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Journal of Immunology Research

Charles Cassius, Hélène Le Buanec, Jean-David Bouaziz, Reyhan Amode
Dermatomyositis pathophysiology is complex. In recent years, medical research has identified molecules associated with disease activity. Besides providing insights into the driving mechanisms of dermatomyositis, these findings could provide potential biomarkers. Activity markers can be used to monitor disease activity in clinical trials and may also be useful in daily practice. This article reviews molecules that could be used as biomarkers for diagnosis and monitoring dermatomyositis disease activity.
2019: Journal of Immunology Research
Long-Shan Ji, Qiu-Tian Gao, Ruo-Wen Guo, Xin Zhang, Zhen-Hua Zhou, Zhuo Yu, Xiao-Jun Zhu, Ya-Ting Gao, Xue-Hua Sun, Yue-Qiu Gao, Man Li
Aim: To compare the clinical efficacy of the combination therapy with Bushen formula (BSF) plus entecavir (ETV) in naïve chronic hepatitis B (CHB) patients and that in CHB patients with partial virological response to ETV and explore the relevant immunoregulatory mechanism. Materials and Methods: Two hundred and twenty CHB patients were enrolled in the historical prospective cohort study. Patients were categorized into a treatment group (T-Group: combination therapy with BSF plus ETV) and a control group (C-Group: ETV)...
2019: Journal of Immunology Research
Sezen Karakus, Alan N Baer, Esen K Akpek
Background: Diagnostic criteria for Sjögren's syndrome (SS) are continually being updated in pursuit of more precise and earlier diagnosis to prevent its complications. Owing to the high rate of false negative traditional serological markers, the need for better serological testing remains. Objective: To investigate the clinical significance of three recently discovered novel autoantibodies, anti-salivary gland protein 1 (SP1), anti-carbonic anhydrase 6 (CA6), and anti-parotid secretory protein (PSP), in a cohort of dry eye patients with suspected underlying inflammatory/autoimmune disease...
2019: Journal of Immunology Research
Zhenhua Xian, Dehua Fu, Shuang Liu, Yang Yao, Chun Gao
Despite the overall success of using R-CHOP for the care for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma patients, it is clear that the disease is quite complex and new insight is needed to further stratify the patient for a better personized treatment. In current study, based on previous studies from animal model, new panels combining well-established cytokine (BAFF) and autoantibodies (anti-SSA/Ro) with newly identified cytokine (IL14) and autoantibodies (TSA) were used to evaluate the association between B cell growth factor and Sjögren's related autoantibodies in NHL patients...
2019: Journal of Immunology Research
Ryan D Lockard, Mary E Wilson, Nilda E Rodríguez
Worldwide, an estimated 12 million people are infected with Leishmania spp. and an additional 350 million are at risk of infection. Leishmania are intracellular parasites that cause disease by suppressing macrophage microbicidal responses. Infection can remain asymptomatic or lead to a spectrum of diseases including cutaneous, mucocutaneous, and visceral leishmaniasis. Ultimately, the combination of both pathogen and host factors determines the outcome of infection. Leishmaniasis, as well as numerous other infectious diseases, exhibits sex-related differences that cannot be explained solely in terms of environmental exposure or healthcare access...
2019: Journal of Immunology Research
Weiyi Qiu, Chang Zhang, Shuang Wang, Xiaoyan Yu, Qiong Wang, Dadi Zeng, Peng Du, Jinling Ma, Yiqiong Zheng, Bo Pang, Yunzhou Yu, Feng Long, Xiaobin Pang, Zhiwei Sun
To improve efficacy and minimize toxicity of EGFR inhibition treatment, we developed Ame55, a novel anti-EGFR IgG1 with lower affinity to EGFR than cetuximab (C225) from a human phage library. Ame55 had lower bioactivity than cetuximab in vitro but similar antitumor efficacy as cetuximab in vivo . Moreover, Ame55 was more efficacious than cetuximab in a Lovo cell xenograft tumor model when combined with irinotecan (CPT-11). Ame55 concentrates in the mouse xenograft tumor and has less toxicity than cetuximab in cynomolgus monkeys in an overdose study...
2019: Journal of Immunology Research
Magdalena Krajewska, Katarzyna Kościelska-Kasprzak, Dorota Kamińska, Marcelina Żabińska, Marta Myszka-Kozłowska, Agnieszka Gomułkiewicz, Piotr Dzięgiel, Marian Klinger
Successful long-term kidney allograft survival with parallel reduction of complications resulting from prolonged immunosuppressive treatment is a goal in kidney transplantation. We studied the immune changes in cell phenotypes and gene expression induced by kidney transplantation. Our goal was to find a phenotypic and/or transcriptional pattern that might be considered prognostic for the kidney transplant outcome. The analysis was performed prospectively on 36 KTx recipients sampled during the first year and followed for five years after transplantation and on 40 long-term KTx recipients (7...
