Swagatika Das, Praveen K Roayapalley, Sarvesh C Vashishtha, Umashankar Das, Jonathan R Dimmock
There is a need for novel antiepileptic agents whose modes of action differ from those of current antiepileptic drugs. The objective of this study was to determine whether 1-diethylamino-3-phenylprop-2-en-1-one ( 2 ) could prevent or at least diminish convulsions caused by different mechanisms. This amide afforded protection in the maximal electroshock and subcutaneous pentylenetetrazole screens when given intraperitoneally to both mice and rats. A number of specialized tests in mice were conducted and are explained in the text...
September 8, 2023: Medicines (Basel, Switzerland)
Hidetaka Hamasaki
Background: Previous research has demonstrated the effectiveness of mindfulness interventions in improving glycemic control. By enhancing attention control, emotion regulation, and self-awareness, mindfulness shows promise in managing the lifestyle factors associated with cardiovascular disease risk. However, the impact of mindfulness on glycemic control in people with diabetes remains unclear. This overview aims to summarize the current evidence of the impact of mindfulness interventions on glycemic control in people with diabetes and propose suggestions for future research...
September 7, 2023: Medicines (Basel, Switzerland)
Jamir Pitton Rissardo, Ursula Medeiros Araujo de Matos, Ana Letícia Fornari Caprara
BACKGROUND: Gabapentin (GBP)-induced movement disorders (MDs) are under-recognized adverse drug reactions. They are commonly not discussed with patients, and their sudden occurrence can lead to misdiagnosis. This literature review aims to evaluate the clinical-epidemiological profile, pathological mechanisms, and management of GBP-associated MD. METHODS: Two reviewers identified and assessed relevant reports in six databases without language restriction between 1990 and 2023...
September 6, 2023: Medicines (Basel, Switzerland)
Eleni Avramidou, Antonios Gkantaras, Iasonas Dermitzakis, Konstantinos Sapalidis, Maria Eleni Manthou, Paschalis Theotokis
BACKGROUND: Hashimoto's thyroiditis (HT) is an autoimmune disease exhibiting stromal fibrosis and follicular cell destruction due to lymphoplasmacytic infiltration. Besides deprecated analyses, histopathological approaches have not employed the use of electron microscopy adequately toward delineating subcellular-level interactions. METHODS: Biopsies for ultrastructural investigations were obtained from the thyroids of five patients with HT after a thyroidectomy...
September 2, 2023: Medicines (Basel, Switzerland)
Christina E Larder, Michèle M Iskandar, Stan Kubow
Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common joint disorder, with a social and financial burden that is expected to increase in the coming years. Currently, there are no effective medications to treat it. Due to limited treatment options, patients often resort to supplements, such as collagen hydrolysates (CHs). CHs are products with low molecular weight (MW) peptides, often between 3 and 6 kDa, and are a result of industrialized processed collagen. Collagen extraction is often a by-product of the meat industry, with the main source for collagen-based products being bovine, although it can also be obtained from porcine and piscine sources...
September 1, 2023: Medicines (Basel, Switzerland)
Ana Leticia Fornari Caprara, Hossam Tharwat Ali, Ahmed Elrefaey, Sewar A Elejla, Jamir Pitton Rissardo
An aura is a subjective experience felt in the initial phase of a seizure. Studying auras is relevant as they can be warning signs for people with epilepsy. The incidence of aura tends to be underestimated due to misdiagnosis or underrecognition by patients unless it progresses to motor features. Also, auras are associated with seizure remission after epilepsy surgery and are an important prognostic factor, guiding the resection site and improving surgical outcomes. Somatosensory auras (SSAs) are characterized by abnormal sensations on one or more body parts that may spread to other parts following a somatotopic pattern...
August 21, 2023: Medicines (Basel, Switzerland)
Kosuke Karatsu, Ryota Tamura, Tsubasa Miyauchi, Junki Sogano, Utaro Hino, Takashi Iwama, Masahiro Toda
BACKGROUND: Postoperative trigeminal neuropathy may be seen after surgery for middle and posterior cranial fossa lesions. Although neuropathic pain is a cause of reduced quality of life, global consensus on postoperative pain management is lacking. Mirogabalin besylate is a selective ligand for the α2δ subunit of voltage-gated calcium channels. Although mirogabalin has been used for patients with postherpetic neuralgia and painful diabetic peripheral neuropathy, few reports have assessed the effect on postsurgical neuropathy...
