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International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Mohammad Alabdullah, Kamar Shaker, Khaled Alomar, Zakaria Sardini, Ahmad Hamdan, Osama Yousef
INTRODUCTION AND SIGNIFICANCE: Laryngocutaneous fistula (LCF) is a serious complication following total laryngectomy, significantly impacting patients' quality of life and treatment costs. Management is complex, with potential for recurrence after surgical intervention. CASE PRESENTATION: We present a case of LCF that developed following laryngectomy. Initial conservative treatment failed to resolve the fistula. A pectoralis major myofascial flap was then attempted, but the fistula recurred...
May 23, 2024: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Ahmed Almumtin, Mohamed Ouhlous, Madawi Alsharhan, Afnan Ahmed, Inaam Ahmed Ibrahim, Isam Osman
INTRODUCTION AND IMPORTANCE: Blunt abdominal trauma is one of the most common reasons for emergency department visits, and spleen and splenic vasculature is involved variably in those cases. Splenic artery pseudoaneurysm formation is one complication with potentially devastating consequences. Early detection and management are of paramount importance given its potential fatality. Management includes open repair with or without splenectomy, and endovascular approach. The minimally invasive endovascular treatment offers earlier recovery, preserved splenic function, and positive outcomes...
May 23, 2024: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Amira Breis, Yahya Dordi, Hadil Kawas, Walaa Abbas, Ayman AlKhamisy, Mohamad Morjan
INTRODUCTION: A solitary infantile myofibroma tumor arises as a hard, painless cutaneous or subcutaneous nodule and is defined as an uncommon soft tissue neoplasm that is usually seen in childhood. CASE PRESENTATION: A nine-month-old female infant presented with a solid mass that appeared one month ago. The mass gradually increased in size within the right posterior triangle of the neck, without any local or systemic accompanying symptoms. Laboratory tests were normal...
May 23, 2024: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Muhammed Saif, Shaymaa Alahmar, Ahmed Saif, Nahed Al Halabi, Dema Adwan, Imad Altanoukhi
INTRODUCTION: Abdominal pregnancy is an extremely rare form of ectopic gestation, and it presents with pelvic pain, severe bleeding, or remain asymptomatic. Its Risk factors include previous ectopic pregnancies, cesarean section, smoking, pelvic inflammatory disease, using intrauterine devices (IUD), and assisted reproductive techniques (ARTs). Accurate diagnosis of rectal ectopic pregnancy remains challenging due to the lack of well-established diagnostic criteria. CASE PRESENTATION: A 25-year-old woman presented to the emergency department with a 2-day history of unresponsive lower abdominal pain and nausea...
May 23, 2024: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Hamza Madani, Youssef El Hassnaoui, Hicham Ait Benali, Mohammed Shimi
INTRODUCTION AND IMPORTANCE: Aneurysmal bone cyst (ABC) is a benign lytic bone tumor of the skeletal system but locally destructive lesion of unknown origin. It often occurs in childhood and usually involves the metaphyseal region of long bones; thus, its localisation in the calcaneum remains rare; its atypical presentation in our case makes it remarkable. CASE PRESENTATION: We describe a case of a young patient who suffered from chronic heel pain, in whom the clinical examination finds swelling and pain on palpation...
May 23, 2024: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Yunguo Zhou, Sijia Liu, Jiali Feng, Fang Xu, Junkai Duan, Fei Xu
INTRODUCTION AND IMPORTANCE: Partially anomalous pulmonary venous connection (PAPVC) is a rare congenital heart disease, often concomitant with atrial septal defects (ASDs). PAPVC usually tends to be treated by surgery, but the case we report will open up new perspectives for the interventional treatment of PAPVC present with ASD. CASE PRESENTATION: We present a case of a 2-year-old 11 kg boy transthoracic echocardiography showed secundum-type ASD. A supracardiac-PAPVC was accidentally detected during cardiac catheterization, and an abnormal pulmonary vein connection was detected with a vertical vein (VV) opening...
May 22, 2024: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Omar Chraibi, Abdessamad Rajaallah, Mohamed Amine Lamris, Charaf Eddine El Kassimi, Abderrahim Rafaoui, Mohamed Rafai
INTRODUCTION AND IMPORTANCE: Conditions mimicking tumors within the knee, such as arborescent lipoma and synovial chondromatosis, are generally benign yet closely linked to inflammatory or degenerative joint diseases. While each condition is commonly documented individually with osteoarthritis, their concurrent presentation within the same knee is extremely rare. This case report adheres to the SCARE 2023 guidelines (Sohrabi et al., 2023) and aims to shed light on the diagnostic and therapeutic challenges posed by the rare coexistence of these conditions, presenting unique management challenges...
