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International Journal of Surgery Case Reports

Аlexander Khitaryan, Ismail Miziev, Camil Veliev, Olga Voronova, Anastasiya Golovina, Raisa Zavgorodnyaya, Sergey Kovalev, Albert Alibekov, Аlexey Orekhov
INTRODUCTION: A rupture of the membranous part of trachea during thoracoscopic and transhiatal resection of esophagus is a rare complication that occurs in 0.4% of cases. This complication often requires thoracotomy and is associated with prolonged pulmonary ventilation, long-term pleural draining due to persistent air leakage and development of a tracheopleural fistula, prolonged hospitalization, and high risk of septic and secondary cardiorespiratory complications. PRESENTATION OF CASE: A 52-year-old woman complained of difficulty eating solid food, impaired swallowing, persistent pain behind the sternum, nausea, sickness and weight loss...
March 9, 2019: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Ayad Ahmad Mohammed, Sardar Hassan Arif
INTRODUCTION: Trichobezoar is a condition in which hair is accumulated in the stomach forming a ball like mass. Human hair is resistant to digestion and peristalsis therefore over time it accumulates in the gastric folds. Trichophagia and trichotillomania is a psychiatric disorder in which the affected person has the tendency to pull her or his own hair and ingest it. The condition is almost exclusively seen in females. CASE PRESENTATION: A 48-year-old lady presented for the last 6 months with epigastric pain, early satiety and weight loss...
March 7, 2019: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Yasir Khan, Munawar Hussain, Syed Shahabuddin
INTRODUCTION: Fungal empyema a rare cause of empyema thoracis is commonly associated with nosocomial infection or gastrointestinal disease with very high mortality. Its association with chronic pancreatitis is rarely been described. PRESENTATION OF CASE: We present a case of young male known alcoholic with chronic pancreatitis and cystgastrostomy who presented with dyspnea and fever. Thorough workup showed left sided amylase rich loculated pleural effusion. Culture grew candida albicans...
March 7, 2019: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Mario Faenza, Giuseppe Del Torto, Pasquale Di Costanzo, Gorizio Pieretti, Rossella Lamberti, Renato Franco, Giuseppe A Ferraro, Giovanni F Nicoletti
INTRODUCTION: Metastases represent one of the most outstanding characteristics of malignant neoplasms and are relatively rare in the skin, in spite of the great extension of the cutaneous organs. Development of cutaneous metastases from colon cancer is a rare event, usually occurring in widely disseminated disease and commonly leading to a poor prognosis. As to location, cutaneous metastases often favor areas close to the primary malignancy, such as lung cancer and skin metastases on the trunk...
March 7, 2019: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
I Oesman, A R B Asdi
INTRODUCTION: Charcot osteoneuroarthopathy (CN) is a progressive degenerative arthropathy determined by the interaction of neuropathy, osteopaenia and proinflammatory cytokines. The aim of treatment is to maintain the foot on plantigrade position, recover foot deformity, osseous stability, and prevent ulceration. Intramedullary fixation in calcaneotalotibial arthrodesis has been described in promotion of rigid internal fixation with minimal soft tissue violation producing deformity correction, minimal periosteal aggression, vascular damaged and good functional outcome, with less postoperative fusion time and able to achieve fusion of the ankle and the subtalar joint after failed fusion...
March 6, 2019: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Takafumi Kawano, Oliver J Muensterer
Reducing the herniated viscera such as the spleen, the liver, and the bowel in thoracoscopic repair of congenital diaphragmatic hernia can be challenging. The small instruments involved can easily create damage, particularly to the friable capsule of the solid organs involved. We herein demonstrate a new gentle method of reducing the diaphragmatic hernia using sequential twisting of the sac. The patient was a 3 day old girl with left sided Bochdalek diaphragmatic hernia. Chest X-ray showed intestinal herniation into the thoracic cavity, and we planned to perform elective Minimal-invasive surgery...
