Maryam Akaberi, Amirhossein Sahebkar, Seyed Ahmad Emami
The rhizome of turmeric (Curcuma longa L.) has been used as an herbal medicine, coloring agent, spice, and food additive for thousands of years in different parts of the world particularly in Asian countries. It has been used for a range of diseases in many traditional medical schools, including Islamic traditional medicine, Chinese traditional medicine, and Ayurveda. It has been used mainly for digestive problems, as a cardio-, hepato-, and neuroprotective agent as well as in many inflammatory conditions such as arthritis and for enhancing immune system...
2021: Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology
Damiana Scuteri, Maria Tiziana Corasaniti, Paolo Tonin, Pierluigi Nicotera, Giacinto Bagetta
BACKGROUND: the interest of clinical reaseach in polymorphisms and epigenetics in migraine has been growing over the years. Due to the new era of preventative migraine treatment opened by monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) targeting the signaling of the calcitonin-gene related peptide (CGRP), the present systematic review aims at identifying genetic variants occurring along the CGRP pathway and at verifying whether these can affect the clinical features and the course of disease and the responsiveness of patients to therapy...
July 30, 2021: Journal of Headache and Pain
Dalia Rotstein, Colleen Maxwell, Karen Tu, Jodi Gatley, Priscila Pequeno, Alexander Kopp, Ruth Ann Marrie
BACKGROUND: Multiple sclerosis (MS) has been associated with certain comorbidities in general population studies, but it is unknown how comorbidity may affect immigrants with MS. OBJECTIVE: To compare prevalence of comorbidities in immigrants and long-term residents at MS diagnosis, and in matched control populations without MS. METHODS: We identified incident MS cases using a validated definition applied to health administrative data in Ontario, Canada, from 1994 to 2017, and categorized them as immigrants or long-term residents...
July 30, 2021: Multiple Sclerosis: Clinical and Laboratory Research
A Marfil-Rivera, B A Marfil-Garza, L E Fernández-Garza
INTRODUCTION: The COVID-19 pandemic and the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) in the healthcare setting provide a unique opportunity to study PPE-associated headaches (PPEAH). SUBJECTS AND METHODS: We conducted an online survey to assess the prevalence and clinical characteristics of PPEAH. The survey was voluntary, anonymous and addressed to medical and non-medical personnel. We used descriptive statistics and univariate and multivariate comparative analyses to identify factors associated with the development of PPEAH and its impact on work capacity...
September 1, 2021: Revista de Neurologia
Lidiane Lima Florencio, Anamaria Siriani de Oliveira, Carina Ferreira Pinheiro, Tenysson Will-Lemos, Fabíola Dach, César Fernández-de-Las-Peñas, Débora Bevilaqua-Grossi
This study aimed to verify if migraine frequency or migraine-associated neck pain were associated with a reduction of normalized force and altered electromyographic activity during maximal cervical muscle isometric contractions. Additionally, it aimed to assess the correlation of normalized isometric force with years with migraine, headache frequency, headache intensity, migraine-related disability, and severity of cutaneous allodynia. The sample comprises 71 women with migraine (40/31 episodic/chronic, 42/18 with/without neck pain) and 32 women without headache...
July 29, 2021: Scientific Reports
F Radat
The association between migraine and psychiatric disorders is well documented through numerous population-based studies. The results of these studies are coherent and show an increased risk of suffering from depression, bipolar disorders, numerous anxiety disorders, especially post-traumatic stress disorder. This raises the question of stress as a precipitating factor for migraine illness. Psychiatric comorbidity is even more frequent in chronic migraine than in episodic migraine patients. Many prospective studies have shown that psychiatric comorbidity could be considered as a risk factor for migraine chronicization...
July 26, 2021: Revue Neurologique
X Moisset, P Giraud, R Dallel
Migraine is a very prevalent disease worldwide and is a major cause of disability. As known for a long time, migraine is associated with neurogenic inflammation. Epidemiological studies have shown that migraine is comorbid with several chronic inflammatory diseases, including multiple sclerosis (MS), chronic inflammatory rheumatic diseases (CIRDs) and inflammatory bowel diseases (IBDs). This brief narrative review highlights some recent data supporting a link between migraine and these three chronic inflammatory diseases...
