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ISRN Nephrology

Hernán Trimarchi, Alexis Muryan, Agostina Toscano, Diana Martino, Mariano Forrester, Vanesa Pomeranz, Fernando Lombi, Pablo Young, María Soledad Raña, Alejandra Karl, M Alonso, Mariana Dicugno, Clara Fitzsimons
Background. Precise estimation of the glomerular filtration rate (GFR) and the identification of markers of progression are important. We compared creatinine, cystatin, and combined CKD-EPI equations with (99m)Tc-DTPA scintigraphy to measure GFR and proteinuria as markers of progression. Methods. Cross-sectional, observational study including 300 subjects. CKD was classified by (99m)Tc-DTPA scintigraphy. Determinations. Creatinine, 24-hour creatinine clearance, cystatin, Hoek formula, and creatinine, cystatin, and combined CKD-EPI equations...
2014: ISRN Nephrology
Rainer Ebid, Julia Lichtnekert, Hans-Joachim Anders
Glomerular mesangial cells (MC), like most cell types secrete hyaluronan (HA), which attached to the cell surface via CD44, is the backbone of a hydrophilic gel matrix around these cells. Reduced extracellular matrix thickness and viscosity result from HA cleavage during inflammation. HA fragments were reported to trigger innate immunity via Toll-like receptor-(TLR-) 2 and/or TLR4 in immune cells. We questioned whether HA fragments also regulate the immunostimulatory capacity of smooth muscle cell-like MC. LPS (TLR4-ligand) and PAM3CysSK4 (TLR2-ligand) induced IL-6 secretion in MC; highly purified endotoxin-free HA < 3000 Da up to 50  μ g/mL did not...
2014: ISRN Nephrology
Arif Showkat, William R Bastnagel, Joanna Q Hudson
Oxidative stress is associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease in end-stage renal disease (ESRD) patients. Intravenous (IV) iron has been shown to increase oxidative stress. The aim of the study was to evaluate changes in oxidative stress markers following administration of IV sodium ferric gluconate (SFG) to ESRD patients with and without administration of the antioxidant, α -lipoic acid. This is an open-label, crossover study. 125 mg of IV SFG was administered during control (C) and intervention (I) visits...
2014: ISRN Nephrology
Ayman Maher Nagib, Ayman Fathi Refaie, Yasser Abdelmoniem Hendy, Magdy Abass Mohmed Elfawal, Ahmed Abdelrahman Shokeir, Mohamed Adel Bakr, Ahmed Hassan Neamattala, Ahmed Farouk Hamdy, Khaled Mohamed Mahmoud, Amani Mostafa Ismail, Mohamed Ahmed Ghoneim
Virtually, all studies reporting the outcomes of living kidney donation beyond the first year from donation were retrospective. In this prospective study, the outcome of 81 consecutive living kidney donors was thoroughly evaluated. Clinical, laboratory, and radiological assessments were carried out at predonation (basal), 3, 6, 12, and 24 months after donation. The mean age at time of donation was 37.8 ± 9.8 years and the majority was females (75.3%). The mean BMI increased significantly after donation (P < 0...
2014: ISRN Nephrology
Roya Rastghalam, Mehdi Nematbakhsh, Mehrnoosh Bahadorani, Fatemeh Eshraghi-Jazi, Ardeshir Talebi, Maryam Moeini, Farzaneh Ashrafi, Soheila Shirdavani
Background. Cisplatin (CDDP) is an anticancer drug, which is accompanied with major side effects including nephrotoxicity. We tested two doses of losartan (10 and 20 mg/kg/day) against nephrotoxicity in a rat model treated with daily administration of CDDP (2.5 mg/kg/day). Methods. Five groups of rats were examined. Groups 1 and 2 received losartan 10 and 20 mg/kg/day, i.p, for a period of 10 days. Group 3 received saline for 10 days, but from day 3 the animals received CDDP (2.5 mg/kg/day, i.p) for the next seven days...
2014: ISRN Nephrology
Anass Ahmed Qasem, Salama Elsayed Farag, Emad Hamed, Mohamed Emara, Ahmed Bihery, Heba Pasha
Acute kidney injury (AKI) is a common complication in cirrhotic patients. Serum creatinine is a poor biomarker for detection of renal impairment in cirrhotic patients. This study aimed to evaluate urinary neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin (NGAL) and urinary interleukin-18 (IL-18) as early biomarkers of acute kidney injury in cirrhotic patients. 160 patients with cirrhosis admitted to the Liver Units at Zagazig University Hospitals were classified into three groups: (I) nonascitic patients, (II) ascitic patients without renal impairment, and (III) ascitic patients with renal impairment...
