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Bat-Zion Hose, Peter L T Hoonakker, Abigail R Wooldridge, Thomas B Brazelton Iii, Shannon M Dean, Ben Eithun, James C Fackler, Ayse P Gurses, Michelle M Kelly, Jonathan E Kohler, Nicolette M McGeorge, Joshua C Ross, Deborah A Rusy, Pascale Carayon
OBJECTIVE:  To describe physician perceptions of the potential goals, characteristics, and content of the electronic problem list (PL) in pediatric trauma. METHODS:  We conducted 12 semistructured interviews with physicians involved in the pediatric trauma care process, including residents, fellows, and attendings from four services: emergency medicine, surgery, anesthesia, and pediatric critical care. Using qualitative content analysis, we identified PL goals, characteristics, and patient-related information from these interviews and the hospital's PL etiquette document of guideline...
January 2019: Applied Clinical Informatics
Katherine Edmunds, Juan Gurria, George Koberlein, Ronine Zamor, Lesley Breech, Kara Shah, Selena Hariharan
A 2-year-old girl with a past medical history of cutaneous mastocytosis and eczema presented with 1 day of yellow-green, nonbloody vomiting, bradycardia, and listlessness. She was evaluated by her pediatrician and sent to the emergency department because of concern for dehydration. In the emergency department, she improved with fluid rehydration but still had decreased energy and bradycardia. Her electrocardiogram revealed sinus bradycardia, and laboratory results did not reveal any electrolyte abnormalities...
February 12, 2019: Pediatrics
Stephan Gerling, Oliver Loose, Robert Zant, Holger Michel, Michael Melter, Christian Gündisch, Volker Krutsch, Werner Krutsch
BACKGROUND: Sudden cardiac death (SCD) in children and adolescents is rare. Several studies have reported a higher risk of SCD during athletic competition. High risk congenital coronary artery abnormalities are the second leading cause of SCD in young athletes in the USA. Echocardiographic assessment of coronary arteries has not been routinely used in screening programmes for junior athletes so far. DESIGN: Prospective cohort study in 1045 consecutive adolescent elite football players...
February 12, 2019: European Journal of Preventive Cardiology
Minah Kim, Chang Seong Kim, Eun Hui Bae, Seong Kwon Ma, Soo Wan Kim
Background: Compared to the general population, patients with end-stage renal disease have more gastrointestinal symptoms and a higher prevalence of peptic ulcer. Risk factors for peptic ulcer disease in patients with end-stage renal disease, however, remain poorly defined. This study aims to better identify those risk factors. Methods: We analyzed 577 patients with end-stage renal disease from 2004 to 2016. We excluded patients with life-threatening conditions...
February 12, 2019: Kidney Research and Clinical Practice
Tanya du Plessis, Genevieve Walls, Anthony Jordan, David J Holland
Background: Inaccurate allergy labelling results in inappropriate antimicrobial management of the patient, which may affect clinical outcome, increase the risk of adverse events and increase costs. Inappropriate use of alternative antibiotics has implications for antimicrobial stewardship programmes and microbial resistance. Methods: All adult inpatients labelled as penicillin allergic were identified and screened for eligibility by the study pharmacist. An accurate allergy and medication history was taken...
February 6, 2019: Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy
Sunil Kripalani, Kimberly Hart, Caitlin Schaninger, Stuart Bracken, Christopher Lindsell, Dane R Boyington
Purpose: Failure to obtain an accurate medication history can adversely affect patient care in the emergency department (ED) and propagate errors into the inpatient and outpatient settings. Obtaining an accurate medication history in the ED is challenging, however, due to limited time, a suboptimal environment for patient interaction, and inadequate information in the electronic health record (EHR). This article describes the development and initial evaluation of the PictureRx Medication History Application, a tablet computer-based program that queries patients' prescription fill data from the Surescripts Medication History service and renders it graphically for review and editing at the point of care...
February 9, 2019: American Journal of Health-system Pharmacy: AJHP
Kyung Mee Park, Ji Min Sung, Woo Jung Kim, Suk Kyoon An, Kee Namkoong, Eun Lee, Hyuk-Jae Chang
The early identification and prevention of dementia is important for reducing its worldwide burden and increasing individuals' quality of life. Although several dementia prediction models have been developed, there remains a need for a practical and precise model targeted to middle-aged and Asian populations. Here, we used national Korean health examination data from adults (331,126 individuals, 40-69 years of age, mean age: 52 years) from 2002-2003 to predict the incidence of dementia after 10 years. We divided the dataset into two cohorts to develop and validate of our prediction model...