March 6, 2019: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Valeria Silvestri, Giuseppe Mazzesi, Rita Mele
INTRODUCTION: Aortic dissection is a rare cardiovascular complication in pregnancy. Most of the cases occur during the third trimester of pregnancy, whilst 33% of cases are reported during the postpartum period. PRESENTATION OF CASE: We report the case of a multiparous 35-year-old patient with gestational hypertension treated for a type A aortic dissection on the second postpartum day. A review of literature on non-syndromic sporadic aortic dissection during the postpartum period is presented...
March 6, 2019: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Mutlaq A Almalki, Waed Y Yaseen, Mohammed Baatiyyah
INTRODUCTION: Small bowel diverticular disease is uncommon, representing 1-2% of general population. The ileum diverticulum is very rare, especially if it is complicated by enterocutaneous fistula with abdominal wall abscess. PRESENTATION OF THE CASE: Here, we report a case of small bowel diverticulum, ileum diverticulum with enterocutaneous fistula in a 65-year man presented with lower abdominal pain and an irreducible swelling for 5 days. DISSECTION: Diverticulosis has no exact cause, but theoretically the diverticula result from peristalsis abnormalities, intestinal dyskinesia, or high segmental intraluminal pressures...
March 5, 2019: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Ali Alsinan, Moslem Alelq, Fozia Alsugair, Ali Hassan, Abrar Waheed, Saeed Alshomimi
INTRODUCTION: Hemoglobinopathies such as Thalassemia and Sickle Cell Disease are risk factors for splenic abscess formation. Gastro-splenic fistula is a rare complication of splenic abscess. In the literature, there are no reported cases of gastro-splenic fistula in patients with hemoglobinopathies. PRESENTATION OF CASE: We are presenting a rare case of a 15-year-old boy with undiagnosed sickle cell trait with splenic sequestration crisis as first presentation of his disease...
March 5, 2019: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Kateir Mariel Contreras Villamizar, Diana Carolina Afanador Rubio, Camilo Alberto González González, Paola Karina García Padilla, Martha Patricia Rodríguez Sánchez
INTRODUCTION: Morbid obesity in chronic kidney disease patients on hemodialysis limits access to renal transplantation. We report here a case of a surgical procedure for weight reduction in a hemodialysis patient and adjustment of dry weight through bioelectrical impedance. CASE PRESENTATION: A 44-year-old male with CKD on hemodialysis for 26 years. After 3 years on dialysis, he underwent a cadaveric kidney transplant. However, after 8 years of transplant, he loses the kidney graft and returns to dialysis treatment...
March 5, 2019: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Vincenzo Pilone, Mafalda Romano, Michele Renzulli, Carmen Cutolo, Salvatore Tramontano
BACKGROUND: Obesity is showing a constant increase worldwide, making it the major public health problem. Bariatric surgery seems to be the best treatment for these to achieve a good excess weight loss. Gastric by-pass (GBP) is one the most important bariatric procedure, but there are a lot of complications as bowel obstruction for internal hernia, fistula and intussusception. CASE REPORT: We present a peculiar case report of a 53-years old woman that underwent to GBP...
March 5, 2019: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Sean Heywood, Ben Wagstaff, Noel Tait
INTRODUCTION: Gallstone spillage during laparoscopic cholecystectomy is a common occurrence. Complications due to spilled gallstones occur in up to 5% of laparoscopic cholecystectomy cases, with complications having been reported up to 20 years after laparoscopic cholecystectomy. CASE REPORT: We report the case of a 70 year old male who presented for elective right inguinal hernia repair. At the time of repair he was found to have multiple foreign bodies embedded within an indirect hernia sac...
March 5, 2019: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Abdullah AlShammari, Sreyoshi Fatima Alam, Mohamed Khan, Mohammad Aburahmah
INTRODUCTION: Esophageal and gastric tumors are very lethal malignancies. Their most common histology is adenocarcinoma for more than 90% of all gastroesophageal tumors. CASE PRESENTATION: Herein, we report a case of endoscopic submucosal dissection for gastroesophageal junction carcinoma, the first of its kind to be performed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for a 72-year-old patient, who was found to have a gastroesophageal junction mass extending to the cardia...
