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Doppler physics

Denis Céolin, Ji-Cai Liu, Vinícius Vaz da Cruz, Hans Ågren, Loïc Journel, Renaud Guillemin, Tatiana Marchenko, Rajesh K Kushawaha, Maria Novella Piancastelli, Ralph Püttner, Marc Simon, Faris Gel'mukhanov
Observing and controlling molecular motion and in particular rotation are fundamental topics in physics and chemistry. To initiate ultrafast rotation, one needs a way to transfer a large angular momentum to the molecule. As a showcase, this was performed by hard X-ray C1s ionization of carbon monoxide accompanied by spinning up the molecule via the recoil "kick" of the emitted fast photoelectron. To visualize this molecular motion, we use the dynamical rotational Doppler effect and an X-ray "pump-probe" device offered by nature itself: the recoil-induced ultrafast rotation is probed by subsequent Auger electron emission...
February 7, 2019: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Xing-Yan Cao, Ming-Shu Bi, Jing-Jie Ren, Biao Chen
The suppression effects of pure ultrafine water mist and 5% mass fraction alkali metal (NaCl, Na2 CO3 , KHCO3 , KCl and K2 CO3 ) solutions ultrafine water mist on methane explosion were conducted under five mist concentrations in a sealed visual vessel. Mist diameters of different additive solutions were measured by a phase doppler particle analyzer. Pressure data and dynamic flame pictures were recorded respectively by a high-frequency pressure sensor and a high-speed camera. Results indicate that alkali metal compound can enhance the suppression effect of ultrafine water mist and it was related to the additive type...
January 30, 2019: Journal of Hazardous Materials
A Siu Uribe, J I Garrido Pérez, F Vázquez Rueda, M R Ibarra Rodrígue, F J Murcia Pascual, S D Ramnarine Sánchez, R M Paredes Esteban
AIM: To present our experience in pediatric patients with testicular torsion (TT) treated by manual detorsion (MD). PATIENTS AND METHODS: Retrospective analysis of patients treated by MD in a 10-year period in a single center. Description of symptoms, detorsion technique, follow-up and complications. RESULTS: 76 patients diagnosed with TT were studied in a 10-year period. 16 patients were treated by MD. Mean age was 12 years (Range: 10-13 years) and time from onset of pain was 5...
January 21, 2019: Cirugía Pediátrica: Organo Oficial de la Sociedad Española de Cirugía Pediátrica
Zhenshan Zhu, Chuhua Zhang, Li Zhang
The respiration flow pattern plays a key role in fluid flow, heat and mass transfer in human lung airway. To reveal the complex flow pattern within human lung multiple-generation airway, both the steady inspiration and expiration flows are comprehensively studied using laser Doppler velocimetry technique and computational fluid dynamics method for an idealized human tracheobronchial three-generation airway model at two flow rates, corresponding to an adult male breathing under light activity and moderate exercise conditions, respectively...
January 30, 2019: Respiratory Physiology & Neurobiology
Ikuo Misumi, Kota Motozato, Hiroshige Yamabe, Kunihiro Ohmori, Hiroki Usuku, Koichi Kaikita, Kenichi Tsujita
A 16-year-old healthy boy visited our department because of a heart murmur. A 12-lead electrocardiogram showed left QRS axis deviation and repolarization abnormalities. Transthoracic echocardiography and a computed tomographic scan revealed a hypertrophied papillary muscle and a discrete ridge arising from the septal wall, causing mid-ventricular obstruction. Doppler echocardiography revealed that the pressure gradient at the obstruction was mild. The patient will be followed up annually, without medication or physical restriction...
January 29, 2019: Echocardiography
Zhixia Sun, Jiantao Guo, Hui Wang, Tingting Cui
A 29-year-old man presented with chest tightness and shortness of breath. Physical examination showed jugular venous distention. Echocardiography showed a large saccular anechoic structure in the right atrium, swinging with the cardiac cycle. The operator initially mistook the lesion for a right atrial cystic tumor; however, color Doppler imaging showed abundant, high-velocity blood flow signals, leading to the diagnosis of giant aortic sinus rupture into the right atrium. Aortic sinus aneurysm is a rare and usually asymptomatic lesion...
January 25, 2019: Journal of Clinical Ultrasound: JCU
Ann-Kathrin Seifert, Moeness Amin, Abdelhak M Zoubir
OBJECTIVE: In this paper, we demonstrate the applicability of radar for gait classification with application to home security, medical diagnosis, rehabilitation and assisted living. Aiming at identifying changes in gait patterns based on radar micro-Doppler signatures, this work is concerned with solving the intra motion category classification problem of gait recognition. METHODS: New gait classification approaches utilizing physical features, subspace features and sum-of-harmonics modeling are presented and their performances are evaluated using experimental K-band radar data of four test subjects...
