Lindsey M Knowles, Mehr Grewal, Sydney A Drever, Jeanne M Hoffman, Janna L Friedly, Tracy E Herring
BACKGROUND: Long COVID is a serious public health concern due to its high prevalence and potentially debilitating symptoms. Symptoms may include fatigue, dyspnea, cognitive problems, insomnia, anxiety, and depression. There is currently no cure for long COVID, and the average length of recovery and proportion of patients who fully recover are still unknown. Subsequently, there is a critical need to improve function. Research in other chronic conditions suggests that psychosocial self-management interventions reduce symptom severity and interference with functioning...
June 17, 2024: Pilot and Feasibility Studies
Stine Jorstad Bugge, Daniel Pilsgaard Henriksen, Per Damkier, Martin Torp Rahbek, Karoline Schousboe, Mette Juel Rothmann, Marianne Kjær Poulsen, Camilla Hansen, Subagini Nagarajah, Per Bruno Jensen, Sofie Lock Johansson, Vasiliki Panou, Ida Ransby Schneider, Charlotte Gjørup Pedersen, Jonas Dahl Andersen, Jørgen Hangaard, Ann-Dorthe Olsen Zwisler
BACKGROUND: The prevalence of diabetes and coexisting multimorbidity rises worldwide. Treatment of this patient group can be complex. Providing an evidence-based, coherent, and patient-centred treatment of patients with multimorbidity poses a challenge in healthcare systems, which are typically designed to deliver disease-specific care. We propose an intervention comprising multidisciplinary team conferences (MDTs) to address this issue. The MDT consists of medical specialists in five different specialities meeting to discuss multimorbid diabetes patients...
June 15, 2024: Pilot and Feasibility Studies
Justyna Bartoszko, Miki Peer, Deep Grewal, Saba Ansari, Jeannie Callum, Keyvan Karkouti
BACKGROUND: Platelets stored at 1-6 °C are hypothesized to be more hemostatically active than standard room temperature platelets (RTP) stored at 20-24 °C. Recent studies suggest converting RTP to cold-stored platelets (Delayed Cold-Stored Platelets, DCSP) may be an important way of extending platelet lifespan and increasing platelet supply while also activating and priming platelets for the treatment of acute bleeding. However, there is little clinical trial data supporting the efficacy and safety of DCSP compared to standard RTP...
June 15, 2024: Pilot and Feasibility Studies
Romaina Iqbal, Sabahat Naz, Sana Sheikh, Rahat Qureshi, Shereen Bhutta, Haleema Yasmeen, Iqbal Azam, Paramjit Gill
BACKGROUND: Women with gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) are at a greater risk of developing type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) than women without GDM. Despite this elevated risk, few trials on the prevention of T2DM among South Asian women with GDM have been reported. Therefore, this study aimed to assess the feasibility of conducting a diabetes prevention program on women with a history of GDM to inform the development of a contextually relevant definitive trial. METHODS: Using a randomized controlled trial, women with GDM (n = 180) who delivered at the study hospitals (one public and one private teaching hospital, Karachi) with fasting blood glucose levels < 120 mg/dl at 6 weeks postpartum were randomized to the intervention (n = 88) or control arms (n = 92)...
June 15, 2024: Pilot and Feasibility Studies
Clayton W Swanson, Sarah E Vial, Todd M Manini, Kimberly T Sibille, David J Clark
BACKGROUND: Several changes occur in the central nervous system with increasing age that contribute toward declines in mobility. Neurorehabilitation has proven effective in improving motor function though achieving sustained behavioral and neuroplastic adaptations is more challenging. While effective, rehabilitation usually follows adverse health outcomes, such as injurious falls. This reactive intervention approach may be less beneficial than prevention interventions. Therefore, we propose the development of a prehabilitation intervention approach to address mobility problems before they lead to adverse health outcomes...
June 14, 2024: Pilot and Feasibility Studies
Andrea K Lake, Vishakha Bansiya, Katy Davenport, Jamie Murdoch, Helen R Murphy, Toby Smith, Allan Clark, Antony Arthur
BACKGROUND: Diabetes inpatient specialist services vary across the country, with limited evidence to guide service delivery. Currently, referrals to diabetes inpatient specialists are usually 'reactive' after diabetes-related events have taken place, which are associated with an increased risk of morbidity/mortality and increased length of hospital stay. We propose that a proactive diabetes review model of care, delivered by diabetes inpatient specialist nurses, may contribute to the prevention of such diabetes-related events and result in a reduction in the risk of harm...
