Ronald J Houison, Andrea Lamont-Mills, Michael Kotiw, Peter C Terry
Stress research in sports tends to focus on athletes, with sports officials typically being overlooked. In the current study, baseline, pre-game, and post-game cortisol levels among a sample of softball umpires were measured to assess the pattern of stress responses and determine if umpire performance (pass/fail) and position on the diamond (plate/field) could be predicted from cortisol levels. Nine male and four female participants aged 25-68 years ( N = 13, M = 47.06 ± 15.65 years) each provided saliva samples on multiple occasions prior to and after officiating games at two Australian National Softball Championships...
May 9, 2024: Sports
Rossana Izzetti, Elisabetta Carli, Stefano Gennai, Maria Rita Giuca, Filippo Graziani, Marco Nisi
Muscular temporomandibular joint disorders (M-TMDs) encompass a wide range of painful muscular conditions, which can provoke functional limitation and severely affect quality of life. The aim of the present study was to assess the treatment outcomes in patients affected by M-TMDs in terms of pain scores assessed with pressure pain threshold (PPT). The levels of depression, anxiety, and the Oral Health Impact Profile were also assessed and compared to healthy controls. Patients with a clinical diagnosis of M-TMDs and a control group of healthy subjects were enrolled...
May 7, 2024: Dentistry Journal
Marta Caminiti, Michelangelo Mercogliano, Federico Cussotto, Giovanni Leonardo Briganti, Dario Genovese, Walter Priano, Giorgia Maria Ricciotti, Nicole Bonaccorso, Fabiano Grassi, Antonio Antonelli, Gloria Girolametto, Gloria Spatari, Vincenza Gianfredi, Antonella Mariniello, Mariagrazia Marisei, Giuseppa Minutolo, Angela Ancona, Valentina De Nicolò, Nausicaa Berselli, Veronica Gallinoro, Claudia Cosma, Gaia Piunno, Vincenzo Montagna, Alessandro Catalini
Medical residents constitute a vulnerable population susceptible to mental health disorders. In Italy, this was evident during the COVID-19 pandemic, when medical residents served on the front line and provided significant support to healthcare services. Therefore, the working group on "Public Mental Health" of the Medical Residents' Council of the Italian Society of Hygiene, Preventive Medicine, and Public Health (S.It.I.) designed the "Residents' mental health investigation, a dynamic longitudinal study in Italy" (ReMInDIt)...
May 15, 2024: Healthcare (Basel, Switzerland)
Joana Oliveira, Diogo Monteiro, Miguel Jacinto, Rui Matos, Nuno Amaro, Filipe Rodrigues, Raúl Antunes
UNLABELLED: Physical activity (PA), mental health, and body image are some important health topics in the transgender population that have been recently discussed and appear to play a crucial role in the quality of life of the trans population. This study aims to elucidate the complex interplay of these variables and their implications for the well-being of trans individuals. METHODS: In a cross-sectional study, 75 Portuguese transgender individuals (M = 23.68; SD ± 6...
May 14, 2024: Healthcare (Basel, Switzerland)
Hiroyuki Noda
During the COVID-19 pandemic, while some countries succeeded in reducing their rate of death after SARS-CoV-2 infection via vaccination by the end of 2021, some of them also faced hospital capacity strain, leading to social anxiety about delays in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with other diseases. This essay presents an allegory to explain the situation during the COVID-19 pandemic. Through an allegory and Le Morte d'Arthur (Arthur's Death) , this essay indicates that "the scabbard of Excalibur" that we are looking for is an efficient and effective healthcare system that can diagnose patients who might become severely ill due to COVID-19 and to treat them without hospital capacity strain...
May 9, 2024: Healthcare (Basel, Switzerland)
Adela Drozdova, Karin Polokova, Otakar Jiravsky, Bogna Jiravska Godula, Jan Chovancik, Ivan Ranic, Filip Jiravsky, Jan Hecko, Libor Sknouril
INTRODUCTION: Education of patients prior to an invasive procedure is pivotal for good cooperation and knowledge retention. Virtual reality (VR) is a fast-developing technology that helps educate both medical professionals and patients. OBJECTIVE: To prove non-inferiority of VR education compared to conventional education in patients prior to the implantation of a permanent pacemaker (PPM). METHODS: 150 participants scheduled for an elective implantation of a PPM were enrolled in this prospective study and randomized into two groups: the VR group ( n = 75) watched a 360° video about the procedure using the VR headset Oculus Meta Quest 2, while the conventional group ( n = 75) was educated by a physician...
