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Advances in Medicine

Azmeraw Asires, Moges Wubie, Alemayehu Reta
Introduction: One of the top ten major public health problems in developing countries including Ethiopia is the intestinal parasitic infection. Most of the time, intestinal parasitic infections do not show clinical signs and symptoms and also have a number of potential carriers, such as food handlers, which makes it too difficult to eradicate and control. Objective: The aim of this study is to assess the prevalence and associated factors of intestinal parasitic infection among food handlers at prison, East and West Gojjam, Ethiopia, 2017...
2019: Advances in Medicine
Ulrich Gergs, Theresa Trapp, Hasan Bushnaq, Andreas Simm, Rolf-Edgar Silber, Joachim Neumann
Heart failure and aging of the heart show many similarities regarding hemodynamic and biochemical parameters. There is evidence that heart failure in experimental animals and humans is accompanied and possibly exacerbated by increased activity of protein phosphatase (PP) 1 and/or 2A. Here, we wanted to study the age-dependent protein expression of major members of the protein phosphatase family in human hearts. Right atrial samples were obtained during bypass surgery. Patients ( n =60) were suffering from chronic coronary artery disease (CCS 2-3; New York Heart Association (NYHA) stage 1-3)...
2019: Advances in Medicine
Farid Saei Hamedani, Monica Garcia-Buitrago
Neoplastic polypoid mucosal lesions of the gallbladder are increasingly being reported in cholecystectomy specimens. However, due to the absence of unified terminology and reporting criteria, the body of scientific evidence on their classification, prognosis, and management is scarce and sometimes controversial. While they have different histomorphologic features (gastric foveolar, gastric pyloric gland, biliary, and intestinal), a significant immunohistochemical overlap exists which highlights their mixed cell lineage with a dominant cell type in each, establishing the subcategory...
2018: Advances in Medicine
Moti Tolera, Degu Abate, Merga Dheresa, Dadi Marami
Nosocomial infections remain a major cause of mortality and morbidity worldwide. Despite the highly specialized interventions and policies, the rate of infection is still high due to the emergence of antimicrobial-resistant bacteria. This study described the prevalence of bacterial nosocomial infections and antimicrobial susceptibility pattern of isolates among patients admitted at Hiwot Fana Specialized University Hospital, Eastern Ethiopia. A hospital-based cross-sectional study was conducted among 394 nosocomial infection-suspected patients from March 2017 to July 2017...
2018: Advances in Medicine
Abdellatif Daoudi, Fatiha Benaoui, Nadia El Idrissi Slitine, Nabila Soraa, Fadl Mrabih Rabou Maoulainine
Serratia marcescens ( S. marcescens ) is an Enterobacteriaceae microorganism that is widespread in the environment, which may be the source of nosocomial infections, rare in the newborn but severe, and often in the form of outbreaks. The aim of our study is to report our experience, during an outbreak of S. marcescens , to show the severity of this germ, with review of the literature. Our study was retrospective, including 8 newborns with S. marcescens nosocomial infection, collected in the neonatal intensive care unit of Mohammed VI University Medical Hospital, during the epidemic period, over a period of 2 months (July and August 2016)...
2018: Advances in Medicine
Mariam John Munyogwa, Abdalla Hussein Mtumwa
Introduction: Overweight and obesity are a threat to the public health following their association with noncommunicable diseases, such as type 2 diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease, and some cancers. Despite this fact, the information on overweight and obesity, particularly in most developing countries, is still scarce to address the problem. This article partly addresses the gap through the findings of a cross-sectional survey that was conducted in Dodoma Region, Central Tanzania, to determine the prevalence and correlates of abdominal obesity among adults...
