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Data in Brief

Tracy A Sherwood, Kevan L Main, Dana L Wetzel
Red drum ( Sciaenops ocellatus ) is an estuarine Sciaenid with high commercial value and recreational demand. During the past 50 years, overfishing has caused declines in the population that resulted in the development of red drum commercial and stock enhancement aquaculture fisheries. Despite the potential high economic value in both wild and aquaculture commercial fisheries the availability of transcriptomic data for red drum in public databases is limited. The data here represents the transcriptome profiles of three tissues: liver, testis and head kidney from red drum...
February 2019: Data in Brief
Olumuyiwa A Oludayo, Segun I Popoola, Comfort O Akanbi, Aderemi A Atayero
Gender equality in access to higher education is an important factor in building a sustainable world. Although a good number of countries across the globe have achieved parity in primary education between boys and girls, the target is yet to be widely attained at tertiary level of education. In this data article, empirical data on yearly admissions into accredited tertiary institutions in Nigeria are extensively explored to reveal the existence of gender gaps in the national admission process. Details on the number of candidates admitted into all accredited universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education between 2010 and 2015 were obtained directly from the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB)...
February 2019: Data in Brief
Jorunn Pauline Cavanagh, Fatemeh Askarian, Maria Pain, Jack-Ansgar Bruun, Ilona Urbarova, Sun Nyunt Wai, Frank Schmidt, Mona Johannessen
Bacterial membrane vesicles (MVs) mediate bacterial virulence by enabling secretion and long distance delivery of bacterial effector molecules. Staphylococcus haemolyticus has now been demonstrated to produce membrane vesicles (MVs). The protein content of S. haemolyticus MVs was identified by Mass spectrometry and compared to proteins identified in the total secretome. This information is presented in this data article. Further background and interpretation of the data can be found in the article: Comparative exoproteome profiling of an invasive and a commensal S...
February 2019: Data in Brief
Sang Yoon Lee, Yi Kyung Kim
An extracellular matrix (ECM) is composed of multiprotein networks for stable interactions between cells. Thrombospondins (TSPs) are known to exert extracellular matrix interactions, synapse formation, angiogenesis and immune response in vertebrates. A five TSP gene family is divided into two subfamilies on basis of their domain architecture. Until recently, exploitation of diverse TSP genes in teleost has been still limitedly exemplified. Therefore, we report the cDNA structures and expression profiles for TSPs-1, 2, 3A, 3B, and 4B of chum salmon, Oncorhynchus keta ...
February 2019: Data in Brief
Valerijs Skribans
Used-car market monitoring was started in 2018, 03 January, when Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig (Germany) allowed cities and communes in Germany to impose bans for diesel cars in order to reduce the level of nitric oxide in the air. This decision can radically change used-car market in the EU, because Germany massive exports used cars to Eastern Europe. The database shows the influence of the Germany Court decision to the used-car market in Latvia, as part of the EU market. The database represents the used-car market monitoring in Latvia during 2018...
February 2019: Data in Brief
Mohd Hariri Arifin, John Stephen Kayode, Muhammad Khairel Izwan, Hussein Ahmed Hasan Zaid, Hamzah Hussin
To identify the potential zones for gold mineralization at the Felda Chiku 3, Gua Musang, Kelantan, East coast Malaysia, twenty-one (21) geophysical survey lines were conducted at the proposed mineral exploration site using the pole - dipole of the electrical resistivity and induced polarization arrays to get the maximum depth of 150 m with 400 m survey length. From the resistivity and chargeability concentration maps, the potential mineralized zones as delineated, was observed to be dominantly concentrated towards the southwest and northern part of the area...
February 2019: Data in Brief
I Hernández-Almeida, B Ausín, M Saavedra-Pellitero, K-H Baumann, H M Stoll
We compiled modern and fossil relative abundance of coccolithophore species Florisphaera profunda from published and unpublished datasets, along with ocean environmental variable data from satellite remote sensing and physical measurements. The database includes relative abundances of F. profunda in sediment trap ( n  = 26) and core-top ( n  = 1258), and sediment core samples ( n  = 104). Downcore data covers the Last Glacial Maximum ( n  = 94, 24-19 ka) or the Mid-to-Late Holocene ( n  = 77, <6 ka)...
February 2019: Data in Brief
Erik Fernau, Stefan Hirsch
The dataset presented in this data article was compiled from 100 published and unpublished empirical studies that employed Lintner׳s dividend payout model or related extensions over the period 1957-2016. Besides the reported degree of dividend smoothing and its estimation precision the data include a wide set of underlying study design characteristics such as the time period of analysis, the type of firms investigated or the econometric estimator employed. The data are related to the research article "What drives dividend smoothing? A meta-regression analysis of the Lintner model" (Fernau and Hirsch, 2018)...
