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Case Reports in Dentistry

Jamila Kissa, Wafa El Kholti, Khadija Sekak, Sihame Chemlali
Introduction: The prognosis for a successful treatment of gingival recessions (GRs) is one of the main criteria for deciding whether or not and how to perform root coverage surgery. The defect-related factors are the most important to predict root coverage outcomes. Thus, severe GR could make the root coverage (RC) challenging especially in cases with advanced interdental clinical attachment loss (ICAL). Case Presentation: This case report demonstrates a challenging management of a deep localized Miller Class III GR with root apex exposure associated with ICAL...
2019: Case Reports in Dentistry
Chenshuang Li, Zhong Zheng, Xiaohong Deng, Lan Zhang, Baoyan Wang, Qingyu Guo, Min Zou
Apexification is widely applied in teenager patients but rarely used in the adult population. Instead, artificial apical barrier with mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) is clinically accepted, and spontaneous apical closure in nonvital immature teeth of adult patients has rarely been encountered while only apexification of the maxillary incisors in adult patients has been reported. The aim of this case report is to share a successful apexification application in the mandibular premolar with a blunderbuss apex and periapical lesion of an adult patient by using calcium hydroxide: radiographically, spontaneous hard tissue barrier has been established, and narrowing canal space and decreasing area of periapical shadow were documented without complications...
2019: Case Reports in Dentistry
Elif Öztürk Bayazıt, Murat Karabıyık
Since the introduction of porcelain laminate veneers in the early 1980s, the anterior esthetic rehabilitation with PLVs has been provided with a conventional restorative technique for many years. Recently, a new concept named digital workflow has been raised that will lead to the abandonment of conventional procedures during the fabrication of PLVs. Digital workflow is a new concept facilitating applications by adapting digital systems to clinical applications, including intra- and extraoral photographs, diagnostic wax-up, mock-up, intraoral camera, and use of the CAD/CAM device...
2019: Case Reports in Dentistry
Pier Paolo Poli, Luca Creminelli, Emma Grecchi, Silvia Pieriboni, Gregorio Menozzi, Carlo Maiorana
Among odontogenic tumors, odontoma is the most frequent. The common treatment contemplates a conservative approach. While this procedure is generally accepted and tolerated, some difficulties may be encountered in the case of pediatric patients. Indeed, negative feelings of tension, apprehension, nervousness, and fear are likely to occur. The present report is aimed at discussing the management of a compound odontoma in a pediatric patient under anxiolysis with diazepam on an outpatient basis. The surgery was carried out without complications, and the discharge was completed safely...
2019: Case Reports in Dentistry
Laís C Giacobbo, Lara Karolina Guimarães, Isabelle Adad Fornazari, Eduardo Monteiro Meda, Orlando Motohiro Tanaka
This case report describes the orthodontic treatment used to prepare for restorative dentistry, aimed at the functional rehabilitation of an adult patient with Class I malocclusion, right posterior crossbite, and significant tooth wear on the palatal face of the maxillary canine to canine. The orthodontic treatment was performed with a total fixed appliance mini-expandex-type expander, associated with vertical elastics. Good dental intercuspation was obtained and enabled conditions for the restoration of the abrasions on the palatal surfaces of the maxillary incisors and canines and the tips of the buccal cusps of the maxillary right premolars and first molar...
2019: Case Reports in Dentistry
Andrea Rodríguez Moreno, Mariné Ortiz Magdaleno, Marissa Muñoz Islas, Jorge Armando Villar Mercado, María Del Pilar Goldaracena Azuara, Everardo Ruiz Cruz, Gabriel Fernando Romo Ramírez
Ranging from the extraction of teeth from anterior sector commitment to the loss of bone and soft tissues, alveolar preservation is a regenerative technique that employs biomaterials that induce the preservation of bone tissue and minimize resorption. Placement of provisional restorations at the defect site maintains the stability of the soft tissues and aesthetics at which the definitive restoration is found. The objective of this clinical case was alveolar preservation postextraction of the anterior tooth that presented a coronal fracture, placing the clinical crown of the extracted tooth as the provisional restoration to maintain stability and to avoid soft tissue collapse and compromise to an aesthetic area...
