Ferat Buran, Zeynep Altın
This study aimed to investigate burnout among physicians during the first phase of the COVID-19 pandemic. This research was conducted in a pandemic hospital which is among the largest hospital complexes in Turkey. Internal medicine physicians actively working in many departments under the severe conditions in the diagnosis and treatment processes were included. Among the physicians constituting the study population, residents, attendings, and subspecialists from different fields were included. These physicians were working in the quarantine services, inpatient services, intensive care units, and polyclinics...
April 7, 2021: Legal Medicine
Kathleen T Brady, Therese Killeen, Nathaniel L Baker
Mindfulness based interventions have been shown to be efficacious in treating depression, anxiety, pain and substance use disorders (SUDs). Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention (MBRP) is an intervention that integrates cognitive-behavioral relapse prevention and mindfulness meditation practices, in an 8-week, manualized group intervention designed to treat SUDs by helping patients regulate negative emotional states and reactive behavior. This paper describes the rationale, study design and methodology of a two-site, randomized controlled trial comparing MBRP to 12-Step Facilitation (TSF) in military Veterans following completion of intensive outpatient treatment for SUDs...
April 12, 2021: Contemporary Clinical Trials
Leslie Landaeta-Díaz, Gabriel González-Medina, Samuel Durán Agüero
The current epidemic of COVID-19 has gained attention and highlighted the need for a better understanding of the population's mental health. Diet has been identified as an environmental determinant of mental health. In this regard, it has been suggested that the consumption of palatable foods represents a strategy to mitigate negative emotions, such as anxiety. This study aimed to evaluate the association between symptoms of anxiety and/or anhedonia to food consumption patterns during the period of COVID-19 quarantine in Chile...
April 12, 2021: Appetite
Antonio M Persico, Arianna Ricciardello, Marco Lamberti, Laura Turriziani, Francesca Cucinotta, Claudia Brogna, Benedetto Vitiello, Celso Arango
Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a severe and lifelong neurodevelopmental disorder, with high social costs and a dramatic burden on the quality of life of patients and family members. Despite its high prevalence, reaching 1/54 children and 1/45 adults in the United States, no pharmacological treatment is still directed to core symptoms of ASD, encompassing social and communication deficits, repetitive behaviors, restricted interests, and abnormal sensory processing. The purpose of this review is to provide an overview of the state-of-the-art of psychopharmacological therapy available today for ASD in children and adolescents, in order to foster best practices and to organize new strategies for future research...
April 12, 2021: Progress in Neuro-psychopharmacology & Biological Psychiatry
Sarah Holden, Ruby Perez, Reed Hall, Christina M Fallgren, Brian Ponnaiya, Guy Garty, David J Brenner, Michael M Weil, Jacob Raber
During space missions, astronauts experience acute and chronic low-dose-rate radiation exposures. Given the clear gap of knowledge regarding such exposures, we assessed the effects acute and chronic exposure to a mixed field of neutrons and photons and single or fractionated simulated galactic cosmic ray exposure (GCRsim) on behavioral and cognitive performance in mice. In addition, we assessed the effects of an aspirin-containing diet in the presence and absence of chronic exposure to a mixed field of neutrons and photons...
April 15, 2021: Radiation Research
Farrukh Ishaque Saah, Hubert Amu, Kwaku Kissah-Korsah
BACKGROUND: Poor mental health often interrupts people's regular activities making them unable to work effectively resulting in poor performance and high turnover intention. We examined the prevalence and predictors of depression, anxiety and stress among waiters in upscale restaurants. METHODS: This descriptive cross-sectional study involved 384 waiters in upscale restaurants in the Accra Metropolis. Data were collected using a pre-tested questionnaire which embedded DASS-21 (Cronbach Alpha = 0...
