Daphne Li, John Ta-Hsiang Tsiang, Kimberly A Mackey, Andrew Bonwit, Suguna Pappu
BACKGROUND: Cephalohematomas (CH) are benign neonatal fluid collections that arise between the periosteum and skull due to birth trauma, and usually resolve spontaneously without intervention. CH may rarely become infected. CASE DESCRIPTION: The authors report a case of sterile CH requiring surgical evacuation in a persistently febrile neonate treated with intravenous (IV) antibiotics for Escherichia coli urosepsis. Diagnostic tap of the CH yielded no pathogens, but given the persistence of fevers, surgical evacuation was performed...
2023: Surgical Neurology International
Awfa Aktham, Shuhei Morita, Satoru Takeuchi, Mustafa Ismail, Samer S Hoz, Shinichi Numazawa, Sadayoshi Watanabe, Kentaro Mori
BACKGROUND: The intracranial dermoid cyst (ICD) can be complicated by rupture and spilling of its contents with potentially dreadful consequences. Head trauma as a predisposing element for this phenomenon is extremely rare. Few reports address the diagnosis and management of trauma-related rupture of ICD. However, there is a pronounced knowledge gap related to the long-term follow-up and the fate of the leaking contents. Here, we present a unique case of traumatic rupture of ICD complicated by continuous fat particle migration within the subarachnoid space with its surgical implications and outcome...
2023: Surgical Neurology International
Anthony Kevin Scafa, Tingting Jiang, Lorenzo Pescatori, Massimo Corsini, Manolo Piccirilli
BACKGROUND: Spontaneous and nontraumatic epidural hematoma (SEDH) is a rare entity. Etiology is various, including vascular malformations of the dura mater, hemorrhagic tumors, and coagulation defects. The association between SEDH and craniofacial infections is rather unusual. METHODS: We performed a systematic review of the available literature using the PubMed, Cochrane Library, and Scopus research databases. Literature research was performed according to the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses (PRISMA) statement...
2023: Surgical Neurology International
Marcos V Sangrador-Deitos, German Lopez-Valencia, Gerardo Y Guinto-Nishimura, Aldo G Eguiluz-Melendez, Samuel Romano-Feinholz, Juan L Gomez-Amador
BACKGROUND: Advancements in endoscopic endonasal approaches (EEAs) allow the treatment of a wide variety of diseases including vascular pathology. CASE DESCRIPTION: A 56-year-old woman presented with thunderclap headache due to two aneurysms: Communicating segment of left internal carotid artery (ICA) and medial paraclinoid (Baramii IIIB). The ICA aneurysm was clipped through a conventional transcranial approach; the paraclinoid aneurysm was successfully clipped using an EEA guided with roadmapping assistance...
2023: Surgical Neurology International
Huy Dang, Abdul Basit Khan, Nisha Gadgil, Marc Prablek, Frank Y Lin, Melissa M Blessing, Guillermo Aldave, David Bauer
BACKGROUND: Gangliogliomas (GGs) are rare tumors of the central nervous system composed of neoplastic neural and glial cells and are typically low-grade. Intramedullary spinal anaplastic GGs (AGG) are rare, poorly understood, and often aggressive tumors that can result in widespread progression along the craniospinal axis. Due to the rarity of these tumors, data are lacking to guide clinical and pathologic diagnosis and standard of care treatment. Here, we present a case of pediatric spinal AGG to provide information on our institutional approach to work-up and to highlight unique molecular pathology...
2023: Surgical Neurology International
John Vargas-Urbina, Giancarlo Saal-Zapata, Walter Durand-Castro, Rodolfo Rodriguez-Varela
BACKGROUND: Basal ganglia and thalamic arteriovenous malformations (AVM) represent 10% of all AVM. They are associated with a high rate of morbidity and mortality due to their high hemorrhagic presentation and eloquence. Radiosurgery has been the first line treatment, whereas surgical removal and endovascular therapy are possible in selected cases. Deep AVM with small niduses and a single draining vein can achieve cure with embolization. CASE DESCRIPTION: A 10-year-old boy with sudden headache and vomiting underwent a brain computed tomography scan that showed a right thalamic hematoma...