2019: Case Reports in Dentistry
Won-Pyo Lee, Jae-Heung Choi, Sang-Joun Yu, Byung-Ock Kim
In the recent years, the immediate placement of dental implants into fresh extraction sites has become an acceptable treatment approach. However, immediate molar implant placement presents specific challenges because of the anatomical and physiologic limitations. Such implant surgeries commonly require procedures that use a barrier membrane to generate bone and soft tissue or one that seals the molar extraction socket through a coronally advanced flap. Here, as an alternative, we report a method for treating molar extraction socket wounds in the hard and soft tissues after immediate placement of an implant using a silicone sheet...
2019: Case Reports in Dentistry
Christian Boliere, James Murphy, Mohammed Qaisi, Frances Manosca, Henry Fung
Mammary analogue secretory carcinoma (MASC) is a recently described salivary gland tumor, with a limited number of published reports. Less than three hundred cases have been reported in the literature and only 18 of these cases have been reported in minor palatal salivary glands, though publication bias is likely a factor. We present a case of a 57-year-old male who was diagnosed with MASC tumor presenting in a minor salivary gland and briefly review the current literature. MASC has a variety of histological features and different range of clinical behaviors...
2019: Case Reports in Dentistry
Erika Antonia Dos Anjos Ramos, Luciana Munhoz, Basílio Almeida Milani, Tomás Zecchini Barrese, Stephanie Kenig Viveiros, Emiko Saito Arita
Extranodal natural killer/T-cell lymphoma (ENKL) is an aggressive and infrequent malignant neoplasm. Early sinonasal ENKL clinical symptomatology is often not specific which can mimic several clinical odontogenic processes such as dentoalveolar abscesses. A 41-year-old female was referred to our institution due to facial pain with skin rash, fever, and intraoral swelling in the left side of the maxillary region. Computed tomography (CT) revealed a soft tissue hypodense area in the left side with bone discontinuity in anterior and lateral maxillary sinuses...
2019: Case Reports in Dentistry
Erol Cansiz, Emine Deniz Gozen, Murat Yener
Orocutaneous fistulas in the maxillofacial region may be due to tumor resection, osteoradionecrosis, or trauma, and these defects limit the function of the patients and effect aesthetic and also psychological condition. Articulation and nutrition are also affected by these fistulas. Local flaps can be used for the reconstruction of small- and medium-sized defects with ease. Submandibular gland with its rich blood supply from the facial artery is a practical and useful choice for the reconstruction of mandibular region defects...
2019: Case Reports in Dentistry
Amerigo Giudice, Francesco Bennardo, Caterina Buffone, Ylenia Brancaccio, Francesca Maria Plutino, Leonzio Fortunato
Angioleiomyoma (AL) is an uncommon benign soft tissue neoplasia arising from the tunica media of the smooth muscle cells. AL appears as a solitary and slow-growing mass and seldom is observed in oral tissues. We reported a rare case of AL involving the cheek of a 17-year-old young woman. A review of the English-language literature was performed entering the keywords "angioleiomyoma" and "oral" in the search fields of PubMed. 70 results were identified. Excluded were cases that were not in the oral cavity or not compatible with the AL diagnosis or report lacking immunohistochemical analysis...
2019: Case Reports in Dentistry
Hrudi Sundar Sahoo, R Kurinji Amalavathy, D Pavani
Success in root canal treatment demands a thorough knowledge of usual root canal anatomy and its variations pertaining to every tooth. Variations in root canal anatomy are often accompanied by complex orientation of pulp tissues making a thorough mechanical and chemical debridement a challenge. Inability to treat such complexities often leads to endodontic failure. Upon a quick review of the literature, it has been noted that very few root canal complexities in maxillary canines have been reported. To be a successful clinician, one must be aware of such rare anatomical instances in maxillary canines...
2019: Case Reports in Dentistry
Hitoshi Sato, Yuji Kurihara, Sunao Shiogama, Kotaro Saka, Yuya Kurasawa, Masakatsu Itose, Atsutoshi Yaso, Tatsuo Shirota
Odontogenic myxoma (OM) is a relatively rare, benign odontogenic tumor with locally aggressive behavior, but it is a nonmetastasizing neoplasm of the jaw bones. Although radical resection with an appropriate surgical margin is recommended, emerging evidence has suggested that a more conservative approach will result in acceptable recurrence rates with less morbidity if careful long-term follow-up is provided. A 56-year-old Japanese man with odontogenic myxoma of the left mandible was conservatively treated by surgical enucleation and curettage because he desired functional and cosmetic preservation...
