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International Journal of Otolaryngology

Mahastini Karyanta, Siswanto Satrowiyoto, Dian Paramita Wulandari
Background: Otitis media with effusion (OME) in adults is less prevalent than in the pediatric population but still causes considerable morbidity. It has been suggested that laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR) may have a role in the aetiology of adult OME. Reflux advances to the laryngopharynx and, subsequently, to other regions of the head and neck such as oral cavity, nasopharynx, nasal cavity, paranasal sinuses, and even middle ear with clinical manifestations being asthma, sinusitis, and otitis media...
2019: International Journal of Otolaryngology
Rong-San Jiang, Jing-Jie Wang
Purpose: The effect of red light rhinophototherapy (RLRPT) on nasal patency in patients with a clinical diagnosis of allergic rhinitis was investigated. Materials and Methods: Subjects were randomly divided into 2 groups, with patients in one group given one treatment session of RLRPT, followed by medical treatment. Those in the second group were treated with medical treatment only. The rhinitis symptoms were evaluated both before and 30 minutes after RLRPT and 2 days later...
2018: International Journal of Otolaryngology
Abdullah Bahakim, Martine Francois, Thierry Van Den Abbeele
Objectives: Congenital midline cervical cleft (CMCC) is a very uncommon congenital anomaly of the midline anterior neck, and although it has very pathognomonic features (including nipple-like protuberance), it could be mistaken for other congenital neck lesions, such as thyroglossal duct cyst and branchial apparatus anomalies. Thus, it represents a challenging diagnosis. In this 21-patient series, we discuss the clinical features of CMCC, its pathophysiology characteristics, and its modalities management...
2018: International Journal of Otolaryngology
Manuele Casale, Lorenzo Sabatino, Antonio Moffa, Giuseppe Oliveto, Vittorio Rinaldi, Andrea Costantino, Paola Vella, Andrea Ianni, Tommasangelo Petitti, Peter Baptista, Fabrizio Salvinelli
Background: Video-assisted endoscopic radiofrequency inferior turbinate volume reduction (RFVTR) is one of the most common surgical therapies for inferior turbinate hypertrophy (ITH). Despite all the technical and surgical advancement, it is advisable to reduce as low as possible the intraoperative discomfort. The aim of this study is to evaluate the role of music in reducing patient discomfort during RFVTR. Materials and Methods: Twenty-three patients with chronic nasal obstruction due to ITH and candidate to RFVTR are included...
2018: International Journal of Otolaryngology
Chonticha Srivanitchapoom, Kedsaraporn Yata
Lingual abscess is a rare disorder, and current knowledge regarding clinical manifestations and treatment modalities has not been well established. This study presented 6 cases of lingual abscess patients between January 2012 and December 2017. There were three men and three women. Median age was 54 years. Odynophagia and local pain were the common presenting symptoms. Local trauma was the main predisposing factor of anterior abscess, while lingual tonsillitis or infected thyroglossal cyst was the predisposing factor of posterior abscess...
2018: International Journal of Otolaryngology
Bradley McPherson
Hearing impairment is a leading cause of disability globally and is particularly prevalent in elderly populations. Hearing aids are commonly recommended to mitigate the adverse effects on communication associated with hearing loss. However, the acceptability of hearing aids to elderly individuals is low and the majority of potential users do not wear hearing aids. Most hearing aids are designed with a discreet form factor in mind, to minimize device visibility. Given the range of comorbidities associated with hearing loss in the elderly, this conventional form factor may not always be optimal...
2018: International Journal of Otolaryngology
Augusto Pietro Casani, Elena Navari, Giorgio Guidetti, Michel Lacour
Menière's disease is a disorder of the inner ear that causes vertigo, tinnitus, fullness, and hearing loss. Several pharmacological treatments are available, but none of them has shown significant results. Betahistine has been largely used but its effect on the main symptoms of Menière's disease remains unclear. In order to improve clinical appropriateness and to reduce the heterogeneity of the therapeutic approaches for Menière's disease, we proposed a European Consensus Conference on Betahistine's prescription...