July 26, 2021: Revue Neurologique
Feng Jing, Qian Zou, Yangyang Wang, Zhiyou Cai, Yong Tang
BACKGROUND: Central sensitization is considered a critical pathogenic mechanism of chronic migraine (CM). Activation of microglia in the trigeminal nucleus caudalis (TNC) contributes to this progression. Microglial glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor (GLP-1R) activation can alleviate pain; however, whether it is involved in the mechanism of CM has not been determined. Thus, this study aims to investigate the precise role of GLP-1R in the central sensitization of CM. METHODS: Repeated nitroglycerin injection-treated mice were used as a CM animal model in the experiment...
July 29, 2021: Journal of Headache and Pain
Gogi Kumar, Asia M Payne, Logan Mark Maag, Sarah MacDonald
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the efficacy of a pediatric headache infusion center (HIC) in alleviating the symptoms and preventing future visits to the emergency department (ED). BACKGROUND: Headache is a common reason for visits to the pediatric ED. ED visits are associated with inordinate costs of care and are conceived by parents to be avoidable if adequate alternatives are available. An infusion center for acute treatment of intractable headache in children with chronic migraine may be an effective alternative to an ED visit...
July 29, 2021: Headache
Louise N Carlsen, Carolien Rouw, Maria L Westergaard, Mia Nielsen, Signe B Munksgaard, Lars Bendtsen, Rigmor H Jensen
BACKGROUND: Combined withdrawal and early preventive medication was the most effective treatment for medication overuse headache (MOH) within the first 6 months in a previous study, but results from a longer follow-up period are lacking. OBJECTIVE: (1) To measure the efficacy at 1 year of three different treatment approaches to MOH; (2) to compare withdrawal and early preventives (W+P), preventives with potential withdrawal therapy after 6 months (P+pW), and withdrawal with delayed potential preventives (W+pP); and (3) to identify predictors of chronic headache after 1 year...
July 29, 2021: Headache
Hao Huang, Lawrence C Newman
OBJECTIVE: To report two cases of hemicrania continua (HC) in a mother and daughter. BACKGROUND: HC is a rare primary headache disorder belonging to the family of trigeminal autonomic cephalalgias (TACs). Unlike migraine, familial cases of TACs are rare, and we know relatively little of their inheritance pattern and genetic mechanisms. METHODS: We present a mother and daughter with HC. We compare the similarities and differences between this family and the first report of familial HC and discuss the implications for future studies...
July 29, 2021: Headache
Richard A Roberts, Kenneth E Watford, Erin M Picou, Kelsey Hatton, Timothy H Trone, Emily Y Brignola
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate effects of lifestyle modification on symptoms of dizziness and headache in patients diagnosed with definite vestibular migraine. STUDY DESIGN: Prospective within-participants repeated-measures study. SETTING: Otolaryngology tertiary care. PARTICIPANTS: Twenty-eight adults with definite vestibular migraine who were willing to be treated without pharmacological intervention. INTERVENTIONS: Information and instructions were provided on lifestyle modification; participants were instructed to improve restful sleep, exercise, eat at regulated mealtimes, and avoid dietary triggers...
July 28, 2021: Otology & Neurotology
Fumihiko Sakai, Norihiro Suzuki, Byung-Kun Kim, Hisaka Igarashi, Koichi Hirata, Takao Takeshima, Xiaoping Ning, Tomoko Shima, Miki Ishida, Katsuhiro Iba, Hiroyuki Kondo, Nobuyuki Koga
OBJECTIVE: To determine the efficacy and safety of fremanezumab administration in Japanese and Korean patients with chronic migraine (CM). BACKGROUND: Available preventive treatments for CM are limited by various efficacy and safety issues. Fremanezumab, a monoclonal antibody that targets the calcitonin gene-related peptide pathway involved in migraine pathogenesis, has been shown to be effective and well tolerated in large-scale, international Phase 3 trials. METHODS: Randomized, placebo-controlled trial of patients with CM who received subcutaneous fremanezumab monthly (675 mg at baseline and 225 mg at weeks 4 and 8), fremanezumab quarterly (675 mg at baseline and placebo at weeks 4 and 8), or matching placebo...
July 29, 2021: Headache
Sofia Grenho Rodrigues, Raquel Gil Gouveia
The relationship between migraine and vision is complex. Besides migraine aura status and persistent visual aura without infarction, recognized by International Headaches Classification 3, cases of persistent monocular alterations have been described in migraineurs. To discuss the role of migraine as a risk factor for persistent monocular visual loss. We present five new cases of persistent monocular visual loss in migraineurs, discuss the differential diagnosis and possible relationship with migraine. Five young healthy patients are reported (three women) with a history of migraine (four with visual aura), that developed persistent monocular visual defects, four during an episode of migraine with aura...
