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BMC Sports Science, Medicine and Rehabilitation
Aneta Teległów, Kamil Konieczny, Ignacy Dobija, Justyna Kuśmierczyk, Łukasz Tota, Konrad Rembiasz, Marcin Maciejczyk
BACKGROUND: Exposure of the human body to cold water triggers numerous beneficial physiological changes. The study aimed to assess the impact of regular winter swimming on blood morphological, rheological, and biochemical indicators and activity of antioxidant enzymes in males. METHODS: The study involved 10 male winter swimmers (the same participants examined before the season and after the season) and 13 males (not winter swimming, leading a sedentary lifestyle) in the control group...
June 21, 2024: BMC Sports Science, Medicine and Rehabilitation
Tomasz Kowalski, Adrian Wilk, Kinga Rębiś, Kim-Morgaine Lohse, Dorota Sadowska, Andrzej Klusiewicz
Respiratory muscle training plays a significant role in reducing blood lactate concentration (bLa) and attenuating negative physiological stress reactions. Therefore, we investigated if voluntary isocapnic hyperpnoea (VIH) performed after a maximum anaerobic effort influences bLa and perceived fatigue level in well-trained speedskaters. 39 elite short-track speedskaters participated in a trial with two parallel groups: experimental and control. All the participants performed the Wingate Anaerobic Test (WAnT)...
June 20, 2024: BMC Sports Science, Medicine and Rehabilitation
Joanna Ostapiuk-Karolczuk, Anna Kasperska, Hanna Dziewiecka, Mirosława Cieślicka, Monika Zawadka-Kunikowska, Izabela Zaleska-Posmyk
BACKGROUND: The study aimed to compare catecholamine, cortisol, and immune response in sprint- and endurance-trained athletes under the same training, aiming to observe if their sport specialization affects these markers during a 9-day training camp. METHODS: The study involved twenty-four young male (age 15.7 ± 1.6 years) and female (age 15.1 ± 1,3 years) athletes specializing in sprint and endurance athletics discipline. Blood samples for all measured parameters were taken at rested baseline, on the 4th day, and on the 9th day of training...
June 20, 2024: BMC Sports Science, Medicine and Rehabilitation
Johan Högberg, Jakob Lindskog, Axel Sundberg, Ramana Piussi, Rebecca Simonsson, Kristian Samuelsson, Roland Thomeé, Eric Hamrin Senorski
BACKGROUND: The relationship between hamstring strength and hop performance after anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction with hamstring tendon (HT) autografts has not been well elucidated. The aim was to investigate the relationship between eccentric hamstring strength, assessed with the NordBord, and concentric hamstring strength, assessed with the Biodex, with hop performance at 8 and 12 months after ACL reconstruction. METHODS: Registry study. Patients ≥ 16 years who had undergone primary ACL reconstruction with HT autograft, followed by muscle strength and hop tests at 8 and 12 months were included...
June 18, 2024: BMC Sports Science, Medicine and Rehabilitation
Zhanjiang Fan, Lanbin Min, Wenbin He, Yaorong Yang, Wen Ma, Jiayi Yao
BACKGROUND: Ice and snow sports, which are inherently high risk due to their physically demanding nature, pose significant challenges in terms of participant safety. These activities increase the likelihood of injuries, largely due to reduced bodily agility and responsiveness in cold, often unpredictable winter environments. The critical need for effective injury prevention in these sports is emphasized by the considerable impact injuries have on the health of participants, alongside the economic and social costs associated with medical and rehabilitative care...
June 18, 2024: BMC Sports Science, Medicine and Rehabilitation
Bhanu Sharma, Eric Koelink, Carol DeMatteo, Michael D Noseworthy, Brian W Timmons
BACKGROUND: Recent scientific evidence has challenged the traditional "rest-is-best" approach for concussion management. It is now thought that "exercise-is-medicine" for concussion, owing to dozens of studies which demonstrate that sub-maximal, graded aerobic exercise can reduce symptom burden and time to symptom resolution. However, the primary neuropathology of concussion is altered functional brain activity. To date, no studies have examined the effects of sub-maximal aerobic exercise on resting state functional brain activity in pediatric concussion...
June 17, 2024: BMC Sports Science, Medicine and Rehabilitation
Jianlong Han, Hongwei Wang, Yunxin Ding, Qing Li, Huanqie Zhai, Shuling He
BACKGROUND: Approximately 40-70% of older adults who have experienced falls develop fear of falling (FOF), with the incidence rate in nursing home residents reaching as high as 79.4%. An increasing number of studies have focused on the effect of the Otago Exercise Programme (OEP) on reducing FOF among older adults, yet comprehensive analysis is lacking due to regional and demographic variations. Therefore, this study integrates the relevant literature to provide evidence supporting interventions aimed at alleviating FOF among older adults...