2019: PloS One
Marta Rojek, Marek W Rajzer, Wiktoria Wojciechowska, Tomasz Drożdż, Paweł Skalski, Tomasz Pizoń, Andrzej Januszewicz, Danuta Czarnecka
OBJECTIVE: To assess the impact of long-term exposure to aircraft noise on blood pressure (BP), prevalence of arterial hypertension, and indices of asymptomatic organ damage. METHODS: Using acoustic maps, we selected and further compared people living (average 35 years) in areas exposed to high, more than 60 dB (n = 101), and low aircraft noise, less than 55 dB (n = 100). Medical history taking, office BP measurement, ambulatory BP monitoring, and echocardiographic and arterial stiffness measurements were performed...
February 8, 2019: Journal of Hypertension
Harel Gilutz, Sevatlana Shindel, Ilana Shoham-Vardi
BACKGROUND: Adherence to guidelines for the initial treatment of ST-Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction has been thoroughly studied, whereas the study of emergency department (ED) adherence to guidelines for Non-ST-Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction-Acute Coronary Syndrome (NSTEMI-ACS) has been much scarcer. The recommended guidelines for the initial prompt workup and treatment of NSTEMI-ACS remains a challenge. AIM: We studied adherence to guidelines for NSTEMI in the ED...
March 2019: Critical Pathways in Cardiology
Don K Nakayama
The past medical history (PMH) of Andrew Jackson (1767-1845) reflects one of the emblematic nicknames in Americana, "Old Hickory." As a 14-year-old Rebel volunteer in the Revolutionary War, he survived a blow from a British saber and smallpox that he contacted in a prison camp epidemic. In 1806, Jackson challenged a rival who had made the mistake of maligning his beloved wife Rachel. He deliberately allowed his opponent to shoot him in the chest, and then killed him when he took his turn. A gunshot shattered his arm in an 1813 street fight that involved Thomas Hart Benton, who later became his ally in the United States Senate during his presidency...
November 1, 2018: American Surgeon
Kelly McGowan, Robert S Ware, Caroline Acton, Saso Ivanovski, Newell W Johnson
OBJECTIVES: Medication-related osteonecrosis of the jaws (MRONJ) is a serious condition whose risk factors remain unclear. The aim of this study is to investigate the role of oral health and of dental treatment in the development of MRONJ. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A case-control study was conducted in Brisbane, Australia. Hospital records were used to identify incident cases of MRONJ between January 2010 and March 2017. Cases were individually matched to up to 3 controls according to age, sex, primary disease, and type of antiresorptive therapy...
February 12, 2019: Clinical Oral Investigations
Enrico Melillo, Luigi Ascione, Giuseppe Palmiero, Valentina Maria Caso, Pio Caso
Cardiotoxicity related to antineoplastic agents is a rising and growing issue, therefore early recognition and prompt management can impact on the overall prognosis of cancer patients. We report the case of a 70-year-old woman without cardiovascular risk factors, with a medical history of non-Hodgkin lymphoma and chronic myeloid leukemia treated with chemotherapy and radiotherapy, who underwent transcatheter aortic valve replacement for severe aortic stenosis and cardiac resynchronization therapy for further development of complete left bundle branch block, with a significant improvement of her functional status and left ventricle systolic function in a long-term follow-up...
October 2018: Journal of Cardiovascular Echography
Yen-Ling Chiu, Hsiu-Hui Tsai, Yen-Jun Lai, Hsin-Yi Tseng, Yen-Wen Wu, Yu-Sen Peng, Cheng-Ming Chiu, Yi-Fang Chuang
BACKGROUND: Chronic kidney disease exhibits a prominent premature aging phenotype in many different organ systems, including the brain. Nevertheless, a comprehensive characterization of brain aging in non-demented patients with end-stage renal disease (ESRD) is lacking and it remains unclear if the collective changes of cognitive functions and brain structures in ESRD is compatible with aging. METHODS: We compared 56 non-demented, independently living dialysis patients (mean age 59...
February 7, 2019: Journal of the Formosan Medical Association, Taiwan Yi Zhi
Stephanie R Reading, Mary Helen Black, Daniel E Singer, Alan S Go, Margaret C Fang, Natalia Udaltsova, Teresa N Harrison, Rong X Wei, In-Lu Amy Liu, Kristi Reynolds
BACKGROUND: Atrial fibrillation (AF) patients are routinely prescribed medications to prevent and treat complications, including those from common co-occurring comorbidities. However, adherence to such medications may be suboptimal. Therefore, we sought to identify risk factors for general medication non-adherence in a population of patients with atrial fibrillation. METHODS: Data were collected from a large, ethnically-diverse cohort of Kaiser Permanente Northern and Southern California adult members with incident diagnosed AF between January 1, 2006 and June 30, 2009...