June 11, 2024: Pilot and Feasibility Studies
Caroline S Dorfman, Rebecca A Shelby, Juliann M Stalls, Samantha M Thomas, Nicole A Arrato, Brianna Herold, Tamara J Somers, Francis J Keefe, Joseph G Winger, Jennifer Plumb Vilardaga, Kevin Oeffinger
BACKGROUND: Young adult (YA) cancer survivors are a growing, yet underserved population who often face significant and long-lasting cancer-related physical (e.g., pain, fatigue) and emotional (e.g., psychological distress) symptoms. Post-treatment symptoms can persist, disrupting YA's abilities to complete goals consistent with their developmental stage (e.g., completing their education, achieving autonomy and independence, building their careers, establishing peer and romantic relationships, building their families)...
June 8, 2024: Pilot and Feasibility Studies
Constance Boyde, Bettina Berger, Alfred Längler, Lutz Neugebauer, Stine Lindahl Jacobsen, Rachel Swanick, Christine Gaebel, Dominik Schneider, Benedikt Bernbeck, Michael Paulussen, Thomas Ostermann, Christina Hunger-Schoppe
BACKGROUND: Paediatric oncology/haematology patients and their families are confronted with a life-threatening situation for which music therapy can be a cross-linguistic field of action. The creative act of making music together offers the possibility to strengthen competences and make conflicts tangible. Besides its complementing of evidence-based biomedical care, there is little research on the feasibility and efficacy of interactive music therapy including the diagnosed child and their significant others...
May 28, 2024: Pilot and Feasibility Studies
Daniel Briatico, Helene Flageole, Noora Al-Shahwani, Forough Farrokhyar, Lisa VanHouwelingen
BACKGROUND: Infections after elective colorectal surgery remain a significant burden for patients and the healthcare system. Adult studies suggest that the combination of oral antibiotics and mechanical bowel preparation is effective at reducing infections after colorectal surgery. In children, there is limited evidence for either of these practices and the utility of combining oral antibiotics with mechanical bowel preparation remains uncertain. METHODS: This study aims to determine the feasibility of conducting a randomized controlled trial assessing the efficacy of oral antibiotics, with or without mechanical bowel preparation, in reducing the rates of post-operative infection in pediatric colorectal surgery...
May 25, 2024: Pilot and Feasibility Studies
Anna White, Paul Carding, Vicky Booth, Julian McGlashan, Jarrad Van Stan, Pip Logan, Rehab Awad
BACKGROUND: Management of benign vocal fold lesions (BVFLs) is variable with individuals receiving surgery, voice therapy, or a combination of these approaches. Some evidence suggests that the best outcomes may be achieved when patients are offered pre- and post-operative voice therapy in addition to phonosurgery, but what constitutes pre- and post-operative voice therapy is poorly described. The pre- and post-operative voice therapy (PAPOV) intervention has been developed and described according to the TIDieR checklist and Rehabilitation Treatment Specification System (RTSS) for voice...
May 23, 2024: Pilot and Feasibility Studies
Sisse H Laursen, Iben Engelbrecht Giese, Flemming W Udsen, Ole K Hejlesen, Pernille F Barington, Morten Ohrt, Peter Vestergaard, Stine Hangaard
BACKGROUND: Maintaining optimal glycemic control in type 2 diabetes (T2D) is difficult. Telemedicine has the potential to support people with poorly regulated T2D in the achievement of glycemic control, especially if the telemedicine solution includes a telemonitoring component. However, the ideal telemonitoring design for people with T2D remains unclear. Therefore, the aim of this feasibility study is to evaluate the feasibility of two telemonitoring designs for people with non-insulin-dependent T2D with a goal of identifying the optimal telemonitoring intervention for a planned future large-scale randomized controlled trial...
May 22, 2024: Pilot and Feasibility Studies
Tyler McKechnie, Karim Ramji, Maisa Saddik, Jordan Leitch, Ameer Farooq, Sunil Patel, Aristithes Doumouras, Sameer Parpia, Cagla Eskicioglu, Mohit Bhandari
BACKGROUND: Patients with obesity presenting in need of surgical intervention are at 2-to-sixfold higher risk of prolonged hospitalization, infectious morbidity, venous thromboembolism, and more. To mitigate some of these concerns, prescribed preoperative weight loss via very low-energy diets (VLEDs) has become a standard of care for patients with obesity undergoing bariatric surgery. While VLEDs have become standard prior to bariatric surgery, their application in other surgical settings remains limited...
May 21, 2024: Pilot and Feasibility Studies
Della A Forster, Robyn Matthews, Rebecca Hyde, Deborah Fox, Kaye Dyson, Trish Ryan
BACKGROUND: In group-based pregnancy models, antenatal care and childbirth/parenting education are provided in groups of eight to 10 women, usually with two midwives, and six to eight sessions. Current evidence is inconclusive regarding potential benefit or harm. We aimed to explore the feasibility of implementing an adequately powered randomised controlled trial (RCT). METHODS: A two-arm pilot RCT was conducted in a tertiary maternity hospital in Melbourne, Australia...