June 14, 2024: BMC Sports Science, Medicine and Rehabilitation
Anne Fältström, Timmy Gustafsson, Nils Wärnsberg, Sofi Sonesson, Anna Hermansen
BACKGROUND: Insights derived from athletes who have completed the final phase of rehabilitation and successfully returned to their respective sports after anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction could potentially contribute to the enhancement of therapeutic strategies. Therefore, the aim of this study was to explore athletes' experiences, thoughts, and behaviours of final phase rehabilitation and return to sport after ACL reconstruction and to describe their thoughts about the risk of reinjury...
June 14, 2024: BMC Sports Science, Medicine and Rehabilitation
Franziska Matile, Irina Nast, Karin Niedermann
BACKGROUND: Knee and hip osteoarthritis (OA) are among the most common musculoskeletal joint diseases worldwide. International guidelines recommend exercise and education as first-line interventions for their management. The Good Life with osteoArthritis Denmark (GLA:D) programme aims to achieve self-management using group exercise and education sessions. It also encourages participants to stay physically active and perform GLA:D exercises (GE) twice weekly after programme end. This study investigated the participants' self-reported level of physical activity (PA) and self-reported adherence to the GE between five and 17 months after completion of the GLA:D programme and also explored the barriers, facilitators and support needs to achieve long-term adherence to GE...
June 13, 2024: BMC Sports Science, Medicine and Rehabilitation
Johanna Lambrich, Thomas Muehlbauer
BACKGROUND: It is firmly established that achieving a high ball speed during the execution of groundstrokes represents a relevant factor for success in tennis. However, little is known about how plantar pressure changes as post-impact ball speed is increased during open and square stance groundstrokes. The objective of the study was to determine how tennis players change the plantar pressure in each foot when they execute open versus square stance forehand groundstrokes in order to increase post-impact ball speed...
June 10, 2024: BMC Sports Science, Medicine and Rehabilitation
Aleksander Drwal, Tomasz Pałka, Lukasz Tota, Szczepan Wiecha, Pavol Čech, Marek Strzała, Marcin Maciejczyk
BACKGROUND: Multi-ingredient pre-workout dietary supplements (MIPS), which are combinations of different ingredients acting on different physiological mechanisms, can have a synergistic effect and improve performance. The aim of the study was to determine the acute effects of a multi-ingredient pre-workout supplement containing: beta-alanine, taurine, caffeine, L-tyrosine, and cayenne pepper (capsaicin) on anaerobic performance. METHODS: A randomized, crossover, single-blind study was designed...
June 9, 2024: BMC Sports Science, Medicine and Rehabilitation
Anthony Crozier, Lee E Graves, Keith P George, David Richardson, Louise Naylor, Daniel J Green, Michael Rosenberg, Helen Jones
BACKGROUND: Cardiac rehabilitation has been identified as having the most homogenous clinical exercise service structure in the United Kingdom (UK), but inconsistencies are evident in staff roles and qualifications within and across services. The recognition of Clinical Exercise Physiologists (CEPs) as a registered health professional in 2021 in the UK, provides a potential solution to standardise the cardiac rehabilitation workforce. This case study examined, in a purposefully selected cardiac exercise service that employed registered CEPs, (i) how staff knowledge, skills and competencies contribute to the provision of the service, (ii) how these components assist in creating effective service teams, and (iii) the existing challenges from staff and patient perspectives...
June 8, 2024: BMC Sports Science, Medicine and Rehabilitation
Selim Asan, Süleyman Ulupınar, Serhat Özbay, Sevinç Namlı, Cebrail Gençoğlu, Ferhat Canyurt, Yunus Emre Çingöz, Abdullah Bora Özkara
BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVE: This study was conducted during the 2019-2020 academic year to evaluate the impact of participation in school sports on students' Body Mass Index (BMI) and Assessing Levels of Physical Activity (ALPHA) test scores. Interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, which led to a suspension of in-person education, the study resumed in September 2021, refocusing on the effects of pandemic-induced inactivity on the physical fitness levels of the same cohort. METHODS: The study included twenty-nine male high school students (age: 17,24 ± 0,73 years), divided into thirteen athletes (participating in sports such as football, basketball, and track) and sixteen non-athletic counterparts...
June 6, 2024: BMC Sports Science, Medicine and Rehabilitation
Sameer Badri Al-Mhanna, Alexios Batrakoulis, Mahaneem Mohamed, Nouf H Alkhamees, Bodor Bin Sheeha, Zizi M Ibrahim, Abdulaziz Aldayel, Ayu Suzailiana Muhamad, Shaifuzain Ab Rahman, Hafeez Abiola Afolabi, Maryam Mohd Zulkifli, Muhammad Hafiz Bin Hanafi, Bishir Daku Abubakar, Daniel Rojas-Valverde, Wan Syaheedah Wan Ghazali
BACKGROUND: There is strong evidence showing the association between obesity, type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM), and knee pain resulting from osteoarthritis. Regular exercise has been reported as a foundational piece of the preventive therapy puzzle for knee osteoarthritis (KOA) patients. Nonetheless, evidence-based exercise protocols for people with comorbidities, such as obesity, T2DM, and KOA are limited. Therefore, the present trial aimed to assess the effectiveness of a 12-week home-based circuit training (HBCT) protocol on various indices related to cardiometabolic health, musculoskeletal fitness, and health-related quality of life (HRQoL) among overweight/obese older adult patients with KOA and T2DM during the COVID-19 lockdown...
