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Journal of Oral Biology and Craniofacial Research

Aneesh Sebastian, P G Antony, Mathew Jose, Arun Babu, Jubin Sebastian, Abraham Kunnilathu
Most purulent orofacial infections are of odontogenic origin. It is well established that odontogenic infections are polymicrobial in nature. Empiric antibiotics were administered before the culture and sensitivity test results were obtained and specific antibiotics were administered based on the culture and sensitivity test results. But resistance was a challenging problem all throughout along with development of more virulent strains of microorganisms which were more infectious and resistant to many known antibiotics...
April 2019: Journal of Oral Biology and Craniofacial Research
Shalini Kaushal, Anita Kumari Singh, Nand Lal, Siddharth K Das, Abbas Ali Mahdi
Background: Evidence have been proposed a positive association between severity of Periodontitis and Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) activity, individuals with advanced RA are more likely to develop periodontal problems compared to their non-RA counterparts, and vice versa. Studies have been suggested that RA manifest as a result of an inflammatory imbalance and autoimmunity. In this perspective, treatment modalities that lead to inhibition of proinflammatory mediators, may prove beneficial for reducing the severity of RA...
April 2019: Journal of Oral Biology and Craniofacial Research
T Pavlychuk, M Shydlovsky, A Kopchak
Purpose: The aim of the present experimental study was to evaluate the biomechanical behavior in different types of osteosynthesis (titanium screws, bioresorbable pins and miniplates) used in management of intracapsular condylar head fractures. Method: Experimental models of the condylar head fractures were simulated on 15 dry human cadaveric mandibles. Osteotomized mandibles were randomly divided into three groups with different fixation systems used: 1) 15 mm long titanium screws, 2) 15 mm long bioresorbable pins Sonic Pins Rx, 3) T-shaped titanium miniplate and 7 mm long titanium screws...
April 2019: Journal of Oral Biology and Craniofacial Research
Akanksha Bhatt, Balakrishnan Rajkumar
Aim: This in-vitro study evaluated and compared the flexural fatigue resistance for Hero Shapers, Hyflex CM, One Shape, Profile Vortex and Protaper Next rotary NiTi files. Method and materials: Total 25 rotary NiTi files allocated to each experimental group were tested in a simulated constructed apparatus with an angle of curvature 60° & radius of curvature 5 mm. Each experimental file was coated with EDTA gel and was placed in endodomotor handpiece with rubber stopper at support steel cylinder and its end between two shaping steel cylinders on the simulated apparatus...
April 2019: Journal of Oral Biology and Craniofacial Research
Beuy Joob, Viroj Wiwanitkit
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
April 2019: Journal of Oral Biology and Craniofacial Research
Anupam Mishra, Veerendra Verma
A few studies have reported incomplete resection of juvenile nasopharyngeal angiofibroma (JNA) following embolization. The likely effects of embolization, viz. shrinkage/reduced tensile strength may have increased the fragility of tumour, leaving remnants postoperatively particularly across hour-glass constriction of sphenopalatine foramina. This paper describes the likelihood of residual disease being left following embolization and hence the importance of extended surgery for complete excision.
January 2019: Journal of Oral Biology and Craniofacial Research
Francesco Giovacchini, Caterina Bensi, Stefano Belli, Maria Elena Laurenti, Martina Mandarano, Daniele Paradiso, Michele Giansanti, Antonio Tullio
Background: Low-grade intraductal carcinomas are rare, malign tumors of salivary glands most commonly affecting parotid gland. It is a slow-growing tumor considered with a favourable prognosis after surgical excision. Methods: To define the characteristics and management of low-grade intraductal carcinoma a systematic review was performed using the electronic databases Pubmed, Cochrane and Scopus. A new case report was also described. Results: Including this case the review of literature identified only 54 cases reported thus far...
January 2019: Journal of Oral Biology and Craniofacial Research
Shoeb Kasim Jendi, Abhishek Talathi
Purpose: To evaluate and compare the soft tissue anaesthesia produced by tramadol hydrochloride on gingival tissues in maxilla. Methods: A total of 50 ASA physical status I subjects between 18 and 35 years of age, both male and female were included in the study. Each individual received 0.5 ml of 50 mg tramadol in the soft tissues over maxillary canine tooth as local infiltration on one and 0.5 ml of 20 mg lignocaine on the contralateral side in a double-blinded fashion...
