kidney injury (AKI). MATERIALS AND METHODS: We searched the electronic databases for randomized controlled trials (RCTs) comparing different RRT modalities, including continuous RRT, intermittent RRT, hybrid RRT, and peritoneal dialysis (PD), in critically ill patients with AKI through July 26, 2020...
March 25, 2021: Journal of Critical Care
Y Li, M Gao, L-H Yin, L-N Xu, Y Qi, Pengyuan Sun, J-Y Peng
Dioscin, one natural product, has various pharmacological actions. However, its effects on methotrexate (MTX)-induced hepatorenal damages still remain unknown. In the present study, the data manifested that dioscin restored the viabilities of L-02 and NRK-52E cells, reduced ALT, AST, Cr, BUN levels, and ameliorated histopathological changes of liver and kidney. Besides, dioscin decreased ROS levels in cells, and adjusted SOD, MDA, GSH and GSH-Px levels in rats. Dioscin reduced the expression levels of miR-145-5p which directly targeted Sirt5, and then regulated the expression levels of SOD1, Nrf2, Gst, Keap1, HO-1, GCLC and NQO1...
April 6, 2021: Free Radical Biology & Medicine
Anubha Singh, Simran Tandon, Shoma Paul Nandi, Tanzeer Kaur, Chanderdeep Tandon
Ethnopharmacological relevance-In the Indian traditional system of medicine, Bergenia ligulata (Wall.) Engl has been used for treatment of urolithiasis. Its efficacious nature has led to its incorporation in various commercial herbal formulations such as Cystone and Neeri, which are prescribed for kidney related ailments. AIM OF THE STUDY: To assess whether ethanolic extract of B. ligulata can mitigate the cascade of inflammatory responses that cause oxidative stress and ultimately cell death in renal epithelial cells exposed to hyperoxaluric conditions, using renal epithelial cells as the model system...
April 6, 2021: Journal of Ethnopharmacology
Onur Cil, Xiaolan Chen, Henry R Askew Page, Samuel N Baldwin, Maria C Jordan, Pyone Myat Thwe, Marc O Anderson, Peter M Haggie, Iain A Greenwood, Kenneth P Roos, Alan S Verkman
Hypertension is a major cause of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality, despite the availability of antihypertensive drugs with different targets and mechanisms of action. Here, we provide evidence that pharmacological inhibition of TMEM16A (ANO1), a calcium-activated chloride channel expressed in vascular smooth muscle cells, blocks calcium-activated chloride currents and contraction in vascular smooth muscle in vitro and decreases blood pressure in spontaneously hypertensive rats. The acylaminocycloalkylthiophene TMinh-23 fully inhibited calcium-activated TMEM16A chloride current with nanomolar potency in Fischer rat thyroid cells expressing TMEM16A, and in primary cultures of rat vascular smooth muscle cells...
April 6, 2021: Kidney International
Thiago Reis, Siddiq Anwar, Francisco de Assis da Rocha Neves, Claudio Ronco
In the past decade, a new class of hemodialysis (HD) membranes (high retention onset class) became available for clinical use. The high cutoff (HCO) and the medium cutoff (MCO) membranes have wider pores and more uniformity in pore size, allowing an increased clearance of uremic toxins. Owing to the mechanism of backfiltration/internal filtration, middle molecules are dragged by the convective forces, and no substitution solution is needed. The HCO dialyzer is applied in septic patients with acute kidney injury requiring continuous kidney replacement therapy...
April 9, 2021: Jornal Brasileiro de Nefrologia: ʹorgão Oficial de Sociedades Brasileira e Latino-Americana de Nefrologia
Cristina Martins, Simone L Saeki, Marcelo Mazza do Nascimento, Fernando M Lucas Júnior, Ana Maria Vavruk, Christiane L Meireles, Sandra Justino, Denise Mafra, Estela Iraci Rabito, Maria Eliana Madalozzo Schieferdecker, Letícia Fuganti Campos, Denise P J van Aanholt, Ana Adélia Hordonho, Marcia Samia Pinheiro Fidelix
This nutrition consensus document is the first to coordinate the efforts of three professional organizations - the Brazilian Association of Nutrition (Asbran), the Brazilian Society of Nephrology (SBN), and the Brazilian Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (Braspen/SBNPE) - to select terminology and international standardized tools used in nutrition care. Its purpose is to improve the training delivered to nutritionists working with adult patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD). Eleven questions were developed concerning patient screening, care, and nutrition outcome management...
