Ami Patel, Syed A Hoda
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
November 20, 2020: Breast Journal
Hongye Liao, Jujiang Guo, Xuming Chen, Zhipeng Hua, Juli Lin, Yiyin Weng
BACKGROUND: To summarize the clinical experience of ultrasound-guided minimally invasive surgery for granulomatous lobular mastitis (GLM), and explore the feasibility of this technique for treating GLM. METHODS: This retrospective study reviewed the clinical features and treatment outcome of 30 patients who were diagnosed pathologically as GLM from 2016.3 to 2019.5 in the Department of Breast Surgery, Women's and Children's Hospital, Xiamen University. These patients weretreated with ultrasound-guided Mammotome minimally invasive surgery, and we tried to classified the lesion into four distinct patterns (diffuse abscess mixed type, sheet hypoechoic type, localized abscess type, localized hypoechoic mass type) according to the sonographic findings and clinical symptoms to find out if these patterns correlated with treatment and recurrence rate...
November 16, 2020: BMC Women's Health
Richard Chalmers, Patrick McClellan, Vixey Silva, Natalie Shutt, Carolina Restini
BACKGROUND: Granulomatous mastitis (GM) is a rare benign chronic inflammatory breast disease. GM presents as a heterogeneous illness with variable clinical presentations, and its diagnosis is usually made by exclusion. There are no guidelines for the treatment of GM. This manuscript describes the management of a patient with GM, initially unsuccessfully treated outside our clinic under a diagnosis of mastitis. The patient's history, physical examination, and needle biopsy flagged the patient's findings as nonmalignant; however, imaging studies indicated a tumor...
November 10, 2020: Journal of Medical Case Reports
Xing Zhang, Jing Li, Xian-Jie Hu
The etiology of idiopathic granulomatous mastitis (IGM), a rare inflammatory breast disease, is not understood. There is no consensus regarding the treatment of IGM. The purpose of this study was to determine the efficacy of surgery combined with traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of IGM.We retrospectively analyzed 53 patients of IGM who were treated with surgical excision at our hospital. Group A (n = 25) included patients treated with only surgery, and Group B included patients treated with surgery combined with postoperative Yanghe decoction...
November 6, 2020: Medicine (Baltimore)
Mustafa Yıldırım, Nezahat Yıldırım
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
November 6, 2020: Breast Journal
Ramiro Esteban Cadena-Semanate, Leslie Fernanda Estrella-Tapia, Felipe Contreras-Yametti, Javier Eduardo Contreras-Yametti, Rene Danilo Salazar-Molina
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
November 3, 2020: Breast Journal
Çağrı Akalın, Hilal Altaş, Mürüvvet Akçay Çelik
Introduction and aim Idiopathic granulomatous mastitis (IGM) is an inflammatory disease of the breast and has the same symptoms and radiologic imaging as breast abscess (BA). The aim of this study is to evaluate the use of inflammatory markers as white blood count (WBC), C-reactive protein (CRP), and neutrophil to lymphocyte ratio (NLR) as a potentially useful tool for the differential diagnosis of BA and IGM. Methods In this retrospective study, we analyzed 31 patients with IGM and 47 patients with BA between January 2013 and April 2020...
September 15, 2020: Curēus
Gökay Çetinkaya, Ramazan Kozan, Ahmet Cihangir Emral, Ekmel Tezel
BACKGROUND: Idiopathic granulomatous mastitis (IGM) is a benign and rare chronic inflammatory disease of the breast with unknown etiology. While there is no consensus regarding its post-diagnosis management, there are different treatment alternatives. AIMS: In this study, it was aimed to question the effectiveness of follow-up strategy without administering any treatment. METHODS: One hundred eighteen female patients diagnosed with IGM were retrospectively evaluated...
October 20, 2020: Irish Journal of Medical Science
Ahmet Dağ, Akay Edizsoy
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
October 18, 2020: Breast Journal
Leyla Tekin, Funda Dinç Elibol
Objective: Idiopathic granulomatous mastitis (IGM) is a rare, resistant, and recurrent benign disease of the breast. IGM can be clinically and radiologically confused with breast carcinoma, and core needle biopsy is needed to diagnose. The etiology and pathogenesis of IGM have not been fully explained. This premenopausal disease may be associated with pregnancy, breastfeeding, autoimmune processes, inflammation, and oral contraceptives. However, there is no study on whether there is a seasonal relationship...
October 2020: European Journal of Breast Health
Xin-Qian Li, Hong-Li Wu, Jing-Ping Yuan, Tian-Gang Liu, Sheng-Rong Sun, Chuang Chen
Granulomatous lobular mastitis (GLM), also known as idiopathic granulomatous mastitis (IGM), is a chronic inflammatory lesion of the breast. The incidence of GLM has been increasing in recent years, especially among young women. The etiologies of GLM have not been fully elucidated but are associated with autoimmunity and bacterial infection. Bacteria, especially Corynebacterium species, play important roles in GLM. In this article, we review research progress regarding the bacteriology of GLM attained with the application of several new high-throughput detection techniques...
