Shu Lu, Hongsheng Zhao, Yajun Zhou, Feifan Xu
INTRODUCTION: Obese patients are often accompanied by hyperleptinemia and prone to develop liver fibrosis. Accumulating data including those obtained from human studies suggested the promotion role of leptin in liver fibrosis. The remodeling of the DNA methylation is an epigenetic mechanism for regulating gene expression and is essential for hepatic stellate cell (HSC) activation, a key step in liver fibrogenesis. Leptin increases the expression of methionine adenosyltransferase 2A (MAT2A) which is associated with DNA methylation and HSC activation...
June 18, 2021: Pharmacology
Ke Cao, Weiqiang Lv, Xueqiang Wang, Shanshan Dong, Xuyun Liu, Tielin Yang, Jie Xu, Mengqi Zeng, Xuan Zou, Daina Zhao, Qingqing Ma, Mu Lin, Jiangang Long, Weijin Zang, Feng Gao, Zhihui Feng, Jiankang Liu
Mitochondrial epigenetics is rising as intriguing notion for its potential involvement in aging and diseases, while the details remain largely unexplored. Here it is shown that among the 13 mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) encoded genes, NADH-dehydrogenase 6 ( ND6 ) transcript is primarily decreased in obese and type 2 diabetes populations, which negatively correlates with its distinctive hypermethylation. Hepatic mtDNA sequencing in mice unveils that ND6 presents the highest methylation level, which dramatically increases under diabetic condition due to enhanced mitochondrial translocation of DNA methyltransferase 1 (DNMT1) promoted by free fatty acid through adenosine 5'-monophosphate (AMP)-activated protein kinase (AMPK) activation...
June 2021: Advanced Science (Weinheim, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany)
Karina Ramírez-Alarcón, Montserrat Victoriano, Lorena Mardones, Marcelo Villagran, Ahmed Al-Harrasi, Ahmed Al-Rawahi, Natália Cruz-Martins, Javad Sharifi-Rad, Miquel Martorell
Type 2 diabetes Mellitus (T2DM) prevalence has significantly increased worldwide in recent years due to population age, obesity, and modern sedentary lifestyles. The projections estimate that 439 million people will be diabetic in 2030. T2DM is characterized by an impaired β-pancreatic cell function and insulin secretion, hyperglycemia and insulin resistance, and recently the epigenetic regulation of β-pancreatic cells differentiation has been underlined as being involved. It is currently known that several bioactive molecules, widely abundant in plants used as food or infusions, have a key role in histone modification and DNA methylation, and constituted potential epidrugs candidates against T2DM...
2021: Frontiers in Endocrinology
Ana B Crujeiras, Andrea G Izquierdo, David Primo, Fermin I Milagro, Ignacio Sajoux, Amalia Jácome, Alfredo Fernandez-Quintela, María P Portillo, J Alfredo Martínez, Miguel A Martinez-Olmos, Daniel de Luis, Felipe F Casanueva
BACKGROUND: The molecular mechanisms underlying the potential health benefits of a ketogenic diet are unknown and could be mediated by epigenetic mechanisms. OBJECTIVE: To identify the changes in the obesity-related methylome that are mediated by the induced weight loss or are dependent on ketosis in subjects with obesity underwent a very-low calorie ketogenic diet (VLCKD). METHODS: Twenty-one patients with obesity (n = 12 women, 47.9 ± 1...
May 21, 2021: Clinical Nutrition
Han Zhou, Tao Hou, Zhenhua Gao, Xiujie Guo, Chaoran Wang, Jixia Wang, Yanfang Liu, Xinmiao Liang
ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE: Dopamine receptors are long-standing primary targets in the treatment of mental diseases and there is growing evidence that suggests relationships between obesity and the dopamine system, especially dopamine D1 and D2 receptors. Leaves of Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn. (lotus leaves) have been medically used for helping long-term maintenance of weight loss. Whether and how components of lotus leaves function through the dopamine receptors remains unclear. AIM OF THE STUDY: This work aimed to discover dopamine receptor-active alkaloids isolated from the lotus leaves, to evaluate their potencies and to analyze their structure activity relationship...
