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Iranian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology

Haissan Iftikhar, Shabbir Akhtar, Nasir Uddin
Introduction: Synovial sarcoma makes up 8-10% of all soft tissue sarcomas, and constitutes 3-10% of all sarcomas occurring in the head and neck region. It shows male predominance (3:2), and the mean age of presentation is 30 years. Case Report: A 51-year-old gentleman presented with right-sided neck swelling which had been progressively increasing in size for the past 2 years. A computed tomography (CT) scan revealed a large heterogeneously enhancing mass on the right side of the neck measuring 7...
January 2019: Iranian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology
Kalaiarasi Raja, Sithananda-Kumar Venkatesan, Sivaraman Ganesan, Arun Alexander
Introduction:  Penetration injury to the neck constitutes 5-10% of all trauma cases. Penetration of a foreign body into the trachea with subsequent impaction into the tracheoesophageal party wall is extremely rare. We present a patient with an unusual penetrating injury of the neck caused by a metallic foreign body embedded into the tracheoesophageal party wall, and its management. Case Report: A 35-year-old male presented to the emergency department with a history of accidental penetrating injury on his neck, with severe pain and bleeding from the wound entry site...
January 2019: Iranian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology
Elsie-Jane Anastasius, Halimuddin Sawali
Introduction: Double aortic arch (DAA) is a congenital anomaly of the aortic arch. It is the most common type of complete vascular ring. When it occurs, the connected segment of the aortic arch and its branches encircle the trachea and esophagus, leading to symptoms related to these two structures. Case Report: We present a case of a newborn baby who developed biphasic stridor immediately after a normal vaginal delivery. Endoscopic assessment of the trachea revealed a pulsatile narrowing at the level of the thoracic trachea, suggestive of an external compression...
January 2019: Iranian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology
Geun-Hyo Kim, Soo-Geun Wang, Yeon-Woo Lee, Soon-Bok Kwon
Introduction: Laryngeal burns cause long-term voice disorders due to mucosal changes of the vocal folds. Inhalation injuries affect voice production and result in changes in the mucosal thickness and voice quality. Case Report: A 47-year-old woman was transferred to our department with laryngeal burns sustained during a house fire. On laryngoscopic examination, mucosal waves of both vocal folds were not visualized due to the injury caused by inhalation of high-temperature toxic smoke...
January 2019: Iranian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology
Divya Khosla, Shalini Verma, Rajpal S Punia, Arjun Dass, Kislay Dimri, Gurbir Kaur, Awadhesh K Pandey
Introduction: Extraosseous Ewing's sarcoma (EES) of the head and neck region is a rare occurrence, and Ewing's sarcoma of the parapharyngeal space is even rarer. To the best of our knowledge, only three cases of EES of the parapharyngeal space have been reported in the literature. Case Report: We report a rare case of EES of the parapharyngeal space in an 8-year-old girl. She presented with complaints of earache, difficulty in breathing and swallowing and bleeding from the mouth...
January 2019: Iranian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology
Nitish Virmani, Jyoti Dabholkar
Introduction: Involvement of the salivary glands in tuberculosis is rare, even in countries where tuberculosis is endemic. It can occur by systemic dissemination from a distant focus or, less commonly, as primary involvement. This article focuses on its myriad clinical presentations that pose a diagnostic challenge to the clinician. We discuss the schema of investigations required to confirm the diagnosis and the limitations faced in the low-cost setting of a developing country. Materials and Methods: Medical records, including history, physical examination and imaging findings, and the results of cytological, microbiological and histopathological studies of patients diagnosed with primary tubercular sialadenitis were retrieved and analyzed...
January 2019: Iranian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology
Gian-Luca Fadda, Giovanni Succo, Paolo Moretto, Andrea Veltri, Paolo Castelnuovo, Maurizio Bignami, Giovanni Cavallo
Introduction: Paranasal sinus fungus ball (PSFB) is a non-invasive mycosis, which appears in immunocompetent patients, along with unilateral lesion. The purpose of this study was to analyse various symptoms of PSFB and its radiological, pathological, and microbiological findings. In addition, this study involved the investigation of the incidence of bacterial coinfection and surgical techniques applied for this infection and to report the modern developments in this domain. Materials and Methods: This retrospective study was carried out on 40 consecutive patients referring for PSFB treatment to the Ear, Nose, and Throat Department in San Luigi Gonzaga University Hospital, Turin, Italy, from April 2014 to 2017...
