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AIP Advances

G S Offeddu, E Axpe, B A C Harley, M L Oyen
The transport properties of hydrogels largely affect their performance in biomedical applications ranging from cell culture scaffolds to drug delivery systems. Solutes can move through the polymer mesh as a result of concentration gradients in the interstitial fluid or pressure gradients that move the fluid and solutes simultaneously. The relationship between the two modalities of transport in hydrogels can provide insight for the design of materials that can function effectively in the dynamic conditions experienced in vitro and in vivo , yet this correlation has not been previously elucidated...
October 2018: AIP Advances
Eugene Freeman, Cheng-Yu Wang, Vedant Sumaria, Steven J Schiff, Zhiwen Liu, Srinivas Tadigadapa
A whispering gallery mode resonator based magnetometer using chip-scale glass microspherical shells is described. A neodynium micro-magnet is elastically coupled and integrated on top of the microspherical shell structure that enables transduction of the magnetic force experienced by the magnet in external magnetic fields into an optical resonance frequency shift. High quality factor optical microspherical shell resonators with ultra-smooth surfaces have been successfully fabricated and integrated with magnets to achieve Q-factors of greater than 1...
June 2018: AIP Advances
Eduardo Ortega, Ulises Santiago, Jason G Giuliani, Carlos Monton, Arturo Ponce
Magnetic nanostructures of different size, shape, and composition possess a great potential to improve current technologies like data storage and electromagnetic sensing. In thin ferromagnetic nanowires, their magnetization behavior is dominated by the competition between magnetocrystalline anisotropy (related to the crystalline structure) and shape anisotropy. In this way electron diffraction methods like precession electron diffraction (PED) can be used to link the magnetic behavior observed by Electron Holography (EH) with its crystallinity...
May 2018: AIP Advances
Craig A Zuhlke, George D Tsibidis, Troy Anderson, Emmanuel Stratakis, George Gogos, Dennis R Alexander
The hydrodynamic mechanisms associated with the formation of femtosecond laser induced ripples on copper for two angles of incidence are reported. Laser pulse length used for this work is 35 fs. A revised two-temperature model is presented that comprises transient changes of optical characteristics during the irradiation with femtosecond pulses to model relaxation processes and thermal response in bulk copper. The theoretical model takes into account the fluid flow dynamics that result in ripple periods shorter than the wavelength of the surface plasmon polaritons...
2018: AIP Advances
Lingyan Gong, Wei Ouyang, Zirui Li, Jongyoon Han
Electrokinetic concentration devices based on the ion concentration polarization (ICP) phenomenon have drawn much attention due to their simple setup, high enrichment factor, and easy integration with many subsequent processes, such as separation, reaction, and extraction etc. Despite significant progress in the experimental research, fundamental understanding and detailed modeling of the preconcentration systems is still lacking. The mechanism of the electrokinetic trapping of charged particles is currently limited to the force balance analysis between the electric force and fluid drag force in an over-simplified one-dimensional (1D) model, which misses many signatures of the actual system...
December 2017: AIP Advances
Xurong Li, Nezih Tolga Yardimci, Mona Jarrahi
We present a polarization-insensitive plasmonic photoconductive terahertz emitter that uses a two-dimensional array of nanoscale cross-shaped apertures as the plasmonic contact electrodes. The geometry of the cross-shaped apertures is set to maximize optical pump absorption in close proximity to the contact electrodes. The two-dimensional symmetry of the cross-shaped apertures offers a polarization-insensitive interaction between the plasmonic contact electrodes and optical pump beam. We experimentally demonstrate a polarization-insensitive terahertz radiation from the presented emitter in response to a femtosecond optical pump beam and similar terahertz radiation powers compared to previously demonstrated polarization-sensitive photoconductive emitters with plasmonic contact electrode gratings at the optimum optical pump polarization...
November 2017: AIP Advances
Huang Zeng, Wei Zhang, Jizhou Li, Cong Wang, Hui Yang, Yigang Chen, Xiaoyuan Chen, Dongfang Liu
Thin, flexible silicon crystals are starting up applications such as light-weighted flexible solar cells, SOI, flexible IC chips, 3D ICs imagers and 3D CMOS imagers on the demand of high performance with low cost. Kerfless wafering technology by direct conversion of source gases into mono-crystalline wafers on reusable substrates is highly cost-effective and feedstock-effective route to cheap wafers with the thickness down to several microns. Here we show a prototype for direct conversion of silicon source gases to wafers by using the substrate with protruded seeds...