October 15, 2020: Journal of Investigative Surgery: the Official Journal of the Academy of Surgical Research
Hulya Ucaryilmaz, Hande Koksal, Ayca Emsen, Naim Kadoglou, John Michael Dixon, Hasibe Artac
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: The aim of this study was to evaluate the role of T- and B-regulatory cells (Tregs and Bregs) in the pathogenesis of idiopathic granulomatous mastitis (IGM). METHODS: This study includes 47 patients with pathologically proven IGM (Group P) and 26 healthy subjects (Group C). The patients in Group P were divided into two groups according to whether their lesions were active (Group PA , n: 21) or in remission (Group PR , n: 26). By using flow-cytometry, the frequencies of CD3+ CD4+ CD45RA- Foxp3high activated Tregs (aTregs), CD3+ CD4+ CD45RA- Foxp3low non-suppressive Tregs, CD3+ CD4+ CD45RA+ Foxp3low resting Tregs (rTregs), CD3+ CD4+ CD25+ Foxp3- T-effector cells (Teff), total Tregs and Bregs were analyzed in all subjects...
October 9, 2020: Immunological Investigations
Joana Reis, Joao Boavida, Nazli Bahrami, Marianne Lyngra, Jonn Terje Geitung
Breast sarcoidosis is an extremely rare entity (about 1%). Conventional imaging significantly contributes to the detection of breast lesions, but it has been unable to establish a definite diagnosis. Histological examination should be mandatory, over imaging assessments, in order to confirm an early diagnosis and to avoid unjustified treatments. Malignancy should be excluded as a primary differential diagnosis. However, in the presence of granulomas, it is important to recognize other granulomatous disorders such as tuberculosis, Wegener's granulomatosis, or idiopathic granulomatous mastitis, since therapeutic strategies differ...
October 8, 2020: Breast Journal
Mustafa Berkesoglu, Ahmet Dag, Ferah Tuncel, Recep Okan Ustun
BACKGROUND: Granulomatous mastitis (GM) is not among the well-known diseases in the field of aesthetic breast surgery (ABS). The clinical presentation of GM resembles infectious diseases or malignancies, but the management of these diseases is quite different. In this study, we aimed to present the management of GM in patients who underwent ABS. METHODS: In this study, patients with GM (n = 65) and patients who underwent ABS (n = 531) were evaluated. A total of six GM patients with a history of ABS were included in the study between January 1, 2010, and January 1, 2019...
October 8, 2020: Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
Fei Zhou, Lu Liu, Liyuan Liu, Lixiang Yu, Fei Wang, Yujuan Xiang, Chao Zheng, Shuya Huang, Han Cai, Zhigang Yu
Background: Idiopathic granulomatous mastitis (IGM) is a rare, benign breast disease without any definitive therapeutic strategy. It is controversial whether to use conservative or surgical treatment of IGM and high-level evidence-based medicine data are lacking. The purpose of this study was to systemically evaluate the clinical effectiveness of the conservative versus surgical treatment for IGM. Methods: In this meta-analysis, we searched PubMed, EMbase, ScienceDirect, and Web of Science for comparative studies about the conservative versus surgical treatment of IGM...
August 2020: Breast Care
Kyungmin Shin, Lorell Ruiz-Flores, Jennifer Schopp, Gary J Whitman
Granulomatous mastitis is a rare benign inflammatory disease of the breast, predominantly affecting women of childbearing age. Because of its low prevalence, the literature is limited, and its treatment algorithm is unclear. However, it is important to understand this disease for timely diagnosis and treatment. Our overview with imaging examples of biopsy-proven cases aims to improve our knowledge and to determine when it would be appropriate to include it in the differential diagnosis.
September 18, 2020: Ultrasound Quarterly
Sami Akbulut, Tevfik Tolga Sahin
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
August 2020: Gland Surgery
Cheng Kong, Chaojie Zhang, Yaqin Wu, Zheng Zeng, Hong Yu, Jie Zeng, Shanshan Lei, Jie He, Peizhi Fan
Background: The exact etiology and pathogenesis of granulomatous lobular mastitis (GLM) are yet to be illuminated. This study aimed to investigate CD68, CD163-positive M2 macrophages, CD57-positive natural killer (NK) cells, and IgG4 in GLM lesion tissue to explore their correlation with the occurrence and clinical features of GLM. Methods: Surgical pathologic specimens of GLM were collected from patients admitted to Hunan Provincial People's Hospital between October, 2014 and October 2015...
August 2020: Gland Surgery
Sophie Roth, Tristan Ehrlich, Hans-Joachim Schäfers, Sören L Becker
Corynebacterium kroppenstedtii is an emerging cause of granulomatous mastitis and recurrent breast abscesses in women, but data on its clinical relevance in non-gynecological disease conditions are limited. Here, we report the first case of a late-onset endocarditis of a native aortic valve in a 73-year old male patient who presented with symptomatic aortic insufficiency. Echocardiography and cardiac computed tomography revealed perforation of the non-coronary cusp and a large perivalvular abscess cavity. Hence, surgical replacement of the aortic valve and aortic root were performed...
September 15, 2020: International Journal of Infectious Diseases: IJID
Hulya Aksan, Berrin Papila Kundaktepe, Ugurcan Sayili, Mehmet Velidedeoglu, Gonul Simsek, Selcuk Koksal, Remise Gelisgen, Ilhan Yaylim, Hafize Uzun
This study investigates whether the circulating miR-155, let-7c, miR-21, and PTEN levels to be used in the differential diagnosis of patients with idiopathic granulomatous mastitis (IGM) and breast cancer (BC). Forty-five patients with BC, 50 patients with IGM, and 48 healthy volunteers were included in the study. Serum miR-21 expression was significantly higher in BC (fold change = 2.42) and IGM group (fold change = 1.33) compared to control (p < .001). Serum miR-155 and let-7c expression levels were significantly lower in both groups compared to the control group (p < ...
September 17, 2020: BioFactors
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