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Shinichiro Fujimori, Xuanming Su, Jing-Yu Liu, Tomoko Hasegawa, Kiyoshi Takahashi, Toshihiko Masui, Maho Takimi
[This corrects the article DOI: 10.1186/s40064-016-3235-9.].
2016: SpringerPlus
K B Knudsen, T Pressler, L H Mortensen, M Jarden, M Skov, A L Quittner, T Katzenstein, K A Boisen
[This corrects the article DOI: 10.1186/s40064-016-2862-5.].
2016: SpringerPlus
Hao Song, Mingxu Yi, Jun Huang, Yalin Pan, Dawei Liu
[This corrects the article DOI: 10.1186/s40064-016-3080-x.].
2016: SpringerPlus
Chun-Jing Wang, Ji-Zhong Wan, Zhi-Xiang Zhang, Gang-Min Zhang
The management of protected areas (PAs) is widely used in the conservation of endangered plant species under climate change. However, studies that have identified appropriate PAs for endangered fern species are rare. To address this gap, we must develop a workflow to plan appropriate PAs for endangered fern species that will be further impacted by climate change. Here, we used endangered fern species in China as a case study, and we applied conservation planning software coupled with endangered fern species distribution data and distribution modeling to plan conservation areas with high priority protection needs under climate change...
2016: SpringerPlus
Omar Mohamed, Jihong Wang, Ashraf Khalil, Marwan Limhabrash
This paper presents a novel strategy for implementing model predictive control (MPC) to a large gas turbine power plant as a part of our research progress in order to improve plant thermal efficiency and load-frequency control performance. A generalized state space model for a large gas turbine covering the whole steady operational range is designed according to subspace identification method with closed loop data as input to the identification algorithm. Then the model is used in developing a MPC and integrated into the plant existing control strategy...
2016: SpringerPlus
Wei Hu, Guangbing Liu, Yong Tu
This paper applied the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation (FCE) technique and analytic hierarchy process (AHP) procedure to evaluate the wastewater treatment for enterprises. Based on the characteristics of wastewater treatment for enterprises in Taihu basin, an evaluating index system was established for enterprise and analysis hierarchy process method was applied to determine index weight. Then the AHP and FCE methods were combined to validate the wastewater treatment level of 3 representative enterprises. The results show that the evaluation grade of enterprise 1, enterprise 2 and enterprise 3 was middle, good and excellent, respectively...
2016: SpringerPlus
Goyitom Gebremedhn, Tewelde Tesfay Gebremariam, Araya Gebreyesus Wasihun, Tsehaye Asmelash Dejene, Muthupandian Saravanan
HIV-positive individuals are at higher risk of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) colonization and its related infection. There is limited data in the nation on the prevalence and risk factors of MRSA colonization among HIV patients. The aim of this study was to address the existing knowledge gap. Cross sectional study was carried out from September 2014 to February 2015 in three selected health centers and one general hospital. A standardized questionnaire was developed for collection of socio-demographic and clinical data...
2016: SpringerPlus
Hongming Ma, Nannan Hu, Cheng Wu, Yinfeng Zhu, Yi Cao, Qing Qing Chen
In this paper, a synthesis method of epoxy resin toughening agent was presented, then the chemical composition and molecular number were studied, which include the DSC curves analysis, the fracture surface morphology and bonding strength. In addition, the mechanism of epoxy resin toughening agent and the effect of toughening agent's content to bonding strength were studied. The testing results reveal that this toughening agent can form a micro two-phase structure in epoxy-amine system, which results in the stable chemical properties and excellent physical properties...
2016: SpringerPlus
Sezin Demirel, Mehmet Emir Yalvac, Sidika Tapsin, Serap Akyuz, Esin Ak, Sule Cetinel, Aysen Yarat, Fikrettin Sahin
Treatment for dental avulsion cases is early or late replantation of the traumatized teeth. Prognosis of the replanted tooth depends on the level of periodontal injury. Adipose tissue stem cells (ATSCs) were reported to improve periodontal ligament tissue (PDL) regeneration. Fibrin sealant (FS) contains thrombin and fibrinogen to form an adhesive fibrin clot routinely used in surgical procedures. Here, we aimed to investigate the effects of ATSCs + FS treatment on healing of PDL after tooth replantation in a rat model...
2016: SpringerPlus
Song Yang, Hailong Zhao, Kuangfeng Xu, Yun Qian, Ming Wu, Tao Yang, Yanchun Chen, Xianghai Zhao, Jinfeng Chen, Jinbo Wen, Zhibing Hu, Harvest F Gu, Hongbing Shen, Chong Shen
Abnormally increased skeletal-muscle-specific E3 ubiquitin ligase (MG53) is associated with the inhibition of insulin signalling and insulin resistance (IR) in animal models. Four community-based studies of Han Chinese populations were included in this study to test the association of variants of MG53 and type 2 diabetes (T2D). The results showed that rs7186832 and rs12929077 in MG53 were significantly associated with T2D and impaired fasting glucose (IFG) of females in the discovery-stage case-control study and cohort study respectively of rural population but not in the replication sample of urban population...