May 2017: AIP Advances
N Tatemizo, S Imada, Y Miura, K Nishio, T Isshiki
We investigate the crystallographic and electronic properties of wurtzite Cr-doped AlN (AlCrN) films (Cr ≤12.0%) that absorb visible light. We confirmed that the films consist of wurtzite columnar single crystals that are densely packed, c-axis oriented, and exhibit a random rotation along the a-axis in plane by using transmission electron microscopy. The oxidation state of Cr was found to be 3+ using Cr K-edge X-ray absorption near edge structure, which implies that Cr can be a substitute for Al(3+) in AlN...
May 2017: AIP Advances
Gaohong Xu, Guohai Liu, Xinxin Du, Fangfang Bian
This paper proposes a novel permanent magnet (PM) motor for high torque performance, in which hybrid PM material and asymmetric rotor design are applied. The hybrid PM material is adopted to reduce the consumption of rare-earth PM because ferrite PM is assisted to enhance the torque production. Meanwhile, the rotor structure is designed to be asymmetric by shifting the surface-insert PM (SPM), which is used to improve the torque performance, including average torque and torque ripple. Moreover, the reasons for improvement of the torque performance are explained by evaluation and analysis of the performances of the proposed motor...
May 2017: AIP Advances
Nicolas Garraud, Rohan Dhavalikar, Lorena Maldonado-Camargo, David P Arnold, Carlos Rinaldi
The design and validation of a magnetic particle spectrometer (MPS) system used to study the linear and nonlinear behavior of magnetic nanoparticle suspensions is presented. The MPS characterizes the suspension dynamic response, both due to relaxation and saturation effects, which depends on the magnetic particles and their environment. The system applies sinusoidal excitation magnetic fields varying in amplitude and frequency and can be configured for linear measurements (1 mT at up to 120 kHz) and nonlinear measurements (50 mT at up to 24 kHz)...
May 2017: AIP Advances
Hafsa Khurshid, Bruce Friedman, Brent Berwin, Yipeng Shi, Dylan B Ness, John B Weaver
Deep vein thrombosis, the development of blood clots in the peripheral veins, is a very serious, life threatening condition that is prevalent in the elderly. To deliver proper treatment that enhances the survival rate, it is very important to detect thrombi early and at the point of care. We explored the ability of magnetic particle spectroscopy (MSB) to detect thrombus via specific binding of aptamer functionalized magnetic nanoparticles with the blood clot. MSB uses the harmonics produced by nanoparticles in an alternating magnetic field to measure the rotational freedom and, therefore, the bound state of the nanoparticles...
May 2017: AIP Advances
Zhijian Ling, Jinghua Ji, Fangqun Wang, Fangfang Bian
This paper proposes a new electromechanical energy conversion system, called Field Modulated Magnetic Screw (FMMS) as a high force density linear actuator for artificial heart. This device is based on the concept of magnetic screw and linear magnetic gear. The proposed FMMS consists of three parts with the outer and inner carrying the radially magnetized helically permanent-magnet (PM), and the intermediate having a set of helically ferromagnetic pole pieces, which modulate the magnetic fields produced by the PMs...
May 2017: AIP Advances
Wenjie Cheng, Wei Li, Ling Xiao, Ming Li, Yongsheng Tian, Yanhua Sun, Lie Yu
Aiming at the ultra high speed permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) supported by gas foil bearings (GFBs), this paper calculates the transient line starting of the motor. Firstly, the start effect of the rotor composed of cylindrical PM and stainless steel sleeve is studied. Then, in order to enhance the start torque, copper ring, nickel ring and copper squirrel-cage are introduced in the rotor and their start effect are analysed, respectively. It can be found that the rotor including nickel ring can be accelerated to set speed, but all the other rotors are failed due to the higher PM and braking torques...
