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Pomeranian Journal of Life Sciences

Rafał Nowak, Grzegorz Trybek
Choosing an appropriate fixation technique after maxillary or mandibular osteotomy is one of the key factors affecting the success of orthognathic surgery. In line with the development of new surgical methods and techniques, the surgeons’ approach to the fixation of bone fragments has evolved accordingly, varying from non-fusion to different osteosynthesis techniques. Advances in medical sciences and medical technologies, have changed our attitudes to bone fragment reduction in orthopaedics and traumatology, and also in maxillofacial surgery...
2016: Pomeranian Journal of Life Sciences
Andrzej Żyluk, Piotr Puchalski
The case of a giant, nonparasitic splenic cyst, accidentally diagnosed in a young woman, is reported. The cyst was poorly-symptomatic, with only a discrete change of abdominal contour. The diagnosis was confirmed by USG and abdominal computed tomography scanning. The patient was operated on, and the cyst, containing 2.5 L of serosal fluid, was successfully excised, sparing almost the whole spleen. The postoperative course was uneventful, and histological examination showed the epidermoid character of the cyst...
2016: Pomeranian Journal of Life Sciences
Andrzej Żyluk, Wojciech Jagielski, Piotr Janowski
The article reports the case of a 31-year-old patient, in whom bowel ileus developed 2 days after natural delivery, and who in the second trimester underwent laparotomy due to mechanical obstruction involving the duodenum and small bowel and caused by swallowed foreign bodies. The course of pregnancy from the operation to delivery was uneventful. Preoperative diagnostics (barium meal) showed features of mechanical obstruction involving the duodenum and small bowel. The patient underwent surgery, and abdominal exploration revealed a largely distended duodenum filled by thick contents, dilated and involved in massive adhesions in the small bowel and a largely distended proximal colon...
2016: Pomeranian Journal of Life Sciences
Joanna Zielonka-Brzezicka, Anna Nowak, Magdalena Zielińska, Adam Klimowicz
Introduction: Antioxidants contained in plant raw materials prevent oxidative stress, and reduce the degenerative effects of free radical reactions and damage caused by UV radiation. Antioxidant activity is exhibited, for example, in raspberry (Rubus idaeus), and blackberry (Rubus fruticosus), which have a high content of tannins, flavonoids, phenolic acids, vitamins and minerals. Materials and methods: The raw plant material consisted of fresh and dried leaves and fruits of raspberries and blackberries harvested in 2014...
2016: Pomeranian Journal of Life Sciences
Katarzyna Szymoniak, Witold Malinowski, Dorota Ćwiek, Dorota Fryc, Małgorzata Zimny
Introduction: It has long been known that gynaecological examination causes a lot of negative emotions for most women. The aim of the study was to learn the views of women on the issue of gynaecological examination. Materials and methods: The study involved 1200 women from the West Pomeranian and Łódź provinces in Poland. Results: The majority of non-pregnant women considered gynaecological examination to be embarrassing. The most embarrassing moment of the visit for the respondents from both groups was lying down on the gynaecological chair, and the most unpleasant stage of examination was palpation through the vagina...
2016: Pomeranian Journal of Life Sciences
Paulina Zabielska
Introduction: Violence against elderly people is becoming pointed out more often in connection with the implementation of social policy. The incidence rate of violent events is expected to increase with the ageing of the population. Elderly people are both suffering from and using violent behaviour. It is crucial to investigate this problem thoroughly in order to introduce effective measures reducing violence. The aim of this dissertation was to analyse the problem of violence among elderly people...
2016: Pomeranian Journal of Life Sciences
Marta Bażydło, Beata Karakiewicz
Introduction: Modern psychiatry faces numerous challenges related with the change of the epidemiology of mental disorders and the development of knowledge in this area of science. An answer to this situation is to be the introduction of community psychiatry. The implementation of this model in Poland was the aim of the National Mental Health Protection Programme. The aim of the study was to analyse the functioning of mental healthcare using the example of the West Pomeranian Province in Poland...
2016: Pomeranian Journal of Life Sciences
Maciej Czepita, Leszek Kuprjanowicz, Krzysztof Safranow, Artur Mojsa, Ewa Majdanik, Maria Ustianowska, Damian Czepita
Introduction: The aim of our study was to examine whether outdoor activity influences the prevalence of myopia in schoolchildren. Materials and methods: 5601 Polish students of elementary and secondary schools (2688 boys and 2913 girls), 6–18 years of age (mean 11.9 ±3.2 years) were examined. In every student cycloplegia after 1% tropicamide was performed. The mean spherical equivalent (SE) was calculated after examination of both eyes. Time spent on outdoor activity was evaluated based on a questionnaire...
2016: Pomeranian Journal of Life Sciences
Dorota Ćwiek, Katarzuna Przeradzka, Marta Stanisz, Agnieszka Kardziejonek, Dorota Fryc, Katarzyna Szymoniak
Introduction: Breastfeeding is the optimal method of feeding children during the first period of their life. The correct management of lactation is essential for proper breastfeeding initiation which would be continued long enough. Many factors have a huge impact on lactation, among others mode of delivery, parturition, hospital procedures and practices, such as suctioning the airway, ‘skin to skin’ contact, feeding the baby, and the competent support of the staff. The aim of the study was to analyze the impact of selected procedures related to childbirth and post-natal care, as well as hospital practices on lactation...