January 2019: Journal of Oral Biology and Craniofacial Research
Akshat Gupta, Vidya Rattan, Sachin Rai
Purpose: Chitosan has been shown to promote wound healing and induce bone formation. The aim of this split-mouth study was to evaluate the effectiveness of chitosan based dressing in wound healing after lower third molar extraction. Method: Asymptomatic symmetrical mandibular third molars were extracted simultaneously in 27 patients and Chitosan dressing was placed into the extraction socket in the test side. Pain scores were recorded on VAS using a 0 to 10 pain score...
January 2019: Journal of Oral Biology and Craniofacial Research
Lucilene Hernandes Ricardo, Renata Falchete do Prado, Yasmin Rodarte Carvalho, Felipe da Silva Peralta, Debora Pallos
The most important microscopic characteristic of Cyclosporine A-induced gingival overgrowth is fibroepithelial hyperplasia. OBJECTIVE: The objective was to investigate the influence of previous exposure to Cyclosporine A over gingival epithelium in experimental periodontitis in rats. METHODS: Twenty Wistar rats with 12 weeks-old were divided into four groups with 5 animals each: Control Group (CG); Cyclosporine Group (CsAG); Ligature group (LG) and Cyclosporine and Ligature Group (CsALG)...
January 2019: Journal of Oral Biology and Craniofacial Research
Raturi Vijay Parshuram, Rajendra Kumar, Madan Lal Brahma Bhatt, Rahul Singh, Devendra Parmar, Jalaj Gaur, Dewesh Kishan, Mandira Saha, Roopali, Pranay Katepogu, Prasad Senthamizh, Tridiv Katiyar
Objectives: The correlation of XRCC-1 Gene Arg194Trp polymorphism with alcohol and tobacco substance user and with loco-regionally progressed squamous cell cancer of the larynx (LSCC) was assessed in this research study. The result of this research study is described herein. Material and methods: A tertiary hospital-based observational case-control research was carried out. DNA segregation and Genotype examination were done from the blood sample of the control group and cases to know the correlation between XRCC-1 gene polymorphism with loco-regionally progressed LSCC and with hazard factors tobacco and alcohol...
January 2019: Journal of Oral Biology and Craniofacial Research
Pilana Vithanage Kalani Shihanika Hettiarachchi, Rasika Manori Jayasinghe, Manil Christopher Fonseka, Ruwan Duminda Jayasinghe, Chinthani Deepthi Nanayakkara
Objective: The objectives of this study were to evaluate the normal radiographic length of the styloid process (SP), prevalence and type of elongation, and angulation of the styloid process in relation to sex and side on digital panoramic radiographs in a Sri Lankan population. Methods: A total of 100 digital panoramic images selected from the database at the Division of Oral Medicine and Radiology, Faculty of Dental Sciences, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka were evaluated for the radiological features of the styloid process...
January 2019: Journal of Oral Biology and Craniofacial Research
Vrishti Bansal, Rajan Gupta, Parveen Dahiya, Mukesh Kumar, Japnit Kaur Samlok
Background: Considering the microbial etiology of the periodontal disease, the periodontal therapy aims to control or abolish the pathogenic microbes. The gold standard scaling and root planing procedure has been used since time immemorial but the drawbacks associated with it have led to the development of various adjunctive means. The current study was therefore, performed to comparatively assess the efficacy of local delivery of chlorhexidine and 808-nm diode LASER as an appurtenance to scaling and root planing in patients with chronic periodontitis...
January 2019: Journal of Oral Biology and Craniofacial Research
Azadeh Andisheh-Tadbir, Mohammad Javad Ashraf, Ali Gudarzi, Razieh Zare
Introduction: Glypican-3 (GPC3) is involved in regulation of cell proliferation and morphogenesis. It is abundant in embryonic tissue, but limited in most adult tissues. GPC3 deletion or mutation can disturb the balance between cell apoptosis and proliferation, which may result in tumorigenesis. This study aimed to investigate the GPC3 expression in salivary gland tumors (SGTs) and the adjacent non-neoplastic tissues. Methods: This study reviewed 50 samples of salivary tumors from the archive of Khalili Hospital, Shiraz, Iran, including 17 cases of pleomorphic adenoma (PA), 16 cases of mucoepidermoid carcinoma (MEC), and 17 cases of adenoid cystic carcinoma (ACC); as well as a control group of 23 cases of normal salivary gland tissues...
