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Michael G Z Ghali
The phrenic nerve is useful to record as a motor output in studies investigating neural control of respiration. It may be accessed via dorsal or ventral microsurgical approaches. Since such studies frequently involve concurrent access to the spinal cord, the two approaches may be alternatively used, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. The dorsal approach permits easier exposure of the spinal cord via laminectomy, but, compared to the ventral approach, phrenic nerve access proves more challenging, and concurrent surgical access to the full complement of respiratory-related nerves (i...
2019: MethodsX
P A Vaghela, J M Prajapati
This paper describes a novel hybrid approach of Taguchi and Genetic Algorithm to minimize number of iteration for optimization of a solution of the problem. A Genetic algorithm is used for global optimization. In GA initial population is selected randomly. Taguchi method gives a uniform combination of variables for the given search area. Hence, instead of selecting the initial populations by random search select the initial population by Taguchi design techniques. It will reduce the number of iteration to obtain a solution...
2019: MethodsX
Simon Schmidt, Simon Tresch, Katrin Meusburger
The slope length and slope steepness factor (LS-factor) is one of five factors of the Universal Soil Loss Equation (USLE) and its revised version (RUSLE) describing the influence of topography on soil erosion risk. The LS-factor was originally developed for slopes less than 50% inclination and has not been tested for steeper slopes. To overcome this limitation, we adapted both factors slope length L and slope steepness S for conditions experimentally observed at Swiss alpine grasslands. For the new L-factor (Lalpine ), a maximal flow path threshold, corresponding to 100 m, was implemented to take into account short runoff flow paths and rapid infiltration that has been observed in our experiments...
2019: MethodsX
Elena N Danilovtseva, Viktor A Pal'shin, Uma M Krishnan, Vadim V Annenkov, Stanislav N Zelinskiy
Polymeric amines and complex amine containing system are actively studied and applied as gene delivery agents in gene therapy and genetic engineering. Optimizing polymer - nucleic acid ratio is the key stage in elaboration of procedures in this area. Application of fluorescent tagged oligonucleotides is widespread approach which allows to visualize nucleic acid in gel electrophoresis experiments and to find conditions of the full binding of the nucleic acid. We suggest to use succinimidyl ester of 7-(diethylamino)coumarin-3-carboxylic acid as an agent for fluorescent labeling of polymeric amines and to use the tagged polymers in optimizing polymer - nucleic acid ratio...
2019: MethodsX
Moustafa Moffed Kassem, Fadzli Mohamed Nazri, Ehsan Noroozinejad Farsangi
This paper presents a simplified method in the seismic vulnerability assessment of reinforced concrete (RC) buildings based on proposed seismic vulnerability index (SVI) methodology. The employed procedure is derived with some modifications from the Italian GNDT and the European Macro-seismic approaches. Eight parameters were modeled in three distinct vulnerability classes to estimate the vulnerability indices of RC structures. The vulnerability classes were categorized based on the earthquake resistant design (ERD) defined as; (Low, Moderate, and High)-ERDs...
2019: MethodsX
Rodrigo Kohn Cardoso, Aline Machado Araujo, Rafael Bueno Orcy, Maristela Bohlke, Jean Pierre Oses, Fabrício Boscolo Del Vecchio, Franklin Correa Barcellos, Maria Cristina Gonzalez, Airton José Rombaldi
Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is associated with physical weakness and increased oxidative stress and inflammation levels. Rehabilitation programs are associated with an improvement in the functional capacity, inflammatory and oxidative stress profile. Exercise associated with blood flow restriction (BFR) has been demonstrating positive effects in training programs, but there is lack information about exercise with BFR in CKD. Therefore, the aim of the present study is to describe a protocol using continuous moderate exercise with blood flow restriction (BFR) applied during hemodialysis (HD) to measures health indicators and immune system and oxidative stress parameters in CKD patients...