2014: ISRN Nephrology
Hilana H Hatoum, Anita Patel, K K Venkat
Delayed graft function (DGF) of kidney transplants increases risk of rejection. We aimed to assess the utility of weekly biopsies during DGF in the setting of currently used immunosuppression and identify variables associated with rejection during DGF. We reviewed all kidney transplants at our institution between January 2008 and December 2011. All patients received rabbit antithymocyte globulin/Thymoglobulin (ATG) or Basiliximab/Simulect induction with maintenance tacrolimus + mycophenolate + corticosteroid therapy...
2014: ISRN Nephrology
Chadi Saifan, Rabih Nasr, Suchita Mehta, Pranab Sharma Acharya, Isera Perrera, Giovanni Faddoul, Nikhil Nalluri, Mayurakhan Kesavan, Yorg Azzi, Suzanne El-Sayegh
Diabetes Insipidus (DI) is either due to deficient secretion of arginine vasopressin (central) or to tubular unresponsiveness (nephrogenic). Drug induced DI is a well-known entity with an extensive list of medications. Polyuria is generally defined as urine output exceeding 3 liters per day in adults. It is crucial to identify the cause of diabetes insipidus and to implement therapy as early as possible to prevent the electrolyte disturbances and the associated mortality and morbidity. It is very rare to have an idiosyncratic effect after a short use of a medication, and physicians should be aware of such a complication to avoid volume depletion...
2013: ISRN Nephrology
Leonid Feldman, Ramzia Abu Hamad, Shai Efrati, Ali Ashker, Ilia Beberashvili, Michal Shani
Background. Preservation of residual renal function in chronic dialysis patients has proven to be a major predictor of survival. The aim of the present study was to investigate an ability of the combined use of N-acetylcysteine and high-flux biocompatible haemodialysis membranes to improve residual renal function in haemodialysis patients. Patients and Methods. Chronic haemodialysis patients with a residual urine output of at least 100 mL/24 h were administered oral an N-acetylcysteine 1200 mg twice daily for 2 weeks...
2013: ISRN Nephrology
Yu-Hsien Lai, Te-Chao Fang
The novel roles of vitamin D were discovered and valued in this century. In addition to the maintenance of calcium and phosphorus balance, vitamin D regulates the function of the kidneys, heart, and immune system. Moreover, its anti-inflammatory, antiapoptotic, and antifibrotic roles have gained considerable attention. Vitamin D is also important for the maintenance of homeostasis by regulation of hormone secretion, cell proliferation, and differentiation. This paper will review these pleiotropic functions of vitamin D...
2013: ISRN Nephrology
Aleksandra Sindic
Guanylin peptides (GPs) family includes guanylin (GN), uroguanylin (UGN), lymphoguanylin, and recently discovered renoguanylin. This growing family is proposed to be intestinal natriuretic peptides. After ingestion of a salty meal, GN and UGN are secreted into the intestinal lumen, where they inhibit sodium absorption and induce anion and water secretion. At the same conditions, those hormones stimulate renal electrolyte excretion by inducing natriuresis, kaliuresis, and diuresis and therefore prevent hypernatremia and hypervolemia after salty meals...
2013: ISRN Nephrology
Maria Aparecida Dalboni, Daniel de Oliveira Beraldo, Beata Marie Redublo Quinto, Rosângela Blaya, Roberto Narciso, Moacir Oliveira, Júlio César Martins Monte, Marcelino de Souza Durão, Miguel Cendoroglo, Oscar Fernando Pavão, Marcelo Costa Batista
Introduction. Cystatin C has been used in the critical care setting to evaluate renal function. Nevertheless, it has also been found to correlate with mortality, but it is not clear whether this association is due to acute kidney injury (AKI) or to other mechanism. Objective. To evaluate whether serum cystatin C at intensive care unit (ICU) entry predicts AKI and mortality in elderly patients. Materials and Methods. It was a prospective study of ICU elderly patients without AKI at admission. We evaluated 400 patients based on normality for serum cystatin C at ICU entry, of whom 234 (58%) were selected and 45 (19%) developed AKI...
2013: ISRN Nephrology
Mehdi Nematbakhsh, Zahra Pezeshki
Background. Nitric oxide (NO) concentration in serum is altered by cisplatin (CP), and NO influences CP-induced nephrotoxicity. The effect of nephroprotectant agent supplementation (vitamin E, human recombinant erythropoietin (EPO), or n-acetylcysteine (NAC)) on the NO metabolites levels after CP administration in the two genders was determined. Methods. Sixty-four adult Wistar rats were randomly divided into 10 groups. Male and female rats in different groups received vehicle (saline), CP (7 mg/kg) alone, CP plus EPO (100 IU/kg), CP plus vitamin E (250 mg/kg), and CP plus NAC (600 mg/kg)...
