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ISRN Otolaryngology

Venugopal Manju, Kizhakke Kodiyath Gopika, Pitchai Muthu Arivudai Nambi
Amplitude modulations in the speech convey important acoustic information for speech perception. Auditory steady state response (ASSR) is thought to be physiological correlate of amplitude modulation perception. Limited research is available exploring association between ASSR and modulation detection ability as well as speech perception. Correlation of modulation detection thresholds (MDT) and speech perception in noise with ASSR was investigated in twofold experiments. 30 normal hearing individuals and 11 normal hearing individuals within age range of 18-24 years participated in experiments 1 and 2, respectively...
2014: ISRN Otolaryngology
Seyede Faranak Emami, Nasrin Gohari
Since saccular projection is sound sensitive, the objective is to investigate the possibility that the saccular projections may contribute to auditory brainstem response to 500 HZ tone burst (ABR500 HZ). During the case-control research, twenty healthy controls compared to forty selected case groups as having chronic and resistant BPPV were evaluated in the audiology department of Hamadan University of Medical Sciences (Hamadan, Iran). Assessment is comprised of audiologic examinations, cervical vestibular evoked myogenic potentials (cVEMPs), and ABR500 HZ...
2014: ISRN Otolaryngology
Chintamaneni Raja Lakshmi, M Sudhakara Rao, A Ravikiran, Sivan Sathish, Sujana Mulk Bhavana
The aim of the current study is to determine the efficacy of ultrasound in differentiating between benign and metastatic group of cervical lymph nodes. The study included forty-five subjects who were divided into three groups with 15 in each, by stratified random sampling method. Group 1 comprised fifteen patients without signs and symptoms of any infection and neoplasms in head and neck region (control group). Group 2 included fifteen patients with signs and symptoms of malignancy in head and neck region. Group 3 consisted of fifteen patients with signs and symptoms of odontogenic infections...
2014: ISRN Otolaryngology
Ali Rajaei, Ebrahim Barzegar Bafrooei, Fariba Mojiri, Mohammad Hussein Nilforoush
Glottal closure during the pharyngeal phase of swallowing is one of the important steps in protecting the airway. Generally, it is believed that any deficiency in this process can lead to laryngeal penetration and aspiration. This study investigated the incidence of laryngeal penetration and aspiration among 44 patients with glottal closure insufficiencies that were referred for voice and swallowing evaluation to our institution. The videostroboscopy and 3 oz water swallow test were performed for all of the patients and dysphagic patients were screened and referred for videofluoroscopy...
2014: ISRN Otolaryngology
Ryan P Goepfert, Eric J Kezirian, Steven J Wang
Background. The incidence of oral tongue squamous cell carcinoma (OTSCC) in young women is increasing with uncertain outcomes compared to traditional patients. Published outcomes data are at odds in this cohort of young women. Methods. Retrospective analysis comparing demographic, clinicopathologic, and outcomes data of women OTSCC patients younger than 45 years old matched 1 : 2 by stage with men both younger and older than 45 and women older than 45. Results. No disease-free or overall survival differences were found between cohorts...
2014: ISRN Otolaryngology
Natasha Pollak, Roya Azadarmaki, Sidrah Ahmad
Stapedius and tensor tympani tenotomy is a relatively simple surgical procedure commonly performed to control pulsatile tinnitus due to middle ear myoclonus and for several other indications. We designed a cadaveric study to assess the feasibility of an entirely endoscopic approach to stapedius and tensor tympani tenotomy. We performed this endoscopic ear surgery in 10 cadaveric temporal bones and summarized our experience. Endoscopic stapedius and tensor tympani section is a new, minimally invasive treatment option for middle ear myoclonus that should be considered as the first line surgical approach in patients who fail medical therapy...
