Alex Crawley, Jacqueline Myers, Loren D Regier
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
May 2024: Canadian Family Physician Médecin de Famille Canadien
Min Zhou, Fang Pang, Dongmei Liao, Yunhao Yang, Ying Wang, Zhuxin Yang, Xinlu He, Chenglin Tang
BACKGROUND: Recent studies have demonstrated that activated microglia were involved in the pathogenesis of central sensitization characterized by cutaneous allodynia in migraine.Activation of microglia is accompanied by increased expression of its receptors and release of inflammatory mediators.Acupuncture and its developed electroacupuncture (EA) have been recommended as an alternative therapy for migraine and are widely used for relieving migraine-associated pain.However,it remains rare studies that show whether EA exerts anti-migraine effects via inhibiting microglial activation related to a release of microglial receptors and the inflammatory pathway...
May 14, 2024: Molecular Pain
Nathan P Nelson-Maney, Laszlo Balint, Anna Ls Beeson, D Stephen Serafin, Bryan M Kistner, Elizabeth S Douglas, Aisha H Siddiqui, Alyssa M Tauro, Kathleen M Caron
Recently developed anti-migraine therapeutics targeting calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) signaling are effective, though their sites of activity remain elusive. Notably, the lymphatic vasculature is responsive to CGRP signaling, but whether meningeal lymphatic vessels (MLVs) contribute to migraine pathophysiology is unknown. Mice with lymphatic vasculature deficient in the CGRP receptor (CalcrliLEC mice) treated with nitroglycerin (NTG)-mediated chronic migraine exhibit reduced pain and light avoidance compared to NTG-treated littermate controls...
May 14, 2024: Journal of Clinical Investigation
Vinay Suresh, Mainak Bardhan, Tirth Dave, Muhammad Aaqib Shamim, Dilip Suresh, Poorvikha Satish, Bishal Dhakal, Aman Bhonsale, Priyanka Roy, Bijaya Kumar Padhi, Teshamae Monteith
OBJECTIVE: Evaluate the safety and efficacy of zavegepant (BHV-3500), a recently approved nasal spray containing a third-generation calcitonin gene-related peptide receptor antagonist, for treating acute migraine attacks. METHODS: A comprehensive search was conducted across various databases up to 06/26/2023 to identify relevant randomized clinical trials (RCTs) on zavegepant's efficacy and safety in treatment of acute migraine attacks. Primary outcome: freedom from pain at 2 hours postdose...
May 2024: Clinical Neuropharmacology
Meng-Fan Yang, Dong-Xue Ren, Xue Pan, Chang-Xin Li, Sui-Yi Xu
Cortical spreading depression (CSD) is a slow wave of cortical depolarization closely associated with migraines with an aura. Previously, it was thought that CSD depolarization was mainly driven by neurons, with characteristic changes in neuronal swelling and increased extracellular potassium (K+ ) and glutamate. However, the role of astrocytes, a member of the neurovascular unit, in migraine with CSD has recently received increasing attention. In the early stages of CSD, astrocytes provide neurons with energy support and clear K+ and glutamate from synaptic gaps...
May 14, 2024: Pain and Therapy
Domiziana Rinaldi, Marta Maria Tangari, Claudia Ledda, Francesca Dematteis, Mario Giorgio Rizzone, Leonardo Lopiano, Carlo Alberto Artusi
INTRODUCTION: CACNA1A gene variants are correlated with different disorders, including episodic ataxia type 2, spinocerebellar ataxia type 6, and familial hemiplegic migraine type 1. Despite dystonia not being a typical manifestation of CACNA1A variants, there are reports indicating a link between this gene mutation and dystonic features. METHODS: We report the case of a patient with a novel missense variant of the CACNA1A gene presenting headache, head and arm tremor, dystonia, episodic painful focal dystonic attacks, and unexplained falls...
May 14, 2024: Neurological Sciences
Shuming Ji, Bosi Dong, Yusha Tang, Hua Li, Wanlin Lai, Yajiao Li, Yucheng Chen, Anjiao Peng, Lei Chen
OBJECTIVE: Closure surgery of patent foramen ovale (PFO) has been found to effectively control cryptogenic stroke and migraine, but it is uncertain whether PFO closure could also alleviate epileptic seizures. This study aims to observe the therapeutic effect of PFO closure on epileptic seizures. METHODS: Since July 11th, 2017, in the neurology department of West China Hospital, Sichuan University, Chengdu, we have been regularly monitoring patients with epilepsy who have undergone PFO closure...