2019: Journal of Immunology Research
Hongyun Zou, Li-Xia Wang, Muzi Wang, Cheng Cheng, Shuai Li, Qiying Shen, Lei Fang, Rongyu Liu
Unresolved inflammation underpins the pathogenesis of allergic airway diseases, such as asthma. Ketamine, accepted as a promising therapy for resistant asthma, has been demonstrated to attenuate allergic airway inflammation. However, the anti-inflammatory mechanism by ketamine in this setting is largely unknown. We aimed to investigate whether autophagy was involved in the protective effect of ketamine on allergic airway inflammation. Female C57BL/6 mice were sensitized to ovalbumin (OVA) and treated with ketamine at 25, 50, or 100 mg/kg prior to OVA challenge...
2019: Journal of Immunology Research
Katrin Kramer, Farah Al-Barwani, Margaret A Baird, Vivienne L Young, David S Larsen, Vernon K Ward, Sarah L Young
Virus-like particles (VLP) from the rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus (RHDV) can deliver tumour antigens to induce anticancer immune responses. In this study, we explored how RHDV VLP can be functionalised to enhance the immune response by increasing antigen loading, incorporating linkers to enhance epitope processing, and targeting receptor-mediated internalisation of VLP. RHDV VLP were developed to deliver up to three copies of gp10025-33 which contained proteasome cleavable linkers to target the correct processing of the epitope...
2019: Journal of Immunology Research
Edyta Kopera, Konrad Zdanowski, Karolina Uranowska, Piotr Kosson, Violetta Sączyńska, Katarzyna Florys, Bogusław Szewczyk
H1N1 influenza virus is still regarded as a serious pandemic threat. The most effective method of protection against influenza virus and the way to reduce the risk of epidemic or pandemic spread is vaccination. Influenza vaccine manufactured in a traditional way, though well developed, has some drawbacks and limitations which have stimulated interest in developing alternative approaches. In this study, we demonstrate that the recombinant H1 vaccine based on the hydrophilic haemagglutinin (HA) domain and produced in the yeast system elicited high titres of serum haemagglutination-inhibiting antibodies in mice...
2019: Journal of Immunology Research
Abigail S Marshall, Jaqueline Raymondi Silva, Courtney A Bannerman, Ian Gilron, Nader Ghasemlou
Skin-resident γδ T cells play an important role in maintaining the immune barrier at the epithelial surface. Their roles in wound healing, regulation of immune response to injury, and reepithelialization have been characterized extensively in the mouse, though their function in human skin remains largely unknown. Human skin-resident γδ T cells sparsely populate the skin and are often small and rounded in appearance. Those in the mouse ear and back, which line the dermal barrier, are highly arborized cells with many processes extending from the cell body...
2019: Journal of Immunology Research
Rossella Talotta, Piercarlo Sarzi-Puttini, Fabiola Atzeni
Introduction: Understanding the mechanisms underlying the pathogenesis of Sjögren's syndrome (SS) is crucially important in order to be able to discriminate the steps that lead to B cell transformation and promptly identify the patients at risk of lymphomagenesis. The aim of this narrative review is to describe the evidence concerning the role that infections or dysbiosis plays in the epigenetic control of gene expression in SS patients and their possible involvement in B cell lymphomagenesis...
2019: Journal of Immunology Research
Andrea Carolina Machado-Sulbaran, María Guadalupe Ramírez-Dueñas, José Eduardo Navarro-Zarza, José Francisco Muñoz-Valle, Francisco Mendoza-Carrera, Christian Johana Baños-Hernández, Isela Parra-Rojas, Margarita Montoya-Buelna, Pedro Ernesto Sánchez-Hernández
Introduction: Systemic Sclerosis (SSc) is an autoimmune, inflammatory, and multisystemic disease characterized by the presence of autoantibodies and fibrosis. The pathogenesis involves the interaction between immune system cells such as macrophages, NK cells, T cells, and B cells. Killer-cell Immunoglobulin-like Receptors (KIR) are expressed in NK cells and some T cell subsets that recognize HLA class I molecules as ligands and are involved in regulating the activation and inhibition of these cells...
2019: Journal of Immunology Research
Zygmunt Mackiewicz, Justyna Mażul, Ieva Narkevičiūtė, Irena Dumalakienė, Irena Butrimienė, Rita Vilienė, Indrė Stankevičienė, Diana Mieliauskaitė
Aim: The aim of this study was to evaluate the expression of persistence of mumps virus and some cells that interact with viral infection in the focus of the autoimmune epithelitis and peripheral blood of Sjögren's syndrome patients in comparison to patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and nonautoimmune sicca syndrome (nSS). Materials and Methods: 126 patients (119 women and 7 men) were grouped into four groups: (1) patients with primary Sjögren's syndrome (pSS), (2) patients with secondary Sjögren's syndrome due to rheumatoid arthritis (sSS), (3) patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA), and (4) patients with nonautoimmune sicca syndrome (nSS)...
