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Acta Radiologica Short Reports

Arnulf Skjennald
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February 2015: Acta Radiologica Short Reports
Silanath Terpenning, Charles S White
Advances in computed tomography have led to continuous improvement in cardiac imaging. Dedicated postprocessing capabilities, faster scan times, and cardiac gating methods reveal details of normal cardiac anatomy and anatomic variants that can mimic pathologic conditions. This article will review normal cardiac anatomy and variants that can mimic disease. Radiologists should be familiar with normal cardiac anatomy and anatomic variants to avoid misinterpretation of normal findings for pathologic processes.
January 2015: Acta Radiologica Short Reports
Yousef Yavarian, Michael Bayat, Jens Brøndum Frøkjær
Idiopathic herniation of uncus and parahippocampal gyrus into the ambient cistern is a very rare entity, which could be mistaken for other pathology such as tumor. To the best of our knowledge, two prior cases of this kind of herniation have been described. One of these cases was with associated symptomatology and other abnormalities, and the other was characterized as idiopathic. In this case report, we report a case of accidental finding of a herniation of uncus and parahippocampal gyrus into the ambient cistern, without any other accompanying abnormalities, well depicted by magnetic resonance imaging without further necessity for surgical brain intervention...
January 2015: Acta Radiologica Short Reports
Marc Maegele, Ewa K Stuermer, Alexander Hoeffgen, Ulla Uhlenkueken, Angelika Mautes, Nadine Schaefer, Marcela Lippert-Gruener, Ute Schaefer, Mathias Hoehn
BACKGROUND: Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is one of the leading causes of death and permanent disability world-wide. The predominant cause of death after TBI is brain edema which can be quantified by non-invasive diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging (DWI). PURPOSE: To provide a better understanding of the early onset, time course, spatial development, and type of brain edema after TBI and to correlate MRI data and the cerebral energy state reflected by the metabolite adenosine triphosphate (ATP)...
January 2015: Acta Radiologica Short Reports
Parisa Hajalioghli, Ali Ghadirpour, Reza Ataie-Oskuie, Marinos Kontzialis, Nariman Nezami
A 15-year-old girl was referred to a dentist complaining of parageusia, bad taste in the mouth, which started 9 months ago. Panoramic X-ray and non-enhanced computed tomography scan revealed multiple bilateral unilocular cysts in the mandible and maxilla, along with calcification of anterior part of the falx cerebri. She was eventually diagnosed with Gorlin-Goltz syndrome based on imaging and histopathologic finding of keratocystic odontogenic tumor.
January 2015: Acta Radiologica Short Reports
Umberto Marcello Bracale, Giovanni Merola, Luca Del Guercio, Maurizio Sodo, Anna Maria Giribono, Umberto Bracale
We describe the case of a 72-year-old man with massive hemorrhage and shock resulting from rupture of the left common femoral artery as a complication of radiotherapy in the groin for cancer of the scrotum. This complication is extremely rare, presents dramatically, and is usually fatal. The patient was successfully treated with a stent graft deployment in order to achieve immediate hemostasis maintaining blood flow to the leg. Open surgery is not ideal in those cases especially when there is extensive tumor involvement of the groin causing altered anatomy and increasing the risk of re-bleeding...
January 2015: Acta Radiologica Short Reports
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December 2014: Acta Radiologica Short Reports
Arnulf Skjennald
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
December 2014: Acta Radiologica Short Reports
Christopher Månsson, Anders Nilsson, Britt-Marie Karlson
Irreversible electroporation (IRE) is an ablation technique that is being investigated as a potential treatment of pancreatic cancer. However, many of these patients have a metallic stent in the bile duct, which is recognized as a contraindication for IRE ablation. We report a case in which an IRE ablation in the region of the pancreatic head was performed on a patient with a metallic stent which led to severe complications. After the treatment, the patient suffered from several complications including perforation of the duodenum and transverse colon, and bleeding from a branch of the superior mesenteric artery which eventually lead to her death...
December 2014: Acta Radiologica Short Reports
Paolo Picco, Aldo Naselli, Giovanna Pala, Francesca Rizzo, Beatrice Damasio, Antonella Buoncompagni, Alberto Martini
Anaplasma phagocytophilum, an obligate intracellular bacterium, is the causative agent of human granulocytic anaplasmosis (HGA), a tickborne infection usually manifesting as fever, malaise, cytopenia, spleen enlargement, and hepatitis. Herein, we report a case of a 14-year-old girl with HGA whose whole-body magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) disclosed an unusual picture characterized by small, widespread punctuate millimetric nodules, hypointense on T1-weighted and hyperintense on STIR sequences. This firstly reported finding may represent an alternative tool for identifying atypical infectious diseases...
December 2014: Acta Radiologica Short Reports
David Da Ines, Antoine Mons, Chadi Braidy, Pierre François Montoriol, Jean-Marc Garcier, Valérie Vilgrain
Hepatic capsular retraction is an imaging feature that deserves the attention of the radiologist. Hepatic capsular retraction is associated with a number of hepatic lesions, benign or malignant, treated or untreated. The purpose of this pictorial review is to discuss the most common benign and malignant hepatic lesions associated with this feature with an emphasis on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).