May 14, 2024: Epilepsia Open
Britt W H Van Der Arend, Nancy Van Veelen, Joëlle E T De Ruijter, Michael H Olsen, Antoinette MaassenVanDenBrink, Gisela M Terwindt
BACKGROUND: Anti-CGRP-(receptor-)monoclonal antibodies (anti-CGRP(R)-mAbs) represent a novel class of drugs for migraine treatment, but their long-term cerebrovascular and cardiovascular (CV) safety warrants further examination. METHODS: In this observational cohort study we assessed the CV safety for erenumab and fremanezumab in a real-world setting during a follow-up period of at least 1 year. Patients with hypertension or CV history were excluded. We conducted ECGs and collected clinical data at treatment initiation and thereafter every 3 months, including liver and kidney function, lipid-, electrolyte-and glucose levels...
2024: Frontiers in Neurology
Yasaman S Sefidgar, Carla L Castillo, Shaan Chopra, Liwei Jiang, Tae Jones, Anant Mittal, Hyeyoung Ryu, Jessica Schroeder, Allison Cole, Natalia Murinova, Sean A Munson, James Fogarty
Self-tracking and personal informatics offer important potential in chronic condition management, but such potential is often undermined by difficulty in aligning self-tracking tools to an individual's goals. Informed by prior proposals of goal-directed tracking, we designed and developed MigraineTracker, a prototype app that emphasizes explicit expression of goals for migraine-related self-tracking. We then examined migraine patient experiences in a deployment study for an average of 12+ months, including a total of 50 interview sessions with 10 patients working with 3 different clinicians...
May 2024: Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems
Tuba Sahar, Syed Muhammad Farid Hasan, Salman Ashfaq Ahmad, Rabia Bushra, Abdur Rehman, Rabia Noor, Shahnaz Usman, Nighat Razvi, Fouzia Hassan
Migraine is one of the common neurological disease affecting around 23% of the Pakistani population. Prompt treatment is required to regain the functional ability of patients. The present study was designed to develop sumatriptan succinate orodispersible tablets that would quickly overcome acute migraine episodes using 22 full-factorial design. The chitosan and sodium starch glycolate were taken as independent variables; friability, disintegration, dispersion time and water absorption ratio as response variables...
January 2024: Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Julian Oesterschlink, Claus Reinsberger
A concussion is the mildest form of a mild traumatic brain injury (tbi) and resembles the most prevalent type of sports associated tbi. Diffuse axonal injuries, the main pathophysiological mechanism of concussion, leads to disruption of communication between different brain areas. The resulting clinical symptoms may relate to several clinical domains (cognition, fatigue, anxiety disorders, headaches/migraines or vestibulo-ocular problems), all of which need to be assessed in a clinical screening during an evaluation for possible concussion...
May 13, 2024: Orthopadie (Heidelb)
Alaa Ramadan, Mostafa A Soliman, Abdullah A Hamad, Mohamed El-Samahy, Merna R Roshdy, Rehab A Diab, Yomna E Abdalla, Moamen Emara, Asmaa K Azooz, Dina S Abo El-Lail, Eman H Elbanna, Mohammed E Almalki, Basel Abdelazeem, Ahlam S Ali, Ahmed Negida
BACKGROUND: Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are the leading cause of death worldwide and are considered silent killers that threaten different age groups. The stressful lifestyle of resident physicians might make them vulnerable to CVDs. Since 2021, Egypt has recently reported more frequent sudden deaths of junior physicians after long shifts. Many factors can be associated with this prevalence, such as diabetes mellitus, increased blood pressure, or a sedentary lifestyle. Therefore, this study aimed to estimate the risk of developing heart attack and stroke within 10 years among resident physicians in Egypt with the goal of informing health policymakers to improve the healthcare systems for Egyptian physicians...
April 2024: Curēus
Saloni Savani, Arpita Pawa, Het Patel, Mohammed Syed, Samip Master
Primary cardiac tumors (PCTs) are less frequent and carry an incidence of 1.38 per 100,000 population per year. Myxofibrosarcomas are reported as one of the rarest forms of cardiac sarcomas, mostly with mesenchymal origin and located in the left atrium. Current research indicates an increase in median survival from 14 months to 36 months following complete resection and chemoradiotherapy. A 55-year-old Caucasian woman was admitted with brief self-resolving episodes of aphasia following migraine headaches for the past few months with associated exertional dyspnea and episodes of hypotension...