June 3, 2024: BMC Sports Science, Medicine and Rehabilitation
Karianne Hagerupsen, Sigurd Pedersen, Nicoline B Giller, Nora K Thomassen, Kim Arne Heitmann, Edvard H Sagelv, John O Osborne, Kristoffer R Johansen
BACKGROUND: The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of high load resistance training using barbell half squats compared with trap bar deadlifts on maximal strength, power performance, and lean mass in recreationally active females. METHODS: Twenty-two recreationally active female participants (age: 26.9 ± 7.7 yrs.; height: 166.0 ± 5.1 cm; weight: 68.6 ± 9.9 kg) were randomly assigned to either a barbell half squat group (SG: n = 10) or trap bar deadlift group (DG: n = 12)...
May 31, 2024: BMC Sports Science, Medicine and Rehabilitation
Zhaleh Pashaei, Abbas Malandish, Shahriar Alipour, Afshar Jafari, Ismail Laher, Anthony C Hackney, Katsuhiko Suzuki, Urs Granacher, Ayoub Saeidi, Hassane Zouhal
OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of 10 weeks of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and HIIT combined with circuit resistance training (HCRT) on selected measures of physical fitness, the expression of miR-9, -15a, -34a, -145, and - 155 as well as metabolic risk factors including lipid profiles and insulin resistance in middle-aged overweight/obese women. METHODS: Twenty-seven overweight/obese women aged 35-50 yrs. were randomized to HIIT (n = 14) or HCRT (n = 13) groups...
May 29, 2024: BMC Sports Science, Medicine and Rehabilitation
Sławomir M Kozieł, Agnieszka Suder, Maria Chrzanowska, Miroslav Králík, Robert M Malina
BACKGROUND: Studies addressing age at peak height velocity (PHV) in longitudinal samples of participants in sports are relatively limited. PURPOSE: To compare the growth status and estimated ages at PHV of longitudinal samples girls and boys active in sport with peers not active in sport, and to compare estimated ages at PHV among longitudinal samples of Polish youth active in sport. METHODS: Records from the Cracow Longitudinal Study, which measured youth annually from 8 to 18 years, were screened to identify individuals regularly active in sport...
May 29, 2024: BMC Sports Science, Medicine and Rehabilitation
Iris Poppele, Marcel Ottiger, Michael Stegbauer, Torsten Schlesinger, Katrin Müller
BACKGROUND: An infection with SARS-CoV-2 can lead to persistent symptoms more than three months after the acute infection and has also an impact on patients' physical activity behaviour and sleep quality. There is evidence, that inpatient post-COVID rehabilitation can improve physical capacity and mental health impairments, but less is known about the change in physical behaviour and sleep quality. METHODS: This longitudinal observational study used accelerometery to assess the level of physical activity and sleep quality before and after an inpatient rehabilitation program...
May 29, 2024: BMC Sports Science, Medicine and Rehabilitation
Seokmin Yun, Kyungjin Kim, Sangyung Lee, Young Hoon Kim
Sports and tourism are connected in various parts of economies, cultures, and nations. However, there has been a limited understanding of sports event tourism involving disabled athletes. This study explored the behavioral and socio-demographic implications of the disabled sports event tourism and investigated the motivational factors involved. An in-person survey was administered to 108 disabled athletes who attended the summer and winter Paralympics. A Structural Equation Model was used to determine the association between the factors of life satisfaction, emotional happiness, escapism, perceived value, and future intention, using the Monte Carlo parametric bootstrapping method to test significance of direct and indirect effects...
May 28, 2024: BMC Sports Science, Medicine and Rehabilitation
Valentina Bullo, Davide Pavan, Stefano Gobbo, Alessandro Bortoletto, Lucia Cugusi, Andrea Di Blasio, Roberto Pippi, David Cruz-Diaz, Danilo Sales Bocalini, Andrea Gasperetti, Roberto Vettor, Andrea Ermolao, Marco Bergamin
BACKGROUND: Severe obesity is characterized by excessive accumulation of fat generating a general health decline. Multidisciplinary treatment of obesity leads to significant weight loss in a few patients; therefore, many incur bariatric surgery. The main purpose of the study is to evaluate changes in functional capacity of people with obesity undergoing bariatric surgery and, in parallel, to correlate pre-surgery functional capacity with weight loss to improve exercise prescription during pre-operatory stage...
May 27, 2024: BMC Sports Science, Medicine and Rehabilitation
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