December 2014: Acta Radiologica Short Reports
Hyun Sil Lee, Ji Youn Kim, Chang Suk Kang, Sung Hun Kim, Jung Ho Kang
Breast plasmacytoma (BP) is an extremely rare extramedullary manifestation of multiple myeloma (MM). We report the imaging findings of an unusual case in which BP was the initial presentation of MM. A 53-year-old woman with no contributory medical history underwent chest computed tomography to evaluate intermittent nocturnal anterior chest pain, and bilateral multiple breast masses were found. Following an ultrasound-guided core needle biopsy, these lesions were confirmed to be BP.
November 2014: Acta Radiologica Short Reports
Simon Nicolay, Bert De Foer, Anja Bernaerts, Joost Van Dinther, Paul M Parizel
We report the imaging features of a case of a temporal bone meningioma extending into the middle ear cavity and clinically presenting as a serous otitis media. Temporal bone meningioma extending in the mastoid or the middle ear cavity, however, is very rare. In case of unexplained or therapy-resistant serous otitis media and a nasopharyngeal tumor being ruled out, a temporal bone computed tomography (CT) should be performed. If CT findings are suggestive of a temporal bone meningioma, a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) examination with gadolinium will confirm diagnosis and show the exact extension of the lesion...
November 2014: Acta Radiologica Short Reports
Simon Nicolay, Bert De Foer, Anja Bernaerts, Joost Van Dinther, Paul M Parizel
We report a case of a young woman with an aberrant right internal carotid artery (ICA) presenting as a retrotympanic reddish mass. This variant of the ICA represents the collateral pathway that is formed as a result of an embryological agenesis of the cervical segment of the ICA. The embryonic inferior tympanic artery is recruited to bypass the absent carotid segment. This hypertrophied vessel may be seen otoscopically and wrongfully considered to be a vascular middle ear tumor. Informing the otorhinolaryngologist of this important vascular variant not only obviates biopsy but also helps in careful preoperative planning of eventual middle ear procedures...
November 2014: Acta Radiologica Short Reports
Melda Bozluolcay, Ayse D Elmali, Sukriye F Menku, Burcu Zeydan, Gulcin Benbir, Sakir Delil, Naz Yeni
BACKGROUND: Creutzfeld-Jacob disease (CJD) is a rare, progressive disease that has a vast clinical manifestation range. Cranial magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), electroencephalography (EEG), and measurement of 14-3-3 in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) may offer a pragmatic approach in the diagnosis of CJD as an alternative to histopathological confirmation. PURPOSE: To present the symptoms and signs of the CJD patients in regard to radiological and neurophysiological findings...
November 2014: Acta Radiologica Short Reports
Tom De Beule, Katya Op de Beeck, Gert De Hertogh, Gregory Sergeant, Geert Maleux
A 23-year-old man presented with hypovolemic shock due to a lower gastrointestinal bleeding. Radiological and endoscopic investigation did not reveal the bleeding site. Emergency visceral angiography showed contrast extravasation at a right-sided branch of the superior mesenteric artery (SMA). Embolization of the bleeding point was performed, resulting in bleeding cessation. One week later, the patient presented with a new episode of moderate anal blood loss associated with diffuse abdominal pain. Computed tomography (CT) revealed an ischemic small bowel diverticulum that was treated by a laparoscopically-assisted segmental small bowel resection...
October 2014: Acta Radiologica Short Reports
Sk Bhartiya, A Verma, S Basu, Vk Shukla
Thyroid hemiagenesis is a rare form of thyroid dysgenesis characterized by an absence of half of the thyroid gland. Developmental hemi-thyroid anomalies can result from either an abnormal descent or an agenesis of one lobe of the thyroid gland. We report a case of a 40-year-old woman with history of a longstanding gradually progressive thyroid swelling without any complication. An ultrasonographic examination diagnosed the absence of the left thyroid lobe and enlargement of the right lobe, which was confirmed on a computed tomography (CT) angiogram and a radionuclide scan of the neck...
October 2014: Acta Radiologica Short Reports
Kenji Hirata, Noriyuki Fujima, Takatsugu Mizumachi, Bizhan Bandarchi, John M Roesler
A 34-year-old man found a mildly tender preauricular mass. Ultrasonography revealed an anechoic mass in the superficial lobe of the parotid gland. Magnetic resonance imaging showed thin ring-like contrast enhancement and homogenously high intensity on T2-weighted images. The mass was resected due to its rapid growth. The cystic lesion contained keratine-like material and a stratified squamous epithelium without granular layers, which was consistent with keratocystoma.
September 2014: Acta Radiologica Short Reports
Fabiano Nassar Cardoso, Patrick Omoumi, Gregoire Wieers, Baudouin Maldague, Jacques Malghem, Frédéric E Lecouvet, Bruno C Vande Berg
In this case report, we describe an "uncommon" case of axial gouty arthropathy in a 69-year-old woman with bilateral sciatica that was thoroughly evaluated with conventional radiography, CT scan, magnetic resonance imaging, bone scintigraphy, and PET-CT. Axial gouty arthropathy should be included in the differential diagnosis of chronic low back pain, mainly when several risk factors for gout are present.
September 2014: Acta Radiologica Short Reports
Cem Burak Kalaycı, Halime Cevik
A case of isolated sphenoid fungal sinusitis in an elderly diabetic patient is described. A coexisting mass lesion located in the sellar region was detected incidentally. Coincidence of these two entities represents a potential surgical disaster which may result in direct intracranial spread of fungal infection.
September 2014: Acta Radiologica Short Reports
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