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Health Psychology Open

Emma Louise Barraclough, E Jean C Hay-Smith, Sara E Boucher, Tracy Lynn Tylka, Caroline Christine Horwath
Qualitative studies examining women's experiences of learning to eat more intuitively are scarce. We aimed to explore the experience of learning intuitive eating among mid-age women ( n  = 11) who participated in a web-based intuitive eating programme. Motivation to learn intuitive eating, perceptions of the experience of attempting to eat more intuitively, and facilitators and barriers to intuitive eating were explored using inductive thematic analysis. Findings suggest that women were able to learn to eat more intuitively; however, they encountered social and environmental barriers, and the 'unconditional permission to eat' aspect of intuitive eating was experienced as the most challenging...
January 2019: Health Psychology Open
Thamir Aldahmashi, Abdullah Almanea, Abdulaziz Alsaad, Mohamud Mohamud, Irfan Anjum
Depression is a common mental illness that has a profound impact on an estimated number of 300 million people worldwide. Depression is stigmatised in communities and even physicians, especially, non-psychiatric physicians, which affects depressed patients' care. This study aims to investigate non-psychiatric physicians' attitudes towards depression in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The study surveyed 380 participants using Revised Depression Attitude Questionnaire. Non-psychiatric physicians in Riyadh are optimistic and have a positive perspective towards depression...
January 2019: Health Psychology Open
Pamela Valera, Andrea Reid, Nicholas Acuna, Daniel Mackey
To determine smoking behaviors, quit attempts, and cessation preferences among incarcerated smokers, a cross-sectional survey was given to a sample of inmates from three state prison facilities in the United States. A majority of Black smokers (62%) identified as smokers, and 38% identified as ex-smokers, as compared to 46.4 percent of smokers (and 53.6% of ex-smokers) in the non-Black group. There were significant differences in the number of cigarettes smoked per day with non-Black smokers smoking one pack ( M  = 20...
January 2019: Health Psychology Open
Margaret M Byrne, Sarah E Lillie, Jamie L Studts
We describe the characteristics of individuals being screened in community settings including factors influencing screening decisions and the level of information sought prior to screening. Individuals from two community-based radiology clinics ( N  = 27) were surveyed after screening. Screening efficacy and salience were the most important factors in screening decisions, whereas healthcare provider recommendations were rated not important. Half of participants reported no or little conversation about screening with their primary care provider, and 61...
January 2019: Health Psychology Open
Vibeke Tornhøj Christensen, Mads Meier Jæger
Research suggests that social context affects individuals' perception of their own weight. Using face-to-face interviews as the social context, we analyze the effect of interviewers' (N = 90) body mass index on respondents' (N = 3068) self-perceived weight level. Respondents reported a higher weight level when the interviewer had a higher body mass index (absolute social comparison). Female respondents reported a lower weight level if interviewers had a higher body mass index than they did (relative social comparison)...
July 2018: Health Psychology Open
Joshua Omwenga Boraya, Caroline Githae, Titus Abuga Atandi, Albert Gachau
The female condom is a dual protection tool for both prevention of HIV/AIDS transmission and conception of unwanted pregnancies. In Migori, HIV prevalence is 16 percent and utilization of female condom is at 0.3 percent. A descriptive cross-sectional study was conducted among 380 youths who were systematically and randomly sampled. Majority of youths (86.6%) were aged between 18 and 25 years with 83.9 percent being single, 95.3 percent were Christians, and 4.7 percent Muslim. There was a significant association between marital status, Men's role in negotiation of safe sex, incompetence in female condom insertion, and utilization of the female condom...
July 2018: Health Psychology Open
Chiara Marzorati, Luca Bailo, Ketti Mazzocco, Gabriella Pravettoni
The caregivers' perceptions of the patients' health condition may be biased and induce them to perceive higher needs than patients actually disclose. Our aim was to assess if the level of knowledge and awareness about cancer disease and treatment, and patient participation and assistance differs between caregivers and patients. A descriptive, cross-sectional study was conducted across five countries (Italy, United Kingdom, Spain, France and Germany) on a total of 510 participants who directly (patient) or indirectly (caregiver) faced a cancer diagnosis...