March 5, 2019: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Toru Imagami, Satoru Takayama, Taku Hattori, Ryohei Matsui, Masaki Sakamoto, Hisanori Kani, Satoshi Kurokawa, Tsuyoshi Fujiwara
INTRODUCTION: The optimal management strategy for synchronous gastric cancer (GC) and prostate cancer (PCa) remains unclear, particularly in cases in which two cancers are progressive. PRESENTATION OF CASE: A 68-year-old man diagnosed with synchronous advanced GC and locally advanced PCa was referred to our institution. Laparoscopic total gastrectomy (LTG) and robotic-assisted radical prostatectomy were simultaneously performed. The postoperative course was similar to the standard postoperative course of LTG alone...
March 1, 2019: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Ricky H Bhogal, Andrew Wotherspoon, I Zerizer, Aamir Z Khan
INTRODUCTION: Mass lesions in the pancreatic tail are increasingly identified upon radiological imaging. However the diagnosis of these lesions can be challenging and impact significantly upon patient management. PRESENTATION OF CASE: We report a case of an intrapancreatic accessory spleen initially diagnosed as a neuroendocrine tumour of the pancreas tail following nuclear scintigraphy. DISCUSSION: The investigation of solitary pancreatic tail lesions and the potential management paradigms are discussed...
February 28, 2019: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Henry To, Gregory Otto
INTRODUCTION: Intra-operative parathyroid hormone (I-OPTH) levels are an adjunct used in parathyroid surgery which provides assurance that parathyroidectomy surgery is complete and has removed the hypersecreting gland. PRESENTATION OF CASE: A 78 year old female with no localisation on pre-operative imaging and had previous hemithyroidectomy. I-OPTH was used to guide the side and timing for completion of exploration, factors which reduced operative time, operative cost and avoided potential complications...
February 28, 2019: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Kamil Pohlodek, Iveta Mečiarová, Petr Grossmann, Petr Martínek, Zdeněk Kinkor
INTRODUCTION: Secretory breast carcinoma (SBC) is a rare breast tumor which accounts for < 0.15% of all breast cancers. It was originally described as a juvenile breast carcinoma, occurring in young children and adolescent women. SBC is associated with a characteristic balanced translocation, t(12;15), that creates aETV6-NTRK3 gene fusion. PRESENTATION OF CASE: A 52-year-old Caucasian woman had palpable lump in her right breast. After breast imaging examination (BI-RADS 4b) and preoperative core-needle biopsy with suspicion of SBC a breast conserving therapy was performed...
February 28, 2019: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Semeret Munie, Hassan Nasser, Pauline H Go, Kelly Rosso, Ann Woodward
INTRODUCTION: Anatomical variants of the extrahepatic biliary tree are numerous, adding significantly to the risk of bile duct injury during cholecystectomy, especially when laparoscopic approach is employed. Duplicated cystic ducts draining a single gallbladder are extremely rare. PRESENTATION OF CASE: A 34-year-old female presented with signs and symptoms of acute cholecystitis which was confirmed on imaging. She was found to have an accessory cystic duct on laparoscopic cholecystectomy requiring conversion to open laparotomy with intraoperative cholangiogram to delineate the anatomy...
February 28, 2019: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
M M Al-Qattan
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
February 27, 2019: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Malek A Al-Omari, Mohammad A Al-Doud
INTRODUCTION: Intestinal obstruction ascribed to internal hernia is quite rare, especially in adults. There are no differentiating features in the presentation of intestinal obstruction due to internal hernia as compared to other causes. Delay in the diagnosis of this condition carries a considerable risk especially in a virgin abdomen. We report a rare case of internal hernia which presented as acute small and large bowel obstruction. PRESENTED CASE: We report a 47- year- old male with generalized abdominal pain associated with vomiting and obstipation...
February 27, 2019: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
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