2021: PloS One
Aslı Egeli, Serkan Adıgüzel, Yaşar Kapıcı, Bulut Güc, Ayşegül Yetkin Tekin, Atilla Tekin
BACKGROUND: The aim of this study is to investigate risk-taking behavior and decision-making processes in recovered COVID-19 patients. SUBJECTS AND METHODS: Twenty patients recovered from COVID-19 as confirmed by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests and twenty-one healthy individuals were recruited. A computerized version of the Iowa Gambling Test (IGT) for measuring risk-taking behavior tendencies as a decision-making process and State-Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI), Beck Depression Inventory (BDI), and WMS-R Digit Span Forward Test (DSFT) for clinical assessments included...
2021: Psychiatria Danubina
Jun Chen, Guoqiang Sang, Yu Zhang, Aifeng Jiang
BACKGROUND: The World Health Organization has declared the Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) epidemic as a public health emergency of international concern. Given the sudden infection from and extensive dispersion of COVID-19 and the absence of specific drugs, those infected are in danger if they are not treated in time. Consequently, COVID-19 has become an important factor influencing adolescents' mental health. The purpose of this study is to explore the intervention effect of the integration model on the negative emotions of adolescents during the COVID-19 epidemic...
2021: Psychiatria Danubina
Emil Babić, Milenko Bevanda, Maja Karin, Mile Volarić, Ante Bogut, Daniela Bevanda Glibo, Danijel Bevanda, Nikica Šutalo
BACKGROUND: To explore corellation of anxiety, depression ant type of personality in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and compare with peptic ulcer (PU). SUBJECTS AND METHODS: In this study, prevalence of anxiety, depression and type of personality was investigated in 362 cases divided into three groups: 112 of IBD patients, 122 of peptic ulcer patients and 128 of control group who didn't have any gastrointestinal or psychic complaints. IBD and peptic ulcer diagnosis were established by standard diagnostic procedures (anamnesis, clinical manifestations, laboratory, endoscopy and biopsy in IBD and upper endoscopy in peptic ulcer)...
2021: Psychiatria Danubina
Céline Becquet, Fausto Viader, Francis Eustache, Peggy Quinette
Numerous evidences suggest the existence of relationships between the impairment of episodic memory, acute stress exposure and variations in self-awareness (SA). Here, we examined 27 patients presenting transient global amnesia (TGA), a clinical condition which combines episodic amnesia and high anxiety, thanks to state and trait questionnaires of SA. We observed variation of SA depending on the stage of TGA (acute, recovery and follow-up). We also found preexisting differences in patient's awareness of their own image when the precipitating event was physical, encouraging us to give more consideration to the social determinants of stress in physiological cascade of TGA...
April 15, 2021: Neurocase
Madelyn E Rosenthal, M Melanie Lyons, Jessica Schweller, Vedat O Yildiz, Eugene G Chio, Meena S Khan
PURPOSE: To evaluate relationships between hypoglossal nerve stimulator (HNS) adherence and the presence of anxiety, depression, and emotional distress. METHODS: This is a cross-sectional study of subjects with moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), who had HNS implanted and activated at The Ohio State University Medical Center (OSUMC). Patient usage data from the previous 6 months was obtained from 33 patients. Adherence was defined as ≥28 h of use per week...
April 15, 2021: Sleep & Breathing, Schlaf & Atmung
Bibi Hajra, Tamkeen Saleem
This study was designed to adopt art therapy from an Islamic perspective by adding/including shapes and designs of Islamic origin. This was basically color therapy and was designed to find its effectiveness in reducing depression, anxiety. Stress and enhancing psychological well-being of university students with high and low-religious levels from Islamabad and Rawalpindi. This study was carried out in two phases. The first phase was to develop Islamic adult coloring book with Islamic patterns and calligraphy...
April 15, 2021: Journal of Religion and Health
Kate Wolitzky-Taylor, Haley Breland, Jaclyn Ross, Amy Sewart
Rumination is theorized to be a cognitive avoidance process that is implicated in several manifestations of psychopathology. Few interventions directly target rumination as a core process maintaining emotional disorder symptoms. This pilot study compared the feasibility and preliminary efficacy of self-directed behavioral approaches for reducing rumination. Participants ( N  = 60) with elevations in rumination were randomized to 3 weeks of self-directed interventions: (a) scheduled rumination time; (b) a strategy combining mindfulness, shaping, and disengagement strategies; or (c) self-monitoring control...