2023: Surgical Neurology International
Omid Yousefi, Pouria Azami, Roham Borazjani, Amin Niakan, Mahnaz Yadollahi, Hosseinali Khalili
BACKGROUND: The aim of this study was to report the demographics and clinical features of patients with penetrating traumatic brain injury (PTBI) during the past 5 years in Rajaee Hospital, a tertiary referral trauma center in Shiraz, southern Iran. METHODS: We conducted a 5-year retrospective evaluation of all patients diagnosed with PTBI who were referred to Rajaee Hospital. We retrieved the following items from the hospital's database and PACS system: patients' demographics, on-admission Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS), presence of trauma to other organs, duration of the hospital and ICU stay, the neurosurgical interventions, any necessity of tracheostomy, duration of ventilator dependency, the entrance point of the trauma in the skull, type of assault, length of trajectory in the brain parenchyma, the number of remaining objects in the brain, the occurrence of any hemorrhagic phenomenon, the cross of the bullet from the midline or coronal suture, and the presence of the pneumocephalus...
2023: Surgical Neurology International
C├ęsar Chong, Xavier Wong-Achi, Marlon Pozo, Janio Pico
BACKGROUND: Myoepithelial tumors have been widely described as a rare form of salivary gland neoplasm, although currently soft-tissue phenotypes have also been identified. These are tumors composed entirely of myoepithelial cells that exhibit a dual epithelial and smooth muscle phenotype. The occurrence of myoepithelial tumors within the central nervous system is also extremely rare, with only a few cases reported. Treatment options include surgical resection, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or a combination of these approaches...
2023: Surgical Neurology International
James I Ausman, Mike Cheley, Nancy E Epstein
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
2023: Surgical Neurology International
Hagar A Algburi, Mustafa Ismail, Saad I Mallah, Linah S Alduraibi, Sama Albairmani, Aanab O Abdulameer, Abdulaziz Saad Alayyaf, Zaid Aljuboori, Norberto Andaluz, Samer S Hoz
BACKGROUND: Accurate assessment and evaluation of health interventions are crucial to evidence-based care. The use of outcome measures in neurosurgery grew with the introduction of the Glasgow Coma Scale. Since then, various outcome measures have appeared, some of which are disease-specific and others more generally. This article aims to address the most widely used outcome measures in three major neurosurgery subspecialties, "vascular, traumatic, and oncologic," focusing on the potential, advantages, and drawbacks of a unified approach to these outcome measures...
2023: Surgical Neurology International
Ali Tayebi Meybodi, Allison S Liang, Pooneh Mokhtari, Leandro Borba Moreira, Xiaochun Zhao, Michael T Lawton, Mark C Preul
BACKGROUND: The nervus intermedius (NI) comprises fibers originating from the trigeminal, superior salivary, and solitary tract nuclei, which join the facial nerve (cranial nerve [CN] VII). Neighboring structures include the vestibulocochlear nerve (CN VIII), the anterior inferior cerebellar artery (AICA), and its branches. Microsurgical procedures at the cerebellopontine angle (CPA) benefit from understanding NI anatomy and relationships, especially for the microsurgical treatment of geniculate neuralgia, where the NI is transected...
2023: Surgical Neurology International
Ichiro Nakazato, Hideki Tanaka, Kenichi Oyama, Keisuke Onoda, Akira Matsuno
BACKGROUND: Intracranial epidural hematoma is generally evoked by acute coup-injury. Though rare, it has a chronic clinical course and can be a non-traumatic event. CASE DESCRIPTION: The patient was A thirty-five-year-old man with a complaint of one-year history of hand tremor. He was suspected diagnosis of osteogenic tumor with differential diagnosis of epidural tumor, or abscess in the right frontal skull base bone, associated with chronic type C hepatitis because of his plain CT and MRI...
2023: Surgical Neurology International
Richard Bram, Jason L Choi, Alfred P See, Gursant S Atwal
BACKGROUND: Cerebrovascular embryologic development is characterized by the presence of four well-described carotid-vertebrobasilar (VB) anastomoses. As the fetal hindbrain matures and the VB system develops, these connections involute, yet some may persist into adulthood. The persistent primitive trigeminal artery (PPTA) is the most common of these anastomoses. In this report, we describe a unique variant of the PPTA and a four-way division of the VB circulation. CASE DESCRIPTION: A female in her 70s presented with a Fisher Grade 4 subarachnoid hemorrhage...
2023: Surgical Neurology International
Shirabe Matsumoto, Noriyuki Fumoto, Masahiko Tagawa, Hideo Tanaka
BACKGROUND: Endovascular treatment for a ruptured blister-like aneurysm (BLA) has recently become a hopeful approach. BLAs are usually located on the dorsal wall of the internal carotid artery, whereas one located on the azygos anterior cerebral artery (ACA) is so rare, it has never been reported. We report a case of a ruptured BLA arising at the distal bifurcation of an azygos ACA treated by stent-assisted coil embolization. CASE DESCRIPTION: A 73-year-old woman presented with a disturbance of consciousness...