2019: Case Reports in Dentistry
Zanab Malik
Obesity, classified as a chronic disease by the World Health Organisation (WHO), is a worldwide public health problem. Obesity has links with numerous systemic diseases which may complicate dental management and as such, patients with obesity and concomitant medical comorbidities are commonly managed by Special Needs Dentistry specialist departments in Australia. The sparsity of available evidence on the dental status in this group is likely due to significant access issues experienced by the class 3 obese, who often weigh >140 kg and therefore are unable to be examined or treated in conventional dental chairs...
2019: Case Reports in Dentistry
Michele Perelli, Roberto Abundo, Giuseppe Corrente, Paolo Giacomo Arduino
This article describes a nonsurgical approach for treating gingival recessions and increasing gingival thickness around the natural teeth. Two female patients, presenting gingival recessions at the maxillary frontal teeth, were treated. Patient #1 had a discrepancy among the central maxillary incisors' gingival margin, and tooth UL1 needed to be restored. Patient #2 presented a buccal gingival recession at tooth UL3. In both cases, the sulcular gingival margin was gently disephitelized with a diamond bur leaving the soft tissue healing by itself...
2019: Case Reports in Dentistry
Gerardo La Monaca, Nicola Pranno, Cira Rosaria Tiziana di Gioia, Giorgio Pompa, Iole Vozza, Maria Paola Cristalli
Background: Adenomatoid odontogenic tumor (AOT) is a relatively uncommon benign neoplasm of odontogenic epithelial origin, accounting for less than 5% of odontogenic tumors. Case Report: The reported case describes morphological characteristics, clinical course, radiographic and histopathological features, and surgical therapy of an extrafollicular variant of AOT in the maxillary posterior region. An asymptomatic swelling on the left side in the posterior region of the maxilla, gradually increased since approximately 12 months, developed in a 16-year-old Caucasian female patient...
2019: Case Reports in Dentistry
Nivedhitha Malli Sureshbabu, Kathiravan Selvarasu, Jayanth Kumar V, Mahalakshmi Nandakumar, Deepak Selvam
The overall success of a periapical surgery is assessed in terms of regeneration of functional periradicular tissues. The regenerative potential of platelets has been well documented. This article describes the use of concentrated growth factors (CGF), a new family of autologous platelet concentrates, as a sole material for bone regeneration after periapical surgery. 32- and 35-year-old female patients diagnosed with Ellis Class IV, an open apex in 11 with apical periodontitis in 11 and 12 and previously root canal-treated 31 and 41 with a chronic apical abscess, respectively, were managed with endodontic surgery...
2019: Case Reports in Dentistry
M AboulHosn, Z Noujeim, N Nader, A Berberi
Odontogenic cysts are usually treated by enucleation (cystectomy). Limited cysts (less than 5 cm) are usually managed by primary excision (total cystectomy), whereas larger ones (exceeding 5 cm) are often decompressed or marsupialized. Because it consists only of opening a much smaller surgical window, decompression is regarded as a more conservative method of treatment: this method associates the creation of an opening (window) into the cystic cavity with the suturing of a decompressing device (plastic tube or stent) at the periphery of the cyst...
2019: Case Reports in Dentistry
Abdulhameed Alsarraf, Kunj Mehta, Nabil Khzam
We present a case of a 77-year-old female who suffered from oral lichen planus (OLP) involving her gingiva and bilateral buccal mucosa for over 6 months. We showed that oral hygiene measures and conventional periodontal treatment and strict maintenance were sufficient to control the gingival involvement of OLP. The mechanism of OLP is complex and not yet fully understood. The focus of discussion in our case was that knowledge and understanding of gingival pathology are fundamental for a determined management approach...
2019: Case Reports in Dentistry
Sonal S Shah, Tamer Zayed Moustafa
Introduction: Salivary gland tumors are relatively common in the junction of the hard and soft palate area of the oral cavity. Pleomorphic adenoma is considered the most common benign salivary gland tumor in this location. Some of the rarer subtypes of this tumor may have a misleading clinical presentation. Recognition of these variants is important since long-standing pleomorphic adenomas have the potential to become malignant. Case Presentation: A healthy 24-year-old male was referred for a painless, large, slowly growing, exophytic swelling of the right hard and soft palate...
2018: Case Reports in Dentistry
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