April 15, 2021: Behavior Modification
Noa Vardi, Gil Zalsman, Nir Madjar, Abraham Weizman, Gal Shoval
The COVID-19 pandemic brought about a global crisis, with profound implications on public mental health. The current review focuses on the impact of the pandemic on the mental health of mothers and their infants during pregnancy and shortly after delivery. Literature shows that in similar disaster situations, mothers' stress reaction and mental health have a critical impact on infant development. Research data on perinatal mental health during the current COVID-19 pandemic is reviewed in conjunction with studies on the relationship between maternal stress, infant development, and psychopathology...
April 15, 2021: Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry
Kathryn G Reyes, Cheyla Clark, Meredith Gerhart, Ainsley J Newson, Kelly E Ormond
Little is known about what uncertainties patients experience after being identified to carry a pathogenic variant in a moderate-risk cancer gene as a result of undergoing multigene panel testing for cancer susceptibility. Data regarding cancer risk estimates and effectiveness of risk management strategies for these variants continues to evolve, which has the potential to evoke uncertainty. Acknowledging uncertainty during pre- and post-test discussions is imperative to helping individuals to adapt to their results...
April 15, 2021: Familial Cancer
Hoang Thi Xuan Huong, Molassiotis Alex, Chan Choi Wan, Vu Hoang Anh, Bui Thanh Phuc
PURPOSE: Current evidence for using self-acupressure to manage the cancer-related symptom cluster of insomnia, depression, and anxiety, while promising, is unknown. This study evaluated the feasibility of self-acupressure to manage this symptom cluster and to explore its potential effectiveness. METHODS: Participants were assigned randomly to three study groups, namely the true acupressure (TAP), the sham acupressure (SAP), and the enhanced standard care group (ESC)...
April 14, 2021: Sleep & Breathing
Adriane E Napp, Torsten Diekhoff, Olf Stoiber, Judith Enders, Gerd Diederichs, Peter Martus, Marc Dewey
OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the influence of audio-guided self-hypnosis on claustrophobia in a high-risk cohort undergoing magnetic resonance (MR) imaging. METHODS: In this prospective observational 2-group study, 55 patients (69% female, mean age 53.6 ± 13.9) used self-hypnosis directly before imaging. Claustrophobia included premature termination, sedation, and coping actions. The claustrophobia questionnaire (CLQ) was completed before self-hypnosis and after MR imaging...
April 15, 2021: European Radiology
Isabella M Björkman-Burtscher
• Claustrophobia, a phobic anxiety disorder, is a well-known relative contraindication for MR, and anxiety or fear is triggered by confinement or the prospect of confinement in the MR environment.• Within the field of MR, claustrophobia is generally counteracted by reducing or deflecting attention from triggering stimuli in the MR environment by technical means, which increases relaxation and comfort and thus improves compliance.• Psychological interventions and self-empowerment of patients might become the next level of coping strategies...
April 15, 2021: European Radiology
Jordan M Adkins, Joseph Lynch, Michael Gray, Aaron M Jasnow
Anxiety and trauma-related disorders are highly prevalent worldwide, and are associated with altered associative fear learning. Despite the effectiveness of exposure therapy, which aims to reduce associative fear responses, relapse rates remain high. This is due, in part, to the context specificity of exposure therapy, which is a form of extinction. Many studies show that fear relapses when mice are tested outside the extinction context, and this is known as fear renewal. Using Pavlovian fear conditioning and extinction, we can study the mechanisms underlying extinction and renewal...
April 14, 2021: Psychopharmacology
Ika Setyo Rini, Titik Rahmayani, Efris Kartika Sari, Retno Lestari
BACKGROUND: Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is defined as a progressive disease that causes renal failure and requires extended and long-term therapies. CKD patients need to choose one of these therapies to improve their quality of life. This study aims to investigate differences in the quality of life of chronic kidney disease patients undergoing hemodialysis and continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD). DESIGN AND METHODS: The study design used is similar to the cross-sectional design...
April 14, 2021: Journal of Public Health Research
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