2023: Surgical Neurology International
Gianluca Scalia, Roberta Costanzo, Manikon Poullay Silven, Domenico Gerardo Iacopino, Giovanni Federico Nicoletti, Gianluca Galvano, Giuseppe Emmanuele Umana
BACKGROUND: Spinal arachnoid cysts (SACs) in adults are typically acquired dural defects following trauma, inflammation, or infection. Brain metastases from breast cancer account for 5-12% of all CNS metastases and are mostly leptomeningeal. Here, the authors reported a 50-year-old female treated for a tentorial metastasis from breast carcinoma that underwent chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Three months later, she presented with a thoracic spinal extradural dumbbell hemorrhagic arachnoid cyst...
2023: Surgical Neurology International
Nurali Nurzhanovich Ashirov, Iroda Zukhritdinkyzy Mammadinova, Aidoc Yessimkhanuly Moldabekov, Dinara Turgunbaevna Berdibayeva, Daniyar Kerimkulovich Teltayev, Nurzhan Amirbekovich Ryskeldiyev, Serik Kuandykovich Akshulakov
BACKGROUND: Falcotentorial meningioma is a rare tumor of pineal region, arising from the dural folds where the tentorium and falx meet. Due to the deep location and near closeness to significant neurovascular structures, gross-total tumor resection in this area can be complicated. Pineal meningiomas can be resected using a variety of approaches; however, all these approaches are associated with a significant risk of postoperative complications. CASE DESCRIPTION: A 50-year-old female patient who presented with several headaches and visual field defect and diagnosed with pineal region tumor is discussed in the case report...
2023: Surgical Neurology International
Rishabh Gupta, Reid Johnson, Uzma Samadani
BACKGROUND: Epidural spinal cord stimulation (eSCS) restores volitional movement and improves autonomic function after nonpenetrating and traumatic spinal cord injury (SCI). There is limited evidence of its utility for penetrating SCI (pSCI). CASE DESCRIPTION: A 25-year-old male sustained a gunshot wound (GSW) resulting in T6 motor/sensory paraplegia and complete loss of bowel and bladder function. Following eSCS placement, he regained partial volitional movement and has independent bowel movements 40% of the time...
2023: Surgical Neurology International
Mustafa Ismail, Hagar A Algburi, Younus M Al-Khazaal, Sadik K Daily, Huda E Mohsin, Huda Jaafar, Jaafer AbdulWahid, Norberto Andaluz, Samer S Hoz
BACKGROUND: The interest in clinical research is growing worldwide, and the involvement of medical students in academic and clinical research is increasing. Medical students in Iraq have started to focus on academic activities. However, this trend is in its infancy due to limited resources and the war burden. Their interest in the field of Neurosurgery has been evolving recently. This is the first paper that aims to assess the status of the academic productivity of Iraqi medical students within the neurosurgical field...
2023: Surgical Neurology International
Yosuke Suzuki, Kosumo Noda, Nakao Ota, Tomomasa Kondo, Kenichi Haraguchi, Norio Miyoshi, Katsunari Kiko, Kohei Yoshikawa, Shun Ono, Hiroyuki Mizuno, Yasuaki Okada, Takuma Takano, Soichiro Yasuda, Jumpei Oda, Hiroyasu Kamiyama, Sadahisa Tokuda, Rokuya Tanikawa
BACKGROUND: Several treatments for traumatic facial paralysis have been reported, but the role of surgery is still controversial. CASE DESCRIPTION: A 57-year-old man was admitted to our hospital with head trauma due to a fall injury. A total body computed tomography (CT) scan showed a left frontal acute epidural hematoma associated with a left optic canal and petrous bone fractures with the disappearance of the light reflex. Hematoma removal and optic nerve decompression were performed immediately...
2023: Surgical Neurology International
Hideaki Ueno, Satoshi Tsutsumi, Yasutoshi Akasaki, Kohei Yoshida, Natsuki Sugiyama, Hisato Ishii
BACKGROUND: To the best of our knowledge, there are no reports of penetrating orbitocranial injury (POCI) caused by a shoji frame. CASE DESCRIPTION: A 68-year-old man fell in his living room and was stuck headfirst by a shoji frame. At presentation, marked swelling was noted in the right upper eyelid, with the edge of the broken shoji frame exposed superficially. Computed tomography (CT) revealed a hypodense linear structure located in the upper lateral sector of the orbit, partially protruding into the middle cranial fossa...
2023: Surgical Neurology International
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