February 11, 2019: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders
Tao Shen, Yingxia Liu, Jia Shang, Qing Xie, Jun Li, Ming Yan, Jianming Xu, Junqi Niu, Jiajun Liu, Paul B Watkins, Guruprasad P Aithal, Raúl J Andrade, Xiaoguang Dou, Lvfeng Yao, Fangfang Lv, Qi Wang, Yongguo Li, Xinmin Zhou, Yuexin Zhang, Peilan Zong, Bin Wan, Zhengsheng Zou, Dongliang Yang, Yuqiang Nie, Dongliang Li, Yuya Wang, Xi'an Han, Hui Zhuang, Yimin Mao, Chengwei Chen
BACKGROUND & AIMS: We performed a nationwide, retrospective study to determine the incidence and causes of drug-induced liver injury (DILI) in mainland China. METHODS: We collected data on a total of 25,927 confirmed DILI cases, hospitalized from 2012 through 2014 at 308 medical centers in mainland China. We collected demographic, medical history, treatment, laboratory, disease severity, and mortality data from all patients. Investigators at each site were asked to complete causality assessments for each case whose diagnosis at discharge was DILI (n=29,478) according to the Roussel Uclaf Causality Assessment Method...
February 8, 2019: Gastroenterology
Eun Ju Lee, Ha Nee Jang, Hyun Seop Cho, Eunjin Bae, Tae Won Lee, Se-Ho Chang, Dong Jun Park
Intravenous (IV) acyclovir is commonly administered medication for viral infection but is well known for its nephrotoxicity. However, there was no study for incidence, risk factors, and clinical outcomes of acute kidney injury (AKI) associated with IV acyclovir administration. We retrospectively reviewed the medical records of 287 patients who were medicated IV acyclovir from January 2008 to May 2013 in Gyeongsang National University Hospital. All had documented medical histories and underwent medical review...
November 2018: Renal Failure
Josh Koczerginski, Kendall Ho, Riley Golby, Elizabeth M Borycki, Andre W Kushniruk, Judith Born, Christian Juhra
Medical Emergency Datasets (MEDs) are brief summarizations of an individual's medical history, providing vital patient information to emergency medical providers. A recent German study [1] evaluated whether MEDs are useful to local emergency physicians and paramedics, and which health data were relevant to their medical management. To validate of the German study internationally, Canadian physicians and paramedics were recruited to provide feedback on the utility of the German MEDs as well as their specific content...
2019: Studies in Health Technology and Informatics
Devy Zisman, Aaida Samad, Stacy P Ardoin, Peter Chira, Patience White, Idit Lavi, Emily von Scheven, Erica F Lawson, Melinda Hing, Elizabeth D Mellins
OBJECTIVE: To assess the attitudes and common practices of adult rheumatologists in the United States regarding health care transition (HCT) for young adults with rheumatic diseases. METHODS: An anonymous online survey was sent to U.S. adult rheumatologist members of the American College of Rheumatology to collect demographic data and information on attitudes and common practices regarding the transition process. RESULTS: Of 4,064 contacted rheumatologists, 203 (5%) completed the survey...
February 11, 2019: Arthritis Care & Research
Naomi Hatabu, Naho Katori, Takeshi Sato, Naonori Maeda, Eri Suzuki, Osamu Komiyama, Hidemitsu Tsutsui, Toshitaka Nagao, Hana Nakauchi-Takahashi, Tatsuo Matsunaga, Tomohiro Ishii, Tomonobu Hasegawa, Kazuki Yamazawa
INTRODUCTION: Primary hyperparathyroidism (PHPT) occurs as part of familial syndromes, including CDC73-related disorders caused by germline pathogenic variants of the CDC73 gene, particularly in early adulthood. Herein, we report a familial case of a whole germline CDC73 deletion discordant for PHPT. CASE DESCRIPTION: A 15-year-old boy was admitted to our hospital because of persistent nausea and vomiting. Laboratory tests showed hypercalcemia (13.6 mg/dL), hypophosphatemia (2...
February 8, 2019: Hormone Research in Pædiatrics
Anca Ciobanu, Alan Wright, Anca Panaitescu, Argyro Syngelaki, David Wright, Kypros H Nicolaides
BACKGROUND: In the weeks preceding the clinical onset of preeclampsia (PE) the maternal serum level of the angiogenic placental growth factor (PLGF) is decreased and that of the antiangiogenic factor soluble fms-like tyrosine kinase-1 (sFLT) is increased. Women presenting at specialist clinics with signs or symptoms of hypertensive disorders have been stratified according to concentrations of PLGF or the ratio of concentrations of sFLT and PLGF to determine clinical management for the subsequent 1-4 weeks...
February 7, 2019: American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology
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