2019: Journal of Immunology Research
Xiu Li Feng, Man Man Zong, Guang Fang Zhou, Yang Zheng, Yuan Nan Yu, Rui Bing Cao, Pu Yan Chen, Mei Yang
The bursa of Fabricius is an acknowledged central humoral immune organ unique to birds, which is vital to B cell differentiation and antibody production. However, the function and mechanism of the biological active peptide isolated from bursa on B cell development and autophagy were less reported. In this study, we isolated a new oligopeptide with nine amino acids Leu-Met-Thr-Phe-Arg-Asn-Glu-Gly-Thr from avian bursa following RP-HPLC, MODIL-TOP-MS, and MS/MS, which was named after BP9. The results of immunization experiments showed that mice injected with 0...
2019: Journal of Immunology Research
Yaoqi Huang, Chuan Hu, Haifeng Ye, Ruichen Luo, Xinxin Fu, Xiaoyan Li, Jian Huang, Weiyun Chen, Yuehui Zheng
The normal function of ovaries, along with the secretion of sex hormones, is among the most important endocrine factors that maintain the female sexual characteristics and promote follicular development and ovulation. Premature ovarian insufficiency (POI) is a common cause in the etiology of female infertility. It is defined as the loss of ovarian function before the age of 40. The characteristics of POI are menstrual disorders, including amenorrhea and delayed menstruation, accompanied by a raised gonadotrophin level and decreased estradiol level...
2019: Journal of Immunology Research
Minjuan Ma, Rui Duan, Hong Zhong, Tingming Liang, Li Guo
The liver is well known as the center of glucose and lipid metabolism in the human body. It also functions as an immune organ. Previous studies have suggested that liver nonparenchymal cells are crucial in the progression of NAFLD. In recent years, NAFLD's threat to human health has been becoming a global issue. And by far, there is no effective treatment for NAFLD. Liver nonparenchymal cells are stimulated by lipid antigens, adipokines, or other factors, and secreted immune factors can alter the expression of key proteins such as SREBP-1c, ChREBP, and PPAR γ to regulate lipid metabolism, thus affecting the pathological process of NAFLD...
2019: Journal of Immunology Research
Kyung Eun Kim, Sunyoung Park, Soyoung Cheon, Dong Yeon Kim, Dae Jin Cho, Jeong Min Park, Dae Young Hur, Hyun Jeong Park, Daeho Cho
Radotinib (Supect™) was developed to treat chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) as a BCR-ABL1 tyrosine kinase inhibitor (TKI). Other TKIs, including imatinib and nilotinib, were also developed for treatment of CML, and recent studies were increasing about the therapeutic effects of other TKIs on solid tumors. However, the effect of radotinib on solid tumors has not yet been investigated. In this study, radotinib killed CML cell line K562 directly; however, radotinib did not enhance NK cell cytotoxicity against K562 cells...
2018: Journal of Immunology Research
Warren Raymond, Gro Eilertsen, Johannes Nossent
While it is a common practice to monitor complement levels in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus to aid in flare prediction and detection, it is unclear if this strategy is helpful in preventing subsequent organ damage. We studied longitudinal complement levels in 102 SLE patients during a median follow-up of 13.8 years (IQR 7.0, 23.1). Low complement was defined as C3 < 0.84 g/L and/or C4 < 0.08 g/L, disease activity by clinical SLEDAI-2K, and organ damage by SLICC-DI. We calculated a time averaged clinical SLEDAI score (cWAS) and performed multivariate regression models to assess the independent predictive value of low complement for organ damage at last visit...
2018: Journal of Immunology Research
Ploenchan Chetchotisakd, Siriluck Anunnatsiri, Ratanavadee Nanagara, Arnone Nithichanon, Ganjana Lertmemongkolchai
Introduction: Anti-interferon-gamma (IFN- γ ) autoantibodies are increasingly recognized as a cause of adult-onset immunodeficiency (AOID) worldwide. These patients are susceptible to various intracellular pathogens especially nontuberculous mycobacteria. Most of the patients have a refractory clinical course. Herein, we report the use of immunotherapy with pulse intravenous cyclophosphamide (IVCY) in patients who had progressive, refractory Mycobacterium abscessus infection. Method: We included patients, seen at Srinagarind Hospital, Thailand, infected with M...
2018: Journal of Immunology Research
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