May 9, 2024: Healthcare (Basel, Switzerland)
Carley Vornlocher, Michelle N Shiota
Excessive alcohol use, as well as drinking to manage distress, are known to undermine mental health. The current study examined the unique associations of simply consuming alcohol while stressed, versus using alcohol to cope with distress, with mental health during the early stages of COVID-19. Participants ( N = 264) reported their alcohol use and use of alcohol/substances to cope with stress daily for 22 days and completed measures of mental health at baseline and every 7 days thereafter. Hierarchical regression models were tested to predict drinking while stressed, drinking to cope, and mental health...
May 12, 2024: Behavioral Sciences
James R Langabeer, Francine R Vega, Marylou Cardenas-Turanzas, A Sarah Cohen, Karima Lalani, Tiffany Champagne-Langabeer
The surge in opioid use disorder (OUD) over the past decade escalated opioid overdoses to a leading cause of death in the United States. With adverse effects on cognition, risk-taking, and decision-making, OUD may negatively influence financial well-being. This study examined the financial health of individuals diagnosed with OUD by reviewing financial beliefs and financial behaviors. We evaluated quality of life, perceptions of financial condition during active use and recovery, and total debt. We distributed a 20-item survey to 150 individuals in an outpatient treatment program for OUD in a large metropolitan area, yielding a 56% response rate...
May 9, 2024: Behavioral Sciences
Barbara Gawda, Adrian Korniluk
An existential vacuum is experienced as a kind of crisis that one can cope with using his/her strengths. The related literature suggests that the important determinants of coping with existential emptiness include positive emotional and personality resources, and among these-Curiosity Behaviors. The purpose of this study is to describe the role of curiosity as an important factor in relation to emotional resources in individuals experiencing an existential vacuum. A survey was conducted using online tools ( n = 484)...
May 6, 2024: Behavioral Sciences
Lea A Wehrli, Merlin Ariefdjohan, Jill Ketzer, Kristina Matkins, Luis De la Torre, Andrea Bischoff, Laura Judd-Glossy
BACKGROUND: Postoperative anal dilations (PAD) are the standard of care for patients after a posterior sagittal anorectoplasty (PSARP) for anorectal malformation (ARM) or a transanal pull-through (TP) procedure for Hirschsprung disease (HD). This study assessed the psychosocial impact of PAD among caregivers of children with ARM or HD, which may inform postoperative care strategies. METHODS: Caregivers of patients with ARM and HD who underwent PSARP or TP within five years participated in the online survey...
April 30, 2024: Behavioral Sciences
Letizia Iannopollo, Grazia Cristaldi, Alessandra Feltrin
The following article proposes a reflection on the experience of Narrative Therapy of a group of cancer patients, non-homogeneous for sites and stages of disease, participating to a therapeutic writing path, in order to process the trauma reactive to cancer and to reflect on themselves. Taking inspiration from the assumption that "writing helps when people are faced with a stumble", facilitating the process of distancing from life-events, each writer establishes either context, in a more intimate and true way, or memories and emotions connected to it, in order to express them to the group and to themselves too, and to identify new adaptation styles...
April 29, 2024: Behavioral Sciences
Kai Wang, Qianqian Ruan, Xiaoxuan Zhang, Chunhua Fu, Boyuan Duan
Generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) has taken educational settings by storm in the past year due to its transformative ability to impact school education. It is crucial to investigate pre-service teachers' viewpoints to effectively incorporate GenAI tools into their instructional practices. Data gathered from 606 pre-service teachers were analyzed to explore the predictors of behavioral intention to design Gen AI-assisted teaching. Based on the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT) model, this research integrates multiple variables such as Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK), GenAI anxiety, and technology self-efficacy...
April 29, 2024: Behavioral Sciences
Yonghong Zeng, Jiaying Yu, Hanwei Wu, Wentao Liu
Second language (L2) teachers' emotions can influence their well-being and students' performance. However, most of the existing studies have focused on the role of individual factors in affecting L2 teachers' emotions, while leaving environmental factors underexplored. To fill this gap, this study aimed to examine how the four dimensions of a supportive work environment (SWE) (perceived climate, PC; supervisory relationship, SR; peer group interaction, PGI; and perceived organization support, POS) relate to L2 teachers' emotions (enjoyment, anxiety, pride, and anger)...
April 28, 2024: Behavioral Sciences
Yuling Tang, Binbin Wang, Chunyan Xu, Xiaochun Xie
During major health emergencies (e.g., the COVID-19 pandemic) people often fear missing relevant information. COVID-19 information fear of missing out (FOMO) is a phenomenon where people feel anxiety about losing control of COVID-19-related information. The present study aimed to examine how COVID-19 information FOMO relates to mental health (e.g., depression and anxiety), the mediating role of resilience, and the moderating role of personality types during the COVID-19 pandemic. We surveyed 1442 Chinese undergraduates ( M age = 21...
