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Journal of Mid-life Health

Pratibha Singh, Nitisha Lath, Shashank Shekhar, Manu Goyal, Meenakshi Gothwal, Garima Yadav, Pushpinder Khera
Struma ovarii is a variant of mature cystic teratoma, with predominant thyroid element. Confirmatory diagnosis is by histopathology. It may mimic as ovarian malignancy in some. It may be associated with ascites in minority; even CA-125 has been found to be raised in some cases. We here report three cases - two operated for suspected ovarian malignancy in a postmenopausal female and one case operated for persistent benign ovarian cyst with raised CA-125 in a young female. In all histopathological diagnosis was a benign struma ovarii...
October 2018: Journal of Mid-life Health
Murali Subbaiah, Gowri Dorairajan, Bhawana A Badhe, Norton S Stephen
Sertoliform endometrioid carcinoma (SEC) is a rare epithelial ovarian cancer which may be mistaken for sex cord tumour on microscopy. Immunohistochemistry and extensive sampling of tumour to look for areas of conventional endometrioid carcinoma are important to confirm the diagnosis of SEC. We report a case of SEC of ovary in a postmenopausal lady who presented to us with abdominal wall abscess in epigastric region.
October 2018: Journal of Mid-life Health
Garima Yadav, Meenakshi Rao, Meenakshi Gothwal, Pratibha Singh
"Minimal deviation adenocarcinoma" of the uterine cervix (MDA), historically known as Adenoma Malignum, is a rare variant of cervical adenocarcinoma. Both the clinicians and pathologists must be vigilant about this entity as it could be mistaken for a benign pathology both clinically and microscopically, which can prove disastrous to the patient as these tumors behave like adenocarcinomas We hereby report an incidentally detected case of AM which was diagnosed in a post-menopausal female postoperatively...
October 2018: Journal of Mid-life Health
Vineet V Mishra, Ruchika A Verneker, Sunita Lamba
The advent of transobturator tape (TOT) in 2001 reduced the risk of bladder perforation to 1% in TOT as compared to 5% in tension-free vaginal tape (TVT). We present a case of bladder perforation in TOT where the diagnosis was missed for 5 years. This patient presented with dysuria and dyspareunia repeatedly and was treated for repeated urinary tract infection. The mesh was excised by cystoscopy, following which the symptoms were relieved. Thus, bladder perforation through a rare complication of TOT should always be ruled out in patients presenting with the failure of surgery or irritable detrusor activity such as dysuria and urgency...
October 2018: Journal of Mid-life Health
Sonam Sharma
Giant polyp is an unusual female genital tract pathology, commonly arising from the cervix than the endometrium. It is a great masquerader of cervical or endometrial malignancy and can lead to a diagnostic dilemma and unnecessary aggressive interventions. Experience in one such case of an extremely rare protruding giant endometrial polyp in a 58-year-old postmenopausal female is being described herewith so as to create awareness among the dealing clinicians. The approach to such a case, differential diagnosis, and review of the literature is also presented...
October 2018: Journal of Mid-life Health
Surendra Bisu, Vinu Choudhary
Tamoxifen is used in the treatment of hormone-responsive breast cancer because of its antiestrogenic effect. However, it also has an estrogenic effect on the uterus, thereby increasing the risk of endometrial hyperplasia, endometrial polyp, and malignant mixed Mullerian tumor (MMMT). This case describes the pathogenesis and risk of MMMT due to long-term tamoxifen intake in hormone-responsive breast cancer.
October 2018: Journal of Mid-life Health
Sushma Jhamad, Rajendra Aanjane, Sanjog Jaiswal, Suchita Jain, Priyanka Bhagat
Radiation is a treatment for many gynecological malignancies, especially locally advanced cervical cancer. Development of sarcoma due to previous radiation occurs very rarely. They develop within the radiation field. We report a case of carcinosarcoma in our patient developed 8 years after the radiotherapy (RT) that she received in the form of external beam radiation and intracavitary RT along with concomitant chemotherapy consisting of cisplatin. Although the development of secondary primary cancer is rare, for every patient who receives radiation for treatment of cancer, close follow-up is recommended as they may have viable endometrium...
October 2018: Journal of Mid-life Health
Ekta Malik, Poonam Sheoran, Adiba Siddiqui
Background: Menopausal transition initiates with menstrual cycle length variety and finishes when last menstrual period happens. As life expectancy has increased, a menopausal woman has to spend one-third of her life span with estrogen deprivation stage that leads to major long-term symptomatic and metabolic complications. Methods: This was a quasi-experimental study conducted on 103 menopausal women between 40 and 60 years of age residing in Ambala district, Haryana...
October 2018: Journal of Mid-life Health
Katayoon Faraji, Mahnaz Akbari Kamrani, Sara Esmaelzade Saeieh, Malihe Farid
Background: Promoting the health and providing a sense of well-being in each period of a woman's life could improve her life quality and would bring lots of benefits to the community. Menopause has a remarkable impact on quality of life during the climacteric stage and the early stages of post menopause. Aims: This study aims to evaluate the effectiveness of a behaviour change counselling program based on the model A, which is planned in order to improve the women self-care during the climacteric stage...
October 2018: Journal of Mid-life Health
Maitri Shah, Ankita Khandelwal, Sangita Patel
Objective: The present study was conducted to assess the validity of symptom score and Genital Health Clinical Evaluation (GHCE) score as diagnostic tools for urogenital atrophy in females of 40-75 years of age group. Materials and Methods: A cross-sectional study including 600 females in the age group of 40-75 years attending gynecology outpatient department was conducted. They were given a symptom score based on their history. GHCE score and smears for vaginal maturation index (VMI) were taken and percentages of superficial cells were counted...
