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International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Mohamed Amine Gharbi, Ahmed Zendeoui, Anis Tborbi, Ramzi Bouzidi, Khelil Ezzaouia, Mouadh Nefiss
INTRODUCTION AND IMPORTANCE: Surface osteosarcoma, a rare variant of osteosarcoma, poses unique challenges in diagnosis and treatment. This report discusses the application of 3D printing technology in the surgical management of a complex case involving a 27-year-old female patient with surface osteosarcoma in the proximal tibia. CASE PRESENTATION: A 27-year-old female patient presented with a progressively growing mass on her right knee, initially misdiagnosed as a benign bone tumor...
November 24, 2023: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Aryadi Kurniawan, Bany Faris Amin, Anissa Feby Canintika
INTRODUCTION: Osteopetrosis is a rare genetic disorder characterized by increased bone density. This condition is clinically manifested with a brittle intramedullary structure and reduced bone toughness, increasing the risk of fracture. A limited case has been reported on the management of physeal fracture in patients with osteopetrosis. The objective of this study is to report a rare osteopetrosis patient who sustains Salter-Harris II at the distal tibia with its long-term follow-up along with its literature review...
November 24, 2023: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Dilawer Charo, Qutaiba Al Naser, Saleh Shawach, Alhamza Al Ali
INTRODUCTION & IMPORTANCE: The Hepatic Artery Aneurysms (HAAs) are rare and asymptomatic with a high rate of rupture. The management is mandatory and depends on the size and the location of the aneurysm. CASE PRESENTATION: We reported a case of 50 years old male, admitted to sharp epigastric pain. Radiological investigations confirmed a common hepatic artery aneurysm. We indicated an open surgery to repair the aneurysm, the postoperative course finished without any complications...
November 24, 2023: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Ahmad Alkheder, Yasser ALGhabra, Modar Ismaeel, Hossam Alhraki, Adham Bader Aldeen Mohsen
INTRODUCTION: Sphenoid sinuses, air-filled cavities in the sphenoid bone, develop between the 3rd and 4th year and mature by 12 to 16 years. Understanding their anatomy is vital for safe transsphenoidal surgeries because of nearby vital structures. They exhibit variable pneumatization and often have an intersinus septum. This case emphasizes the importance of understanding sphenoid sinus anatomy, particularly in the context of transsphenoidal surgeries. It also introduces a novel case involving a congenital roof defect, previously unreported in medical literature...
November 24, 2023: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Jing Lin, Huifei Deng, Qiuyan Yang, Youbo Zuo
INTRODUCTION AND IMPORTANCE: Positioning nodule with a steel wire in pulmonary surgery is a common preoperative step. To date, no reports have been published on the retention of steel wires in the body post-surgery, nor have there been studies describing the ultrasound-guided removal of foreign objects from the chest wall. This report describes a case of a foreign matter was removed from the chest wall by ultrasound-guided. CASE PRESENTATION: A 70-year-old woman underwent thoracoscope resection of a pulmonary nodule; however, a fragment of the positioning steel wire remained in the chest wall during the surgery...
November 24, 2023: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Maher Alloun, Khaled Alomar, Kamar Shaker, Ayham Naim Maidaa, Zaher Alabed, Husam Dalati
INTRODUCTION AND SIGNIFICANCE: Hydatidosis is one of the diseases caused by tapeworms that infect humans during their life cycle and still pose a major problem. A review of the medical literature has reported a few cases of serous cysts in the uterus. In most cases, pelvic cysts are asymptomatic and may sometimes cause compressive symptoms or complications when ruptured. CASE PRESENTATION: We presented a case of a serous cyst of the uterus that was discovered through vague abdominal pain...
November 23, 2023: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Nishi Chhatbar, Allyzain Ismail, Sajida Panjwani, Adil Datoo, Hussam Uddin, Aliakbar Zehri
INTRODUCTION AND IMPORTANCE: Renal angiomyolipoma (AML) are benign tumors, often incidentally diagnosed with rupture being the commonest complication and cause of mortality. These tumors are rare with a higher prevalence among patients with tuberous sclerosis and female predominance. Management is dependent on tumor size and whether or not the tumor has ruptured. CASE PRESENTATION: 32-year-old female presenting with sudden right flank pain with shock without history of prior trauma or surgeries...