February 2019: Data in Brief
Julia Soewarto, Chantal Hamelin, Stéphanie Bocs, Pierre Mournet, Hélène Vignes, Angélique Berger, Alix Armero, Guillaume Martin, Alexis Dereeper, Gautier Sarah, Fabian Carriconde, Laurent Maggia
The myrtle rust disease, caused by the fungus Austropuccinia psidii , infects a wide range of host species within the Myrtaceae family worldwide. Since its first report in 2013 in New Caledonia, it was found on various types of native environments where Myrtaceae are the dominant or codominant species, as well as in several commercial nurseries. It is now considered as a significant threat to ecosystems biodiversity and Myrtaceae-related economy. The use of predictive molecular markers for resistance against myrtle rust is currently the most cost-effective and ecological approach to control the disease...
February 2019: Data in Brief
J J Gibson, S J Birks, M C Moncur
Oxygen-18 and deuterium analyses of water samples are provided from a regional survey of lakes, wetlands, soil waters, groundwaters, and snowpack samples collected in the Southern Athabasca Oil Sands (SAOS) region, Alberta, Canada, mainly during 2007-2009. Lake, wetland, and river sampling were conducted by helicopter during late summer, capturing conditions close to peak evaporative enrichment. Shallow soil water from the unsaturated zone was also collected in late summer, whereas deeper groundwaters from Quaternary aquifers, Quaternary channels, and uppermost Cretaceous strata, were collected primarily as part of winter drilling programs by industrial partners...
February 2019: Data in Brief
Manish Kumar, Ajeet Kumar Mohanty, Gourav Dey, Sreelakshmi K Sreenivasamurthy, Ashwani Kumar, Keshava Prasad
Fat body from Anopheles stephensi female mosquitoes were dissected and processed for proteomic analysis. Both SDS-PAGE and basic Reverse Phase Liquid Chromatography-based fractionation strategies were used to achieve a broad coverage of protein identification. The fractionated peptides were then analyzed on a high-resolution mass spectrometer. Searching the raw data against the protein database of An. stephensi resulted in identification of 4535 proteins, which is, to our knowledge, the largest catalog of fat body proteome in any mosquito vector species reported so far...
February 2019: Data in Brief
Wilson José Fernandes Lemos Junior, André Fioravante Guerra, Vinícius da Silva Duarte, Laura Treu, Armin Tarrah, Stefano Campanaro, Rosa Helena Luchese, Alessio Giacomini, Viviana Corich
Here the draft genome sequence of Lactobacillus paracasei strain DTA83, isolated from stools of healthy infants in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), is reported. The 2.8-Mb genome possesses 2825 protein-coding sequences distributed on 330 SEED subsystems. This strain belongs to a set of potentially probiotic Lactobacillus spp. strains used to study genetic factors related to antibiotic resistance after stress conditions, such as simulated gastrointestinal conditions. The complete genome data have been deposited in GenBank under the accession number QRBH00000000, https://www...
February 2019: Data in Brief
Susann Burow, Romain Fontaine, Kristine von Krogh, Ian Mayer, Rasoul Nourizadeh-Lillabadi, Lian Hollander-Cohen, Yaron Cohen, Michal Shpilman, Berta Levavi-Sivan, Finn-Arne Weltzien
The gonadotropins follicle-stimulating hormone (Fsh) and luteinizing hormone (Lh) play essential roles in vertebrate reproduction. This article presents data on molecular weight validation of recombinant medaka ( Oryzias latipes ) (md) gonadotropins Fshβ (mdFshβ), Lhβ (mdLhβ), Fshβα (mdFshβα), and Lhβα (mdLhβα) generated by Pichia pastoris, as well as data on a validation of produced antibodies against Fshβ and Lhβ by Western blot analysis. Furthermore, the article includes data on Fsh and Lh protein levels in male medaka pituitaries using recombinant mdFshβα and mdLhβα within enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISAs), in which protein amounts were analyzed related to body weight and age of the fish...
February 2019: Data in Brief
Deepak S Patil, Manisha Konale, Tomas Wagner
Impedance spectroscopy is a valuable tool for the analysis of the ionic conductivity of both solid and liquid state materials. Chalcogenide glasses are well known for their high ionic conductivity nature and wide compositional flexibility. As the GeSbSe material has high glass forming ability, it is expected that the materials can be doped with a high amount of foreign element (in the present case Ag). For all of these reasons, the GeSbSe materials can be expected as a potential candidate for solid state electrolyte for ionic batteries...
