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Pathology Research International

Florian Hentschel, Anna Franziska Jansen, Marlis Günther, Roland Pauli, Stefan Lüth
Primary eosinophilic gastroenteritis and colitis (EGE) is a rare entity with unspecific clinical and endoscopic findings. Validated histopathologic criteria for confirming the diagnosis are lacking, because numeric values for normal or elevated concentrations of eosinophils in mucosal biopsies are varying between observers. To quantify this interobserver variance, we had the same set of 30 slides of eosinophilic-rich mucosal biopsies from the ileum and colon systematically reviewed by a panel of six independent pathologists, each with more than a ten-year experience in the field...
2018: Pathology Research International
Punyanuch Jindatanmanusan, Sivat Luanraksa, Tanit Boonsiri, Thirayost Nimmanon, Pasra Arnutti
Background and Objective: Evidence for the roles of matrix metalloproteinases-9 (MMP-9) in the healing process of diabetic foot ulcers has remained unclear. We therefore aimed to demonstrate the relationship of MMP-9 with the wound healing process and determine its potential usefulness in predicting the wound healing outcome. Methods: Twenty-two patients with diabetic foot ulcer were recruited. The wound size was determined, and the wound fluid was collected for the measurement of MMP-9 levels using an ELISA during the 12-week follow-up period regularly...
2018: Pathology Research International
Shahid Pervez, Sidra Arshad, Brooj Abro
Aim: Antigenic expression in epithelial cells can be heterogeneous which may pose a problem in immunohistochemical (IHC) analysis of tumor markers, in particular, predictive markers like HER2. Studies have shown that epithelial cells have distinct apical and basolateral domains which are separated by tight junctions. The cell membrane in these two domains has a different composition of macromolecules and hence can have variable antigen expression on immunohistochemistry. In our study, we aimed to investigate this phenomenon of basolateral versus circumferential IHC staining of HER2 in gastric/GE adenocarcinoma...
2018: Pathology Research International
Rune Bjørneklett, Vilde Solbakken, Leif Bostad, Anne-Siri Fismen
Background: Classification of patients with anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibody-associated glomerulonephritis (ANCA-GN) into histological classes is useful for predicting a patient's risk of progression to end-stage renal disease (ESRD). However, even in the worst prognostic group, the 5-year end-stage renal disease-free survival rate is as high as 50%. Objectives: To investigate those prognostic factors indicative of progression to ESRD in patients with ANCA-GN and sclerosing histology...
2018: Pathology Research International
Hasrayati Agustina, Ita Asyifa, Afiati Aziz, Bethy S Hernowo
Background: The diagnosis of Osteosarcoma (OSA) is not always straightforward. OSA may resemble Other Primary Bone Tumours (OPBT). The diagnosis of osteosarcoma is sometimes difficult especially in a very small specimen. Immunohistochemistry is one of ancillary testing types that can help the diagnosis of many tumours. The aim of this study was to evaluate the validity of Osteocalcin (OCN) and Alkaline Phosphatase (ALP) immunohistochemistry in discriminating OSA from OPBT. Method: This study included 50 selected human primary bone tumours, 25 cases of OSA and 25 cases of OPBT...
2018: Pathology Research International
Nasim Taghavi, Zhaleh Mohsenifar, Alireza Akbarzadeh Baghban, Alireza Arjomandkhah
Objective: B lymphocyte infiltration in the tumor microenvironment has been proposed to play pivotal roles in tumor progression. Heat shock protein 70 (HSP70) expressed by tumor cells can induce antitumor immune response. Few studies have examined the clinicopathologic relationship between tumor infiltrating B lymphocyte and HSP70 expression in human cancer. So far, there is no complete knowledge on the relationship in oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC). The present study was conducted to evaluate the relationship between tumor infiltrating B lymphocyte and HSP70 expression in OSCC, as well as the clinical outcome...
2018: Pathology Research International
Tamara C M Lopes, Débora F Silva, Walyson C Costa, Frédéric Frézard, José M Barichello, Neila M Silva-Barcellos, Wanderson G de Lima, Simone A Rezende
Tartar emetic (TE) was the first drug used to treat leishmaniasis. However, its use was discontinued due to high toxicity. Association of TE with liposomes is a strategy to reduce its side effects. Pegylated liposomes (Lpeg) present lower rates of uptake by macrophages and prolonged circulation compared to their nonpegylated counterparts. However, repeated administration of Lpeg can cause an Accelerated Blood Clearance (ABC) phenomenon, whereby recognition of liposomes by antibodies results in faster phagocytosis...