November 23, 2023: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Jiafu Li, Jiongbiao Zhong
INTRODUCTION: The occurrence of cervical spinal stenosis caused by single-segment hypertrophic folds of the non-calcified ligamentum flavum (LF) at a single level is exceedingly rare, with previous surgical interventions predominantly employing posterior approaches and open procedures. This case report presents an exceptional instance wherein a patient achieved satisfactory outcomes following endoscopic surgery, thereby furnishing valuable evidence supporting the feasibility of endoscopic treatment for cervical LF hypertrophy...
November 23, 2023: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Nora Aldhefeery, Danah Aldhafiri, Mohamed Fathy, Shyji Kumaran, Mohamed Abdelbadie
INTRODUCTION: Purtscher's retinopathy is a rare ophthalmic condition with unclear pathogenesis commonly related to trauma and affecting young or middle-aged men. The annual incidence in the UK has been estimated to be 0.24 cases per million. PRESENTATION OF CASE: A 29-year-old primigravida female, previously healthy with no antenatal care, was brought to the maternal causality at 36 weeks of gestation as a case of pre-eclampsia and intrauterine fetal demise (IUFD) after a prolonged delivery attempt at home...
November 23, 2023: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
F Lamnaouar, M A Kharroube, K Tabbak, N Nekeshima, A Rajaallah, M Rafai
INTRODUCTION AND IMPORTANCE: Ankle fractures result from a wide variety of mechanisms the biomechanics of this articulation make any fracture altering the contact of the articulation surface lead to increased stresses and an inevitable evolution to tibiotalar arthritis. CASE PRESENTATION: We report the case of a 56-year-old patient admitted for open fracture dislocation of the ankle with a missing medial malleolus. He was treated by external fixation k-wiring and periosteal repair of the deltoid ligament...
November 22, 2023: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Deshan Gomez, Gnanakanesh Rajeeth, Pathmanesan Pirakash, Deepal Attanayake
INTRODUCTION: Traumatic embolization of pellets into the cerebral circulation is a rare complication following gunshot wounds to the neck, chest and abdomen. Foreign bodies enter the circulation from early direct puncture or delayed erosion of an artery or vein or directly through the heart. PRESENTATION OF CASE: A previously well 13-year-old Sri Lankan boy who presented 2 h following an air rifle injury to the lower sternum with chest pain, developed seizures and left hemiparesis...
November 21, 2023: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
KyeongWoon Choi
INTRODUCTION AND IMPORTANCE: Liposarcoma is one of the most common mesenchymal neoplasms in adults. Among liposarcomas, gastrointestinal tract involvement is uncommon, and liposarcoma of the stomach is a particularly rare entity, In addition, few cases of gastric liposarcoma with malignant transformation from benign gastric lipoma have been reported. PRESENTATION OF CASE: Here we present the case of a 62-year-old male patient who was diagnosed with gastric liposarcoma and managed with laparoscopic surgical resection...
November 21, 2023: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Mohamed Shatila, Ijaz Ahmad, Janos Balega, Maninder S Kalkat, Akshay J Patel
INTRODUCTION AND IMPORTANCE: Struma Ovarii is a rare type of monodermal teratoma with at least 50 % of its mass being thyroid tissue. They make up <1 % of all ovarian tumours and 3 to 5 % of all ovarian teratomas. These tumours are usually benign but malignant transformation is seen in <5 % of cases. CASE PRESENTATION: We present the case of a 45-year-old lady with three synchronous primary cancers on a background of Struma Ovarii; primary lung adenocarcinoma, papillary thyroid carcinoma and ovarian teratoma...
November 20, 2023: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Javad Salami, Ammar Atieh, Yaser Ftouni
INTRODUCTION AND IMPORTANCE: Arteriovenous malformations (AVMs) are abnormal connections between arteries and veins. Common signs of AVMs include a pulsating mass, pain, ulceration, bleeding, and tissue necrosis. This case report discusses a rare presentation of an iliac artery aneurysm in a patient with an extensive calf AVM. CASE PRESENTATION: A 35-year-old male presented with a pulsatile mass in the abdomen, along with symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency in the lower limb...
