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Carlos R García-Alonso, Nerea Almeda, José A Salinas-Pérez, Mencía R Gutiérrez-Colosía, José J Uriarte-Uriarte, Luis Salvador-Carulla
Evidence-informed strategic planning is a top priority in Mental Health (MH) due to the burden associated with this group of disorders and its societal costs. However, MH systems are highly complex, and decision support tools should follow a systems thinking approach that incorporates expert knowledge. The aim of this paper is to introduce a new Decision Support System (DSS) to improve knowledge on the health ecosystem, resource allocation and management in regional MH planning. The Efficient Decision Support-Mental Health (EDeS-MH) is a DSS that integrates an operational model to assess the Relative Technical Efficiency (RTE) of small health areas, a Monte-Carlo simulation engine (that carries out the Monte-Carlo simulation technique), a fuzzy inference engine prototype and basic statistics as well as system stability and entropy indicators...
2019: PloS One
Raquel Álvarez-Velilla, Maria Del Camino Gutiérrez-Corbo, Carmen Punzón, Maria Yolanda Pérez-Pertejo, Rafael Balaña-Fouce, Manuel Fresno, Rosa María Reguera
BACKGROUND: Visceral leishmaniasis is a neglected parasitic disease with no vaccine available and its pharmacological treatment is reduced to a limited number of unsafe drugs. The scarce readiness of new antileishmanial drugs is even more alarming when relapses appear or the occurrence of hard-to-treat resistant strains is detected. In addition, there is a gap between the initial and late stages of drug development, which greatly delays the selection of leads for subsequent studies. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS: In order to address these issues, we have generated a red-shifted luminescent Leishmania infantum strain that enables long-term monitoring of parasite burden in individual animals with an in vivo limit of detection of 106 intracellular amastigotes 48 h postinfection...
February 14, 2019: PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases
Alondra Escudero-Castellanos, Blanca Ocampo-García, Guillermina Ferro-Flores, Clara Santos-Cuevas, Enrique Morales-Ávila, Myrna Luna-Gutiérrez, Keila Isaac-Olivé
BACKROUND: Human tumors show intrinsic heterogeneity and changes in phenotype during disease progression, which implies different expression levels of cell surface receptors. The research on new heterodimeric lutetium-177 (Lu)-radiopharmaceuticals interacting with two different targets on tumor cells is a strategy for improvement of radiotheranostic performance. This study aimed to synthesize and characterize the Lu-DOTA-PSMA(inhibitor)-Lys-bombesin (Lu-DOTA-iPSMA-Lys-BN) heterodimer and to evaluate its potential to target prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA) and gastrin-releasing peptide receptor (GRPr) overexpressed in prostate cancer...
March 2019: Nuclear Medicine Communications
Alexandra Ghiţă, Lidia Teixidor, Miquel Monras, Lluisa Ortega, Silvia Mondon, Antoni Gual, Sofia Miranda Paredes, Laura Villares Urgell, Bruno Porras-García, Marta Ferrer-García, José Gutiérrez-Maldonado
Background: Many studies have indicated that alcohol craving is a core mechanism in the acquisition, maintenance, and precipitation of relapse in alcohol use disorder (AUD). A common treatment approach in AUD is cue exposure therapy (CET). New technologies like virtual reality (VR) have the potential to enhance the effectiveness of CET by creating realistic scenarios in naturalistic environments. In this study, we aimed to determine relevant triggers of alcohol craving in patients with AUD. Methods: We enrolled 75 outpatients diagnosed with AUD according to the DSM-5 criteria Participants completed the Alcohol Use Disorder Identification Test and a self-administered questionnaire to assess alcohol craving...
2019: Frontiers in Psychology
Nan Zhou, Alvaro Gutierrez-Uzquiza, Xiang Yu Zheng, Renxu Chang, Dan T Vogl, Alfred L Garfall, Luca Bernabei, Anita Saraf, Laurence Florens, Michael P Washburn, Anuradha Illendula, John H Bushweller, Luca Busino
Ikaros family zinc finger protein 1 and 3 (IKZF1 and IKZF3) are transcription factors that promote multiple myeloma (MM) proliferation. The immunomodulatory imide drug (IMiD) lenalidomide promotes myeloma cell death via Cereblon (CRBN)-dependent ubiquitylation and proteasome-dependent degradation of IKZF1 and IKZF3. Although IMiDs have been used as first-line drugs for MM, the overall survival of refractory MM patients remains poor and demands the identification of novel agents to potentiate the therapeutic effect of IMiDs...