July 2018: Health Psychology Open
Miri Kwon, Jiyeon Kang
The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between Type D personality and health behaviors of coronary artery disease patients and to determine the mediating effect of illness perception on this relationship. The participants were 142 coronary artery disease patients who underwent percutaneous coronary intervention in a university hospital in Korea. Type D personality, illness perception, and health behaviors were surveyed using structured questionnaires. The collected data were analyzed by a series of hierarchical multiple regressions...
July 2018: Health Psychology Open
Joseph E Mroz, Carol H Pullen, Patricia A Hageman
This study investigated whether women's initial reasons (health, appearance to others, or appearance to self) for wanting to lose weight influenced their weight change over a 30-month web-based intervention. Multilevel modeling with 1416 observations revealed that only appearance in relation to one's self was a significant (negative) predictor. Women highly motivated to lose weight to improve their appearance in relation to themselves gained weight at 30 months, whereas those not motivated for this reason achieved clinically significant weight loss...
July 2018: Health Psychology Open
Ines Testoni, Erika Iacona, Sonia Fusina, Maddalena Floriani, Matteo Crippa, Andrea Maccarini, Adriano Zamperini
The censorship of death and dying has removed the "memento mori" practices, and in order to reintroduce this practice, some "Before I die" projects have been increasingly implemented. Running in parallel, in the syllabi of social service and psychology students, some experiences of death education has commenced. This study illustrates the results of a qualitative research conducted on the "Before I die I want to …" Polaroid® Project (BIDIWT), which is divided into two phases...
July 2018: Health Psychology Open
Tamsyn Hawken, Julie Turner-Cobb, Julie Barnett
This systematic review assessed coping and adjustment in caregivers of all ages to provide a synthesis of existing literature in the context of methodological approaches and underlying theory. Four databases were searched. Reference lists, citations and experts were consulted. In total, 27 studies (13 quantitative and 14 qualitative) were included. Coping factors associated with adjustment (problem- versus emotion-focussed coping and cognitive strategies) and psychosocial factors associated with physiological adjustment (trait anxiety, coping style and social support) were identified...
July 2018: Health Psychology Open
Takayoshi Kase, Yuki Ueno, Kazuo Oishi
Sense of coherence is the perception of the world as coherent. Its conceptual similarities to the Big Five personality traits have been demonstrated. We therefore investigated the relationship between sense of coherence and the Big Five. In total, 1088 Japanese youths completed the 29-item Sense of Coherence Scale and the Ten-Item Personality Inventory. Neuroticism was negatively correlated and extraversion was positively correlated with comprehensibility ( r  = -.47, .35), manageability ( r  = -.44, ...
July 2018: Health Psychology Open
Laura Angioletti, Maurizio Bossola, Daniela De Filippis, Michela Balconi
Fatigue is an incapacitating symptom for patients on chronic hemodialysis treatment. This study explored the relationship between hemodialysis patients' subjective experience and motivation. The investigation of patients' narratives and fatigue-related factors was performed by holding semi-structured interviews with 31 hemodialysis patients. Fatigue Severity Scale and Behavioral Inhibition/Activation System questionnaire were used to assess fatigue severity and motivational mechanisms. Results showed significant differences in the use of specific topics and words (such as "family," "to manage," "dialysis," "psychological issues") depending on high, medium, and low Behavioral Inhibition System, Behavioral Activation System, and Fatigue Severity Scale scores, indicating that hemodialysis patients' narratives contain keywords related to the motivational sphere...