2019: MethodsX
Gregory Neal McKay, Timothy P Harrigan, James Robert Brašić
The assessment of Parkinson's disease currently relies on the history of the present illness, the clinical interview, the physical examination, and structured instruments. Drawbacks to the use of clinical ratings include the reliance on real-time human vision to quantify small differences in motion and significant inter-rater variability due to inherent subjectivity in scoring the procedures. Rating tools are semi-quantitative by design, however, in addition to significant inter-rater variability, there is inherent subjectivity in administering these tools, which are not blinded in clinical settings...
2019: MethodsX
Ravi Jain, Swati Garg, Shailja Singh
Protein kinases play a crucial role in cellular functions by adding phosphate group to the protein substrates. It is an indispensable post-translational modification that regulates intracellular signaling and key cellular processes. They thus serve as an excellent target for chemotherapeutic interventions. A vast repertoire of protein kinases is present in a cell with diverse substrates as well as phosphorylation sites. To study full kinome for its activity, there is an urgent need of designing a comprehensive, in vitro assay which itself is an impractical task...
2019: MethodsX
Alireza Mesdaghinia, Zahra Pourpak, Kazem Naddafi, Ramin Nabizadeh Nodehi, Zahra Alizadeh, Soheila Rezaei, Amir Mohammadi, Maryam Faraji
Air pollutants are capable to enter bloodstream through the nose, mouth, skin and the digestive tract. Hemolysis is the premature destruction of red blood cells (RBCs) membranes. This can affect metabolism of RBCs and reduce cell life. Each of these adverse effects could lead to anemia, jaundice and other pathological conditions. Hemolysis can induce by the mineral components adsorbed on the particles. The aim of this study was to evaluate hemolysis of RBCs treated by airborne PM10 (PM with aerodynamic diameter ≤ 10 μm) in vitro...
2019: MethodsX
Ade Yamindago, Nayun Lee, Seungshic Yum, Seonock Woo
Toxicity evaluation is necessary to investigate the possible risk of chemical or pollutants newly produced such as nanoparticles in the environments. The assessment should apply a method that is effective to determine the toxic concentration and the exposure time of the pollutants in an animal model. This study described three main stages including determining the median lethal concentrations (LC50 ) with Probit program and detecting toxic effects of ZnO NPs in morphology and regeneration observed by the changes in morphology of Hydra magnipapillata (H...
2019: MethodsX
Mandy Doddema
To supplement data collected via interviews, participant observation and mapping in two communities where three monitoring interventions had been introduced, a Role Playing Game and debriefing were used to identify variations in fishing and landing practices in proximate communities and to validate responses to three interventions to monitor fishing activity in a tuna fishery in Indonesia. The Role Playing Game was used to simulate the daily routines of fishers and the introduction of three interventions. Debriefing was used to reflect on the internal and external validity of the RPG and to speculate on the impact of the interventions with the players...
2019: MethodsX
Daniel Hertel, Uwe Schlink
A new approach partitioning the urban heat island intensity (ΔT) into its contributing processes is developed for the neighbourhood scale. The method transforms individual terms of the energy balance (radiation, evapotranspiration, heat storage, and convection) into partitions of temperature and is exemplified using the output of a micrometeorological model. •The temperature contribution is determined by climate sensitivity and a gain function depending on the energy redistribution factor.•The method is exemplified for the output of ENVI-met...
2019: MethodsX
Cecilia Jarne
In this work a simple implementation of fundamental frequency estimation is presented. The algorithm is based on a frequency-domain approach. It was mainly developed for tonal sounds and it was used in Canary birdsong analysis. The method was implemented but not restricted for this kind of data. It could be easily adapted for other sounds. Python libraries were used to develop a code with a simple algorithm to obtain fundamental frequency. An open source code is provided in the local university repository and Github...
2019: MethodsX
Jose Luis Vilchez
Objective: The present protocol aims to understand how participants represent traffic signs (Psychology of Thinking) and how the attention of these signs-and the way of processing them-can influence on their path movement (Motor Processes). Knowing how humans process the meaning of signs (not just by learning but instinctively understood) will improve reaction times and decision making when driving. Background: In laboratory tasks, a number of models have attempted to explain the general relationship between attention and movement...