2018: Advances in Medicine
I Benahmed, A El Kasimi, H Laachach, N Ismaili, N Elouafi
Spontaneous coronary artery dissection is a less known pathology by the cardiologists and represents a real challenge especially to the interventional cardiologist. The positive diagnosis is based on the visualization of intimal flap with the false lumen by intracoronary imaging means. This entity particularly interests young people without classic cardiovascular risk factors of atherosclerosis and female during the peripartum period. We report, in this paper, our experience in the University Hospital Center of Mohammed VI, Oujda, Morocco, about 7 cases diagnosed by coronary angiography during 3 years of practice while comparing our results with data from large series published in the literature...
2018: Advances in Medicine
Dimitra Charatsi, Ourania Koukoura, Irontianta Gkorezi Ntavela, Foteini Chintziou, Georgia Gkorila, Manthos Tsagkoulis, Themistoklis Mikos, George Pistofidis, Jiannis Hajiioannou, Alexandros Daponte
Extrapelvic endometriosis is a rare entity that presents serious challenges to researchers and clinicians. Endometriotic lesions have been reported in every part of the female human body and in some instances in males. Organs that are close to the uterus are more often affected than distant locations. Extrapelvic endometriosis affects a slightly older population of women than pelvic endometriosis. This might lead to the assumption that it takes several years for pelvic endometriosis to "metastasize" outside the pelvis...
2018: Advances in Medicine
Rainer A Jordan, Adrian Lucaciu, Katharina Schaper, Hans-Peter Jöhren, Stefan Zimmer
Objective: To investigate effectiveness of systematic periodontal treatment in the long term in HIV-infected patients undergoing highly active antiretroviral treatment. Methods: Longitudinal, prospective, open-label case series over a period of nine years. Periodontal treatment was performed by scaling and root planing and supportive periodontal care (SPC) at regular intervals. To measure effectiveness, reductions of pocket probing depths were defined as primary study endpoint...
2018: Advances in Medicine
Carlo Ghezzi, Camilla Donghi, Luca Ferrantino, Elena Varoni, Giovanni Lodi
The primary outcome of the present study was to assess the percentage of pocket closure, and the secondary aim was to evaluate the clinical performance in terms of clinical attachment level (CAL) gain, probing pocket depth (PPD) reduction, and gingival recession (REC) after the use of cavitron ultrasonic surgical aspirator (CUSA) in deep infrabony defects. Fourteen deep infrabony defects in 11 patients who were previously treated with active periodontal therapy followed by one year of supportive periodontal therapy (at least three sessions) were additionally treated by the aid of CUSA...
2018: Advances in Medicine
Rohan Bhimani, Fardeen Bhimani, Preeti Singh
Objective: To report association between the serum transferrin level and postoperative wound drainage in closed long bone fractures. Summary of Background Data: There is an old association between the serum transferrin level and wound drainage leading to peri-implant infection. There is no literature available on the ideal treatment for wound drainage. In the majority of the cases, wound drainage usually stops in 3-5 days postoperatively. However, very few cases have been described in the literature about wound drainage following closed long bone fractures...
2018: Advances in Medicine
Emmanuel Ademola Anigilaje, Sunday Adedeji Aderibigbe
Introduction: Recognizing the predictors of mortality among HIV-infected children will allow for concerted management that can reduce HIV-mortality in Nigeria. Methodology: A retrospective cohort study in children aged 0-15 years, between October 2010 and December 2013, at the Federal Medical Centre, Makurdi, Nigeria. Kaplan-Meier method analysed the cumulative probability of early mortality (EM) occurring at or before 6 months and after 6 months of follow-up (late mortality-LM) on a 12-month antiretroviral therapy (ART)...
2018: Advances in Medicine
Bartłomiej Matejko, Aneta Kukułka, Beata Kieć-Wilk, Agnieszka Stąpór, Tomasz Klupa, Maciej T Malecki
Introduction: Basal insulin (BI) infusion in pump therapy of type 1 diabetes (T1DM) mimics physiological secretion during the night and between meals. The recommended percentage of the total BI to daily insulin dose (termed the %BI) ranges between 30 and 50%. We analyzed whether this recommendation was followed in adults with T1DM from a university center, and whether BI doses were linked with glycemic control. Materials and Methods: We included 260 consecutive patients with T1DM (159 women and 101 men) treated with continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion at the Department of Metabolic Diseases, Krakow, Poland...