May 22, 2024: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Tarek Abdelazeem Sabra, Ahmed Amgad Mohamed, Marwa T Hussien, Sarah Magdy Abdelmohsen
INTRODUCTION: Congenital anomalies in the neck region, such as dermoid sinuses, pose diagnostic challenges in pediatrics. Surgical excisions are vital to prevent complications. PRESENTATION OF CASE: A 7-month-old male infant had presented with a congenital suprasternal dermoid sinus, which had been evident since birth. Imaging confirmed the diagnosis, prompting surgical intervention under general anesthesia. A delicate excision was performed, guided by a methylene blue dye injection, followed by histopathological confirmation...
May 22, 2024: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Zakaria Toutounji, Ziad Alahmad, Maysam Attar, Mohanad Sarminy, Wael Mohamad Alsado, Mazen Mohammad
INTRODUCTION: Gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GISTs) represent a unique subset of neoplasms within the digestive tract. They can manifest in various organs throughout the digestive tract, ranging from the oral cavity to the anus, with a predilection for the stomach and small intestine. A distinct subtype of GISTs, known as Extra-gastrointestinal stromal tumors (EGISTs), originate outside the typical GIST organs such as the mesentery, retroperitoneum, and occasionally the omentum. EGISTs are relatively rare, accounting for <5 % of all GIST cases...
May 22, 2024: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Mohammad Ayati Firoozabadi, Hesan Rezaee, Pouya Tabatabaei Irani, Davood Dehghani Ashkezari, Seyed Mohammad Javad Mortazavi
INTRODUCTION: Knee malalignment can increase the risk of osteoarthritis. Osteotomies can correct limb deformities, but they come with the risk of complications such as cortical hinge fracture, hardware failure, pain syndrome, and infection. Vascular injury is rare, but it can lead to bleeding, limb ischemia, and swelling. If revascularization is delayed for over 12 h, it can result in poor outcomes. The work has been reported in line with the SCARE criteria. CASE: A 41-year-old female underwent a lateral close-wedge distal femoral osteotomy...
May 22, 2024: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Amel Changuel, Ahmed Omry, Hager Behi, Radhwen Zarg El Ayoun, Amel Ben Belaid, Med Bachir Khalifa
INTRODUCTION AND IMPORTANCE: Hydatid disease, caused by Echinococcus granulosus, is a zoonotic infection prevalent in specific regions, including Tunisia. Complications are rare but potentially life-threatening. This case report highlights the significance of early diagnosis and intervention in a unique case where anaphylaxis resulted from minor abdominal trauma in a 17-year-old male with an undiagnosed hydatid cyst. CASE REPORT: The patient arrived at the emergency department with syncope and hypotension after a classroom accident...
May 21, 2024: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Anis Belhadj, Med Dheker Touati, Fahd Khefacha, Mohamed Ridha Zayati, Faouzi Chebbi, Ahmed Saidani
INTRODUCTION AND IMPORTANCE: Intestinal intussusception is rare in adults, involving telescoping of one intestinal segment into another. Commonly associated with colonic lesions, it presents as acute obstruction. Diagnosis relies on CT. We report a rare case of colorectal intussusception due to a polyp, managed by endoscopic polypectomy. CASE PRESENTATION: We present a case of a 74-year-old man with chronic constipation, who presented with acute abdominal pain, vomiting, and cessation of bowel movements...
May 21, 2024: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Ahmed Bouzid, Anis Belhadj, Fahd Khefacha, Med Dheker Touati, Ahmed Saidani, Faouzi Chebbi
INTRODUCTION: Colonic lipomas (CL) are rare non-epithelial benign tumors. Giant Colonic lipomas (>4 cm) can cause serious complications such as bowel obstruction, massive bleeding, perforation, and intussusception. Early diagnosis is difficult and preoperative discrimination between malignant lesions and large cl is challenging. Surgical resection is the cornerstone of the treatment. CASE PRESENTATION: A 57-year-old woman presented to our surgical department complaining about intermittent crampy abdominal pain with an alternation of diarrhea and constipation for the last 7 months...