2019: MethodsX
Shahin Ahmadi, Somayeh Rahdar, Chinenye Adaobi Igwegbe, Abbas Rahdar, Nahid Shafighi, Fardin Sadeghfar
High concentration of fluoride above the optimum level can lead to dental and skeletal fluorosis. The data presents a method for its removal from fluoride-containing water. P/γ-Fe2 O3 nanoparticles was applied as an adsorbent for the removal of fluoride ions from its aqueous solution. The structural properties of the P/γ-Fe2 O3 nanoparticles before and after fluoride adsorption using the Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) technique were presented. The effects of pH (2-11), contact time (15-120 min), initial fluoride concentration (10-50 mg/L) and P/γ-Fe2 O3 nanoparticles dosage (0...
2019: MethodsX
Aline C Bernegossi, Bruna N P Cardoso, Mayara C Felipe, Mara R de Lima E Silva, Juliano J Corbi
This paper presents a new ecotoxicological test to investigate the response of a Brazilian endemic insect Chironomus sancticaroli through its life cycle and its future generations. This test can evaluate differences between the endpoints analyzed in diverse generations, describing the long-term impact of a substance or matrix effects along the time of exposure. Despite earlier papers already present the generation test with Chironomus riparius , there are still no studies with long-term test applied to C. sancticaroli ...
2019: MethodsX
Jan Crha, Joan Vila-Comamala, Eberhard Lehmann, Christian David, Pavel Trtik
This paper reports on light yield enhancement of terbium-doped gadolinium oxysulfide based scintillator screens achieved by coating their substrates with thin layers of a high density and high atomic number material. For this purpose, iridium was chosen and layers of various thicknesses were applied by atomic layer deposition (ALD). We assessed newly developed scintillator screens for neutron absorption, light yield and spatial resolution and compared them to previously used non-iridium-coated scintillator screens...
2019: MethodsX
Martina Gandini, Cecilia Scarinzi, Stefano Bande, Giovanna Berti, Luisella Ciancarella, Giuseppe Costa, Moreno Demaria, Stefania Ghigo, Chiara Marinacci, Antonio Piersanti, Gabriella Sebastiani, Ennio Cadum
The aim of MED HISS methodology was to test the effectiveness of a low-cost approach to study long-term effects of air pollution, applicable in all European countries. This approach is potentially exportable to other environmental issues where a cohort representative of the country population is needed. The cohort is derived from the National Health Interview Survey, compulsory in European countries, which has information on individual lifestyle factors. In Life Med Hiss approach, subjects recruited have been linked at individual level with health data and have been then followed-up for mortality and hospital admissions outcomes...
2019: MethodsX
Carolina Ramírez, Elizabeth Gonzalez
This article focuses on defining a methodological proposal to appropriately address each of the aspects of the inter-institutional Management of Health Care Waste (RAS) that are generated within in the Health Care Centers (CAS) of the City of Montevideo. An application case based on the work experience of the Department of Environmental Engineering (DIA) team of the Institute of Fluid Mechanics and Environmental Engineering (IMFIA) of the Faculty of Engineering of the Universidad de la República, in a CAS of the city of Montevideo in which it contributed to significantly improve the inter-institutional management of RAS...
2019: MethodsX
Alexandros Tsoupras, Ioannis Zabetakis, Ronan Lordan
Platelet aggregometry assays are generally used for the analysis of platelet function but can also be adapted for further research and therapy focused applications. This method describes the procedures for the preparation of human platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and platelet-poor plasma (PPP) for the assessment of human platelet aggregation induced by agonists such as platelet-activating factor (PAF), thrombin, collagen, adenosine diphosphate (ADP), arachidonic acid, etc. •This method can be applied in vitro to evaluate the aggregatory effects of these agonists and to assess the antiaggregatory effects of several bioactive antiplatelet agents (compounds of natural or pharmacological origin) in human PRP...
2019: MethodsX
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