2018: Pathology Research International
Daniel J Zaccarini, Kamal K Khurana
OBJECTIVE: Anal cytology is being increasingly used as part of anal cancer screening in patients at high risk for anal neoplasia. Most studies in anal cytology have focused on correlating the abnormal anal Pap smear with histopathologic outcomes. The aim of this study was to document histopathologic or repeat anal cytology outcomes in patients with unsatisfactory cytology. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Unsatisfactory anal Pap tests in high risk male patients were correlated with follow-up histopathologic diagnoses or cytology...
2017: Pathology Research International
Manoj Hang Limbu, Liu Lei, Cheng Zhengyuan, Liu Jing, Zhang Xiaoyi, Chen Pingsheng
It is already a proven fact that there exists a relationship between CLD (chronic liver disease) and kidney disease but still there is no available combined animal model of liver and kidney fibrosis on the same animal. An animal model is one of the important research tools in the field of medical science because it is important to build a model that can simulate the disease condition so that the particular disease can be studied. Therefore, the aim of this study is to build a less expensive, less time consuming, and reproducible model of hepatorenal fibrosis on rats...
2017: Pathology Research International
John Mokua Mose, David Muchina Kamau, John Maina Kagira, Naomi Maina, Maina Ngotho, Adele Njuguna, Simon Muturi Karanja
Animal models for the toxoplasmosis are scarce and have limitations. In this study, a neurological mouse model was developed in BALB/c mice infected intraperitoneally with 15 cysts of a Toxoplasma gondii isolate. The mice were monitored for 42 days and euthanized at different time points. Another group of mice were orally treated with dexamethasone (DXM: 2.66 mg/kg daily, 5.32 mg/kg daily) at 42 days after infection and monitored for a further 42 days. A mortality rate of 15% and 28.6% was observed in mice given 2...
2017: Pathology Research International
Adeeb Salah, Hajime Yoshifuji, Shinji Ito, Koji Kitagori, Kaori Kiso, Norishige Yamada, Toshiki Nakajima, Hironori Haga, Tatsuaki Tsuruyama, Aya Miyagawa-Hayashino
OBJECTIVES: Immunoglobulin G4-related disease (IgG4-RD) is a multiorgan condition manifesting itself in different forms. This study aimed to investigate protein expression profiles and to find the possible biomarker for IgG4-RD by liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (LC-MS) using tissue sections in IgG4-RD patients. METHODS: Protein expression profiles in five IgG4-related pancreatitis and three normal pancreatic samples were compared using LC-MS and were validated by quantitative real-time PCR (qRT-PCR), immunoblotting, and immunohistochemistry...
2017: Pathology Research International
Rana Naous, Shengle Zhang, Alfredo Valente, Melissa Stemmer, Kamal K Khurana
Objective. Secretory carcinoma is a recently described entity with characteristic immunoprofile and ETV6 (12p13) rearrangement. Before its initial description, it was generally diagnosed as acinic cell carcinoma (ACCi). We evaluated immunoprofile and ETV6 rearrangement in cytological and surgical cases of previously diagnosed ACCi, in an attempt to identify any misclassified SC. Methods. Fifteen cytology and surgical cases of ACCi diagnosed over a 13-year period were retrieved and subjected to immunohistochemistry for S-100, mammaglobin, GATA-3 and DOG-1 as well as FISH for ETV6 (12p13)...
2017: Pathology Research International
Rachel Jug, Xiaoyin Jiang
A consensus panel recently used clinical evidence and pathologic parameters to rename noninvasive encapsulated follicular variant of papillary thyroid carcinoma to noninvasive follicular thyroid neoplasm with papillary-like nuclear features (NIFTP) to better reflect the indolent course of this tumor. NIFTP has stringent histopathologic diagnostic criteria established by the panel, including papillary-like nuclear features, and submission of the entire tumor capsule to exclude invasion. From a molecular standpoint, NIFTP is often characterized by RAS-type mutations, similar to other follicular-patterned lesions...