April 25, 2024: Behavioral Sciences
Vallery Ogello, Nicholas Thuo, Phelix Okello, Njeri Wairimu, Paul Mwangi, Gakuo Maina, Harrison Mwenda, Paul Mutua, John Kinuthia, Linnet Ongeri, Nelly Mugo, Kenneth Ngure
BACKGROUND: In 2020, healthcare providers were expected to provide care to individuals with coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), putting them at risk of acquiring COVID-19. The possibility of acquiring poorly understood infectious diseases while providing care may have an impact on the mental health of providers. We conducted a study to explore the effects of COVID-19 on the mental health of healthcare providers. METHODS: Between April and August 2021, we conducted in-depth interviews with 60 healthcare providers in the infectious disease unit (IDU) and other units of the hospital (non-IDU)...
April 23, 2024: Behavioral Sciences
Fernando Antonio Costa Xavier, Silvia Stella Barbieri, Maurizio Popoli, Alessandro Ieraci
Stress is an important risk factor for the onset of anxiety and depression. The ability to cope with stressful events varies among different subjects, probably depending on different genetic variants, sex and previous life experiences. The Val66Met variant of Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF), which impairs the activity-dependent secretion of BDNF, has been associated with increased susceptibility to the development of various neuropsychiatric disorders. Adult male and female wild-type Val/Val (BDNFV/V ) and heterozygous Val/Met (BDNFV/M ) mice were exposed to two sessions of forced swimming stress (FSS) per day for two consecutive days...
April 27, 2024: Biology
Olga Magni, Paraskevi Detopoulou, Evangelia Fappa, Anastasia Perrea, Despoina Levidi, Vasilios Dedes, Milia Tzoutzou, Aristea Gioxari, Georgios Panoutsopoulos
University students face challenges impacting psychology and dietary choices. The present work examined the association between eating attitudes, stress, anxiety, and depression to body mass index (BMI) and body fat percentage in Dietetics students. Respondents completed the Eating Attitudes Test-26 (EAT-26), the Depression Anxiety Stress Scales (DASS), a validated Food Frequency Questionnaire, and the Hellenic Physical Activity Questionnaire (HPAQ). Anthropometry and a bioimpedance analysis were performed...
May 20, 2024: Diseases (Basel)
Matteo Rizzato, Laura Miraglia, Antonio Francisco Arnau Mollà, Francisco Javier Romero Naranjo, Cinzia Di Dio, Michele Antonelli, Davide Donelli
This study aims to validate the Spanish version of the Measure of Happiness (MH), a questionnaire that identifies the specific areas of an individual's life that are related to experienced happiness. The sample consisted of 458 Spanish native speakers (65.7% women, 34.3% men; mean age = 24.14, SD = 8.45) and was divided into two groups: Sample 1 (N = 226) underwent Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA), and Sample 2 (N = 232) underwent Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA). The convergent and discriminant validity of the Spanish version of the MH and its subscales was assessed by calculating Pearson correlations between the MH factors and the Subjective Happiness Scale, the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory, the Beck Depression Inventory, and the WHOQOL-BREF...
May 14, 2024: European journal of investigation in health, psychology and education
Belén Gómez-López, Roberto Sánchez-Cabrero
Musical performance anxiety (MPA) is considered a subtype of social phobia and affects musicians who must face musical exposure in public, potentially severely affecting their emotional stability and significantly impairing the quality of their performance. This research has utilized previous scientific knowledge on the issue and a qualitative approach to musicians' needs through focus groups in order to design a collective preventive program for MPA that could be implemented within the training curriculum of professional musicians...
May 6, 2024: European journal of investigation in health, psychology and education
Maria Giuseppina Petruzzelli, Lucia Marzulli, Giuseppe Colacicco, Fabio Tarantino, Flora Furente, Alessandra Gabellone, Lucia Margari, Emilia Matera
Recent studies have revealed increasingly worse and more complex mental health conditions in young people, which is reflected in a growing trend in emergency room (ER) visits for acute psychopathological symptoms (APSs). This phenomenon has become exacerbated in recent decades, with a peak in the post-pandemic period. To better characterize the phenomenon, we investigated the change in the rate and type of ER counseling requests provided at the Child Neuropsychiatry Unit of the University Hospital of Bari, Italy over the period between 2019 and 2023 for subjects younger than 18 years old...
May 5, 2024: European journal of investigation in health, psychology and education
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