August 17, 2023: Medicines (Basel, Switzerland)
John O Obasuyi, Mathias A Emokpae
There is an indication of abrupt rise in chronic kidney disease (CKD) in Nigeria and thyroid function involvement has not been sufficiently evaluated. This study determined thyroid gland function among subjects with CKD in Benin City, Nigeria. A total of 184 randomized CKD patients attending specialist clinic and 80 healthy control subjects were recruited for this study. A well-structured questionnaire was used to obtain data on socio-demography. Blood specimens were collected and used for the determination of thyroid function parameters; thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), triiodothyronine (T3), free triiodothyronine (fT3), thyroxine (T4), free thyroxine (fT4), thyroid peroxidase antibody (TPO-Abs), thyroid globulin antibody (Tg-Abs) and Deiodinase enzyme Type 1 (D1)...
August 9, 2023: Medicines (Basel, Switzerland)
Paul W Davis, Pajaree Krisanapan, Supawit Tangpanithandee, Charat Thongprayoon, Jing Miao, Mohamed Hassanein, Prakrati Acharya, Michael A Mao, Iasmina M Craici, Wisit Cheungpasitporn
Background: Contrast-induced encephalopathy (CIE) is an infrequent but serious neurological condition that occurs shortly after the administration of contrast during endovascular and angiography procedures. Patients suffering from chronic kidney disease (CKD) or end-stage kidney disease (ESKD) are considered to be at a higher risk of contrast medium neurotoxicity, due to the delayed elimination of the contrast medium. However, the occurrence and characteristics of CIE in CKD/ESKD patients have not been extensively investigated...
August 8, 2023: Medicines (Basel, Switzerland)
Mirjam Bonanno, Rocco Salvatore Calabrò
Translational neuroscience is intended as a holistic approach in the field of brain disorders, starting from the basic research of cerebral morphology and with the function of implementing it into clinical practice. This concept can be applied to the rehabilitation field to promote promising results that positively influence the patient's quality of life. The last decades have seen great scientific and technological improvements in the field of neurorehabilitation. In this paper, we discuss the main issues related to translational neurorehabilitation, from basic research to current clinical practice, and we also suggest possible future scenarios...
August 1, 2023: Medicines (Basel, Switzerland)
Yang Lei, Jennifer Halasz, Kerri L Novak, Stephen E Congly
BACKGROUND: High-dose proton pump inhibitor (PPI) therapy, given either intermittently or continuously for non-variceal upper gastrointestinal bleeding (NV-UGIB), is efficacious. Using intermittent PPI for low-risk patients may be cost-saving. Our objective was to estimate the annual cost savings if all low-risk NV-UGIB patients received intermittent PPI therapy. METHODS: Patients who presented to hospital in Calgary, Alberta, who received a PPI for NV-UGIB from July 2015 to March 2017 were identified using ICD-10 codes...
July 20, 2023: Medicines (Basel, Switzerland)
Tomoyuki Abe, Hiroshi Sakagami, Shigeru Amano, Shin Uota, Kenjiro Bandow, Yoshihiro Uesawa, Shiori U, Hiroki Shibata, Yuri Takemura, Yu Kimura, Koichi Takao, Yoshiaki Sugita, Akira Sato, Sei-Ichi Tanuma, Hiroshi Takeshima
Background. Many anti-cancer drugs used in clinical practice cause adverse events such as oral mucositis, neurotoxicity, and extravascular leakage. We have reported that two 3-styrylchromone derivatives, 7-methoxy-3-[(1 E )-2-phenylethenyl]-4 H -1-benzopyran-4-one (Compound A ) and 3-[(1 E )-2-(4-hydroxyphenyl)ethenyl]-7-methoxy-4 H -1-benzopyran-4-one (Compound B ), showed the highest tumor-specificity against human oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) cell lines among 291 related compounds. After confirming their superiority by comparing their tumor specificity with newly synthesized 65 derivatives, we investigated the neurotoxicity of these compounds in comparison with four popular anti-cancer drugs...
July 14, 2023: Medicines (Basel, Switzerland)
Katsuya Sakai, Tsubasa Kawasaki, Hiroya Kiminarita, Yumi Ikeda
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: This report described two cases with clear longitudinal changes in motor estimation error (difference between the motor imagery and motor execution) and their progression and motor and activities of daily living (ADL) function changes in patients with PD. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Patient 1 was a 68-year-old man (Hoehn and Yahr [H and Y] stage: IV, diagnosed with PD for 11.8 years) and patient 2 was a 68-year-old woman (H and Y stage: II, diagnosed with PD for 9...