January 2019: Iranian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology
Mohammad Faramarzi, Mohammad Hossein Mohammad Hossein, Mitra Amini, Sayed Taghi Heydari, Azadeh Samiei, Masoud Motasaddi Zarandy, Ali Eftekhari, Mohammad Mahdi Ghasemi, Mohammad Hossein Baradaranfar, Masoud Naderpour, Ajalloueyan Mohammad, Sulmaz Mohammadi
Introduction: There is limited evidence regarding the quality of otolaryngology residency programs in Iran. Regarding this, the present study aimed to assess some aspects of otolaryngology residency program in the field of otology in Iran based on the perspectives of faculty members and graduates. Materials and Methods: This study was conducted on 105 recent graduates and 30 faculty members and/or program directors in otolaryngology using two self-administered questionnaires...
January 2019: Iranian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology
Ali Faghih Habibi, Hooshang Gerami, Rahmatollah Banan, Ehsan Kazemnezhad Leily, Parsa Khoshkhat, Hooman Alaie Alamouti, Shadman Nemati
Introduction: Chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS) with and without nasal polyposis is a chronic inflammatory disease of the sinuses and nasal mucosa. Recent evidence has indicated a relationship between serum 25-hydroxyl vitamin D (OH-VitD) deficiency and CRS. Regarding this, the present study aimed to compare the serum level of 25-OH-VitD in CRS patients with and without nasal polyposis and control groups. Materials and Methods: This study was conducted on 117 adult subjects in three groups of CRS with nasal polyposis (CRSwNP; n=32), CRS without nasal polyposis (CRSsNP; n=35), and healthy controls (n=50)...
January 2019: Iranian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology
Mohammad Faramarzi, Mahmood Shishegar, Saeed Reza Tofighi, Hadi Sharouny, Raman Rajagopalan
Introduction: There are a few studies that compare the outcomes between primary and revision tympanoplasties. The purpose of the present study was to compare the results of type I tympanoplasty (i.e., synonymous to myringoplasty) and revision myringoplasty based on the closure of tympanic membrane perforation and hearing improvement. Materials and Methods: This prospective single-blind study was carried out on a total of 240 patients with tympanic membrane perforation at a tertiary referral center...
January 2019: Iranian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology
Hadi Zare Marzouni, Reza Farid-Hosseini, Farahzad Jabari-Azad, Jalil Tavakkol-Afshari, Farahnaz Tehranian, Maryam Khoshkhui, Amin Reza Nikpoor, Mojgan Mohammadi
Introduction: Allergic Rhinitis (AR) is a common inflammatory disease of the nasal mucosa. The CD14 is a receptor for lipopolysaccharide and inhaled endotoxin which can stimulate the production of interleukins by antigen presenting cells. Accordingly, CD14 plays an important role in allergic and atopic diseases, which can be one of the etiological factors for allergic diseases. The present study investigated the association between the CD14 gene polymorphism C-159T and AR and aimed to detect the correlation between serum levels of CD14 and AR...
January 2019: Iranian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology
George Psillas, Stefanos Triaridis, Vasiliki Chatzigiannakidou, Jiannis Constantinidis
Introduction: Literature regarding the different degrees of hearing loss in patients with Cornelia de Lange syndrome (CDLS) reports that half of the affected patients exhibit severe to profound sensorineural hearing loss. We present the first pre-school child with CDLS who underwent cochlear implantation for congenital profound sensorineural hearing loss. Case Report: A 3-year-old boy with CDLS underwent unilateral cochlear implantation for bilateral profound sensorineural hearing loss...
November 2018: Iranian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology
Mohammad-Waheed El-Anwar
Introduction: Diagnosis of orbital foreign body (FB) penetration is usually obvious when part of the FB is still attached at the entry wound (1). However, the depth and course of the FB in this case was not visible. Case Report: A 5-year old female presented with a pencil penetrating the left orbit. A computed tomography (CT) scan showed that the pencil penetrated the left orbit (extraseptal) through the lacrimal bone to the left nasal cavity, then perforated the nasal septum, crossing the right nasal cavity...