January 16, 2019: IEEE Transactions on Bio-medical Engineering
Robert Anthony Keenan, Aisling Nic An Riogh, Adrian Fuentes, Padraig Daly, Ivor M Cullen
OBJECTIVE: To assess the proportion of penoscrotal injuries arising from the sport of hurling and to assess work-up and management of each injury. METHODS: Using Hospital In-Patient Enquiry data, all penoscrotal injuries occurring over a 10-year period between 2007 and 2017 were identified and assessed. Chart review, imaging reports, operative notes and discharge summaries were used to identify the aetiology of each injury and those occurring due to hurling were selected for analysis...
January 19, 2019: Irish Journal of Medical Science
Izabel M Buscatti, Henrique M Abrão, Katia Kozu, Victor L S Marques, Roberta C Gomes, Adriana M E Sallum, Clovis A Silva
OBJECTIVE: To characterize scrotal involvement in children and adolescents with IgA vasculitis. METHODS: A cross-sectional retrospective study included 296 IgA vasculitis (EULAR/PRINTO/PRES criteria) patients, 150/296 (51%) were males and assessed by demographic/clinical/laboratory and treatments. Scrotal involvement was defined by the presence of scrotal edema and/or pain/tenderness in physical examination and/or testicular Doppler ultrasound abnormalities. RESULTS: Scrotal involvement was observed in 28/150 (19%) IgA vasculitis patients...
November 3, 2018: Advances in rheumatology
Aline Defaveri do Prado, Henrique Luiz Staub, Melissa Cláudia Bisi, Inês Guimarães da Silveira, José Alexandre Mendonça, Joaquim Polido-Pereira, João Eurico Fonseca
High-resolution musculoskeletal ultrasound (MSUS) has been increasingly employed in daily rheumatological practice and in clinical research. In rheumatoid arthritis (RA), MSUS can be now considered a complement to physical examination. This method evaluates synovitis through gray-scale and power Doppler and it is also able to identify bone erosions. The utilization of MSUS as a marker of RA activity has received attention in recent literature. Current data account for good correlation of MSUS with classical measures of clinical activity; in some instances, MSUS appears to perform even better...
August 2, 2018: Advances in rheumatology
Priyatham Kasaraneni, Prasad Mylarappa, Ramesh Desi Gowda, Sandeep Puvvada, Dheeraj Kasaraneni
Penile fracture is a rare urological emergency that always requires immediate attention. It may be associated with urethral trauma in 9% to 20% of cases. We present our experience in treating 12 such cases. This is a prospective observational study extending from January 2000 to December 2016. Each patient with penile fracture underwent a thorough clinical evaluation and received proper treatment. Seventy-five patients with penile fracture, aged 25 to 36 years (mean, 31.5 years) were evaluated in this study...
January 17, 2019: Archivio Italiano di Urologia, Andrologia
Detian Wang, Jianhua Meng, Jianhua Tian, Liguo Zhu, Qixian Peng, Zeren Li, Jianheng Zhao
Photonic Doppler velocimetry (PDV) has become a major domain velocity measurement technique for shock physics experiments. In this study, we propose and validate a bi-fiber quasi-axis probe for PDV that consists of a multimode source fiber and a single-mode detection fiber. This structure makes the received light by the probe totally reflected or scattered from the target, and, therefore, is free from the influence of unwanted return light. The light-receiving efficiency of the probe was calculated by the Monte Carlo method and was validated by static experiment...
December 20, 2018: Applied Optics
Rodrigo Barros, Alex Schul, Paulo Ornellas, Leandro Koifman, Luciano A Favorito
OBJECTIVE: To conduct a comprehensive assessment of sexual function of patients undergoing surgical treatment of penile fracture (PF), covering psychological aspects related to trauma. METHODS: Patients undergoing surgical treatment of PF from January 2014 to august 2017 were followed-up in our department for at least 6 months. Those patients were underwent a detailed clinical follow-up, including physical examination and interviewed about any evidence of erectile dysfunction, penile nodules or curvature acquired after surgery, besides psychological sexual problems...
December 31, 2018: Urology
Soo Mee Kim
For prompt gamma ray imaging for biomedical applications and environmental radiation monitoring, we propose herein a multiple-scattering Compton camera (MSCC). MSCC consists of three or more semiconductor layers with good energy resolution, and has potential for simultaneous detection and differentiation of multiple radio-isotopes based on the measured energies, as well as three-dimensional (3D) imaging of the radio-isotope distribution. In this study, we developed an analytic simulator and a 3D image generator for a MSCC, including the physical models of the radiation source emission and detection processes that can be utilized for geometry and performance prediction prior to the construction of a real system...