July 6, 2023: Medicines (Basel, Switzerland)
Natapon Rattanamusik, Suriyon Uitrakul, Atchara Charoenpiriya
BACKGROUND: The association between Graves' disease (GD) and serum vitamin D levels has been studied for decades although the results were controversial. Moreover, the difference in vitamin D levels between the different stages of GD is not well studied. Therefore, this study aimed to compare the vitamin D levels between active and remission GD and to investigate the factors affecting vitamin D levels in GD patients. METHODS: This cross-sectional study was performed between 1 January to 31 December 2021...
July 6, 2023: Medicines (Basel, Switzerland)
E Scott Sills, Samuel H Wood
Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is an 'orthobiologic' with recognized roles in plastic surgery, musculoskeletal disorders, dentistry, dermatology, and more recently, 'ovarian rejuvenation'. Intraovarian PRP involves a complex secretome discharged after platelet activation, comprising multiple cytokine mediators delivered surgically to older or inactive ovarian tissue. Loss of oocyte meiotic fidelity and impaired fertilization accompanying advanced maternal age are already managed by IVF, but only with eggs provided by younger donors...
July 3, 2023: Medicines (Basel, Switzerland)
Dora Palčevski, Andrej Belančić, Ivan Mikuličić, Eduard Oštarijaš, Robert Likić, Oliver Dyar, Vera Vlahović-Palčevski
BACKGROUND: Antimicrobials are some of the most prescribed drugs by junior doctors, but studies suggest most medical graduates feel unprepared for their future prescribing tasks. The aim of the present study was to compare the self-reported preparedness to prudently prescribe antimicrobials of final-year medical students in Croatia in 2015 and 2019. METHODS: The same self-reported web-based survey on the preparedness to prescribe antibiotics was used in both 2015 and 2019...
June 29, 2023: Medicines (Basel, Switzerland)
Victor Abiola Adepoju, Olanrewaju Oladimeji, Olusola Daniel Sokoya
BACKGROUND: TB is a major cause of morbidity and mortality, with slum residents being disproportionately affected. This study aimed to assess health-seeking behavior among adult residents of slum communities presenting with coughs in Lagos, Nigeria. METHODS: A community-based, cross-sectional study was conducted across six urban slums in Nigeria as part of community outreaches to mark World TB Day. A structured, pretested questionnaire was used to capture relevant sociodemographic details and questions regarding symptoms of coughs and related symptoms as well as care-seeking behavior...
June 26, 2023: Medicines (Basel, Switzerland)
Nina Werkhäuser, Ursula Pieper-Fürst, Hacer Sahin, Antonia Claas, Ralph Mösges
BACKGROUND: Rhinosinusitis is commonly treated with decongestants, analgesics, and local corticosteroids. Phytotherapeutics are also utilised for symptomatic relief, including cineole, the main component of eucalyptus oil. METHODS: The current non-interventional, anonymised survey investigated quality of life in participants with rhinosinusitis (with or without additional symptoms of bronchitis) via the German version of a validated quality of life questionnaire (RhinoQol)...
June 19, 2023: Medicines (Basel, Switzerland)
Leonardo Marques da Fonseca, Israel Diniz-Lima, Marcos André Rodrigues da Costa Santos, Tatiany Nunes Franklim, Kelli Monteiro da Costa, Ariely Costa Dos Santos, Alexandre Morrot, Debora Decote-Ricardo, Raphael do Carmo Valente, Celio Geraldo Freire-de-Lima, Jhenifer Santos Dos Reis, Leonardo Freire-de-Lima
Cancer cells are characterized by metabolic reprogramming, which enables their survival in of-ten inhospitable conditions. A very well-documented example that has gained attraction in re-cent years and is already considered a hallmark of transformed cells is the reprogramming of carbohydrate metabolism. Such a feature, in association with the differential expression of en-zymes involved in the biosynthesis of glycoconjugates, generically known as glycosyltransfer-ases, contributes to the expression of structurally atypical glycans when compared to those ex-pressed in healthy tissues...
June 14, 2023: Medicines (Basel, Switzerland)
Jamir Pitton Rissardo, Ana Leticia Fornari Caprara, Maritsa Casares, Holly J Skinner, Umair Hamid
Background: Adverse effects of antiseizure medications (ASMs) remain one of the major causes of non-adherence. Cosmetic side effects (CSEs) are among the most commonly reported side effects of ASMs. In this context, alopecia is one of the CSEs that has a high intolerance rate leading to poor therapeutical compliance. Methods: We performed a literature review concerning alopecia as a secondary effect of ASMs. Results: There are 1656 individuals reported with ASM-induced alopecia. Valproate (983), lamotrigine (355), and carbamazepine (225) have been extensively reported...
June 9, 2023: Medicines (Basel, Switzerland)
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