October 2018: Journal of Mid-life Health
Sumathi Senthilvel, Senthilvel Vasudevan, P S Anju, Anjana Sukumaran, Jayanthi Sureshbabu
Background: Menopause is a physiological event in the women's life that can strongly affect the quality of life (QOL). More than 80% of women state that physical and physiological symptoms commonly accompany menopause and affect women's health and well-being. Objective: The aim of the study was to assess the menopause-related symptoms and their impact on the women's life. Materials and Methods: We have done a hospital-based descriptive study at the Outpatient and Inpatient Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre, Kochi, Kerala, with 150 postmenopausal women...
October 2018: Journal of Mid-life Health
Jata Shanker Misra, Anand Narain Srivastava, Zeeshan Haider Zaidi
Background: In the life of a woman, after 40 years of age, onset of menopause occurs during which hormonal imbalances take place. The present study is aimed at finding out cytopathological changes in the cervical epithelium associated with this hormonal disturbance. Materials and Methods: Cervical cancer screening program is in progress under auspices of Era's Lucknow Medical College and Hospital, Lucknow, since May 2013, in the villages of Lucknow West through camp approach...
October 2018: Journal of Mid-life Health
Yuvaraj Krishnamoorthy, Gokul Sarveswaran, Venkatachalam Jayaseelan, Manikandanesan Sakthivel, Yashodha Arivarasan, N Bharathnag
Background: An average Indian woman spends almost one-third of her lifespan in the postmenopausal phase enduring the consequences of hormonal decline. This can have a significant impact on quality of life (QOL). Hence, this study was conducted to assess the QOL and health problems among postmenopausal women in urban Puducherry, South India. Methods: A cross-sectional study was carried out among postmenopausal women attending urban primary health center between April and May 2017...
October 2018: Journal of Mid-life Health
Annil Mahajan, Ranu Patni
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
October 2018: Journal of Mid-life Health
Meenakshi Gothwal, Garima Yadav, Meenakshi Rao, Pratibha Singh, Aasma Nalwa
Endometrial stromal sarcomas (ESSs) are rare malignant tumors of the uterus that arise from the endometrial stroma, the annual incidence of ESS being 1-2/million women. Patients present with nonspecific complaints of abnormal uterine bleeding, pelvic pain, and pressure symptoms. Postmenopausal women rarely present with a low-grade ESS, as it is more common in younger women. ESS is usually confused with leiomyomas radiologically. Histopathological examination and immunohistochemistry are essential for the diagnosis...
July 2018: Journal of Mid-life Health
Sabina Khan, Arifa Anwar, Sujata Jetley
Granulomas are a rare finding on Papanicolaou (Pap) smear which if encountered are usually attributed to tuberculosis, especially in an endemic country like India. Here, we report an interesting case of a 40-year-old female presenting with blood-stained discharge and chronic pelvic pain for 8 years. She was advised Pap smear which showed granulomatous inflammation suggestive of tuberculosis. The patient was worked up for tuberculosis which was noncontributory. Dilatation and curettage was done which revealed multiple small bones and bony chips in the endometrial cavity...
July 2018: Journal of Mid-life Health
Manmohan Singh, Sanjay Arora, Amanpreet Kaur, Sukanya Ghildiyal, Rohit Kumar
Background: Osteoporosis is a major public health problem and should be a priority for healthcare providers and policymakers as it is an important reason of morbidity, mortality, and high-cost incurred in the management of its complications such as hip fractures. This study is designed to assess the bone mineral density (BMD) variation with age, site, and sex. Study is based on diagnostic laboratory data of BMD. Methods: A retrospective analysis was conducted on a sample population of 935 persons (73...
July 2018: Journal of Mid-life Health
Aisha Khatoon, Samia Husain, Sonia Husain, Saba Hussain
Context: Due to increased life expectancy worldwide, women are expected to spend a significant portion of their lives in menopause. Proven prevention strategies against serious risks and tested effective treatments for common symptoms may remain unutilized in our population if these women are not asked about these symptoms. Aim: This study aims to assess the prevalence of different menopausal symptoms and their severity according to menopause rating scale (MRS) in women...
July 2018: Journal of Mid-life Health
Pooja Ahlawat, Nitya Batra, Pragya Sharma, Shiv Kumar, Ajay Kumar
Background: Cervical cancer is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer in India. The mother's awareness about the symptoms and risk factors has a large impact on the daughter's knowledge and attitude. Mother and adolescent daughter duos were selected as the sample as they are the target population at risk for suffering from carcinoma cervix. Mothers are the prime information providers and in an excellent position to aware their adolescent daughters about cervical cancer. Objectives: The aim of this study is to determine knowledge and attitude of adolescent girls and their mothers regarding cervical cancer and to find the association between the education of the mothers and their knowledge about risk factors...
July 2018: Journal of Mid-life Health
Uma Handa, Chakshu Bansal, Phiza Aggarwal, Anju Huria, Harsh Mohan
Context: Abnormal uterine bleeding (AUB) is a common problem for which women seek gynecological consultation. Endometrial aspiration cytology (EAC) has emerged as a minimally invasive and cost-effective diagnostic procedure for screening the endometrial status of these patients that can aid in diagnosis in high-burden and resource-limited settings. Aims: The study was conducted to evaluate the utility of EAC in women with AUB, and the cytological diagnosis was compared with the histopathology...
July 2018: Journal of Mid-life Health
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