February 13, 2019: Leukemia: Official Journal of the Leukemia Society of America, Leukemia Research Fund, U.K
Noemí Aguilera-Montilla, Elvira Bailón, Rebeca Uceda-Castro, Estefanía Ugarte-Berzal, Andrea Santos, Alejandra Gutiérrez-González, Cristina Pérez-Sánchez, Philippe E Van den Steen, Ghislain Opdenakker, José A García-Marco, Angeles García-Pardo
We previously showed that MMP-9 contributes to CLL pathology by regulating cell survival and migration and that, when present at high levels, MMP-9 induces cell arrest. To further explore the latter function, we studied whether MMP-9 influences the gene-expression profile in CLL. Microarray analyses rendered 131 differentially expressed genes in MEC-1 cells stably transfected with MMP-9 (MMP-9-cells) versus cells transfected with empty vector (Mock-cells). Ten out of twelve selected genes were also differentially expressed in MEC-1 cells expressing the catalytically inactive MMP-9MutE mutant (MMP-9MutE-cells)...
February 13, 2019: Oncogene
Xavier P Burgos-Artizzu, Álvaro Perez-Moreno, David Coronado-Gutierrez, Eduard Gratacos, Montse Palacio
The objective of this study was to evaluate the performance of a new version of quantusFLM®, a software tool for prediction of neonatal respiratory morbidity (NRM) by ultrasound, which incorporates a fully automated fetal lung delineation based on Deep Learning techniques. A set of 790 fetal lung ultrasound images obtained at 24 + 0-38 + 6 weeks' gestation was evaluated. Perinatal outcomes and the occurrence of NRM were recorded. quantusFLM® version 3.0 was applied to all images to automatically delineate the fetal lung and predict NRM risk...
February 13, 2019: Scientific Reports
Tim Gutierrez, Greg Hambright, Tahir Mustafa, Anthony Cahill, Vaidehi Agrawal, Michael S Truitt
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
January 1, 2019: American Surgeon
Alfredo F Braña, Aida Sarmiento-Vizcaíno, Ignacio Pérez-Victoria, Jesús Martín, Luis Otero, Juan José Palacios-Gutiérrez, Jonathan Fernández, Yamina Mohamedi, Tania Fontanil, Marina Salmón, Santiago Cal, Fernando Reyes, Luis A García, Gloria Bianco
The isolation and structural elucidation of a structurally new desertomycin, designated as desertomycin G ( 1 ), with strong antibiotic activity against several clinically relevant antibiotic resistant pathogens are described herein. This new natural product was obtained from cultures of the marine actinomycete Streptomyces althioticus MSM3, isolated from samples of the intertidal seaweed Ulva sp. collected in the Cantabrian Sea (Northeast Atlantic Ocean). Particularly interesting is its strong antibiotic activity against Mycobacterium tuberculosis clinical isolates, resistant to antibiotics in clinical use...
February 12, 2019: Marine Drugs
Ana R Sepúlveda, Emilio J Compte, Mar Faya, Angel Villaseñor, Silvia Gutierrez, Patricia Andrés, Montserrat Graell
Most studies of eating disorders (ED) among adolescents have relied on the use of self-report questionnaires given its cost-effectiveness compared to interviews approaches. The Eating Disorders Examination Questionnaire (EDE-Q) is one of the most commonly used self-report measures of eating psychopathology, despite issues regarding the underlying latent structure and its validity in this population. Given the lack of validated measures among Hispanic clinical samples, the current study aimed to validate previously suggested models for the adolescent version (EDE-Q-A) among female teenage patients with ED in Spain (Mage  = 15...
February 13, 2019: Eating Disorders
A P Gutierrez, L Ponti, P A Arias
Before its eradication from North America, the subtropical-tropical new world screwworm fly Cochliomyia hominivorax (Coquerel) invaded southwestern temperate areas of the U.S.A., where it caused myiasis in wildlife and livestock. Outbreaks of the fly occurred during years when adult migrants were carried northward on North American monsoon winds from the northern areas of Mexico and south Texas. We deconstruct, retrospectively, the biology and the effect of weather on the eradication of the fly in North America...
February 13, 2019: Medical and Veterinary Entomology
Juan M Guerra, Martha A Hanes, Cordelia Rasa, Nagarajan Loganathan, Wendy Innis-Whitehouse, Ednia Gutierrez, Saraswathy Nair, Jameela Banu
In women, age-related bone loss is associated with increased risk of bone fracture. Existing therapies are associated with severe side effects; thus, there is a need to find alternative medicines with less or optimal side effects. Cissus quadrangularis (CQ), an Ayurvedic medicine used to enhance fracture healing, was tested for its bone protective properties and studied to discern the mechanism by which it is beneficial to bone. Female Sprague Dawley rats were either sham operated or ovariectomized and were fed CQ for 3 months...
February 12, 2019: Journal of Bone and Mineral Metabolism
María Sandín Vázquez, Jesús Rivera, Paloma Conde, Marta Gutiérrez, Julia Díez, Joel Gittelsohn, Manuel Franco
Exploring subjective elements of the food environment remains key to understand why and how residents purchase food. Our aim was to explore and describe the social norms relating to the local food environment and food purchasing behaviors, as perceived by residents and food traders in Madrid, Spain. This qualitative study took place in a middle socioeconomic status neighborhood of Madrid between January 2015 and May 2016. We conducted 35 semi-structured interviews. We used stratified purposive sampling to recruit residents, neighborhood workers ( N = 20) and food traders ( N = 15) representing different levels of involvement with food purchasing behaviors...