2017: Pathology Research International
Prajwal Boddu, Vamsi Parimi, Michale Taddonio, Joshua Robert Kane, Anjana Yeldandi
The presence of pulmonary parenchymal cysts on computed tomography (CT) imaging presents a significant diagnostic challenge. The diverse range of possible etiologies can usually be differentiated based on the clinical setting and radiologic features. In fact, the advent of high-resolution CT has facilitated making a diagnosis solely on analysis of CT image patterns, thus averting the need for a biopsy. While it is possible to make a fairly specific diagnosis during early stages of disease evolution by its characteristic radiological presentation, distinct features may progress to temporally converge into relatively nonspecific radiologic presentations sometimes necessitating histological examination to make a diagnosis...
2017: Pathology Research International
Nikolaos Koletsas, Triantafyllia Koletsa, Spyros Choidas, Konstantinos Anagnostopoulos, Stavros Touloupidis, Thomas Zaramboukas, Georgia Raptou, Nikolaos Papadopoulos, Maria Lambropoulou
Background. Several investigators have suggested the possibility that the expression of both EGFR and HER2 could be utilized for molecularly targeted therapy in urinary bladder cancer. We tried to evaluate the expression of HER2 and EGFR and activation of the AKT/PTEN/mTOR pathway in urothelial carcinomas and if there is any association between them and cellular adhesion molecules (CAMs). Materials and Methods. Forty-one paraffin-embedded urothelial cancer tissue blocks were collected. Immunostains for HER2, EGFR, MIB1, phospho-AKT, PTEN, phospho-mTOR, e-cadherin, p-cadherin, and b-catenin were performed on tissue microarrays sections...
2017: Pathology Research International
Pathology Research International
[This retracts the article DOI: 10.4061/2011/431246.].
2016: Pathology Research International
Alpidio A Boada-Sucre, Marcello Salvatore Rossi Spadafora, Lucinda M Tavares-Marques, Héctor J Finol, Armando Reyna-Bello
Trypanosomosis, a globally occurring parasitic disease, poses as a major obstacle to livestock production in tropical and subtropical regions resulting in tangible economic losses. In Latin America including Venezuela, trypanosomosis of ruminants is mainly caused by Trypanosoma vivax. Biologically active substances produced from trypanosomes, as well as host-trypanosome cellular interactions, contribute to the pathogenesis of anemia in an infection. The aim of this study was to examine with a scanning electron microscope the cellular interactions and alterations in ovine red blood cells (RBC) experimentally infected with T...
2016: Pathology Research International
Sadia Minhas, Muhammad Kashif, A H Nagi
Objectives. To evaluate the role of serial cytological assay in calculating the nuclear response of contralateral normal buccal mucosa and peritumoural area of squamous cell carcinoma of oral cavity in patients receiving fractionated radiotherapy (RT) and chemotherapy. Materials and Methods. This prospective, nonrandomized study was comprised of 76 histologically confirmed cases of oral squamous cell carcinoma on cyclical chemoradiation treatment. Chemoradiosensitivity was evaluated using serial scrape smears taken before and after immediate exposure to CCRT, at 17th day of CCRT (mid of treatment), and at the end of treatment...
2016: Pathology Research International
Mamta Gupta, Flora D Lobo, Deepa Sowkur Anandarama Adiga, Abhishek Gupta
Background. Tuberculosis (TB) is a major cause of morbidity and mortality globally. Many cases are diagnosed on autopsy and a subset of patients may require surgical intervention either due to the complication or sequelae of TB. Materials and Methods. 40 cases of resected lung specimens following surgery or autopsy in which a diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis was made were included. Histopathological pattern analysis of pulmonary tuberculosis along with associated nonneoplastic changes and identification of Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacilli was done...
2016: Pathology Research International
Sareh Farhadi, Fatemeh Shahsavari, MirMahdi Davardan
Background. Recently, mast cells were recognized in the pathogenesis of more aggressive pathologic lesions. This study was aimed to evaluate and compare the density of mast cells in Dentigerous cyst (DC) and Keratocystic odontogenic tumor (KCOT) regarding their different clinical behavior. Method. This study was conducted on 23 and 26 cases of DC and KCOT, respectively. Four-micron sections were prepared for Toluidine blue staining and mast cell densities in two desired cysts were studied. Final data was analyzed via t-test and Mann-Whitney U test method regarding the significant level lower than 0...
2016: Pathology Research International
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