November 20, 2023: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Nicolò Rossi, Fabio Sciancalepore, Primo Andrea Daolio, Fabio Verdoni, Laura Mangiavini
INTRODUCTION: Bone is considered a tissue with good healing properties, and many bone defects can heal spontaneously under appropriate conditions. Extreme bone loss can hinder remodeling and regenerative processes, leading to bone nonunion. This condition negatively impacts the patient's quality of life with a severe socioeconomic burden. Many treatment options have been proposed, but none can be defined as a gold standard, mainly due to the variety of clinical presentation, bone loss, and quality...
November 20, 2023: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Souhaib Atri, Mahdi Hammami, Amine Sebai, Yasmine Hammami, Youssef Chaker, Montassar Kacem
INTRODUCTION: Gallstone spillage during cholecystectomy is a recognized complication that can lead to various postoperative complications. CASE PRESENTATION: We present a rare case of a gallstone abscess that developed 20 years after an open cholecystectomy. An 80-year-old woman with a history of high blood pressure and previous gallbladder removal presented with severe abdominal pain. Imaging revealed a large abscess with a suspicious calcification, indicating a lost gallstone...
November 20, 2023: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Asuka Uebayashi, Toshinari Ema, Hiroaki Oiwa, Syo Morita, Hiroaki Sakai, Kazuhito Funai
INTRODUCTION: Inhalation injury is a major complication of fire accidents. Delayed onset of tracheal stenosis is one of the chronic complications of inhalation injury. Here, we report a case of acute empyema as a complication of inhalation injury. PRESENTATION OF CASE: A 38-year-old-man who underwent a tracheostomy following an inhalation injury when he was 25-years of age was admitted with a diagnosis of right-side pyothorax. We attributed the pyothorax to insufficient bronchial toilet secondary to preoperative tracheal stenosis and tracheal mucosal damage as a complication of inhalation injury, as confirmed using laryngofiberscopy...
November 20, 2023: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Willbroad Kyejo, Allyzain Ismail, Sajida Panjwani, Shabbir Adamjee, Sunil Samji, Ally Mwanga
INTRODUCTION AND IMPORTANCE: Retained gauze sponge is a medical legal issue with significant clinical implications with catastrophic complications. We report a case of a female who presented with chronic right iliac fossa pain only to be found to have a retained gauze sponge causing bowel fistulisation. We describe our experience on diagnostic formulation and work up and subsequent operative intervention. CASE PRESENTATION: We present the case of a 37-year-old female patient who presented to the outpatient surgical department with symptoms of chronic right iliac fossa pain with a history of cesarean section 2 years prior...
November 20, 2023: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
S Kiepura, J Dutka
INTRODUCTION AND IMPORTANCE: Supracondylar humeral fractures in children are the most common fractures of the elbow accounting for 16 % of all pediatric fractures. The treatment depends on age, the degree of displacement, and the presence of additional injuries. PRESENTATION OF CASE: A case reports a 10-year-old girl with a Gartland type III supracondylar humeral fracture accompanied by anterior interosseous nerve neurapraxia preoperatively. The patient was treated operatively with medial and lateral column cross-pinning using four K-wires due to unsatisfactory closed reduction and lateral pinning only...
November 19, 2023: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Malini Bhana, Naadiyah Laher, Nathan George McGrath, Maeyane Stephens Moeng
INTRODUCTION: Small bowel mucormycosis is a rare entity with few reports in the literature. Mortality rates secondary to necrosis and perforation remain above 85 %, with an increase in populations at risk noted. PRESENTATION OF CASE: This is a case report of a survivor of penetrating trauma who sustained small bowel injuries and was managed with damage control surgery. He required relook laparotomies due to extensive contamination and subsequently developed progressive ischaemia and necrosis of areas of his small bowel - histology confirming mucormycosis...
November 19, 2023: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
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