2018: International Journal of Otolaryngology
Adeyi A Adoga, Daniel D Kokong, Tonga L Nimkur, Nuhu D Ma'an
Background: Worldwide evidence indicates that environmental and life-style related factors are associated with increased risk for cancers in the head and neck region. We aim to study the association between these risk factors and cancers in the sinonasal and nasopharyngeal regions in our environment. Methods: Longitudinal prospective cohort study at the Jos University Teaching Hospital, Jos, Nigeria. Risk exposures were classified based on the International Agency for the Research on Cancer (IARC) classification of suspected carcinogens...
2018: International Journal of Otolaryngology
Liv Kari Døsen, Knut Kvinnesland, Magnus TarAngen, Olga Shiryaeva, Caryl Gay, Rolf Haye
The aim of this study was to explore the usefulness of unilateral, combined unilateral (left + right), and bilateral peak nasal inspiratory flow (PNIF) measurements in assessing the results of nasal septal surgery. Nasal obstruction was recorded subjectively and objectively before and 4 months after nasal septoplasty using a visual analogue scale (VAS) and a PNIF meter. Nasal septoplasty (58 patients) and septoplasty with turbinoplasty (68 patients) were performed on 126 patients (85 males; 41 females) with a mean age of 32...
2018: International Journal of Otolaryngology
Maxwell P Kligerman, Anahuma Alexandre, Patrick Jean-Gilles, David K Walmer, Adam J Gomez, Christina S Kong, Mack L Cheney, Murray A Mittleman, Anna H Messner
This manuscript characterizes the demographics, presenting symptoms and risk factors of patients diagnosed with head and neck cancer at Hopital de L'Universite d'Etat d'Haiti (HUEH), Haiti's single largest healthcare facility. We conducted a prospective study of patients who presented to HUEH between January and March of 2016 with a lesion of the head or neck suspicious for cancer. All patients who met eligibility criteria received a biopsy, which was interpreted by a Haitian pathologist and when the specimen was available was confirmed by a team of pathologists from Stanford University...
2018: International Journal of Otolaryngology
Eugene Wong, Narinder Singh
Background: Middle turbinate (MT) lateralisation with adhesion formation (MiTLAF) is a common complication following endoscopic sinus surgery, frequently resulting in surgical failure, persistence of preoperative symptoms, and delayed secondary complications. Packing materials, splints, or spacers reduce the risk of MiTLAF but often result in postoperative nasal obstruction and discomfort, along with reduced access for irrigation. Temporary suture medialisation of the MTs reduces the risk of MiTLAF and prevents the problems encountered with packing, splints, or spacers...
2018: International Journal of Otolaryngology
Seyede Faranak Emami, Nasrin Gohari, Hossein Ramezani, Mariam Borzouei
Introduction: Estrogen has a protective role on auditory function. It may have an excitatory action on auditory nerve fibers and can have a neuroprotective effect. Progesterone has a mainly inhibitory action on the central nervous system, which may balance the mainly excitatory action of estrogen. Objective: To determine changes in hearing performance with pure tone audiometry (PTA), tympanometry, distortion product otoacoustic emissions (DPOAEs), and auditory brainstem responses (ABR) as hormonal changes occur from follicular to luteal phase...
2018: International Journal of Otolaryngology
Jean Paul Darius Nshimirimana, Kaitesi Batamuliza Mukara
Background: Chronic suppurative otitis media causes serious lifelong consequences when treatment is delayed. Early detection and effective treatment result in a good outcome and possible complications are thus avoided. The aim of this study was to determine the factors resulting in delayed care seeking for treatment of CSOM. Method and Patient: The study was a cross-sectional survey conducted at a tertiary teaching hospital in Rwanda. A questionnaire was used to collect data of patients diagnosed with CSOM who attended ENT Department during the study period...