April 9, 2021: Jornal Brasileiro de Nefrologia: ʹorgão Oficial de Sociedades Brasileira e Latino-Americana de Nefrologia
Inah Maria D Pecly, Rafael B Azevedo, Elizabeth S Muxfeldt, Bruna G Botelho, Gabriela G Albuquerque, Pedro Henrique P Diniz, Rodrigo Silva, Cibele I S Rodrigues
Kidney impairment in hospitalized patients with SARS-CoV-2 infection is associated with increased in-hospital mortality and worse clinical evolution, raising concerns towards patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD). From a pathophysiological perspective, COVID-19 is characterized by an overproduction of inflammatory cytokines (IL-6, TNF-alpha), causing systemic inflammation and hypercoagulability, and multiple organ dysfunction syndrome. Emerging data postulate that CKD under conservative treatment or renal replacement therapy (RRT) is an important risk factor for disease severity and higher in-hospital mortality amongst patients with COVID-19...
April 9, 2021: Jornal Brasileiro de Nefrologia: ʹorgão Oficial de Sociedades Brasileira e Latino-Americana de Nefrologia
Luiz Roberto de Sousa Ulisses, Helen Souto Siqueira Cardoso, Inara Creão Costa Alves, Isabela Novais Medeiros, Camilla Garcia de Oliveira, Tiago Martins de Almeida, Fabíola Fernandes Dos Santos Castro, Claudia Neto Gonçalves Neves da Silva, Laura Viana de Lima, Renata Pereira Fontoura, Eduardo Resende Sousa E Silva, Pollyana Lopes de Araújo, Gustavo de Sousa Arantes Ferreira
INTRODUCTION: Tuberculosis (TB) is a possible serious complication of solid organ transplantation, associated with high mortality and morbidity. Post-transplant TB has varied pathogenesis with many approaches to its prevention, which is the most important way to reduce its incidence. Treatment of TB in organ recipients is challenging because of drug toxicity and interaction with immunosuppressants. CASE REPORT: an 18-year-old woman that underwent kidney transplantation from a deceased donor and was discharged with fair renal function was readmitted at 37th postoperative day with fever...
April 9, 2021: Jornal Brasileiro de Nefrologia: ʹorgão Oficial de Sociedades Brasileira e Latino-Americana de Nefrologia
Stavros Stefanopoulos, Afshin Parsikia, Daniela Kaissieh, Jeffrey M Sutton, Jorge Ortiz
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
March 1, 2021: Pancreas
Rushikesh Shah, Ramzi Mulki, Vladimir Lamm, Neil Kapil, Vaishali Patel, Saurabh Chawla, Qiang Cai, Field F Willingham, Steven Keilin
OBJECTIVES: The exact prevalence for intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasm (IPMN) in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) remains unknown. In this single-center case-control study, we aimed to study the prevalence and risk factors for IPMN in patients with CKD. METHODS: We performed a retrospective case-control study comparing patients with and without CKD who had magnetic resonance imaging of the abdomen performed between January 2018 and December 2018...
March 1, 2021: Pancreas
David A Bushinsky, Paolo Raggi, Jordi Bover, Markus Ketteler, Antonio Bellasi, Mariano Rodriguez, Smeeta Sinha, Rekha Garg, Joan Perelló, Alex Gold, Glenn M Chertow
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: In the CaLIPSO study, intravenous administration of SNF472 (300 or 600 mg) during hemodialysis significantly attenuated progression of coronary artery and aortic valve calcification. SNF472 selectively inhibits formation of hydroxyapatite, the final step in cardiovascular calcification. Because bone mineral is predominantly hydroxyapatite, we assessed changes in bone mineral density in CaLIPSO. DESIGN, SETTING, PARTICIPANTS, & MEASUREMENTS: Patients with coronary artery calcification at screening (Agatston score of 100-3500 U) were randomized 1:1:1 to receive placebo, 300 mg SNF472, or 600 mg SNF472 as an intravenous infusion during hemodialysis three times weekly for 52 weeks...