2014: ISRN Otolaryngology
Seyede Faranak Emami
The objective of this cross-sectional study is to compare bone-conducted low-frequency hearing thresholds (BClf) to cervical vestibular evoked myogenic potentials (cVEMPs) findings in prelingual adult deaf patients. The fifty participants (100 ears) included twenty healthy controls and thirty other subjects selected from patients who presented with bilateral prelingual deafness to Department of Audiology of Hamadan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services (Hamadan, Iran). Assessments comprised of audiological evaluations, cVEMPs, and computerized tomography scans...
2014: ISRN Otolaryngology
Fernanda Lopes de Souza, Mariana Oliveira, Marianne Brochado Nunes, Lucas Horstmann Serafim, Alan Arrieira Azambuja, Luisa Maria G de M Braga, Lisiani Saur, Maria Antonieta Lopes de Souza, Léder Leal Xavier
Oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) is a public health problem. The hamster buccal pouch model is ideal for analyzing the development of OSCC. This research analysed the effects of sunitinib (tyrosine kinase inhibitor) in precancerous lesions induced by 7,12-dimethylbenz(a)anthracene (DMBA) in this model. Thirty-four male hamsters, divided into six groups: control-C (n = 7), acetone-A (n = 12), carbamide peroxide-CP (n = 5 ), acetone and CP-A+CP (n = 8), 1% DMBA in acetone and CP-DA+CP (n = 6), and 1% DMBA in acetone and CP and 4-week treatment with sunitinib-DA+CP+S (n = 7)...
2014: ISRN Otolaryngology
Yasin Abdurehim, Yalkun Yasin, Qu Yaming, Zhang Hua
Objective. To discuss the safety and efficacy of Foley catheter removal of blunt pediatric esophageal foreign bodies. Methods. Analyzing our first 17 cases of pediatric esophageal foreign bodies removed by Foley catheter method in respect of the efficacy, removal methods, and complications. We also reviewed related literature and discussed the background, current status, and technical matters that need attention of this method. Results. In three-year period between May 2010 and May 2013, in 16 out of 17 children blunt radiopaque foreign bodies impacted in the esophagus were successfully removed by a Foley catheter...
2014: ISRN Otolaryngology
Giuliano Ascani, Francesca Di Cosimo, Michele Costa, Paolo Mancini, Claudio Caporale
The aim of the present study was to assess the etiology and pattern of maxillofacial fractures in the Province of Pescara, Abruzzo, Central Italy. Was performed a retrospective review of patients treated at the Department of Maxillofacial Surgery of Spirito Santo Hospital from January 2010 to December 2012. Data collected and analyzed included sex, age, cause of injury, site of fracture, monthly distribution, and alcohol misuse. A total of 306 patients sustaining 401 maxillofacial fractures were treated. There were 173 males (56...
2014: ISRN Otolaryngology
Cliff Franklin, Laura V Johnson, Letitia White, Clay Franklin, Laura Smith-Olinde
Objectives. This study examined the relationship between acceptable noise level (ANL) and personality. ANL is the difference between a person's most comfortable level for speech and the loudest level of background noise they are willing to accept while listening to speech. Design. Forty young adults with normal hearing participated. ANLs were measured and two personality tests (Big Five Inventory, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) were administered. Results. The analysis revealed a correlation between ANL and the openness and conscientious personality dimensions from the Big Five Inventory; no correlation emerged between ANL and the Myers-Briggs personality types...
2013: ISRN Otolaryngology
Jan Tunér, Lars Hode
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
2013: ISRN Otolaryngology
Shaoyan Feng, Yunping Fan, Liqing Guo, Zibin Liang, Jiaoping Mi
Purpose. It has been assumed that postirradiated nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) patients are prone to benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV). The purpose of this study was to better understand this clinical entity. Materials and Methods. From September 2003 to June 2011, we conducted a retrospective study of 11 irradiated NPC patients with BPPV in our institute. During the same period, 11 irradiated NPC patients without BPPV were randomly selected and enrolled as the control group. All medical records of these patients were evaluated...