2018: International Journal of Otolaryngology
Jonathan A Harounian, Andrew R Azab, Christopher A Roberts, Michele M Carr
Objectives: To identify differences in cervical infection management in infants versus older children. Methods: Charts of patients 0-18 years, diagnosed with a cervical infection at our institution between 2004 and 2015, were included. Age, gender, presenting symptoms, comorbidities, CT scan findings and management including admission, procedures, antibiotics, cultures, length of stay, readmission rates, and complications were included. Results: 239 patients were included: mean age was 4...
2018: International Journal of Otolaryngology
Abdullah D Alotaibi, Bassam Ahmed Almutlaq, Fahad Nashmi Alshammari, Hussain Gadelkarim Ahmed
Background: Nasal septal deviation (NSD) plays a critical role in nasal obstruction symptoms, aesthetic look of the nose, increased nasal resistance, and occasionally snoring. Septoplasty is the most common method for correction of deviated nasal septum (DNS). Therefore, the aim of the present study was to assess the association between initial clinical presentations of patients selected for septoplasty and demographical characteristics in Northern Saudi Arabia. Methodology: Archives related to all patients selected for septoplasty between 2012 and 2017 were retrieved from ENT Department at King Khalid Hospital in Hail, Northern Saudi Arabia...
2018: International Journal of Otolaryngology
Anton Budhi Darmawan, Marsetyawan H N E Soesatyo, Ratna Dwi Restuti, Agus Surono
Background: Chronic suppurative otitis media (CSOM) is a common public health problem worldwide and a major cause of hearing impairment especially in developing countries. The role of Mannose-Binding Lectin (MBL), a component of innate immunity, in CSOM has not been studied. The aim of the study was to examine whether MBL deficiency was more frequently present in cases group of tubotympanic CSOM patients rather than healthy subjects. Material and Methods: This was an analytic observational study...
2018: International Journal of Otolaryngology
Alimohamad Asghari, Mohammad Mohseni, Ahmad Daneshi, Yasser Nasoori, Sara Rostami, Maryam Balali
Objective: The purpose of the study is to compare the clinical outcome of the two techniques of Bucket Handle Tympanoplasty and Cartilage Tympanoplasty in achieving success in graft survival as well as acceptable auditory results. 60 patients who suffered chronic otitis media with anterior perforation of the tympanic membrane were chosen. The patients were randomly assigned using Block Randomization Method of two groups including patients who underwent Bucket Handle Tympanoplasty ( n = 30) or those that underwent Cartilage Tympanoplasty ( n = 30)...
2018: International Journal of Otolaryngology
Habib G Zalzal, Michele Carr, Nainika Nanda, Steven Coutras
Objective: To establish the incidence and possible contributing factors leading to adenoid regrowth in children with pediatric sleep apnea using drug induced sleep endoscopy (DISE). Methods: Children treated for obstructive sleep apnea following previous adenoidectomy were evaluated using DISE. Adenoid regrowth was scored by the same attending physician using a 5-point grading scale. Age, sex, body mass index (BMI) percent for age, polysomnogram results, initial adenoid size before adenoidectomy, and postoperative complications were evaluated...
2018: International Journal of Otolaryngology
Tsutomu Nomura, Daisuke Maki, Sadahiro Kishishita, Fumihiko Matsumoto, Seiichi Yoshimoto
Objectives: Oncological and functional results of open conservation surgery for hypopharyngeal cancer have been desired. Methods: We performed a chart review of 33 patients with hypopharyngeal cancer who underwent open conservation surgery. Oncological and functional results were evaluated in surgery with primary closure (Group A) and surgery with reconstruction (Group B). Postoperative functions were evaluated by interval to resumption of oral intake, Functional Outcome Swallowing Scale (FOSS) and Communication Scale (CS)...
2018: International Journal of Otolaryngology
Eva Rye Rasmussen, Christian von Buchwald, Mia Wadelius, Sumangali Chandra Prasad, Shailajah Kamaleswaran, Kawa Khaled Ajgeiy, Georg Authried, Kristine Appel U Pallesen, Anette Bygum
[This corrects the article DOI: 10.1155/2017/1476402.].
2018: International Journal of Otolaryngology
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