April 7, 2021: Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology: CJASN
Sai Kiran Sharma, Pierre Adumeau, Outi Keinänen, Vikram Sisodiya, Hetal Sarvaiya, Robert Tchelepi, Joshua A Korsen, Jacob Pourat, Kimberly J Edwards, Ashwin Ragupathi, Omar Hamdy, Laura R Saunders, Charles M Rudin, John T Poirier, Jason S Lewis, Brian M Zeglis
Delta-like ligand 3 (DLL3) is a therapeutic target for the treatment of small cell lung cancer, neuroendocrine prostate cancer, and isocitrate dehydrogenase mutant glioma. In the clinic, DLL3-targeted 89 Zr-immunoPET has the potential to aid in the assessment of disease burden and facilitate the selection of patients suitable for therapies that target the antigen. The overwhelming majority of 89 Zr-labeled radioimmunoconjugates are synthesized via the random conjugation of desferrioxamine (DFO) to lysine residues within the immunoglobulin...
April 9, 2021: Bioconjugate Chemistry
Sunjian Lyu, Xuemei Yuan, Li Liu, Haiqi Zhang, Zhe Yu, Xiaoying Hang, Weida Shi, Yinglei Wu
Trionyx sinensis Hemorrhagic Syndrome Virus (TSHSV) is an arterivirus newly discovered in Chinese softshell turtles. Little is known about the effect of antibodies against the virus or the distribution of the virus in different organs of infected turtles. In this study, a partial protein of TSHSV-HP4 was produced using a prokaryotic expression system, and its polyclonal antibody was generated. The polyclonal antibody was confirmed by western blot and dot enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (dot-ELISA). The distribution of TSHSV in different organs of T...
April 15, 2021: Journal of Zhejiang University. Science. B
Miljan Savković, Sanja Simić-Ogrizović, Violeta Dopsaj
INTRODUCTION: The aim of our study was to examine the relationship of hepcidin-25 with red blood cell and reticulocyte indices and to evaluate the diagnostic properties of hepcidin-25 in the assessment of positive iron balance in end-stage renal disease (ESRD) patients. METHODS: Eighty anemic ESRD patients (hemoglobin < 110 g/L) were classified as having iron deficiency (ID, N = 20), iron sufficiency (IS, N = 29), and positive iron balance (PB, N = 31) using the conventional biomarkers for iron status evaluation...
April 9, 2021: International Journal of Laboratory Hematology
Weipeng Hu, Shan Jiang, Yixin Liao, Jinhong Li, Fang Dong, Jie Guo, Xiaohua Wang, Lingyan Fei, Yu Cui, Xiaoqiu Ren, Nan Xu, Liang Zhao, Limeng Chen, Yali Zheng, Lingli Li, Andreas Patzak, Pontus B Persson, Zhihua Zheng, En Yin Lai
AIMS: In patients with renal disease, high serum phosphate shows a relationship with cardiovascular risk. We speculate that high phosphate (HP) impairs arterial vasodilation via the endothelium and explore potential underlying mechanisms. METHODS: Isolated vessel relaxation, endothelial function, glomerular filtration rate (GFR), oxidative stress status and protein expression were assessed in HP diet mice. Mitochondrial function and protein expression were assessed in HP-treated human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVECs)...
April 2021: Acta Physiologica
Mingzhu Xu, Mengqiu Yi, Na Li
Glomerulonephritis, also known as nephritis syndrome (nephritis for short), is a common kidney disease. Previous research has proved that microRNAs (miRNAs) frequently regulate various diseases including nephritis. Nonetheless, the biological function and molecular mechanism of miR-17-5p are unclear in nephritis. In the current study, RT-qPCR analysis showed that miR-17-5p was downregulated in Ang II-induced podocytes. Also, according to the results from RT-qPCR analysis, CCK-8 assay, flow cytometric analysis, western blot analysis, and ELISA miR-17-5p elevation alleviated Ang II-induced podocyte injury...
April 9, 2021: Environmental Toxicology
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