2013: ISRN Otolaryngology
Seyede Faranak Emami, Akram Pourbakht, Ahmad Daneshi, Kianoush Sheykholeslami, Hessamedin Emamjome, Mohammad Kamali
Approximately 80 years ago John Tait speculated about a possible auditory role for the otolith organs in humans those days, there was no direct evidence for that idea. This time is for us to review and research. Then, the objective of our study was to investigate saccular hearing in healthy adults. We selected twenty healthy controls and twenty-four dizzy cases. Assessment comprised of audiologic evaluations, cervical vestibular evoked myogenic potentials (cVEMPs), and recognition of spoken phonemes in white noise (Rsp in wn)...
2013: ISRN Otolaryngology
Faisal Zawawi, Keith Richardson, Rickul Varshney, Jonathan Young, Alex M Mlynarek, Michael P Hier, Richard J Payne
Objectives. Following thyroid surgery patients complain from swallowing disability and throat pain resembling symptoms of laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR). The purpose of this study is to assess whether proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) given to patients in the first postoperative week relieve the swallowing disability and throat pain complaints. Materials and Methods. A questionnaire was given to 523 patients who had thyroid surgery between October 2010 and August 2011. In the first postoperative clinic visit each patient was approached to fill out a questionnaire...
2013: ISRN Otolaryngology
Akshay Menon, Manoj Kumar
Aim. The aim of this review is to determine the relationship between sleeping body posture and severity of obstructive sleep apnea. This relationship has been investigated in the past. However, the conclusions derived from some of these studies are conflicting with each other. This paper intends to summarize the reported relationships between sleep posture and various sleep indices in patients diagnosed with sleep apnea. Methods and Materials. A systematic review of the published English literature during a 25-year period from 1983 to 2008 was performed...
2013: ISRN Otolaryngology
Mohsen Rajati, Mehdi Bakhshaee, Kamran Khazaeni
Objective. To evaluate the occurrence of two periorbital complications of surgery for Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media (CSOM) and discuss the potential pathophysiologic mechanisms. Materials and Methods. This is a retrospective review of the CSOM surgeries performed between Oct, 2005, and Jan, 2011, in our hospital. The early postoperative conditions of the patients were scrutinized to identify periorbital ecchymosis and subconjunctival hemorrhage. Results. Eight cases out of 756 patients were noted to have periorbital ecchymosis, and two of the patients also had simultaneous subconjunctival hemorrhage...
2013: ISRN Otolaryngology
Judit Bakk, Tamás Karosi, Tamás József Batta, István Sziklai
Previous experiments suggested the possibility of a short-term sound stimulus-evoked and transient increase in DPOAE amplitudes. This phenomenon is possibly due to the complexity of the outer hair cells and their efferent control system and the different time scales of regulatory processes. A total of 100 healthy subjects ranging from 18 to 40 years of age with normal hearing and normal DPOAE values in the range of 781-4000 Hz were recruited in the study. Diagnostic DPOAE measurements were performed after short-term sound exposure...
2013: ISRN Otolaryngology
Balwant Singh Gendeh
Graft selection remains the greatest challenge for surgeons performing rhinoplasty. The preferred choice thus far for nasal reconstruction would be autograft compared to allograft due to its lower rate of infection and extrusion as it does not induce an immune response. We have evaluated 26 patients who underwent open structured rhinoplasty at our center and compared our experience regarding the operative technique, graft availability, indications, and limitations. The racial distribution was 18 Indians, 5 Chinese, and 3 Malays with a mean age, hospitalization, and followup of 30...
2013: ISRN Otolaryngology
Sunita Gudwani, Sanjay K Munjal, Naresh K Panda, Roshan K Verma
Purpose. Subjective tinnitus has different forms and degrees of severity. Many studies in the literature have assessed psychoacoustic characteristics of tinnitus but hardly any of them had focused on the association of audiological profile with onset duration and loudness perception. The aim of this study was to evaluate existence of any association between tinnitus loudness/onset duration and audiological profile to explain differences in prognosis. Method. Study design was prospective. The sample consisted of 26 subjects having tinnitus, which was divided into tinnitus and nontinnitus ears...
2013: ISRN Otolaryngology
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