2016: SpringerPlus
Shin Hye Kim, Keng Lu Tan, Sang Yeon Lee, Dae Woo Kim, Sue Shin, Hong-Ryul Jin
BACKGROUND: This study investigated on bacterial contamination of the rhinoplasty field. The effect of preoperative chlorhexidine treatment on decreasing bacterial contamination in the rhinoplasty field is examined. METHODS: Thirty patients who underwent rhinoplasty were block randomized into a chlorhexidine, regular-soap, or control group comprising ten participants each. The chlorhexidine group was subjected to chlorhexidine showering, shampooing, and facial-cleansing 12 h prior to the operation...
2016: SpringerPlus
Hongwei Liang, Shanshan Guo, Xiangzhong Luo, Zhong Li, Guiwei Zou
BACKGROUND: Bagridae is an important family of catfishes and has a high market demand. Recently, more cultivable Bagridae fishes are being exploited in China, and hybridization of some species has been carried out to achieve better growth performance, favorable sex ratios and better disease resistance. Yet, these hybrids have further increased the difficulties of taxonomy identification due to morphological indistinguishableness. RESULTS: In this study, the molecular identification technologies for Tachysurus fulvidraco, Leiocassis longirostris sand their hybrids were successfully established by using mitochondrial COI and nuclear ITS sequences to identify the maternal and paternal lineage, respectively...
2016: SpringerPlus
Hamidreza Rabiee, Javad Haddadnia, Hossein Mousavi, Moin Nabi, Vittorio Murino, Nicu Sebe
[This corrects the article DOI: 10.1186/s40064-016-2786-0.].
2016: SpringerPlus
Fadi Farhat, Ahmad Othman, Fadi El Karak, Joseph Kattan
BACKGROUND: Only drafts of regulatory guidelines for the registration of biosimilars are available in Lebanon. We analyzed the results of a regional survey conducted in Lebanon to understand the impact of different parameters on the acceptance and future prescription of biosimilars. We also reviewed the current situation of biosimilars around the world. The study surveyed healthcare professionals from the Arab countries, Iran, Belgium and Italy. Data about the participants' specialty, country of residence, their knowledge about biosimilars, biosimilars' prescription, price influence and the manufacturer's credibility were collected...
2016: SpringerPlus
Bassamah Hanif, Nusrat Jamil, Muhammad Raza Shah
BACKGROUND: Atomic force microscopy (AFM) is an advance microscopic technique that provides three dimensional structures of cell surfaces with high resolution. In the present study AFM was used for comparative analysis of surface topology of phage infected and uninfected Uropathogenic Escherichia coli (UPEC) cells. Two UPEC strains NE and HN were isolated from urine samples of Urinary tract infection patients and their specific narrow host range lytic phages 3S and HNΦ were isolated from the sewage of different areas...
2016: SpringerPlus
Rashmi Yadav, Ravindra Patel, Abhay Kothari
INTRODUCTION: The comprehension of legacy codes is difficult to understand. Various commercial reengineering tools are available that have unique working styles, and are equipped with their inherent capabilities and shortcomings. The focus of the available tools is in visualizing static behavior not the dynamic one. Therefore, it is difficult for people who work in software product maintenance, code understanding reengineering/reverse engineering. Consequently, the need for a comprehensive reengineering/reverse engineering tool arises...
2016: SpringerPlus
Tao Li, Jinyang Zheng, Zhiwei Chen
[This corrects the article DOI: 10.1186/s40064-016-2998-3.].
2016: SpringerPlus
H A E Babiker, T Saito, Y Nakatsu, S Takasuga, M Morita, Y Sugimoto, J Ueda, T Watanabe
BACKGROUND: Bovine Mx2 gene sequences were already reported, but further information about the gene properties is not yet available. The objective of the current study was to elucidate the structural properties of the bovine Mx2 gene mainly the promoter region and its possible functional role. If available, such information would help in assessing the functional properties of the gene, which was reported to confer antiviral action against recombinant VSV. RESULTS: Examinations on the bovine genomic BAC clone-confirmed to contain the Mx2 gene-revealed 883-bp sequences...
2016: SpringerPlus
Yake Zheng, Yajun Lian, Chuanjie Wu, Chen Chen, Haifeng Zhang, Peng Zhao
INTRODUCTION: Spontaneous intracranial hypotension is one of the causes of a postural headache in young people. In this study, the diagnosis and treatment results of a case of intracranial hypotension headache due to spinal cerebrospinal fluid leakage were reported. Up to now, there is not absolutely effective treatment for intracranial hypotension headache. CASE DESCRIPTION: A 32-year-old woman complained, a headache after prolonged sitting that presented with nausea; vomiting; increased pain during walking; and decreased or absent pain after lying down...
2016: SpringerPlus
Yu-Ling Han, Xian-E Cao, Ju-Xun Wang, Chun-Ling Dong, Hong-Tao Chen
This study intends to investigate the correlations of miR-124a and miR-30d with clinicopathological features of breast cancer (BC) patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). A total of 72 BC patients with T2DM (diabetic group) and 144 BC patients without T2DM (non-diabetic group) were enrolled in this study. Blood glucose was detected by glucose oxidase methods. Glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c) was measured by high performance liquid chromatography. Fasting insulin (FIns) was measured by chemiluminescent microparticle immunoassay...
2016: SpringerPlus
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