February 11, 2019: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
Marco Sanchez-Guerra, Cheng Peng, Letizia Trevisi, Andres Cardenas, Ander Wilson, Citlalli Osorio-Yáñez, Megan M Niedzwiecki, Jia Zhong, Katherine Svensson, Maria Teresa Acevedo, Maritsa Solano-Gonzalez, Chitra J Amarasiriwardena, Guadalupe Estrada-Gutierrez, Kasey J M Brennan, Lourdes Schnaas, Allan C Just, Hannah E Laue, Rosalind J Wright, Martha Maria Téllez-Rojo, Robert O Wright, Andrea A Baccarelli
INTRODUCTION: Lead (Pb) crosses the placenta and can cause oxidative stress, reduced fetal growth and neurological problems. The principal source of oxidative stress in human cells is mitochondria. Therefore, disruption of normal mitochondrial function during pregnancy may represent a primary mechanism behind the adverse effects of lead. We sought to assess the association of Pb exposure during pregnancy with mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) content, a sensitive marker of mitochondrial function, in cord blood...
February 9, 2019: Environment International
Corina Benjet, Raúl A Gutiérrez-García, Adrián Abrego-Ramírez, Guilherme Borges, Anabell Covarrubias-Díaz, Ma Del Socorro Durán, Rogaciano González-González, Alicia E Hermosillo-de la Torre, Kalina I Martínez-Martínez, María Elena Medina-Mora, Humberto Mejía-Zarazúa, Gustavo Pérez-Tarango, María Alicia Zavala-Berbena, Philippe Mortier
OBJECTIVE: To estimate psychopathology and self-harm behavior of incoming first-year college students, sociodemographic correlates, service use and willingness to seek treatment. MATERIALS AND METHODS: 4 189 male and female incoming first-year students of six universities in four different states of Mexico responded to an online survey with a 79.3% response rate. RESULTS: Almost one in three incoming students has experienced some type of psychopathology; however, only one in five has received treatment...
2019: Salud Pública de México
Jesús Rodríguez-Baño, Belén Gutiérrez-Gutiérrez, Gunnar Kahlmeter
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
February 12, 2019: JAMA: the Journal of the American Medical Association
Eva Gutiérrez-Sigut, Ana Marcet, Manuel Perea
Visual similarity effects during the early stages of word processing have been consistently found for letter-like digits and symbols. However, despite its relevance for models of word recognition, evidence for letter visual-similarity effects is scarce and restricted to behavioral experiments. In two masked priming experiments, we measured event-related potential (ERP) responses to words preceded by an identical (dentist-DENTIST), a visually similar (dentjst-DENTIST), or a visually dissimilar prime (dentgst-DENTIST) to track the time course of the effects of letter visual-similarity during word processing...
February 11, 2019: Cognitive, Affective & Behavioral Neuroscience
Aaron M Burger, Radhe Agarwal, Alexey Aprelev, Edward Schruba, Alejandro Gutierrez-Perez, Vladimir M Fridkin, Jonathan E Spanier
The quantum phenomenon of shift photovoltaic current was predicted decades ago, but this effect was never observed directly because shift and ballistic currents coexist. The atomic-scale relaxation time of shift, along with the absence of a photo-Hall behavior, has made decisive measurement of shift elusive. Here, we report a facile, direct-current, steady-state method for unambiguous determination of shift by means of the simultaneous measurements of linear and circular bulk photovoltaic currents under magnetic field, in a sillenite piezoelectric crystal...
January 2019: Science Advances
Maryam Zulfiqar, Fares Qeadan, Asad Ikram, Mudassir Farooqui, Sarah P Richardson, Christopher S Calder, Syed A Quadri, Puja Mathur, Corey Ford, Santiago Ortega-Gutierrez, Enrique Leira, Harry Snow, Joel N Gonzalez, Atif Zafar
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
February 8, 2019: Journal of Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases: the Official Journal of National Stroke Association
Leonardo Russo, Anggela Maltese, Luis Betancourt, Gabriel Romero, Daniela Cialoni, Liliana De la Fuente, Marianna Gutierrez, Angela Ruiz, Emperatriz Agüero, Silvia Hernández
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the pathologic response after neoadjuvant chemotherapy in patients with breast cancer according to the stromal tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs) as well as the evaluation of overall and disease-free survival according to TILs. METHODS: A six years (2008-2013) review was done including patients with locally advanced breast cancer that received neoadjuvant therapy and then surgery. An evaluation of the percentage of TILs was done in the pretreatment biopsies and a correlation analysis and survival curves were done...
February 4, 2019: European Journal of Surgical Oncology
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