May 20, 2024: Pilot and Feasibility Studies
Ahmad Faezi Ab Rashid, Sharifah Wajihah Wafa Syed Saadun Tarek Wafa, Ruzita Abd Talib, Nor Mazlina Abu Bakar
BACKGROUND: The growing obesity epidemic in Malaysia presents a public health challenge that requires innovative intervention strategies. In an effort to address this problem, an Interactive Malaysian Childhood Healthy Lifestyle (i-MaCHeL) programme, which is a web-based initiative designed for preschool child-parent dyads offers a novel approach. Nevertheless, the success of such a web-based intervention depends on several interrelated factors. This research aims to examine the feasibility of i-MaCHeL in the Malaysian context, its usability for preschool child-parent dyads, and the acceptability of the programme among these user groups...
May 18, 2024: Pilot and Feasibility Studies
Abigail E Jones, Maura Kennedy, Emily M Hayden, Kei Ouchi, Kalpana N Shankar, Anita Chary, Angel Li, Kara Mc Loughlin, Benjamin White, Esteban Franco-Garcia, Vanessa Dellheim, Shan W Liu
BACKGROUND: As a third of all community dwellers aged 65+ fall each year, falls are common reasons for older adults to present to an Emergency Department (ED). Although EDs should assess patients' multifactorial fall risks to prevent future fall-related injuries, this frequently does not occur. We describe our protocol to determine the feasibility, acceptability, and safety of a pilot ED Virtual Observation Unit (VOU) Falls program. METHODS: To ensure standardized conduct and reporting, the Standard Protocol Items for Intervention Trials (SPIRIT) guidelines will be used...
May 18, 2024: Pilot and Feasibility Studies
Peter Jepsen, Natasja von Wowern, Lone Galmstrup Madsen, Mette Kruse Klausen, Signe Düring, Kirstine Skov Benthien, Matilde Winther-Jensen, Janne Petersen, Gro Askgaard
BACKGROUND: Alcohol-related liver disease is a preventable disease with high mortality. If individuals with alcohol-related liver disease were to be diagnosed earlier by screening and they reduced their alcohol consumption, lives lost to alcohol-related liver disease might be saved. A liver stiffness measurement (FibroScan©) is a key tool to screen for alcohol-related liver disease in asymptomatic individuals. No randomized controlled trials have been conducted to test if screening for liver disease reduces alcohol consumption in individuals with alcohol use disorders, in addition to what can be obtained by motivational interventions...
May 16, 2024: Pilot and Feasibility Studies
Liban Ahmed, Kathryn Biddle, Anna Blundell, Soraya Koushesh, Patrick Kiely, Gill Mein, Philip Sedgwick, Nidhi Sofat
BACKGROUND: Pain management is a major unmet need in people with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Although many patients are treated with disease modifying anti-rheumatic drugs (DMARDS), including biologic therapies, many people with RA continue to experience significant pain. We aimed to determine whether performing a comprehensive pain evaluation is feasible in people with active RA receiving conventional DMARDs and biologic therapies. METHODS: The BIORA-PAIN feasibility study was an open-label, randomised trial, which recruited participants suitable for treatment with biologic therapy...
May 16, 2024: Pilot and Feasibility Studies
Anna Hebda-Boon, Adam P Shortland, Aleksandra Birn-Jeffery, Dylan Morrissey
BACKGROUND: Instrumented gait analysis (IGA) is an assessment and research tool with proven impacts on clinical decision-making for the management of ambulant children and young people with cerebral palsy (CYPwCP) but is underused and variably understood by relevant clinicians. Clinicians' difficulties in gaining expertise and confidence in using IGA are multifactorial and related to access for clinical decision-making, limited training opportunities and inability to translate this training into clinical practice...
May 14, 2024: Pilot and Feasibility Studies
Sarah Fogarty, Alexander E P Heazell, Niki Munk, Phillipa Hay
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
May 11, 2024: Pilot and Feasibility Studies
Tarun Yadav, Buddhima Lokuge, Melissa A Jackson, Emma K Austin, Paul B Fitzgerald, Amanda L Brown, Bryan Paton, Marcia Sequeira, Martin Nean, Llewllyn Mills, Adrian J Dunlop
BACKGROUND: Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) (including the theta burst stimulation (TBS) form of TMS used in this study) is a non-invasive means to stimulate nerve cells in superficial areas of the brain. In recent years, there has been a growth in the application of TMS to investigate the modulation of neural networks involved in substance use disorders. This study examines the feasibility of novel TMS protocols for the treatment of methamphetamine (MA) use disorder in an ambulatory drug and alcohol treatment setting...
May 9, 2024: Pilot and Feasibility Studies
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