July 2018: Health Psychology Open
Kathleen Dorado, Kristin L Schreiber, Alexandra Koulouris, Robert R Edwards, Vitaly Napadow, Asimina Lazaridou
The objective of this study was to examine the association between facets of trait mindfulness, pain catastrophizing, and pain severity in a sample of patients with fibromyalgia. Patients with fibromyalgia completed validated baseline and diary assessments of clinical pain, mindfulness, and pain catastrophizing. Multilevel modeling analyses indicated that the daily association between catastrophizing and pain intensity was moderated by certain mindfulness facets. Our findings suggest that various aspects of mindfulness may interact differently with pain and catastrophizing, which may have implications for the design and testing of interventions targeting mindfulness and catastrophizing in fibromyalgia patients...
July 2018: Health Psychology Open
Shelby L Langer, Erica G Soltero, Shirley Aa Beresford, Bonnie A McGregor, Denise L Albano, Donald L Patrick, Deborah J Bowen
We examined food consumption in response to a laboratory-induced stressor (two challenging neuropsychological tasks) among non-Hispanic White women categorized as lower or higher in socioeconomic status based on education. The two socioeconomic status groups did not differ with respect to current hunger or baseline dietary habits. Perceived stress was measured pre- and post-challenge. Snacks were offered post-challenge; food consumption was measured by weighing snack bowls pre- and post-offering. Perceived stress increased pre- to post-challenge for both groups, but this effect was stronger for women lower in socioeconomic status...
July 2018: Health Psychology Open
Mark Vink, Alexandra Vink-Niese
The analysis of the 2017 Cochrane review reveals flaws, which means that contrary to its findings, there is no evidence that graded exercise therapy is effective. Because of the failure to report harms adequately in the trials covered by the review, it cannot be said that graded exercise therapy is safe. The analysis of the objective outcomes in the trials provides sufficient evidence to conclude that graded exercise therapy is an ineffective treatment for myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome.
July 2018: Health Psychology Open
Penny J Furness, Katharina Vogt, Simon Ashe, Sophie Taylor, Sarah Haywood-Small, Kim Lawson
Fibromyalgia is a severe chronic pain condition that affects every aspect of life. Causes of the condition remain unclear, and quantitative research cannot account for patients' personal illness narratives and perceptions. This online survey gathered qualitative accounts of the perceived causes of their condition from 596 people with fibromyalgia, which were analyzed thematically. Themes were "Bodily assault, ill-health, and change"; "Emotional trauma and distress"; "Stress and vulnerability"; and "Explaining and authenticating fibromyalgia...
July 2018: Health Psychology Open
Louisa Ming Yan Chung, Shirley Siu Ming Fong
Picky eating with regard to fruit and vegetables is common among children. This study investigated the effectiveness of enhancing the visual appeal of fruit and vegetables to increase children's liking and consumption of fruit and vegetables. A pre-post experimental design was used, and the control and experimental groups were repeatedly exposed to the original food and transformed food, respectively, over 6 weeks. Significant differences in the consumption of pumpkin, sweet potato, spinach, carrot and aubergine were observed between the groups, demonstrating that the appearance appeal of fruit and vegetables improves the willingness of children to try disliked fruit and vegetables and increases their vegetable consumption...
July 2018: Health Psychology Open
Deborah Jonker, Elmari Deacon, Esme van Rensburg, David Segal
In this study, to explore the illness perceptions of adolescents with well-controlled type 1 diabetes mellitus in South Africa, semi-structured interviews were conducted with nine, purposively selected adolescents (mean = 13.9 years; median = 12). Themes that emerged from the thematic analysis include the following: accepting diabetes and the diabetes care plan as part of their lives; viewing diabetes as manageable and as their responsibility; and the important role of gaining information on diabetes and diabetes management...
July 2018: Health Psychology Open
Zamira Hyseni Duraku, Linda Hoxha
The purpose of this article is to assess the association of test anxiety and academic performance with study skills, coping mechanism, self-concept, self-esteem, and psychological distress among university and high school students. A series of validated measures were administered to 284 Kosovar students, most of whom were in college (60.3%). Being in college and social support resulted as protective factors for test anxiety. Better study skills, self-concept, and psychological distress were indicative of higher test anxiety...
July 2018: Health Psychology Open
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