November 2018: Biomedical Engineering Letters
Hielke M de Vries, Oscar R Brouwer, Stijn Heijmink, Simon Horenblas, Erik Vegt
PURPOSE OF REVIEW: This review discusses new findings in penile cancer imaging in relation to the European Association of Urology and National Comprehensive Cancer Network guidelines. RECENT FINDINGS: For imaging in penile cancer patients who are candidates for organ-sparing primary treatment, ultrasound with Doppler seems to be the method of choice in addition to physical examination. The sentinel node biopsy (SNB) procedure is used to detect small nodal metastases in clinically node-negative patients...
December 28, 2018: Current Opinion in Urology
F B Litvin, T M Bruk, S V Klochkova, A I Kalosha, D B Nikityuk
Specialized sports nutrition is one of the most important factors in the extension of the functional potential of athletes, providing adaptive resistance to physical stress, which determines the high physical performance and prolongs athletic longevity of the athletes. The study involved 30 skiers-racers (the average age of 19.5±1.8 years). 12 skiers of the main group within 21 days consumed a specialized food product, obtained on the basis of fermented milk whey containing amino acids, several vitamins, minerals and trace elements, live culture of lactic acid bacteria: L...
2018: Voprosy Pitaniia
Natasha Housseine, Marieke C Punt, Joyce L Browne, Janneke van 't Hooft, Nanna Maaløe, Tarek Meguid, Gerhard B Theron, Arie Franx, Diederick E Grobbee, Gerard H A Visser, Marcus J Rijken
OBJECTIVE: To determine acceptable and achievable strategies of intrapartum fetal monitoring in busy low-resource settings. METHODS: Three rounds of online Delphi surveys were conducted between January 1 and October 31, 2017. International experts with experience in low-resource settings scored the importance of intrapartum fetal monitoring methods. RESULTS: 71 experts completed all three rounds (28 midwives, 43 obstetricians). Consensus was reached on (1) need for an admission test, (2) handheld Doppler for intrapartum fetal monitoring, (3) intermittent auscultation (IA) every 30 minutes for low-risk pregnancies during the first stage of labor and after every contraction for high-risk pregnancies in the second stage, (4) contraction monitoring hourly for low-risk pregnancies in the first stage, and (5) adjunctive tests...
December 24, 2018: International Journal of Gynaecology and Obstetrics
Michael Uncle Williams, Caroline E Murphy, Rosco Steven Gore, Emilio Fentanes
A 58-year-old man presented with a chief complaint of tongue indentations and discomfort. Otolaryngology treated him for oral thrush with counselling to avoid tongue biting. In addition, the patient reported dyspnoea described as a decrease in tolerance of his physical activities. Due to continued increase in tongue size and worsening dyspnoea, he underwent a tissue biopsy with findings consistent with amyloidosis. Further evaluation with a bone marrow biopsy revealed underlying multiple myeloma. Echocardiography revealed abnormal ventricular wall thickness, with a reduced left ventricular chamber size, dilated atria and Doppler findings with restrictive filling patterns indicative of cardiac amyloidosis...
December 22, 2018: BMJ Case Reports
Rasha Khatib, Assef M Jawaadah, Umaieyh Khammash, Ahmed Babiker, Mark D Huffman, Shyam Prabhakaran
Background Stroke is a leading cause of death and disability in the Middle East. Data on the uptake of evidence-based practices are limited in the region. We aimed to examine patterns of stroke presentation, management, and outcomes at public Palestinian hospitals. Methods and Results Comprehensive data from all patients with acute stroke admitted to 2 public hospitals in the West Bank of Palestine were prospectively collected. Acute stroke presentation patterns, in-hospital evaluation and management, mortality, and stroke complications were evaluated...
November 20, 2018: Journal of the American Heart Association
Yu Wang, Li Li, Tianlong Wang, Lei Zhao, Hua Feng, Qian Wang, Long Fan, Xuexin Feng, Wei Xiao, Kunpeng Feng
There has been no gold standard for intraoperative monitoring in carotid endarterectomy (CEA) till now. The purpose of the current study was to investigate the value of near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) monitoring in CEA and explore the thresholds for intraoperative cerebral hypoperfusion. Eighty-four consecutive patients who underwent CEA surgery in Xuan Wu Hospital of Capital Medical University from August 2015 to June 2016 were enrolled in this study. All patients were intraoperatively monitored by transcranial Doppler ultrasonography (TCD) and NIRS...
December 14, 2018: Cell Transplantation
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