January 2019: Journal of Oral Biology and Craniofacial Research
Ekarat Phattarataratip, Nicha Kositkittiwanit, Pruch Kajornkiatkul, Pataraporn Yeunyong, Ratanatip Ratanapitak
Objectives: Altered P120 catenin expression has been associated with E-cadherin loss and poor prognosis in several cancers. The objectives of this study were to examine the P120 catenin expression in salivary gland neoplasms in correlation with E-cadherin and assess the relationships between their expression levels and pathologic characteristics. Methods: Fifty-two cases of salivary gland neoplasms, i.e. 25 mucoepidermoid carcinomas (MEC), 13 adenoid cystic carcinomas (ACC), 12 pleomorphic adenomas (PA) and 2 polymorphous adenocarcinomas (PAC) were included...
January 2019: Journal of Oral Biology and Craniofacial Research
Maj Raj Kumar Maurya, Col Prasanna Kumar, Lt Col Mohit Sharma, Lt Col Karan Nehra, Harpreet Singh, Prabhat Kumar Chaudhari
Aim: This retrospective study was performed to rule out any jeopardizing effect of extraction therapy of four first premolars on airway at any level of its anatomic course. Materials and methods: Lateral cephalograms of 50 adolescent patients divided into two groups of 25 each, based on orthodontic treatment by first premolar extraction as group I and without extraction as group II, were selected for the study. 13 angular and 11 linear measurements were compared pre-and post-treatment via statistical analyses using SPSS (Version 17...
January 2019: Journal of Oral Biology and Craniofacial Research
Zohreh Jaafari-Ashkavandi, Fatemeh Mehranmehr, Elham Roosta
Background: MCM3 is a marker of proliferation that has been used as a diagnostic or prognostic marker in many pathologic lesions. Purpose: The purpose of this study is to investigate the proliferative activity of dentigerous cysts, odontogenic keratocyst and ameloblastoma using minichromosome maintenance 3 (MCM3) and compare it with Ki-67 proliferation marker. Methods: In this cross-sectional study, 40 cases including 11 cases of dentigerous cyst, 14 odontogenic keratocyst, and 15 ameloblastoma were included...
January 2019: Journal of Oral Biology and Craniofacial Research
Ankita Sahni, Shweta Rehani, Priyanka Kardam, Sneha Sethi, Rashmi Kumari, Yulia Mathias
Background: Mucins are glycoproteins that act as a selective molecular barrier and its alterations usually accompany the carcinogenesis. Aim: To evaluate the transition of mucins in the grades of oral epithelial dysplasia (OED) and oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) using histochemical stains. Materials & Method: A total of 66 samples of variable grades of OED and OSCC and each section was stained with PAS, Alcian blue- PAS (AB-PAS) and Aldehyde fuschin - Alcian blue (AF-AB)...
January 2019: Journal of Oral Biology and Craniofacial Research
N M Al-Namnam, F Hariri, M K Thong, Z A Rahman
Crouzon syndrome exhibits considerable phenotypic heterogeneity, in the aetiology of which genetics play an important role. FGFR2 mediates extracellular signals into cells and the mutations in the FGFR2 gene cause this syndrome occurrence. Activated FGFs/FGFR2 signaling disrupts the balance of differentiation, cell proliferation, and apoptosis via its downstream signal pathways. However, very little is known about the cellular and molecular factors leading to severity of this phenotype. Revealing the molecular pathology of craniosynostosis will be a great value for genetic counselling, diagnosis, prognosis and early intervention programs...
January 2019: Journal of Oral Biology and Craniofacial Research
Fahad M Samadi, Shaista Suhail, Manjari Sonam, Neeta Sharma, Shruti Singh, Sushil Gupta, Ashwini Dobhal, Harsha Pradhan
Candida carriage was reported to be common in oral cancer patients, with C. albicans being the predominant species. The prevalence of diseases caused by Candida species have been found to increase in recent years. AIM: The aim of our study was to find the antifungal activities at MIC of selected fifteen plant leaves extracts prepared in three different solutions (methanol and ethanol) against the opportunistic pathogen Candida albicans isolated from oral cavity infections. It may also help the clinician to treat the patient not only for the particular lesion that is present, but also to treat the infection by Candida albicans so as to reduce its potential to malignant transformation...
January 2019: Journal of Oral Biology and Craniofacial Research
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