June 15, 2021: Journal of Ethnopharmacology
Yangmian Yuan, Chengyu Liu, Xingrui Chen, Yuyan Sun, Mingrui Xiong, Yu Fan, Robert B Petersen, Hong Chen, Kun Huang, Ling Zheng
SCOPE: DNA methylation contributes to obesity, but the role of the DNA demethylase ten-eleven translocation protein 1 (Tet1) in obesity remains unclear. Vitamin C is a cofactor for the Tet family of proteins, but whether vitamin C can be used to treat obesity via Tet1 awaits clarification. METHODS AND RESULTS: Tet1+/+ and Tet1+/- mice were fed a high fat diet (HFD). Higher weight gain and more severe hepatic steatosis, accompanied by reduced 5-hydromethylcytosine (5hmC) levels, were found in the white adipose tissue and liver of Tet1+/- mice...
June 15, 2021: Molecular Nutrition & Food Research
Yanjie Duan, Lu Liu, Xiujuan Zhang, Xiuyun Jiang, Jin Xu, Qingbo Guan
RATIONALE: The Schaaf-Yang syndrome (SYS) is an autosomal dominant multi-system genetic disease caused by melanoma antigen L2 (MAGEL2) gene mutations imprinted by mothers and expressed by fathers on the 15q11-15q13 chromosomes in the critical region of Prader-Willi. MAGEL2 is a single exon gene and one of the protein-coding genes of the Prader-Willi domain. MAGEL2 is a matrilineal imprinted gene (i.e., the maternal chromosome is methylated). It is only expressed by unmethylated paternal alleles, and the individual is affected only when the variation occurs on the paternal allele...
June 18, 2021: Medicine (Baltimore)
Maria P Clemente-Olivo, Jayron J Habibe, Mariska Vos, Roelof Ottenhoff, Aldo Jongejan, Hilde Herrema, Noam Zelcer, Sander Kooijman, Patrick C N Rensen, Daniël H van Raalte, Max Nieuwdorp, Etto C Eringa, Carlie J de Vries
OBJECTIVE: Four-and-a-Half-LIM-domain-protein 2 (FHL2) modulates multiple signal transduction pathways but has not been implicated in obesity or energy metabolism. In humans, methylation and expression of the FHL2 gene increases with age, and high FHL2 expression is associated with increased body weight in humans and mice. This led us to hypothesize that FHL2 is a determinant of diet-induced obesity. METHODS: FHL2-deficient (FHL2-/-) and wild type male mice were fed a high-fat diet...
June 10, 2021: Metabolism: Clinical and Experimental
Mickaël Canouil, Amna Khamis, Elina Keikkala, Sandra Hummel, Stephane Lobbens, Amélie Bonnefond, Fabien Delahaye, Evangelia Tzala, Sanna Mustaniemi, Marja Vääräsmäki, Marjo-Riitta Jarvelin, Sylvain Sebert, Eero Kajantie, Philippe Froguel, Toby Andrew
OBJECTIVE: Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) is associated with an increased risk of obesity and insulin resistance in offspring later in life, which might be explained by epigenetic changes in response to maternal hyperglycemic exposure. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS: We explored the association between GDM exposure and maternal blood and newborn cord blood methylation in 536 mother-offspring pairs from the prospective FinnGeDi cohort using Illumina MethylationEPIC 850K BeadChip arrays...
June 11, 2021: Diabetes Care
Alena Welters, Eckhard Lammert
Beta-cell dysfunction and beta-cell death are critical events in the development of type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). Therefore, the goals of modern T2DM management have shifted from merely restoring normoglycemia to maintaining or regenerating beta-cell mass and function. In this review we summarize current and novel approaches to achieve these goals, ranging from lifestyle interventions to N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor (NMDAR) antagonism, and discuss the mechanisms underlying their effects on beta-cell physiology and glycemic control...