July 29, 2021: Acta Neurologica Belgica
Daniela Marhofer, Wolfgang Jaksch, Thomas Aigmüller, Stefan Jochberger, Berndt Urlesberger, Katharina Pils, Barbara Maier, Rudolf Likar, Beate Kayer, Roswitha Wallner, Petra Fink, Gabriele Grögl
BACKGROUND: Pregnancy and pain of different origins is an unfavorable combination that presents all practitioners with special challenges. Pain negatively affects the homeostasis of humans. Patient compliance and in-depth knowledge of the fetotoxicity and teratogenicity of the substances are necessary to maintain a balance between therapy for the mother and safety of the unborn child. OBJECTIVES: Experts from various disciplines who are entrusted with the care of pregnant patients with pain have come together to develop drug and nondrug therapy concepts with the aim of providing adequate analgesia for pregnant pain patients...
July 29, 2021: Der Schmerz
Fumihiko Sakai, Norihiro Suzuki, Byung-Kun Kim, Yoshihisa Tatsuoka, Noboru Imai, Xiaoping Ning, Miki Ishida, Kaori Nagano, Katsuhiro Iba, Hiroyuki Kondo, Nobuyuki Koga
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the efficacy and safety of two dosing regimens of fremanezumab in Japanese and Korean patients with episodic migraine. BACKGROUND: Episodic migraine, which accounts for more than 90% of migraine cases, is inadequately addressed by widely available preventive therapies. Fremanezumab, a monoclonal antibody that selectively targets the trigeminal sensory neuropeptide calcitonin gene-related peptide involved in migraine pathogenesis, has demonstrated efficacy in international Phase 3 trials of patients with both chronic and episodic migraine...
July 29, 2021: Headache
Nina Zaproudina, Teemu J Niiranen, Verneri Anttila, Mikko Kallela
BACKGROUND: The precise relation between migraine and cardiovascular diseases remains unknown, but cardiac autonomic regulation as reflected by electrocardiography is poorly studied in migraineurs. AIMS OF THE STUDY: To search whether electrocardiographic findings may elucidate the mechanisms linking migraine with cardiovascular diseases. METHODS: We compared electrocardiographic findings in headache-free subjects (n=5,317) and people with migraine (n=490) in a Finnish population cohort...
July 29, 2021: Acta Neurologica Scandinavica
Giampiero Vizzari, Fausto Pizzino, Dianne Zwicke, A Jamil Tajik, Scipione Carerj, Gianluca Di Bella, Antonio Micari, Bijoy K Khandheria, Concetta Zito
Patent foramen ovale (PFO) is present in about one-quarter of the population and should be considered an anatomical variant rather than a malformation. The association of PFO with cryptogenic stroke, migraine, peripheral embolism and other pathologies is still controversial. The evaluation of anatomical complexity, and particularly the long-tunnel morphology, is crucial for the assessment of the risk profile and for a targeted therapeutic management. Long-tunnel PFOs seem to be more prone to clot formation and complications related to percutaneous closure procedures...
2021: American Journal of Cardiovascular Disease
Rose-Angélique Belot, Margaux Bouteloup, Magalie Bonnet, Anne-Laure Parmentier, Eloi Magnin, Frédéric Mauny, Fabrice Vuillier
Objectives: The aim of this observational study was to describe social support and patterns of attachment among patients with migraine. We hypothesized that in comparison to the general population, insecure attachment is overrepresented in migraine patients, and that these patients have less social support. We also aimed to study the specific relationship between attachment and social support. We hypothesized that patients with an insecure attachment style have less social support than patients with a secure attachment style...
2021: Frontiers in Neurology
Dylan J H A Henssen, Sanne J P Kluin, Joost Kleerebezem, Anne-Marie Van Cappellen van Walsum, Wim M Mulleners, Kris Vissers
Chronic migraine (CM) is a disabling neurologic disorder that affects approximately 2% of the general population. Neuroimaging studies show functional involvement of trigeminal structures, such as the trigeminal spinal nucleus (Sp5) in migraine. However, structural changes in the Sp5 and the afferent trigeminal spinal tract (sp5) have never been found. The aim of this study was to test the hypothesis that white matter changes in the sp5 are a key feature of brain alterations in CM patients. We used diffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging (dMRI) and polarized light imaging (PLI) of post mortem brainstem specimens from healthy controls (n = 5) and CM patients (n = 5) to study white matter alterations in the sp5...
July 26, 2021: Pain
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