2016: Pomeranian Journal of Life Sciences
Małgorzata Szczuko, Rafał Romaniuk
Introduction: Unfavourable reactions of the body to consumed food and/or medicines are an increasing epidemiological problem. Intolerance to acetylsalicylic acid is connected to the intake of some drugs and food containing salicylic acid. People suffering from this intolerance have to follow an elimination diet limiting the intake of salicylates. The elimination diet can lead to deficiencies in nutrients, and therefore we decided to test whether a low salicylate diet of various calorie content (1500, 2000, 2500 kcal) can pose such a risk...
2016: Pomeranian Journal of Life Sciences
Aleksandra Zarek, Ludmiła Halczy-Kowalik, Anna Rzewuska, Violetta Posio, Małgorzata Stecewicz
Introduction: Personality traits of the patients surgically treated due to oral cancer form anxiety and depression levels associated with body deformation, as well as life quality during illness, and they are also associated with life span of the patients. It is purposeful to take personality traits into account during treatment management and rehabilitation of the patients. The aim of work is to recognize the association between personality traits and functional rehabilitation course in the patients treated due to oral cancer...
2016: Pomeranian Journal of Life Sciences
Dariusz Kotlęga, Anna Boczar-Wójcik, Barbara Peda, Przemysław Nowacki
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
2016: Pomeranian Journal of Life Sciences
Miłosz Parchimowicz, Adam Michoński, Oktawia Parchimowicz, Anna Lubkowska
Ankle sprains are the most common sports injuries, but they also happen to people that do not do any sports at all. Most of them are inversion-type traumas which could harm soft tissues like lateral collateral ligaments, capsule and peroneal tendons. The vast majority of these injuries are grade 1 sprains where there is no clinical instability. Very often treatment is based on conservative protocols, i.e. RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation), immobilization and avoiding weight bearing. Besides the above procedures, in the following period of time some modalities are planned, and there is not enough attention paid to regaining function after the acute stage...
2016: Pomeranian Journal of Life Sciences
Zbigniew Deskur, Anna Deskur
Introduction: The aim of our study was to evaluate the methods used and results achieved for the restoration of function of the hands in patients with irreparable injury to the radial nerve. Materials and methods: We studied the type and number of methods used for the restoration of mobility function of the hands by tendon transfer of active muscle to affected muscle. Moreover, we implemented rehabilitation treatment in patients with irreparable injury to the radial nerve...
2016: Pomeranian Journal of Life Sciences
Andrze Żyluk, Ewa Szperka
We present the case of an 84-year-old man who shortly after the 2nd World War lost 4 digits (including the thumb) of his left hand due to an explosion. In spite of severe mutilation he completed school education, passed the secondary school leaving examination, and was employed in the mechanical industry. He perfectly adapted to his disability: he performed tasks in mechanical workshops and achieved car as well as motorcycle driving licences. He had been employed full time until retirement. Clinical examination of the affected hand revealed total grip strength of 10 kG (31% of the other hand), good function (the DASH score of 17) and overall good quality of life as assessed by the SF-36 questionnaire...
2016: Pomeranian Journal of Life Sciences
Krzysztof Sobczak, Kararzyna Leoniuk, Leszek Pawłowski, Natalia Spolak
Introduction: The main aim of the research was to assess medical communication from the point of view of clinicians and their patients. Materials and methods: 100 doctors and 378 patients were included in the study. Original tools prepared by the interdisciplinary team were used during the research. The research tools consisted of closed questions concerning the quality assessment of medical communication, and they were the same for both groups. Discontinuous variables as well as the statistical heterogeneity of groups were analysed with Pearson’s χ² test, assessing the value p < 0...
2016: Pomeranian Journal of Life Sciences
Paweł Rafałowicz
A conceived child is the subject of abortion crimes protection in the Criminal code. Under Polish Law, legislators did not predict a legal definition of this term and there is a conflict in literature about the beginning of legislative life protection. At the same time, terminological inconsistency in normative acts should be indicated. More especially, the one in the Criminal code as well as in the legislative from January 7th 1993, which refers to family planning, protection of human fetus, and conditions of allowance on pregnancy termination...
2016: Pomeranian Journal of Life Sciences
Dominika Maciejewska, Maja Czerwińska, Marcin Banaszczak, Karina Ryterska, Agnieszka Łukomska, Sandra Budrewicz, Magdalena Skowronek, Adam Stachowski, Ewa Stachowska
Introduction: Vegetables and fruit are an essential part of a healthy and balanced diet. It has been shown that regular consumption of fruit and vegetables can reduce the risk of chronic diseases. However, in the past 8 years fruit and vegetable consumption among Polish youth has significantly decreased. Materials and methods: Patients involved in the project were participants of the Woodstock Festival Poland 2014. During three days of the festival, 615 young adults (18–35 years) were enrolled in the study...
2016: Pomeranian Journal of Life Sciences
Dorota Torbé, Anna Stolarek, Anna Lubkowska, Andrzej Torbé
Despite the growing emphasis on the need for pregnant women to keep an appropriate level of physical activity, less attention is devoted to the aspects associated with physical activity after childbirth. Physical activity is indicated in the postpartum period, and properly targeted and practiced exercises promote faster regression of the changes in body caused by childbearing. However, the possibilities to undertake physical activity at this time, especially at the first days of puerperium, are very limited...
2016: Pomeranian Journal of Life Sciences
Maja Czerwińska, Joanna Hołowko, Ewa Stachowska
Introduction: Professional driver is an occupation associated with high health risk. The factors which increase the risk of developing lifestyle diseases are closely related to working conditions. The aim of this study was to analyse the risk factors which are associated with professional drivers’ lifestyle. Materials: The material consisted of 23 articles from Conclusion: Risk factors related to drivers’ work have a signi
2016: Pomeranian Journal of Life Sciences
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