April 2024: Curēus
Yilei Chen, Jun Xu, Jiazhen Wu, Hui Chen, Yingjie Kang, Yuchan Yang, Zhigang Gong, Yanwen Huang, Hui Wang, Bo Wang, Songhua Zhan, Wenli Tan
BACKGROUND: Alterations in the static and dynamic characteristics of spontaneous brain activity have been extensively studied to investigate functional brain changes in migraine without aura (MwoA). However, alterations in concordance among the dynamics of spontaneous brain activity in MwoA remain largely unknown. This study aimed to determine the possibilities of diagnosis based on the concordance indices. METHODS: Resting-state functional MRI scans were performed on 32 patients with MwoA and 33 matched healthy controls (HCs) in the first cohort, as well as 36 patients with MwoA and 32 HCs in the validation cohort...
May 15, 2024: Heliyon
Simanta Roy, Mohammad Azmain Iktidar, Sreshtha Chowdhury, Orindom Shing Pulock, Susmita Dey Pinky, Azaz Bin Sharif
BACKGROUND: Increasing prevalence of screens among young people is a notable characteristic of the modern digital era. The study aimed to explore the prevalence and associated factors of migraine headache (MH) and tension-type headache (TTH) among Bangladeshi students continuing online education. METHODS: A total of 771 students were selected conveniently and using the quota sampling method. A pretested semistructured and self-administered questionnaire containing the background information, Headache Screening Questionnaire-English Version, Patient Health Questionnaire-9, Speech, Spatial and Qualities of Hearing scale and Insomnia Severity Index was used for data collection...
2024: BMJ neurology open
Nader G Zalaquett, Elio Salameh, Jonathan M Kim, Elham Ghanbarian, Karen Tawk, Mehdi Abouzari
Background: Migraine is a prevalent episodic brain disorder known for recurrent attacks of unilateral headaches, accompanied by complaints of photophobia, phonophobia, nausea, and vomiting. Two main categories of migraine are migraine with aura (MA) and migraine without aura (MO). Main body: Early twin and population studies have shown a genetic basis for these disorders, and efforts have been invested since to discern the genes involved. Many techniques, including candidate-gene association studies, loci linkage studies, genome-wide association, and transcription studies, have been used for this goal...
May 4, 2024: Journal of Clinical Medicine
Lorenzo Perilli, Samanta Carbone, Luca Franco Novelletto, Andrea Santangelo, Maria Rosaria Curcio, Federica Lotti, Salvatore Grosso
Recurrent headaches, encompassing migraine and tension-type headaches, represent prevalent conditions affecting individuals across different age groups, exerting a substantial influence on daily functioning and quality of life. Headaches serve as common manifestations of underlying health issues. Among these, celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder activated by gluten consumption, has emerged as a noteworthy concern. Recent research indicates a correlation between celiac disease and heightened susceptibility to headaches, particularly migraines...
April 29, 2024: Journal of Clinical Medicine
Adel M Michael, Hayam M Lotfy, Mamdouh R Rezk, Christine K Nessim
BACKGROUND: Chemometrics is a discipline that allows the spectral resolution of drugs in a pharmaceutical formulation along with degradation product and it is as an alternative to chromatographic methods. OBJECTIVE: Sumatriptan (SUM) is co-formulated with naproxen (NAP) and used in acute migraine attacks. SUM which has physiological importance has not been subjected to any stability-indicating chemometric approaches yet so there is a need for accurate and safe method for the assay of the cited drug in their preparation...
May 10, 2024: Journal of AOAC International
Lili Kokoti, Mohammad Al-Mahdi Al-Karagholi, Zixuan Alice Zhuang, Sarkhan Amirguliyev, Faisal Mohammad Amin, Messoud Ashina
OBJECTIVE: To investigate the role of NN414, a selective KATP channel opener for the Kir6.2/SUR1 channel subtype found in neurons and β-pancreatic cells, in inducing migraine attacks in individuals with migraine without aura. METHODS: Thirteen participants were randomly allocated to receive NN414 and placebo on two days separated by at least one week. The primary endpoint was the difference in the incidence of migraine attacks after NN414 compared with placebo...
May 2024: Cephalalgia: An International Journal of Headache
Keng-Sheng Li, Yu-Hsi Liu
OBJECTIVE: To investigate the clinical manifestations and complete auditory function in primary tinnitus patients with and without migraine or vestibular migraine. DESIGN: Retrospective case-control study. SETTING: A tertiary referral center. PARTICIPANTS: This study enrolled 298 patients from the Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital. All patients were diagnosed with primary tinnitus by a neurotologist between April 2020 and August 2021...
June 1, 2024: Otology & Neurotology
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