June 11, 2021: Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology
Susana S Correia, Rajesh R Iyengar, Peter Germano, Kim Tang, Sylvie G Bernier, Chad D Schwartzkopf, Jenny Tobin, Thomas W-H Lee, Guang Liu, Sarah Jacobson, Andrew Carvalho, Glen R Rennie, Joon Jung, Paul A Renhowe, Elisabeth Lonie, Christopher J Winrow, John R Hadcock, Juli E Jones, Mark G Currie
Effective treatments for neurodegenerative diseases remain elusive and are critically needed since the burden of these diseases increases across an aging global population. Nitric oxide (NO) is a gasotransmitter that binds to soluble guanylate cyclase (sGC) to produce cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP). Impairment of this pathway has been demonstrated in neurodegenerative diseases. Normalizing deficient NO-cGMP signaling could address multiple pathophysiological features of neurodegenerative diseases. sGC stimulators are small molecules that synergize with NO, activate sGC, and increase cGMP production...
2021: Frontiers in Pharmacology
Yue Huang, Katheryn Grand, Virginia Kimonis, Merlin G Butler, Suparna Jain, Alden Yen-Wen Huang, Julian A Martinez-Agosto, Stanley F Nelson, Pedro A Sanchez-Lara
BACKGROUND: Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS) is an imprinting disorder caused by the absence of paternal expressed genes in the Prader-Willi critical region (PWCR) on chromosome 15q11.2-q13. Three molecular mechanisms have been known to cause PWS, including a deletion in the PWCR, uniparental disomy 15 and imprinting defects. RESULTS: We report the first case of PWS associated with a single-nucleotide SNRPN variant in a 10-year-old girl presenting with clinical features consistent with PWS, including infantile hypotonia and feeding difficulty, developmental delay with cognitive impairment, excessive eating with central obesity, sleep disturbances, skin picking and related behaviour issues...
June 7, 2021: Journal of Medical Genetics
Ning Ding, Carrie A Karvonen-Gutierrez, William H Herman, Antonia M Calafat, Bhramar Mukherjee, Sung Kyun Park
BACKGROUND: Perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) exposure have been associated with obesity and related comorbidities, possibly through disrupting signaling pathways of adipokines. Both leptin and adiponectin can modulate metabolic processes. However, the effects of PFAS on adipokines are not well understood. OBJECTIVE: We determined if serum PFAS concentrations were associated with adipokine profiles in midlife women. METHODS: We examined 1245 women aged 45-56 years from the Study of Women's Health Across the Nation...
June 2021: International Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Health
Sin-Eun Kim, Seung-Bae Ji, Euihyeon Kim, Minseon Jeong, Jina Kim, Gyung-Min Lee, Hyung-Ju Seo, Subin Bae, Yeojin Jeong, Sangkyu Lee, Sunghwan Kim, Taeho Lee, Sung Jin Cho, Kwang-Hyeon Liu
DN203368 (( E )-3-[1-(4-[4-isopropylpiperazine-1-yl]phenyl) 3-methyl-2-phenylbut-1-en-1-yl] phenol) is a 4-hydroxy tamoxifen analog that is a dual inverse agonist of estrogen-related receptor β/γ (ERRβ/γ). ERRγ is an orphan nuclear receptor that plays an important role in development and homeostasis and holds potential as a novel therapeutic target in metabolic diseases such as diabetes mellitus, obesity, and cancer. ERRβ is also one of the orphan nuclear receptors critical for many biological processes, such as development...
May 31, 2021: Pharmaceutics
Manon D Owen, Bernadette C Baker, Eleanor M Scott, Karen Forbes
Metformin is the first-line treatment for many people with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) and gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) to maintain glycaemic control. Recent evidence suggests metformin can cross the placenta during pregnancy, thereby exposing the fetus to high concentrations of metformin and potentially restricting placental and fetal growth. Offspring exposed to metformin during gestation are at increased risk of being born small for gestational age (SGA) and show signs of 'catch up' growth and obesity during childhood which increases their risk of future cardiometabolic diseases...