2013: ISRN Nephrology
Teiichiro Aoyagi, Masaaki Tachibana, Shinji Naganuma
We here present the results of ultrasonographic (US) evaluations on the alteration of renal diameter of chronic HD patients. Of 109 outpatient HD patients who had neither severe acquired cystic disease of the kidney nor hereditary polycystic kidney disease, we performed US two or three times to measure their maximum renal diameter (mean of both kidneys), and the yearly alteration rate was calculated. The average interval of the two measurements was 35.9 months, and the average HD duration from the HD induction to the first measurement was 29...
2013: ISRN Nephrology
Risto Tanner, Jürgen Arund, Ivo Fridolin, Merike Luman
The aim of this study was to assess removal dynamics of paracetamol (PAR), as an extraordinary chromophore in spent dialysate, upon the optical monitoring of dialysis of end-stage renal disease patients with inflammation complications. Seven dialysis sessions of different patients were followed to whom PAR was used as a pain reliever or antipyretic. Spent dialysate was sampled hourly and analyzed using HPLC with MS/MS and UV detection. Quantitative calculations were made on the basis of the peak areas on the chromatograms at 280 nm for uric acid (UA) and 254 nm for PAR and its metabolites (PAR-M)...
2013: ISRN Nephrology
Leila Malekmakan, Parviz Khajehdehi, Maryam Pakfetrat, Alireza Malekmakan, Hamideh Mahdaviazad, Jamshid Roozbeh
Aim. The prevalence of chronic kidney disease (CKD) as a serious public health problem is growing in the elderly. This study aimed to assess CKD prevalence and its related risk factors in elderly population of Fars province. Methods. In this cross sectional study a total of 1190 elderly people are enrolled, and demographic and medical data were obtained. Data were analyzed by SPSS, and P of less than 0.05 was considered as statistically significant. Results. Prevalence of CKD stages III-V was 27.5% in the 60-69 years age group, 36...
2013: ISRN Nephrology
Sergei V Jargin
Insufficient international coordination of medical research and partial isolation from the international scientific community can result in repetition of research already performed in other countries. Renal biopsy was broadly used for research in the former Soviet Union. It was performed, sometimes without sufficient clinical indications, in patients with amyloidosis, renovascular hypertension (from both kidneys: on the side of the renal artery stenosis and the contralateral one), chronic alcoholism, and acute and chronic pyelonephritis (intraoperative wedge and core biopsies)...
2013: ISRN Nephrology
Maria-Pau Valenzuela, Jaume Almirall, María-José Amengual
Membrane bioincompatibility was demonstrated by successive white blood cell counts and C3a generation. Pulse wave analysis was obtained by applanation tonometry (SphygmoCor) in a sequential way: basal, after 30 minutes with nul ultrafiltration, and after a complete dialysis with ultrafiltration. At 15 minutes of haemodialysis, significant decrease in leukocyte count occurred: 6801 ± 1186 versus 4412 ± 1333 (P < 0.001), while C3a levels sharply increased from 427 ± 269 to 3501 ± 1638 ng/mL (P < 0...
2013: ISRN Nephrology
Geoffray Delcroix, Nicole Gillain, Martial Moonen, Luc Radermacher, François Damas, Jean-Marc Minon, Vincent Fraipont
Objective. Neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin (NGAL) measured by a research ELISA is described as an early marker of acute kidney injury (AKI). The aim of this study is to define the usefulness of plasma NGAL (pNGAL) and urine NGAL (uNGAL) measured with platform analysers to detect AKI 3 hours after cardiac surgery in fifty adult patients. Methods and Main Results. pNGAL and uNGAL were measured before and 3 hours after cardiac surgery. AKI, defined following the acute kidney injury network definition, was observed in 17 patients...
2013: ISRN Nephrology
Eva Anvari, Hoda Mojazi Amiri, Patricia Aristimuno, Charles Chazot, Kenneth Nugent
The Centre de Rein Artificiel in Tassin, France, provides comprehensive care to patients with chronic renal disease similar to the model proposed for Patient Center Medical Homes; patients with end-stage renal disease in the Tassin Hemodialysis Center appear to have better outcomes than patients in the United States. These differences likely reflect this center's approach to patient-centered care, the use of longer dialysis times, and focused vascular access care. Longer dialysis times provide better clearance of small and middle toxic molecules, salt, and water; 85% of patients at the Tassin center have a normal blood pressure without the use of antihypertensive medications...
2013: ISRN Nephrology
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