February 2019: Data in Brief
Ryan McConville, Dallan Byrne, Ian Craddock, Robert Piechocki, James Pope, Raul Santos-Rodriguez
An annotated dataset of measurements obtained using the EurValve Smart Home In a Box (SHIB) rehabilitation monitoring system is presented. The SHiB is a low cost and easily deployable kit designed to collect data from a wrist-worn wearable in a home environment. The data presented is intended to evaluate room level indoor localization methods. The wearable device registers tri-axial accelerometer measurements which are sampled and transmitted as the payload of a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) packet. Four receiving gateways, each placed in a different room throughout a typical residential house, extract the accelerometer data and determine a Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) for each received BLE packet...
February 2019: Data in Brief
Ngoc Thien Le, Watit Benjapolakul
ZigBee technique is the common wireless network approaches for many smart indoor management applications such as home energy management or building management system. However, the application of ZigBee for outdoor applications is still not mature since the characteristic of signal strength depends on the outdoor conditions. To solve this issue, the received signal strength index (RSSI) and packet delivery are measured in real outdoor conditions for wireless neighborhood area network (WNAN) planning and optimization...
February 2019: Data in Brief
Rafaella Christou, Niki Michael, Eirini Stylianou, Anneza I Yiallourou, Katerina Pantavou, Georgios K Nikolopoulos
This article presents data collected in a field, questionnaire-based survey about ethical issues in the Republic of Cyprus. The participants were students of the University of Cyprus, and physicians and other health professionals of the Medical School, University of Cyprus and of the Archbishop Makarios III Hospital. The questionnaire included items on sociodemographic characteristics of the participants, and on their knowledge and beliefs about three different ethical issues. Beliefs on the same ethical issues but under specific, hypothetical scenarios were also reported by the participants...
February 2019: Data in Brief
Işılay Talay, Öznur Özdemir-Akyıldırım
The data presented in this article are related to the research article "Optimal procurement and production planning for multi-product multi-stage production under yield uncertainty" (Talay and Özdemir-Akyıldırım, in press) [1]. The data includes: 1) the input parameters (production yield, demand, and costs) collected through comprehensive review of the literature and diversified further to enrich the analytical results, and 2) results from mathematical modeling and analysis on the optimal procurement and semi-processed material allocation decisions for different parameter sets...
February 2019: Data in Brief
A S Razavi, E Hosseini Koupaie, A Azizi, H Hafez, E Elbeshbishy
The presented dataset in this data article provides quantitative data on the production of bioenergy (biogas and biomethane) from mesophilic batch anaerobic digestion (AD) of thermally hydrolyzed organic fraction of municipal solid waste (OFMSW). The discussion and interpretation of the data are provided in another publication entitled "Hydrothermal Pretreatment of Source Separated Organics for Enhanced Solubilization and Biomethane Recovery" (Razavi et al., 2019). The data and information presented in the current data article include (1) the ratio of soluble to particulate chemical oxygen demand (COD) under different thermal hydrolysis condition, (2) the daily measured biogas and biomethane data, (3) the cumulative methane yield data in terms of mL CH4 produced per gram of volatile suspended solids (VSS) as well as feedstock added, (4) the ultimate methane yield data as well as the relative improvement in methane recovery compared to the control (non-hydrolyzed) digester, (5) the data of first-order organics biodegradation rate constants, (6) the procedure of measuring biogas composition via gas chromatography, (7) the procedure of converting the biogas/methane volume data acquired under the actual experimental condition (mesophilic temperature of 38 °C and atmospheric pressure) to the standard temperature (0 °C) and pressure (1 atm) condition, and (8) the procedure of determining the first-order kinetic rate constants...
February 2019: Data in Brief
Siwatt Pongpiachan, Qiyuan Wang, Li Xing, Guohui Li, Yongming Han, Junji Cao
The focus of this research was to present a data article associated with organic carbon (OC) and elemental carbon (EC) preserved in lake sediments. Descriptive statistics were applied in this dataset. Sediment cores were sliced immediately at the following layers: 0-20; 20-40; 40-60; 60-80; 80-100; 100-120; 120-140; 140-160; 160-180; 180-200; 200-220; 220-240; 240-260; 260-280; 280-300; 300-320; 320-340; 340-360; 360-380; 380-400; 440-460; 460-480; 480-500; 500-520; 520-540; 540-560 and 560-580 mm of depth...
February 2019: Data in Brief
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