May 28, 2021: International Journal of Molecular Sciences
Paula Garcia-Ibañez, Carles Roses, Agatha Agudelo, Fermin I Milagro, Ana M Barceló, Blanca Viadel, Juan Antonio Nieto, Diego A Moreno, Micaela Carvajal
The aim of the study was to evaluate the influence of the red cabbage extracts on the bioaccessibility of their isothiocyanates, and their effect on the intestinal microbiota using a dynamic model of human digestion treated with the gut microbiome of obese adults. The elicitation of red cabbage plants with methyl jasmonate (MeJA) duplicated the content of glucosinolates (GSLs) in the plant organs used for elaborating the encapsulated formula. The use of plasma membrane vesicles, according to a proper methodology and technology, showed a high retention of sulforaphane (SFN) and indol-3-carbinol (I3C) over the course of the 14-day digestion study...
May 10, 2021: Foods (Basel, Switzerland)
Wojciech Czogała, Małgorzata Czogała, Wojciech Strojny, Gracjan Wątor, Paweł Wołkow, Małgorzata Wójcik, Mirosław Bik Multanowski, Przemysław Tomasik, Andrzej Wędrychowicz, Wojciech Kowalczyk, Karol Miklusiak, Agnieszka Łazarczyk, Przemysław Hałubiec, Szymon Skoczeń
The occurrence of childhood obesity is influenced by both genetic and epigenetic factors. FTO ( FTO alpha-ketoglutarate dependent dioxygenase) is a gene of well-established connection with adiposity, while a protooncogene PLAG1 ( PLAG1 zinc finger) has been only recently linked to this condition. We performed a cross-sectional study on a cohort of 16 obese (aged 6.6-17.7) and 10 healthy (aged 11.4-16.9) children. The aim was to evaluate the relationship between methylation and expression of the aforementioned genes and the presence of obesity as well as alterations in anthropometric measurements (including waist circumference (WC), body fat (BF_kg) and body fat percent (BF_%)), metabolic parameters (lipid profile, blood glucose and insulin levels, presence of insulin resistance) and blood pressure...
May 15, 2021: Nutrients
Ningyuan Chen, Liu Miao, Wei Lin, Donghua Zou, Ling Huang, Jia Huang, Wanxin Shi, Lilin Li, Yuxing Luo, Hao Liang, Shangling Pan, Junhua Peng
Background: To explore the association of DNA methylation and gene expression in the pathology of obesity. Methods: (1) Genomic DNA methylation and mRNA expression profile of visceral adipose tissue (VAT) were performed in a comprehensive database of gene expression in obese and normal subjects. (2) Functional enrichment analysis and construction of differential methylation gene regulatory networks were performed. (3) Validation of the two different methylation sites and corresponding gene expression was done in a separate microarray dataset...
2021: Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine
Shao-Hua Wang, Xiao-Lin Zhu, Fei Wang, Si-Xu Chen, Zhi-Teng Chen, Qiong Qiu, Wen-Hao Liu, Mao-Xiong Wu, Bing-Qing Deng, Yong Xie, Jing-Ting Mai, Ying Yang, Jing-Feng Wang, Hai-Feng Zhang, Yang-Xin Chen
Maintaining proper mitochondrial respiratory function is crucial for alleviating cardiac metabolic disorders during obesity, and mitophagy is critically involved in this process. Long non-coding RNA H19 (H19) is crucial for metabolic regulation, but its roles in cardiac disorders, mitochondrial respiratory function, and mitophagy during obesity are largely unknown. In this study, palmitic acid (PA)-treated H9c2 cell and Lep-/- mice were used to investigate cardiac metabolic disorders in vitro and in vivo, respectively...
May 28, 2021: Cell Death & Disease
Ulderico Freo, Viola Brugnatelli, Fabio Turco, Gastone Zanette
Pain and depression are leading causes of disability and of profound social and economic burden. Their impact is aggravated by their chronicity and comorbidity and the insufficient efficacy of current treatments. Morphological and functional metabolism studies link chronic pain and depressive disorders to dysfunctional neuroplastic changes in fronto-limbic brain regions that control emotional responses to painful injuries and stressful events. Glutamate modulators are emerging new therapies targeting dysfunctional brain areas implicated in the generation and maintenance of chronic pain and depression...
2021: Frontiers in Neuroscience
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