May 21, 2024: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Vera Sumual, Reynardi Larope Sutanto, Angelina Patricia Chandra
INTRODUCTION AND IMPORTANCE: Conducting urgent eye trauma surgery amidst the COVID-19 pandemic poses distinct difficulties, as strict infection control measures are crucial to safeguard both patients and medical staff. Nonetheless, eye trauma remains a significant contributor to avoidable vision loss in developing countries. CASE PRESENTATION: A 57-year-old man presented with redness, bleeding, and injury in the left eye after a motorcycle accident 9 h prior to hospital admission, along with a torn wound on his left cheek...
May 20, 2024: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Yuta Takeuchi, Seiichiro Inoue, Yuki Muta, Kohei Kawaguchi, Akio Odaka
INTRODUCTION: Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome (BWS) manifests distinctive features, such as macroglossia, overgrowth, and abdominal wall defects. In this report, we describe a case of BWS in an extremely low birth weight infant diagnosed at three months after birth because of the intensive care for low birth weight. PRESENTATION OF CASE: A female infant was delivered at 24 weeks and 6 days of gestation with a weight of 845 g. After birth, significant small intestinal intra-umbilical prolapse was observed, and abdominal wall closure using a sutureless method was performed on day zero...
May 19, 2024: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Fatima Rezzoug, Ikram Kharmach, Jihane Derfoufi, Ouissam Al Jarroudi, Sami Aziz Brahmi, Said Afqir
INTRODUCTION AND IMPORTANCE: Multiple Primary Malignant Neoplasms (MPMNs) are rare and refer to the occurrence of two or more distinct primary cancers with unrelated histopathological features in one patient. MPMNs can be classified as synchronous when tumors appear simultaneously or within six months of each other, and as metachronous when identified six months or more after the initial cancer diagnosis. While breast cancer often co-occurs with other primary cancers such as colorectal, endometrial, and ovarian cancers, the simultaneous presence of invasive lobular breast carcinoma and clear cell renal cancer is rare...
May 18, 2024: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Mansi Zied, Chamakh Mohsen, Ltifi Atef, Chermiti Wajdi, Haggui Ali, Gazzah Wael
INTRODUCTION AND IMPORTANCE: Bone hydatidosis is a rare parasitic infection caused by Echinococcus granulosus, with a frequency of 1-2 %, it has a high morbidity and mortality rate due to its long clinical latency and lack of symptomatic specificity. This often leads to delayed diagnosis and discovery, usually at the stage of complications. CASE PRESENTATION: We present a case of sacral hydatidosis in a 71-year-old patient with no prior medical history. The symptomatology was a pelvic pain that had been ongoing for 5 months with constipation and difficulty with defecation...
May 17, 2024: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Ziwei Huang, Xiping Yu, Jialang Yan, Yuanxiao Yin, Junhao Li, Yixiong Zheng
INTRODUCTION: Primary thyroid leiomyosarcoma is an extremely rare soft tissue sarcoma, characterized by high malignancy and poor prognosis. Currently, only 13 cases of primary thyroid leiomyosarcoma have been described in the medical literature (limited to English). CASE PRESENTATION: A 76-year-old female presented with a giant neck mass. Physical examination revealed a large, firm mass in the left thyroid gland. No symptoms such as hoarseness or dysphagia were noted at the time of presentation...
May 17, 2024: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Ghassane El Omri, Anas Taghouan, Hamza Rais, Houry Younes, Moussaab Rachid, Abdeljalil Heddat
INTRODUCTION: Genital self-mutilation presents significant surgical challenges, particularly when complicated by psychiatric disorders. This case highlights the critical role of surgical intervention in the management of self-inflicted severe penile injuries and underscores the need to integrate surgical and psychiatric care to optimise results. CASE PRESENTATION: A 43-year-old man, with progressive psychiatric issues, self-inflicted penile amputation. He arrived late in the emergency room with a poorly preserved amputated penis, complicating potential reimplantation...
May 17, 2024: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Han Thi Pham, Hoa Phuong Nguyen, Chu Van Nguyen, Tu Van Dao, Anh Viet Nguyen, Uyen Thi Le
INTRODUCTION AND IMPORTANCE: Intrathyroid thymic carcinoma (ITC) is a malignant epithelial tumor with thymic differentiation within the thyroid gland. Its frequency is up to 0.15 % of all malignant thyroid tumors. It is frequently a low-grade tumor. The clinical status is often misleading to other more advanced tumors like cervical lymph node metastasis of nonkeratinizing squamous cell carcinoma, undifferentiated variant, dedifferentiated carcinoma, and medullary carcinoma of the thyroid...
May 17, 2024: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
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