2018: Advances in Medicine
Selamawit Tulu, Tarekegne Tadesse, Addisu Alemayehu Gube
Background: Majority of acute diarrhoeal diseases are self-limiting and do not require routine treatment. Treatment with empirical antimicrobials is recommended only for dysenteric and invasive bacterial diarrhoea. Irrational use of antibiotics in treatment of acute diarrhoea is common in clinical practice worldwide. This study was carried out to assess the pattern of antibiotic use for acute diarrhoeal diseases in Bishoftu General Hospital, East Shewa Ethiopia. Methods and Materials: Institution based cross-sectional study was conducted from April 1 to April 30, 2016...
2018: Advances in Medicine
A Keykhosravi, M Neamatshahi, R Mahmoodi, E Navipour
Background: Skin health has become a worldwide concern. Most of the studies investigated the effect of mobile phone radiation on DNA and animals, but a few studies were carried out about skin diseases in mobile phone and tablet users. Few systematic studies have examined the relationship between mobile phone exposure and skin diseases. Methods: We evaluated the association between mobile phones and tablets and skin diseases. We checked databases including PubMed, Scopus, Springer, Cochrane, and Google Scholar from 1995 to 2013...
2018: Advances in Medicine
Alemayehu Reta, Addis Simachew
Background: Tuberculosis has been declared to be a global epidemic. Despite all the effort, only less than half the annual estimated cases are reported by health authorities to the WHO. This could be due to poor reporting from the private sector. In Ethiopia, tuberculosis has also been a major public health problem. The aim of this study was to assess the role of the private health sector in tuberculosis control in Debre Markos. Methods: An institution based cross-sectional descriptive study was carried out in private health facilities...
2018: Advances in Medicine
Zalika Klemenc-Ketis, Branka Cagran, Dejan Dinevski
Introduction: A "virtual patient" is defined as a computer program which simulates real patients' cases. The aim of this study was to determine whether the inclusion of virtual patients affects the level of factual knowledge of family medicine students at the undergraduate level. Methods: This was a case-controlled prospective study. The students were randomly divided into experimental (EG: N = 51) and control (CG: N = 48) groups. The students in the EG were asked to practice diagnosis using virtual patients instead of the paper-based clinical cases which were solved by the students in the CG...
2018: Advances in Medicine
Gita Faghihi, Azam Elahipoor, Fariba Iraji, Shadi Behfar, Bahareh Abtahi-Naeini, Fatemeh Mokhtari
[This corrects the article DOI: 10.1155/2016/5918393.].
2017: Advances in Medicine
Mohammad Nemat Shahi, Atefeh Asadi, Elham Behnam Talab, Mahbobeh Nemat Shahi
Background and Objective: Drug dependence is one of the serious problems around the world. Saffron is one of those beneficial medicinal plants which is embedded with a similar mechanism to methadone (e.g., inhibition of serotonin reuptake). Thus, it can be helpful in reducing the withdrawal symptoms. The aim of this study was to reduce the daily dose of methadone usage and reduce its side effects using saffron in the form of medicinal supplements. Methodology: This study was categorized as a clinical trial...
2017: Advances in Medicine
K G Mohamed, S Hunskaar, S H Abdelrahman, E M Malik
Many postgraduate family medicine training programmes have been developed to meet the worldwide dire need for practicing family physicians. This study was conducted in Gezira state of Sudan in a "before-and-after" design in the period of 2010-2012 with the aim to assess improvements in candidates' confidence in performing certain clinical skills. A self-evaluation questionnaire was used with a five-grade scale (1-5) to assess candidates' confidence in performing 46 clinical skills. A group of 108 participants responded for both the "before" and the "after" questionnaire: the response rate was 91% (before) and 90% (after)...
2017: Advances in Medicine
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