May 2017: AIP Advances
D B Gopman, C L Dennis, R D McMichael, X Hao, Z Wang, X Wang, H Gan, Y Zhou, J Zhang, Y Huai
We report the frequency dependence of the ferromagnetic resonance linewidth of the free layer in magnetic tunnel junctions with all perpendicular-to-the-plane magnetized layers. While the magnetic-field-swept linewidth nominally shows a linear growth with frequency in agreement with Gilbert damping, an additional frequency-dependent linewidth broadening occurs that shows a strong asymmetry between the absorption spectra for increasing- and decreasing external magnetic field. Inhomogeneous magnetic fields produced during reversal of the reference and pinned layer complex is demonstrated to be at the origin of the symmetry breaking and the linewidth enhancement...
March 2017: AIP Advances
Constantinos C Roussos, Jonathan Swingler
The electrical contact is an important phenomenon that should be given into consideration to achieve better performance and long term reliability for the design of devices. Based upon this importance, the electrical contact interface has been visualized as a ''3D Contact Map'' and used in order to investigate the contact asperities. The contact asperities describe the structures above and below the contact spots (the contact spots define the 3D contact map) to the two conductors which make the contact system...
January 2017: AIP Advances
Zhao Ya-Ru, Zhang Hai-Rong, Zhang Gang-Tai, Wei Qun, Yuan Yu-Quan
The elastic anisotropy and thermodynamic properties of the recently synthesized Pnnm-CN have been investigated using first-principles calculations under high temperature and high pressure. The calculated equilibrium crystal parameters and normalized volume dependence of the resulting pressure agree with available experimental and theoretical results. Within the considered pressure range of 0-90 GPa, the dependences of the bulk modulus, Young's modulus, and shear modulus on the crystal orientation for Pnnm-CN have been systematically studied...
December 2016: AIP Advances
Z Boekelheide, C L Dennis
Applications of magnetic fluids are ever increasing, as well as the corresponding need to be able to characterize these fluids in situ . Commercial magnetometers are accurate and well-characterized for solid and powder samples, but their use with fluid samples is more limited. Here, we describe artifacts which can occur in magnetic measurements of fluid samples and their impact. The most critical problem in the measurement of fluid samples is the dynamic nature of the sample position and size/shape. Methods to reduce these artifacts are also discussed, such as removal of air bubbles and dynamic centering...
August 2016: AIP Advances
P Graziosi, A Gambardella, M Calbucci, K O'Shea, D A MacLaren, A Riminucci, I Bergenti, S Fugattini, M Prezioso, N Homonnay, G Schmidt, D Pullini, D Busquets-Mataix, V Dediu
We introduce an innovative approach to the simultaneous control of growth mode and magnetotransport properties of manganite thin films, based on an easy-to-implement film/substrate interface engineering. The deposition of a manganite seed layer and the optimization of the substrate temperature allows a persistent bi-dimensional epitaxy and robust ferromagnetic properties at the same time. Structural measurements confirm that in such interface-engineered films, the optimal properties are related to improved epitaxy...
August 2016: AIP Advances
Canute I Vaz, Changze Liu, Jason P Campbell, Jason T Ryan, Richard G Southwick, David Gundlach, Anthony S Oates, Ru Huang, Kin P Cheung
Wave scattering by a potential step is a ubiquitous concept. Thus, it is surprising that theoretical treatments of ballistic transport in nanoscale devices, from quantum point contacts to ballistic transistors, assume no reflection even when the potential step is encountered upon exiting the device. Experiments so far seem to support this even if it is not clear why. Here we report clear evidence of coherent reflection when electron wave exits the channel of a nanoscale transistor and when the electron energy is low...
June 2016: AIP Advances
Yunlong Jin, Wenyong Zhang, Parashu R Kharel, Shah R Valloppilly, Ralph Skomski, David J Sellmyer
The role of B on the microstructure and magnetism of Zr16Co82.5-x Mo1.5B x ribbons prepared by arc melting and melt spinning is investigated. Microstructure analysis show that the ribbons consist of a hard-magnetic rhombohedral Zr2Co11 phase and a minor amount of soft-magnetic Co. We show that the addition of B increases the amount of hard-magnetic phase, reduces the amount of soft-magnetic Co and coarsens the grain size from about 35 nm to 110 nm. There is a monotonic increase in the volume of the rhombohedral Zr2Co11 unit cell with increasing B concentration...
May 2016: AIP Advances
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