November 2018: Iranian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology
Sethu T Subha, Abdul-Jalil Nordin
Introduction: Metastatic tumors of the temporal bone are extremely rare. Collet-Sicard syndrome is an uncommon condition characterized by unilateral palsy of the lower four cranial nerves. The clinical features of temporal bone metastasis are nonspecific and mimic infections such as chronic otitis media and mastoiditis. Case Report: This report describes a rare case of metastatic adenocarcinoma of the temporal bone causing Collet-Sicard syndrome, presenting with hearing loss, headache and ipsilateral cranial nerve palsies...
November 2018: Iranian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology
Subhro Ganguly, Surendra Gawarle, Prashant Keche
Introduction: Teratomas are neoplastic tumors derived from totipotent germ cells containing a wide assortment of tissues originating from all three germ cell layers. Teratomas can be mature or immature depending on the presence of immature tissues; typically neuroepithelial tissue. Immature teratomas can be oncologically benign or malignant, and can be divided into three grades with increasingly aggressive biological behavior. The most common site for this tumor is the sacrococcygeal region...
November 2018: Iranian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology
Jahangir Ghorbani, Ali Hosseini Vajari, Guitti Pourdowlat, Parisa Ghasemi, Yousef Eskandari, Keyvan Ghasemi
Introduction: Eosinophilic mucin rhinosinusitis is a type of chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS). Diagnosis and treatment of this condition play a significant role in reducing the patients' clinical symptoms. This type of rhinosinusitis has a higher relapse rate, compared to the other types. This disease is more resistant to treatment and more dependent on corticosteroid therapy, compared to the other types of rhinosinusitis. Regarding this, the present study was designed to evaluate the frequency of eosinophilic mucin rhinosinusitis in patients undergoing sinus surgery in a tertiary referral center and examine some clinical and laboratory characteristics regarding this type of rhinosinusitis...
November 2018: Iranian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology
Francesco Dispenza, Alessia-Maria Battaglia, Pietro Salvago, Francesco Martines
Introduction: The recurrence rate after tympanoplasty is variable between 0% and 50%. The causes of failure may be different and frequently interrelated, making the surgical choice difficult and the prognosis not always favourable. In this study, we analysed recurrence rate and the possible causes of failure of tympanoplasty in the treatment of tympanic perforations. Materials and Methods: This prospective case-control study was carried out on patients undergoing tympanoplasty...
November 2018: Iranian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology
Junaid-Nasim Malik, Seema Monga, Arun-Parkash Sharma, Nighat Nabi, Khaja Naseeruddin
Introduction: Eagle's syndrome is a constellation of signs secondary to an elongated styloid process or due to mineralization of the stylohyoid or stylomandibular ligament or the posterior belly of the digastric muscle. The syndrome includes symptoms ranging from stylalgia (i.e. pain in the tonsillar fossa, pharyngeal or hyoid region) to foreign-body sensation in the throat, cervicofacial pain, otalgia, or even increased salivation or giddiness. Materials and Methods: We describe a clinical study of 12 patients with Eagle's syndrome, along with their clinical profile and the treatment offered...
November 2018: Iranian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology
Maryam Omidkhoda, Arezoo Jahnabin, Fatemeh Khoshandam, Farzaneh Eslami, Seyed Hossein Hosseini Zarch, Jalil Tavakol Afshari, Hamed Kermani
Introduction: The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) on the quality and quantity of bone formation in unilateral maxillary alveolar cleft reconstruction using cone beam computed tomography. Materials and Methods: This study was conducted on 10 non-syndromic patients with unilateral cleft lip and palate within the age group of 9-12 years. The study population was randomly assigned into two groups of PRF and control, each of which entailed 5 cases...
November 2018: Iranian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology
Saleh Mohebbi, Jakob Lexow, Alexander Fuchs, Thomas Rau, Sebastian Tauscher, Marjan Mirsalehi, Seyed Mousa Sadr Hosseini, Tobias Ortmaier, Thomas Lenarz, Omid Majdani
Introduction: Different approaches have been developed to find the position of the internal auditory canal (IAC) in middle cranial fossa approach. A feasibility study was performed to investigate the combination of cone beam computed tomography (CBCT), optical coherence tomography (OCT), and laser ablation to assist a surgeon in a middle cranial fossa approach by outlining the internal auditory canal (IAC). Materials and Methods: A combined OCT laser setup was used to outline the position of IAC on the surface of the petrous bone in cadaveric semi-heads...
November 2018: Iranian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology
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